Bonnie: Last month, my family gathered for the dedication of the atrium of Sun Life Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins, in honor of my father who died suddenly and unexpectedly at 92. He had been overseeing the stadium’s renovation until literally the day he died.

While in Miami, one of my sisters, a niece and I went on a quick shopping trip – yakking more than buying. When we walked into a kitchenware shop, I asked my niece to point out the gadgets she couldn’t live without – thinking perhaps I’d missed something good. This pot clip was one of those.

I contacted the company to request samples for the Bite of the Best team. I love that the clip attaches to the edge of a pot to hold the spoon, spatula or whatever cooking utensil is being used to stir the pot’s contents. While the utensil sits in the clip, it drips into the pot, keeping the counter top, stove or spoon rest spotless. The Trudeau Pot Clip is made of stainless steel and heat-resistant silicone; it’s also dishwasher safe.

“Brilliant,” I thought, as I slapped my head thinking, “Why didn’t I think of this?” Yes, this is one of those useful kitchen gadgets worth buying.

This clip comes in many colors, including pink. When you purchase that one, 5 percent of its sales benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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Bryan: I haven’t had the time or money yet to redo my kitchen. Why do I mention this, you ask? Well, the previous owner of my condo designed what is now my kitchen with a certain proclivity for the color white. Countertops, floor tiles, cabinet doors, and worst of all… stovetop.

I like to cook, so it stands to reason that I use my kitchen often. I’m not necessarily ashamed to say that my stovetop can often resemble my meals. The problem? Well, cooking can be a messy endeavor, but this is certainly compounded by the eternal question of where to lay your tools….

I cook with forks. I cook with tongs, with wooden spoons and with big knives. No matter the utensil, it eventually gets coated in food, sauce or otherwise, and it inevitably gets placed on my counter. There is the dance of course, trying to delicately balance my tools on pot handles or cutting boards, waiting for them to fall and splash their contents everywhere. Well, no longer. Now there’s the Trudeau Pot Clips.

There’s always more than one way to skin a cat, and pot clips are no different. There are a multitude of choices, but Trudeau has hit the mark. What is a pot clip? It’s a clip that attaches to your pots and pans. Why? Because as you cook you can safely store your cooking tools on them, rather than on your countertop. The unique shape allows your pot to hold almost any tool you’d want. I’ve tried, and it even holds my butcher knife. Not true of all clips.

Attach it directly to the edge of almost any pot or pan. Not only does it hold your utensils, but it also directs the food drops back into your meal instead of onto your counter. Made of stainless steel and heat resistant silicone (up to almost 500ºF), the clips are also dishwasher safe and available in a variety of colors.

Eric: One of my uncle’s favorite sayings when it comes to business is “gelt ist in dreck” — meaning, make your money from the simple ideas. I believe my cousin took this saying literally when he started his own recycling company. It’s those simple ideas, those “slap-you-in-the-head-how-didn’t-I-think-of-that” ideas that usually go on to change your daily routine. The Trudeau Pot Clip is just that.

It’s the simple notion that attaching a clip to the side of your cooking pot will help to hold your spoon (or other utensil) and displace the inevitable drips; it’s almost as if all pots should incorporate this design element from the start. Alas, none of them do – and now Trudeau has “spooned-up” on the market. It’s amazing how much a clip that costs around $6 will help in enhancing your cooking experience.