Almond Gnommés from Payard Cookies by Francois Payard

We interviewed François Payard on the eve of the publication of "Payard Cookies," which included this gluten-free, Passover acceptable recipe. - bonnie BonnieBOTB   Follow @BonnieBOTB The following is an excerpt from the book: Gommés earned their names because they were traditionally made with gum arabic, which gave them their chewiness. I remember my father making them that way when I was young and working at his pastry shop in France. Nowadays, I use almond flour instead, but I still like using the name, especially since they still have a chewy texture. I make a lot of these around Passover since they don’t contain any flour and, because they keep for [...]

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Pennette with Brussels Sprouts and Pancetta from The Four Seasons of Pasta Cookbook

This fall recipe using pulled apart Brussels sprouts (one of my favorite veggies) caught my eye when thumbing through the new The Four Seasons of Pasta cookbook by mother and daughter team, Nancy Harmon Jenkins and Sara Jenkins. - bonnie BonnieBOTB Follow @BonnieBOTB     Brussels sprouts have graduated from most hated item on the school lunch tray to the glory of the kitchen as smart chefs and adventurous cooks take this old-fashioned vegetable to new heights of flavor. Pulling the individual sprouts apart and separating the leaves gives them a touch of glamour that is accented by the crisp, salty pancetta dice and the resinous flavor of rosemary. Here’s [...]

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Coconut Financiers from Payard Cookies by François Payard

In our interview with François Payard last month, he offered this recipe from his newly released "Payard Cookies" for the holidays, Passover and for friends how require gluten-free treats. - bonnie BonnieBOTB Follow @BonnieBOTB This is a different type of financier, which doesn’t include almond flour or even all-purpose flour. Instead, it is made with unsweetened coconut and comes closer to a macaroon. You will need to spoon the batter into the financier molds or mini muffin pans, since the coconut would get stuck in the tip of a piping bag. Be careful that no coconut flakes stick up from the mold or they will darken much faster than the [...]

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Roasted Asparagus with Spicy Lemon Mayo

A follower requested my recipe for Roasted Asparagus with Spicy Lemon Mayo that I mentioned in a recent post with a recipe for my Greek Rice Salad. I don't have a detailed recipe with quantities, but I do have some general instructions to share to make Roasted Asparagus with Spicy Lemon Mayo. Purchase asparagus of about the same size, so they'll cook evenly. Remove and discard any shriveled ones. Rinse, then break off and discard the woody bottom part off the bottom of each stalk. Heat oven to 450 degrees F. You can also roast them on the grill using a perforated/mesh pan. Place the spears in a single layer on [...]

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Chilled Corn Soup from Gramery Tavern Cookbook

Earlier this month when I interviewed Michael Anthony, I requested a recipe from his “Gramercy Tavern Cookbook” to share. If you've ever dined at Gramercy Tavern — or the new Untitled — you know that your dish comes amazingly garnished, as in this recipe. If you don't have time for making the entire garnish, I suggest just use the seasoned tomatoes and radish — or just sprinkle it with cooked fresh corn kernels. - bonnie BonnieBOTB Follow @BonnieBOTB   "This soup, which can also be served hot, is wonderful made with water, but if you have a little extra time, it’s far better with corn broth. Not only does the [...]

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Greek Rice Salad from my “Rice” Cookbook

When visiting friends in the Hamptons, I ended up in the kitchen preparing a make-ahead lunch. That meal included my favorite Greek rice salad from my first cookbook "Rice," along with cooked shrimp and roasted asparagus topped with a spicy lemon aioli. I liked that this lunch could all be prepared ahead, actually sitting on the table awaiting our company. The rice salad takes about 10 to 15 minutes of prep time, plus 20 minutes of cooking time. If you use brown rice, cooking time will be about 20 - 25 minutes longer. Give it a try. It's one of my favorites! - bonnie BonnieBOTB Follow @BonnieBOTB   GREEK RICE [...]

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Red Cat’s Quick Sauté of Zucchini with Toasted Almonds and Pecorino

Red Cat owner Jimmy Bradley shared this simple recipe for a quick sauté of zucchini from the restaurant's eponymous cookbook. Like all the food I've sampled at the restaurant, this dish lets the fresh vegetable shine. If you decide to double this recipe, be sure to use two skillets — as Red Cat never makes more than two servings in one pan at a time. - bonnie Follow @BonnieBOTB   Quick Sauté of Zucchini with Toasted Almonds and Pecorino 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, plus more for serving 2 tablespoons sliced almonds 2 1/2 cups zucchini, sliced lengthwise 1/8th inch thick, then sliced again to resemble matchsticks (about 3-4 small [...]

