Bonnie: This is one of those “slap-my-head-of-course” kind of items. Last summer, we featured the Vinturi wine aerator in this space. You hold that wine aerator over either individual glasses or a decanter and then pour the wine through it. In contrast, this Trudeau Aerating Pourer fits on the bottle and aerates as you pour. And — what’s even better — it’s much less expensive. Now that’s progress!

Aerating, as you may know, improves the wine – both the nose (AKA bouquet) and flavor. And it makes a great conversation starter at the dinner table – without needing one of those table topic games. I know it did at my table:

“To aerate, or not? That is the question.”
“Taste the difference?”
“Would you aerate a Sauvignon blanc?”

You can see for yourself – just bring one to your next dinner party as a hostess gift!

Bryan: But I want it now! We’ve all got a little Veruca Salt in us, don’t we? That epically selfish, demanding, impatient spoiled little girl that wanted an Oompa Loompa and a golden goose more than anything. And waiting was simply not an option! Well, for all you wine-loving Verucas out there, a faster way to have your wine has finally arrived.

Decanting is one of those things you know you should do, but never actually feel like doing. Letting your wine breathe can dramatically affect its flavor for the better, so why not do it? Because it takes forever, and I want it now!

Standard decanting instructions promote letting your wine have air exposure for up to an hour. The classic decanter style spreads the wine out along a wide-based container, allowing for more surface area and therefore more breathing. But the Trudeau Aerating Pourer does the same thing instantaneously, allowing us all to enjoy that beautifully aerated wine right now. Isn’t impatience a beautiful thing? Heck, it’s the American way. Enjoy your next glass of wine when you want it. To your health!

Eric: With wine, there’s an amazing array of subtleties that can affect the drinkers experience. Most people will point out the temperature of the bottle and the way in which it was stored. Others might focus on the amount of aging that went into the vintage, or the type of material used to mature it. Some aficionados even discuss the terroir and argue about the angle of the sun in relation to the vines. Now, there is no doubt that all of these factors are important to the production of wine, but for me, and for most people who drink wine on occasion, they’re not necessary. What is important, simply, is enjoying the wine we choose.

Regardless of what grape varietal or vintage you choose, there are really only two factors to consider when opening the bottle: The first is the temperature of the bottle; the second, and focus of the Trudeau Aerating Pourer, is the amount of breathing time necessary for a bottle of red wine. Most consumers will pop the cork and start pouring — not the best practice. At least open the bottle and let the wine breathe for a bit to incorporate air.

If you’re the antsy type, or simply want to incorporate more air than the average decanter, then the Trudeau Aerating Pourer should be on your next holiday shopping list. This little tool does in seconds what a decanter does in 10 minutes. Consider the aerator as the “seasoning” for your wine.