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BestWorldYet, Pizza in Naples

We visited Naples twice on our Amalfi Coast Journey; once for a night on the way there, as well as an impromptu pizza-stop on the way back. There are plenty of pizza places to choose from in Naples, but there's one that was recommended by all of the locals as the best pizza in Naples. L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele Via Cesare Sersale, 1 / 3 80139 Napoli Like many of the pizzerias in Naples, Da Michele's is a family run spot with traditional methods, resulting in that perfectly chewy pizza crust Naples is known for, that have been passed down for generations. The history of this sacred, Neapolitan Pizza temple [...]

BestWorldYet, South African Winelands is an inspiring new travel blog that will bring back memories — and make you envious for sure — as you follow Andrea Butler and’s Bryan Leblang as they backpack around the world. Here’s part of Andrea and Bryan's post on South African Winelands to whet your appetite. Click to see the complete post on; click here to follow BestWorldYet on Twitter. - bonnie Follow @BonnieBOTB   Just a short drive east from Cape Town and you are suddenly surrounded by the beautiful gardens and rolling vineyards of one of the country’s premier wine regions. On our way to Franschhoek (our final destination), we stopped in the [...]

By |2017-08-31T16:19:08-04:00January 7th, 2015|USA Restaurants, xyz misc|0 Comments, Paris Chocolate Walk

Remember when you were young – or adventurous enough — to backpack though Europe? is an inspiring new travel blog that will bring back memories — and make you envious for sure — as you follow Andrea Butler and's Bryan Leblang as they backpack around the world. From fine dining and entertainment in bustling cities, to hiking and thrill seeking in remote jungles...the blog may just inspire — or provide you with some tips for — your next adventure… Here's a sample of their Paris Chocolate Walk post to whet your appetite. - bonnie Follow @BonnieBOTB   Paris Chocolate Walk For those who love eating chocolate… especially as [...]

Chamonix – Apres Ski for Foodies

I'm fortunate to say that my travels through Europe have been extensive. As a person with a genuine love of skiing and mountain towns (I used to live in Park City),  I lamentably had never had the opportunity to ski Europe's famed Alps, that was at least before this past holiday season when I had the memorable chance to do so for the first time! A short trip schedule meant we had only 2-days of skiing (and 2-nights of dining) to enjoy, so our agenda needed to be tightly planned. We embarked on an extensive search for the best Alps skiing experience that could be accomplished with limited time. After [...]

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VERDE! Atlanta Local Food Festival

The 4th annual VERDE! event fast approaching. On Thursday, June 28 the VERDE! carnival-themed party is all about being LOCAL ... Local bands (Little Tybee, Adron, Christ, Lord!, Seven Handle Circus) ... Local cocktails (by Holeman & Finch and Pura Vida) ... and most importantly... Local food (thanks to White Oak Pastures and Riverview Farms)   Buy Tickets. You can purchase advance tickets to attend VERDE! by clicking here. Social:  Facebook Event link. Twitter  #VERDE2012 Sponsored by The Georgia Conservancy and Georgia Organics.  

Drinking & Fooding at Don Bernardo

Sometimes you just need to go out on a food adventure. I have to credit my girlfriend for really pushing to go out on a night where I was headed for a Doner Kebab and bed. Part of the travel experience is getting out to sample some of the best of a city's restaurants. We were only going to spend two nights in Valencia and our first night's dinner was a bit odd to say the least. We got into the city late and on a Spanish holiday to boot. As such, our restaurant options were few and far between. We settled on a pre-fixe menu, hoping to be sated [...]

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Bodegas y Viñedos Casa del Valle

Is there anything better than good food? As with most questions I ask, here comes my own answer. The only thing truly more enjoyable than good food is good food on the road. Travel just seems to make food taste that much better, and good food taste sublime. My girlfriend and I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Spain in October and I would be remiss not to mention a few of our foodie highlights. A multi-destination trip, we landed in Madrid with the plan to then drive to Valencia with the final leg comprising of a train to Barcelona, from where we would fly home. While I would [...]

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$1 Million Sauce Contest

Is Your Homemade Sauce Worth $1 Million? Well, Dave’s Gourmet is looking to home chefs for the next great sauce. Dave Hirschkop of Dave’s Gourmet thought he could make better sauce than the supermarket brands, and he thinks you might be able to as well and Dave is putting his money where your kitchen is by creating a national contest to determine where America’s next great sauce, salsa or dip will come from. Here's how to enter Dave’s Gourmet Recipe Challenge, with a grand prize of up to $1,000,000 in sales royalties. 1. Send Dave your recipe at by December 31, 2011. Entrants have to warrant that they own [...]

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Shaken, not stirred. With a twist, on the rocks or maybe straight up. No matter how you take your drinks, a good set of bar tools is essential for getting the final product to come out properly. One furniture designer believes that he can replace your myriad of bar gadgets with one do-it-all gizmo called the Bartule. I must admit it certainly has a unique look. The Bartule has an interlocking, compact design combining everything you'll need run your home bar including: an ice bucket, bottle opener, corkscrew, jigger, citrus juicer. The ice bucket lid also functions as a salt rimmer or wine coaster. Each tool fits together to createan [...]

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Juicebox Wine

CalNaturale Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay wines are the first and only California wines made from certified organically-grown grapes. Well, they're not exactly the only organically grown wines, but they are the ONLY organic wines available in Tetra-Pak flexible packaging. Yes, that's the 'juicebox'. CalNaturale wine's packaging is certainly more environmentally friendly than the bottle (if not quite as romantic). The box utilizes less than half the greenhouse gases, waste and energy. Though the box packaging may be a little out of your comfort zone, remember that the screw cap was also for a while. So it's not traditional, but it is lightweight, unbreakable and easily re-sealable. There is not a [...]

