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Emile Henry Fish Steamer

The Emile Henry Fish Steamer, made out of high resistance ceramic, steams fillets or whole fishovercooking without the need to add fat or oil. It features bottom ridges that keeps the fish above its own juices preventing overcooking. The lid traps flavors and aromas until serving and fits upside down in the base for compact storage.

PackIt Double Wine Cooler

bonnie_webBonnie: As Bryan and Eric can attest, I’ve always been a stickler about food safety — keeping my cold foods chilled and warm foods warm whether at home or on the go. Their school lunches were always packed with something to keep their meals chilled, either a cold pack or a frozen aseptic juice pack. And I schlepped (and still do) a cooler filled with ice packs whenever food shopping on warm days.

So when I was walking...

Bryan 3aphoto - Version 2Bryan: PackIt claims that over a 30-year professional career, a person will save nearly $100,000 by packing lunch rather than eating out. I don't know exactly how they have come to this particular figure, but they are spot on about a simple fact: You absolutely will save money by bringing your lunch with you rather than eating out or on the go. More importantly, you also will...

Eric (2 sunglasses)Eric: In a society focused on convenience and instant gratification, it's nice to know there are companies helping these causes; just in a practical way. When was the last time you packed a lunch to take to work? Packed a few bottles of wine to take with you to dinner? Packed a lunch bag for a summer hike or winter excursion? Simple, convenient and cost effective are all reasons to bring your own food and drink, and PackIt, a company focused on earth-safe, eco-friendly, reusable...

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Ninja Master Prep

Bonnie: “Rule the kitchen with this new Ninja Master Prep,” boasts the makers of this new kitchen appliance.

They claim that this under-$50 Ninja could dice more evenly than my expensive food processor and chop ice better than blenders.

“Skeptical,” is an understatement.

So, when asked, I agreed...

Bryan: Ok, so I’m not going to lie. I definitely felt a little twinge of “infomercial” when first seeing my Ninja Master Prep. I mean, it slices, it dices… Don’t look at it the wrong way or it’ll kick your a$$! I heard the voice of kitchen gadget guru, Ron Popeil echoing in my head: “It’ll solve all your kitchen needs,” he whispered. “But I’ve heard that all before,” I answered.

Could it be true this...

Eric: To explain this in modern written language, OMG this product is not a WTF. The Ninja, or as I like to refer to it, “the little infomercial product that could,” is an appliance designed for the modern kitchen as well as for the fast-paced lifestyle many of us live. Similar to its infomercial nemesis, “The...

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Vinturi Wine Aerator

Bonnie: Last week, when in Des Moines, Iowa, I was at the home of Linda Funk, executive director of the Soyfoods Council. She served wine, cheese and chocolates. Soy foods, too.

Before sampling the edibles, I reached for the bottle of Charles Krug (2005) Peter Mondavi Family Generations to pour myself a glass, when there on the counter at the serve-yourself bar, I noticed...

Bryan: You’ve got to love science. Yes, yes. There is always something to be said for doing things the old fashioned way. We all have a romantic view of the way things used to be, but I must say that on more than a few kitchen gadgets, I see no need to turn back the clock. I don’t know anybody who would like to puree anything without the assistance of a food processor nowadays… So why shouldn’t ...

Eric: I’d consider myself more of a beer/bourbon drinker than a wine enthusiast, so when it was time to test the Vinturi aerator, I wasn’t as enthused as my mother and brother to break open a bottle and watch physics in action. With a degree in hospitality, and a few years of banqueting and restaurant service under my belt, I’m more than familiar with how to properly serve wine, as well as the many...

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Bonnie: Who doesn’t love the taste of food cooked on a grill? Because of that, I use my outside gas one all year round — except when the snowdrifts don’t allow me to open the screen door.

I’ve lugged charcoal, a chimney starter, newspaper, boxes of wooden matches and sometimes even a minigrill to tailgates, picnics and other outdoor gatherings. Sure it was a hassle, but there was no other option if we wanted grilled food. Until now.

Note: A chimney starter is a tall metal cylinder used..