Surfside lunch at Splashes at Surf & Sand Hotel, Laguna Beach, CA

Some dear friends from LA offered to drive down to Laguna Beach to meet me for lunch while I was out in California visiting my son Eric's family.  My daughter-in-law Casey recommended Splashes at the Surf & Sand Hotel as the restaurant is right on the beach with views of the Pacific waves hitting the shore. That and I had read that Executive Chef, Ron Fougeray served up fresh seaside cuisine. While waiting for our lunch, we nibbled their fresh bread and homemade yummy sun-dried tomato and olive tapenade spread, being careful not to ruin our appetite by finishing it. My friends started with the rich tableside lobster bisque ($18). [...]

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Portuguese Lunch at Fishbone Kitchen & Bar, Laguna Beach, California

After spending time at the Laguna Beach playground with my grandkids, we walked up the street to  Fishbone Kitchen & Bar, a Portuguese seafood restaurant, for lunch. My daughter-in-law asked if the boquerones from the pesticos (appetizer-size little snacks) bar menu was possibly available, as it was one of her favorites. The waitress checked, returning with a plate filled with the pickled anchovies ($12) with tortilla chips and pickled jalapeños. Do not miss this yummy and unusual combo! While waiting for the boquerones, I tried their pineapple jalapeño caipirinha ($13) that needed a bit of a kick and my son tried their Margie ($13) with El Jimador tequila, Cointreau and fresh [...]

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My Friend’s Place, Pickett’s Village Bar, Maplewood, NJ

Maplewood is only a 30-minute ride from Penn Station on the express train. That's where my friend's restaurant Pickett's Village Bar is located. It opened in May 2019 almost one year after her husband Jim Pickett passed away. Heidi Hovland owns it along with Doug and Beth Sasfai, Brinton Brosius and Ashlee Anthony. They opened the restaurant in honor of his memory and the way he lived his life: "with heartfelt appreciation for how connecting over a drink or a meal brings people closer together and how these connections make life, and all of us in it, better." Pickett's has 24 beers on tap, plus lots more bottles and cans. [...]

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A Few Southern California Breakfasts From Our Sisters Trip (3) – Sambos

[Continued from A Few Southern California Breakfasts From Our Sisters Trip (2)] Our last breakfast on the trip was at Sambos a family-owned restaurant offering classic fare to start the day. We sat outside across from the beach at the Pacific for our last meal of this trip, as after our meal we were off to the airport, heading home.  One sister had the garden omelet ($14.85). I indulged in their special Huevos Rancheros Special made with poached eggs, layered fried corn tortillas, black beans, cheese and chorizo all topped with salsa and guacamole ($15.50). That was a meal that satiated me for the first leg of my flights home. [...]

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