Boston Public Market, Government Center, Boston

The new Boston Public Market is the pride of the city, captures the fresh and local flavors of New England agriculture and requires no reservation. The market is a year-round permanent indoor 28,000 square foot structure that opened in August at 100 Hanover Street,  273 years after Faneuil Hall, Boston’s first market opened a block away. The market is wonderful for finding locally sourced farm-fresh products with 38 vendors selling produce, meat and poultry, ice cream, hops, juice, milk, chocolate, coffee and cheese, baked goods, pasta, wine and flowers, including Taza chocolate and George Howell coffee, It’s perfect for grazing! There are plenty of attractions to wet the palette including hands-on-cooking [...]

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Estia’s Little Kitchen, Sag Harbor, NY

One beautiful fall day when visiting friends in the Hamptons, we stopped at Estia's Little Kitchen for a bite. I had high hopes for this cute little out of the way place, as it reminded me of the original Kitchen Little just out side of Mystic Seaport before that restaurant relocated to a larger and less inviting location. You know that type of place, one that attracts regulars with its fresh good food, reasonable prices and friendly service. That's exactly what we found at Estia's. Our server offered up both the lunch and breakfast menus as it was just midday. We each settled on a breakfast platter. Those included a [...]

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Yvonne’s, Downtown Crossing, Boston

Walking into Yvonne’s, you are first struck by the plain lobby with odd shampoo and conditioner bottles lining a corner shelf and a white plywood door. The restaurant is no where to be seen. The hostess halts you and she calls someone to alert of your arrival, then opens the door and you're propelled into another world of gorgeous damask rose wallpaper, tear-dropped chandeliers, carved paneled walls, velvet nooks for whispering and high gloss mahogany bars. This isn’t Locke Obers, the space that formerly hosted Brahmin powerbrokers, but a captivating dark speakeasy packed with the city’s who’s who. We started with a light and delicious 1989 cocktail of Ketel One, [...]

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NYC Thanksgiving Offerings

Hey New Yorkers — whether you're ordering a turkey or making reservations, we've compiled some options for you. If you're planning to cook for the upcoming holiday, be sure to pre-order your Thanksgiving bird. Here are some suggestions: Fleisher’s Grass-Fed and Organic Meats (Many locations): Order your fresh bird from this  well-known butcher shop. The Meat Hook: This Brooklyn butcher shop gets its broad-breasted white turkeys from Interlaken, New York. They also can provide you with bacon or sausage for stuffing or sides. DiPaola Turkey Farm:  Order your free-range and antibiotic-free turkey at one of almost 20 Greenmarket locations throughout the city. Dickson’s Farmstand Meats: This  Chelsea Market butcher shop [...]

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South of Nick’s, San Clemente, California

I seem to find casual Mexican food fresher and tastier when eaten on the West Coast. Take South of Nick's in San Clemente as proof. While looking over the menu we ordered some guacamole ($9) for the table — freshly made with roma tomatoes, jalapeño, cilantro and some red onion — to go with table-offered warm corn tortilla chips and freshly made salsa. The salsa was so fresh and tasty, I could almost drink it! With that we of course had margies. The traditional margarita was ($9) made with Milagro silver tequila and housemade sweet ‘n sour mix; the spicy version — with their housemade jalapeño infused tequila — was [...]

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Eating Establishment, Park City, UT

One day while walking down Main Street, I got a hankering (my Western-speak!) for some huevos rancheros. I notice that the Eating Establishment — the oldest full service restaurant in Park City — served breakfast all day and offered that dish of eggs served on a tortilla with a spicy tomato sauce. I ordered it. The Eating Establishment's version ($11.50) was okay, nothing special served with a side of breakfast potatoes and — oddly — another flour tortilla. The eggs were lightly basted atop some black beans smothered in their homemade salsa. I had asked for chili (an extra $1.50), but the kitchen forgot to add it. I did like [...]

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Muscoot Tavern, Katonah, NY

In Katonah — at the intersection of route 100 and 35 — is the Muscoot Tavern, a small, oddly shaped, red structure established before 1925. It has had many owners and as many names — Muscoot Inn, the Muscoot Diner, the Muscoot Restaurant, Little Brauhaus. What remains constant is the “Cheers-like” atmosphere of this local hangout. I was invited recently to sample their extensive menu. While perusing the menu, we sipped our cocktails (Their margies are good!) and nibbled their garlicky bread ($5), both the regular one sprinkled with cheese and a rich pesto-topped version. There were six of us, so we had many mouths to share all the goodies. Our [...]

