Random musings on Life in the Big Apple

Island Oyster on Governors Island, NYC

Once a year, I would find a friend who wanted to join me on a trip to Governors Island to dine at Kerry Herffernan's Island Oyster, a seafood restaurant located right off the dock serving sustainable seafood in an upscale high-end waterfront establishment that felt like dining at a resort. We'd sit at the tables, sipping the on-tap Rosésoaking in the amazing views of lower Manhattan. Wanted to support the restaurant, I took my annual trip thinking that it wouldn't be much different — other than socially distancing — as it was always an outdoor restaurant. I was so wrong. The trip over was still a lovely short — 5-minute [...]

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Alfresco Dining COVID Phase 2 at The Leroy House, West Village

I'm fine with alfresco dining but not waiting on the street until a table opens up. So I secured a res at The Leroy House, a neighborhood place on the ground floor of a beautiful townhouse that until last year was Harwood on Hudson before that Piora — for me and a friend. Like other restaurants, they enlarged their dining area well into the street and spaced their tables at least 6 feet apart unlike many other outdoor establishments. I hadn't seen my friend since quarantine started in March. We were getting together as she was heading into the city so we had lots to catch up on. We each [...]

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Alfresco Dining COVID Phase 2 at La Palapa, East Village, NYC

We headed to St. Marks Place in the East Village for a south-of-the-border bite at La Palapa, my friend Barbara Sibley's place. Barbara has weathered many a crisis, staying open, caring for her staff and feeding others as so well told in the  Zagat article. She's one amazing lady! We, of course, began our meal at one of their outdoor tables with Margies ($13) and their guac, made to order, with house-made cumin-spiced corn chips ($15). That came with three salsas, one tastier than the next.  These included charred Serrano in pineapple vinegar, fresh tomatillo & jalapeño and roasted guajilllo with garlic. I'd make a special trip just for that! [...]

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COVID Phase 2: Takeout from Cousins Maine Lobster, Midtown South, NYC

Some friends and I met at Cousins Maine Lobster to get takeout dinner to bring to Madison Square Park to picnic.  Their lobsters are sourced only from Maine, from the "icy Downeast waters to the mid-coast" where owners Sabin Lomac, 39 and Jim Tselikis, 36 are from. They started the business with an LA food truck. Then, after an appearance on "Shark Tank" that gave them an investment from Barbara Corcoron, the franchise of the business took off. We each ordered the lobster roll Maine style ($17) with extra lobster (+$5), served chilled, with a teeny touch of mayo (Yes, only a soupçon!) on the heaping portion of crustacean served [...]

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