In the early 1940s or late 1930 — as the story goes — John Martin then president of G.F. Heublein & Brothers — the company that brought A-1 Steak Sauce to America, purchased a small vodka distillery called Smirnoff for $ 14K. Martin lamented to his friend Jack Morgan, Sunset Strip pub owner that he couldn’t move the vodka, while Morgan lamented that his ginger beer was collecting dust. A customer at the pub mentioned that she had copper mugs she no longer wanted. Hence, the birth of the Smirnoff Mule.

To make a (now called) Moscow Mule,  I use Pickett’s #1 All-Natural Ginger Beer Concentrate. I combine 1 ounce Pickett’s, 2 ounces vodka or mezcal, 5 ounces club soda and a squeeze of fresh lime juice, then serve it in a copper mug, garnished a lime wedge.

If you can’t find — or afford — copper ones, try Ayesha Curry’s mugs. She introduced a set of two stainless steel lined 20-ounce ones with a laser-etched, copper-colored diamond pattern on the exterior. (Two for $29.99). They’ll keep the drinks icy cold!