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Gale Gand’s Escarole and Sausage with White Beans

This Italian combination of escarole, sausage and beans is from this week's Guest Foodie Gale Gand's new book "Lunch!" In that she wrote "I spent my college years in Rochester New York going to art school at RIT’s School For American Craftsmen, graduating with a BFA in Metal Smithing. Isn’t that what most chef’s do before they get in the kitchen? Well at least I can install a hot water heater, if need be. One of the main culinary forces in that town is the heavy Italian population from central Italy, so Americanized Italian restaurants were every where. This was a signature dish on most of those Italian restaurant’s menus." [...]

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Sicilian Mint and Garlic-Stuffed Swordfish

Last fall when traveling in Sicily, I connected with a wonderful group of travelers so much so that nine of us recently gathered in Florida for a mini reunion. The food — with dishes prepared by those who were local — had a Sicilian slant.  Some of those goodies included arincini (stuffed rice balls), pasta with red peppers and Gorgonzola, eggplant parmagiana, capanata, fresh asparagus with roasted peppers, swordfish and for dessert both profiterels. And of course Sicilian wines! This simple recipe for Sicilain Mint and Garlic-Stuffed Swordfish has been adapted by Jay Meiselman of Boca Raton from Fabrizia Lanza's “Coming Home to Sicily.” Jay buys two swordfish steaks about [...]

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Spanish Marinated Portobello Mushrooms over Stewed Potatoes

This recipe for Spanish Marinated Portobello Mushrooms over Stewed Potatoes, inspired by a Penelope Casas's recipe, is from  Karen Page’s most recent book, The Vegetarian Flavor Bible; photograph by her husband Andrew Dornenburg. Karen says that ideally the wine to enjoy with this dish is a Gran Colegiata Crianza or another red wine from the Toro region of Spain. Spanish Marinated Portobello Mushrooms over Stewed Potatoes Marinade: 2 T Spanish smoked paprika 4 minced garlic cloves 1 chopped onion 1/4 cup minced fresh parsley 3 T extra-virgin olive oil 1 1/2 t ground cumin 1 t dried oregano 1 large bay leaf Salt and fresh black pepper, to taste Portobellos: 6 [...]

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Bacon-Wilted Greens with Warm Pecan-Crusted Goat Cheese

I chose the Bacon-Wilted Greens with Warm Pecan-Crusted Goat Cheese recipe from Virginia Willis's newest cookbook, "Lighten up y'all" to share, as I'm a sucker for any salad with warm goat cheese. I especially like that the nutty cheese is on a slice of apple in lieu of bread. One salad serving is 255 calories, 16 grams fat, 4 grams fiber and 14 grams protein. In the book, Virginia writes, "chèvre chaud, which translates to “hot goat cheese,” is a traditional French dish that consists of a disk of fresh goat cheese melted on a bread crouton and served with crisp sturdy greens, often frisée. I first came across the [...]

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Coconut Macaroons from Gluten-Free Baking

Gluten-Free Baking (Weldon Owen) — Kristine Kidd's just published eighth cookbook — features 80 tempting and tasty naturally gluten-free goodies, including these chocolate dipped coconut macaroons. In addition to the recipes and 125 mouth-watering photos, Kristine's new book details how to set up a gluten-free pantry, and contains an ingredient primer and her baking tips! Serve these delectable flourless morsels at your upcoming Passover Seder or Easter meal. Coconut Macaroons ¼ cup (2 oz/60g) unsalted butter, at room temperature Pinch of kosher salt 6 tablespoons (3 oz/90 g) sugar ¼ teaspoon pure vanilla extract ¼ teaspoon almond extract 1 egg plus 1 egg white, at room temperature 12 oz (375 [...]

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Kate Suletzki’s Hasselback Potato Skillet Bake

Check out the look of the potatoes in the prize winning Hasselback Potato Skillet Bake; they're somewhat reminiscent of our Armadillo Rosemary Roast potatoes. But this recipe won blogger Kate Suletzki a $500 gift certificate to the Food52 Shop in a recipe contest run in partnership with the Idaho Potato Commission (IPC). In addition to trying Kate's recipe, do check out the amazing food photography on her blog (A Cup of Sugar, a Pinch of Salt)! Hasselback Potato Skillet Bake 6 to 8 baby Yukon Gold potatoes (any long and narrow waxy heirloom will work), based on skillet size 8 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted 4 garlic cloves, minced 4 tablespoons [...]

