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Hilarious Hostess Gift: The Wine Condom

Looking for something that will make your hostess smile? Tuck a Wine Concom into your note that accompanies your gift. I promise a laugh. At least that was the reaction each time I've done so. Having seen an article in Drink Me that wine condoms topped $1 million in sales, we reached out to the company for info and a sample so that I could share that with you. Unlike corks or pourer caps, wine condoms — as you'd expect from their name — fit flush against the bottle, preventing spills and allowing the bottle to fit in the fridge. You can buy this on-the-go protection in packages of six for $15, [...]

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Pizzeria Pronto Stovetop Pizza Oven

The Pizzeria Pronto Stovetop Pizza Oven is a compact and easy-to-store oven for cooking pizzas on a gas range. The quick-heating oven heats up to 600ºF in 15 minutes, which is evident on the built in thermometer. One 12-inch pizza cooked on its baking stone will be ready in 6 minutes.  

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Cocktail Caviar

Holl and Kamp introduced Cocktail Caviar, "pop-able" pearls of spirits  just in time for the holidays. They come in five different flavors. Each pearl is filled with flavored vodka. For a festive look this season, add them to your glass of wine, champagne or other alcoholic beverages for surprise pop! Also fun to garnish food or desserts.

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Vivajennz Beverage Purse

Now here's an unusual purse! Vivajennz insulated purse allows you to take a beverage anywhere without a hassle. It features a reusable, BPA- free, three-liter insulated beverage bladder that dispenses the liquid from a spigot under a hidden flap. Simple place a boxed wine or pour in with your favorite drink, attach the spout and place in the purse for easy transport and enjoyment. Good for picnics, pools, beaches or even a girls night out. A percentage of each purchase is donated to autism research.

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Melitta Measure Markings Coffee Filters

Melitta Measure Markings Coffee Filters make brewing coffee hassle free by including measuring marks inside the cone filter, each equivalent to two tablespoons. The 100% biodegradable filters fit all 8 to 12 cup cone coffee makers and feature double crimped seams and flavor-enhancing perforations that allow the full flavor to filter through while keeping oils and impurities out for a richer, clean tasting cup of coffee.   - bonnie: You would think someone would have  thought of a marked coffee filter before! Great for those just learning to make coffee and for those who don't like to measure. BonnieBOTB Follow @BonnieBOTB  

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Good Cooking 3-Piece Ceramic Sushi Knife Set

Good Cooking 3-Piece Ceramic Sushi Knife Set includes a sushi knife, santoku knife, nakiri knife and wooden carrying case. The knives feature ergonomic handles, quality food grade ceramic that will not rust or stain. Since it is non-porous it prevents bacterial growth.  

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Good Cooking Auto Vacuum Food Storage Canister and Food Dome

Good Cooking Auto Vacuum Food Storage Canister and Food Dome provide optimal shelf life by vacuuming out the air with the touch of a button, and automatically resealing whenever air gets in. The containers are BPA free and battery operated.   - bonnie: These battery-operated vacuum storage units worked like a dream for the first month, then hissed constantly attempting to auto-reseal. I've already put them in the recycling bin. Not worth the investment.  BonnieBOTB Follow @BonnieBOTB  

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Cork Pops Legacy Wine Opener

Cork Pops Legacy Wine Opener utilizes a low-pressure cartridge to remove the cork from the bottle. The wine opener comes packaged with one cartridge that will open 60 to 80 bottles of wine.   - bonnie: Loved how easily the Legacy Wine Opener opened bottles of wine. Sadly mine was a dud, only opening 8 bottles not the boasted 60, before the cartridge stopped working. A new cartridges is $10.50. Follow @BonnieBOTB  

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Drop Connected Kitchen Scale & Drop Kitchen iPad App

Drop Kitchen iPad App provides interactive recipes while connected through Bluetooth to the Drop Connected Kitchen Scale to yield accurate measurements. You place a bowl on the scale, drop in an ingredient, weigh the ingredient and move to the next step. The app features one-bowl recipes, tare (re-scaling of quantities) and suggested substitute ingredients.     - bonnie: It's an interesting concept, but not fully ready for prime time. The company need lots more tweaking to make Drop really useful. Check back next year.   Follow @BonnieBOTB  

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Lekeu Oatmeal Kit

Anyone who's tried to make oatmeal in the microwave, knows of the mess. No longer with Lekeu Oatmeal Kit that cooks 4- servings (32-ounces) of oatmeal (as well as other grains) in the microwave in minutes. The dishwasher-safe oatmeal maker is made from 100% platinum silicone, PBT and nylon. - bonnie: This pricey gadget works, but so does having a deep enough bowl so the oatmeal doesn't overflow. Follow @BonnieBOTB  

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Cork Pops Wine Preserver

Save your wine with Cork Pops Wine Preserver. It uses nitrogen to replace the oxygen that enters the bottle once the cork is removed to prevent further oxidation. Each can will preserve 120 plus bottles of wine. You can also use it  to conserve other liquid consumables harmed by oxygen, including cognacs, bourbons and olive oils.

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Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Programmable Single-Serve Coffeemaker

Hamilton Beach introduced a FlexBrew Programmable Single-Serve Coffeemaker with Removable Water Reservoir. This flexible coffeemaker brews coffee from both ground or single serve packs, with three cup-size brewing options. The reservoir holds 40-ounces of water.   - bonnie :  Be sure to take a chance to win a FlexBrew coffeemakers until April 1, 2015 in our FREEBIE section. Follow @BonnieBOTB  

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