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Black Pig Meat Company

Bacon! Almost nobody amongst us will argue against this culinary delight. Heck, even most vegetarians will admit that it smells amazing. A friend of mine who once told me that nobody could be satisfied by a salad, then also proclaimed that all foods were made better by bacon... Though I strongly disagreed with his first premise I tended to cede to his second dogmatic tenet. Cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger. Potato skins, potato skins with bacon bits. Sauteed shrimp, bacon wrapped sauteed shrimp. The list goes on and on. Yes, everything truly is made better by bacon and nowadays chefs and food producers alike aren't stopping with the savory. My first bacony [...]

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Just Buns!

I have to state before even getting into the taste of these delicious confectioneries, that I absolutely love the name of this company. I mean, who amongst us would actually have the moxi to name their company 'Just Buns'?! It's such a catchy name that succinctly defines the company and the product, the name is a real winner, so how about those buns? I generally support almost any food company that chooses to specialize and excel rather than be a jack of all trades and produce a wide-range of mediocre crap. Just Buns is certainly the former, specializing in sweet, sticky buns that are just the perfect breakfast, snack or [...]

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First Fifty to FoodPop

“FoodPop is like Facebook for the food world” says Saveur’s Editor-in-Chief James Oseland. FoodPop claims to be revolutionizing the way people share food online. Their new beta-site is by invitation only. Now, I don't know much about how it works yet (I'm just playing with it now as well), but I will give them credit for one thing, they've got good taste ;)The people at FoodPop are apparently big fans of our blog, so they've sent a group of invitations to us for our readers to join their new site. Get ready for your sneak peak at what they’re up to, but you better hurry as we only have [...]

Nice to meet you Albariño

World-renowned Spanish winery Martín Códax has recently released the 2010 vintage of their signature varietal, Albariño. A lesser known white wine for sure, Albariño is one of the most popularly consumed wines in Spain. Wines made from the grape are crisp, fruit-forward and refreshing, making them the perfect accompaniment to seafood or light white meat and vegetable dishes. It's more than likely you haven't ever tried this wonderful grape, as it's vastly out produced and out marketed by the likes of Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Reisling and other white wines vying for your attention. Albariño is more a second tier grape in recognition, along with varietals like Gruner Veltliner [...]

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Be My Friend? Here’s $1…

Let's face it, it's a rough economy. Are you looking for ways to save money on food this summer? Hoping those savings can even be on wholesome food products maybe? Well, Coleman Natural Foods (a leading provider of organic chicken) is offering a $1.00 off coupon for your next purchase, but only when you “Like” Coleman Natural Foods on Facebook. Feeling cheap and used? Did all that for $1? Well, you might as well double down, a Coleman is offering $2.00 off your next purchase of their Rocky the Range and Rosie Organic Free Range Chicken brand if you “Like” Rocky and Rosie Chicken on Facebook. Hey, it's all for [...]

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Rosemary’s Thyme Bistro

I do love the age we live in, the amazing accessibility to vast information in the palm of your hand. I sometimes wonder how we ever functioned before smartphones, before you could find any little thing, online, in seconds, from almost anywhere on Earth. I was recently in Washington DC for a friends wedding, having not spent any real time in the city in over a decade. A good friend let me stay in his apartment while he was gone for the weekend, a wonderful spot just off of Dupont Circle. The neighborhood is in the heart of the city, making for a good selection of walkable restaurants, none of [...]

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$25,000 Sandwich Contest

Get ready sandwich lovers, it's the Fourth Annual Mezzetta 'Make That Sandwich' Recipe Contest. The Grand Prize winner will receive $25,000 and a trip for two to Napa Valley, home of Mezzetta. Enter your original recipes at in any or all of three categories: cold sandwich, hot sandwich and vegetarian sandwich from May 30 through September 5, 2011. Adding a new twist this year, Mezzetta is asking you, the public, to choose the Grand Prize winner. Entries will first be judged to narrow the pool to a top 10 based upon appearance, taste, creativity and use of Mezzetta products. Ten finalists will be them presented to America for voting [...]

Hell’s Kitchen Challenge

Stonefire Authentic Flatbreads has teamed up with the popular TV show Hell’s Kitchen to introduce a new challenge to home cooks. Can you come up with the most creative recipe using their Stonfire Naan, Roti or Pita? It's certainly worth a try, as the grand prize is an all-expense-paid trip for two to dine in Hollywood (airfare included) as well as a one-year supply of Stonefire Authentic Flatbread products. Want more? Need celebrity? Well, the winning chef’s recipe, name and photo will also be featured on the back of Stonefire's new product packaging. Contest entries will be accepted online at through May 2012. One grand prize will be awarded [...]

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Bite of the Best: Freebie Partners

Here are some of our partners Sweeps Advantage offers free Sweepstakes Sweeps Advantage is one of the largest directories of free online contests, including Bite of the Best's great free giveaways. Take the opportunity to enter all our FREE giveaways! While many of our contests are open to all of our readers, some of our most amazing prizes are reserved for the contests that only registered users can enter.... and being a registered user is absolutely FREE as well! If you haven't signed up yet for, you can here. If you're already a registered user, remember to enter all our latest free giveaways here. We've already given away [...]

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Online Butcher

What's better than heading down to the local butcher shop to pick out a nice steak for dinner? How about if you could just order it up online, and not from just any meat purveyor, but from a highly respected boutique purveyor? 35° Premium Aged Steaks is now open for business and accepting orders at 35° Premium Aged Steaks online allows home chefs and foodies across the country to now access fresh meats previously only offered to top restaurants and steakhouses. This level of premium quality product has never before been available to online consumers before! 35° delivers fresh steaks and quality meat products to your door, and it's [...]