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Dutch Yellow Potatoes & Leek Soup

We've adapted this soup recipe from Melissa's new cookbook DYP's: the perfect everyday potato cookbook.  Take a chance before February 28, 2015, to win this cookbook and a bag of Dutch Yellow Potatoes in our FREEBIE section. Dutch Yellow Potatoes and Leek Soup 1 1/2 cups diced regular or Dutch Yellow Potatoes 2 tablespoons butter 2 leeks sliced lengthwise, then cut crosswise into 1-inch pieces 3/4 teaspoon sea salt 2 cups water 2 cups vegetable or chicken broth, plus additional for thinning White pepper, to taste 3 slices thick cut bacon, cooked and crumbled Place the potatoes in a bowl and cover with water to prevent discoloration. Set a large [...]

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Jacques Torres’ Chocolate Chip Cookies

I got to sample these irresistible chocolate chip cookies recently at a press event showcasing the new United Airlines Terminal C at Newark Liberty International Airport and the new world-class dining from more than 20 renowned chefs, including Jacques Torres. I requested the recipe to share with you!  Check back early February to read our interview with Jacques Torres, as  he'll be our Guest Foodie. BTW, bakers use weights not volume when measuring - hence both numbers .   - bonnie Follow @BonnieBOTB   Chocolate Chip Cookies from Jacques Torres 2 cups minus 2 tablespoons (8 ½ ounces) cake flour 1 2/3 cups (8 ½ ounces) bread flour 1 ¼ teaspoons [...]

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Michele Scicolone’s Milanese Winter Squash Soup

Try this simple recipe from The Italian Vegetable Cookbook by Michele Scicolone (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014) for a yummy winter squash soup. And don't miss our interview with Michele later this month when she'll be our Guest Foodie. When testing, I baked the squash instead of first peeling and chopping it — as I was in the middle of the BIG MOVE (more about that to come) and had already packed most of my good tools. In doing so...  I discovered a much easier way to "peel" the squash!  To do the same, prick the whole squash in a few places with a sharp knife, bake at 350 degrees for [...]

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Old Style Ikarian Tourlou

In getting ready to interview Diane Kochilas for her Guest Foodie post, I perused her newest cookbook, Ikaria: Lessons on Food, Life, and Longevity from the Island Where People Forget to Die (Rodale, October 2014).  Diane offers lot of appealing recipes in the new book, many of which are as ultra simple as this turlu (the Turkish word for hodgepodge) of squash and potatoes, seasoned with lots of oregano. "Tourlou is typically a mixed summer vegetable casserole found all over the Eastern Aegean. ...There are many similar casseroles around Greece that go by different names.... What I like about this old Ikarian recipe is its utter simplicity. It also reminds [...]

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Laurent’s Slow-Roasted Spiced Pineapple

When interviewing Dorie Greenspan for our Guest Foodie, she kept mentioning Laurent’s Slow-Roasted Spiced Pineapple from her newly published Baking Chez Moi: Recipes from My Paris Home to Your Home Anywhere. I was intrigued. "It's great for dinner parties with cookies or ice cream. It's good for holidays, when you put fruit dessert on table. Good for weekends. Good for brunch as well as dinner. Good to just nibble at it all the time. This recipe doesn't take long to prep, the time is in the 2-hour baking and basting, resulting in tender almost candied pineapple. Sssshhh. Don't tell Dorie, but when I tested it - I took a couple [...]

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Oven-Roast Mushrooms

Earlier this summer I received some organic mushrooms from the farmers from Shibumi, a Princeton, NJ farm, selling their goods at the Andaz Wall Street (NYC) Farmers’ Market. Every Thursday through mid November from 11am to 6pm, the hotel’s plaza offers a tiny farmers' market featuring produce from local farms. I used this oven roast mushroom recipe for  their shiitake, maitake, lemon oyster and lion's mane ones. The resulting crisp mushrooms were almost like eating candy. And, the farmers said they'd last at least a week or so in the fridge to be added to pastas, risotto, salads or whatever. Oven-Roasted Mushrooms Mushrooms, torn or cut into similar-sized pieces, leaving [...]

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Michy’s Bread Pudding

After learning that Guest Foodie Lee Brian Schrager had been making Miami chef Michelle Bernstein’s chocolate bread pudding for dessert for as long as he remembers, I had to reach out to her for this recipe. Michy’s Bread Pudding ½ cup raisins Grated zest of 1 orange 1 cup brandy 2 cups heavy cream 1 cup half-and-half 6 large egg yolks, at room temperature ¾ cup sugar 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 4 cups diced (1/2-inch) soft crustless challah, brioche or white bread 4 ounces semisweet chocolate, coarsely chopped Vanilla ice cream or whipped cream, for serving Put the raisins and orange zest in a small bowl, add the brandy and [...]

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