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Harbor Bistro, East Hampton, Long Island

Before I became middle aged, I laughed at the white-haired elders heading for the early bird specials. But now — even though I'm not silver-headed — I often do the same as I enjoy eating early and then lingering over a glass or two of wine! And so I'm suggesting the early bird special at Harbor Bistro available from 5 to 6 pm. For only $29 you get two courses, a glass of wine or if you have a sweet tooth, three courses including dessert. An added bonus are the spectacular views of the marina and sunset. Just be sure to request a seat on the outdoor covered porch. I [...]

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Red Rock Brewing Company, Park City, UT

One night while visiting in Park City, we decided to go out for a quick light meal at Red Rock Brewing Company, just off I-80 at the Kimball Junction exit in the Redstone Center. If you're in the area skiing, it's a good place to take the kids that won't break the bank and — with something for everyone — will satiate and satisfy. We tried the unusual crab stack ($14) with layers of avocado mango, baby pea shoots, tomato, red onions and peanuts all topped with jumbo lump crap. We tossed the entire amalgam in the cucumber lime ginger dressing. We also tried the fresh salad with "superfood" ingredients,  baby [...]

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The Black Pearl, Newport, RI

Since our driver was yearning for a bowl of renowned The Black Pearl's clam chowder, we took a detour to Newport on our way home from the Cape. The restaurant is located in the heart of the city's Bannister's Wharf; it has an outdoor patio with a view of the bustling Newport Harbor. I found it odd that their chowder is the creamy New England style, and not the traditional Rhode Island chowder with clear broth since after all Newport is in Rhode Island. Odd, but the rich, buttery and chock full of clam chowder ($9.50) with crackers, happily satiated our driver! The day's special offered an Asian-style black and [...]

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Pallet, Salt Lake City, UT

You'll find friendly hospitality at the cozy — but quite noisy — Pallet restaurant in Salt Lake City. We began our time their with a specialty cocktail developed for an upcoming competition. Their 237 Beeknick Farm ($10) was made from beet juice, serrano, chile pepper, lime juice and bitters and had a nice after-kick. Their menu is quite unusual with only one of the entrees that interested us. We went heavy on the apps. Their Caputo’s burrata ($11) with fresh tomatoes was drizzled with basil pistou. The mozzarella was more firm with little of the desired creaminess oozing out. Their three large meatballs were made of pork, veal and beef [...]

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Michelin 2016 NYC Restaurant Stars

Earlier this month, Michelin awarded its stars to top chefs at a star-chef studded gala at the Manhattan Classic Car Club. Here's a listing of those New York City restaurants that have 2016 stars: Three Stars ("Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey") Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare\ Eleven Madison Park Jean-Georges Le Bernardin Masa Per Se Two Stars ("Excellent cuisine, worth a detour") Aquavit Atera Blanca Daniel Ichimura Jungsik Marea The Modern Momofuku Ko Soto One Star ("A very good restaurant in its category") Ai Fiori Aldea Andanada Aureole Babbo Bâtard Betony Blue Hill Bouley The Breslin Brushstroke Café Boulud Café China Cagen Carbone Casa Enrique Casa Mono Caviar Russe [...]

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The Summer House Restaurant, Siasconset, Nantucket

On a day trip to Nantucket, we headed out to picturesque Siasconset and had an alfresco lunch at what we learned to be the island's only restaurant overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. We all opted for The Summer House Restaurant's specialty cocktail, a refreshing blend a melon juices with citrus vodka, St Germain and a splash of soda. With no prices on listed on the cocktail menu, I had to ask our server the cost as the rest of the menu seemed a bit pricey. After all, we were on Nantucket. Those cocktails were $15 each. Having seen the abundant meza platter served at other tables, we decided to share that [...]

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The Brotherhood of Thieves, Nantucket, Massachusetts

After a day of touring the island of Nantucket, we settled in at the bar at The Brotherhood of Thieves, a rustic low-ceiling cozy tavern with carriage lanterns, dark wooden beams, exposed brick walls, and fireplaces. On the walls were whaling spears designed to look like beer taps. The bartender suggested I try Maine Brewing Company’s Peeper Ale, a rare and crisp American Pale ale, refreshing with a flavor of grapefruit and oranges ($13/16 ounce). The ten broiled scallops were surprisingly moist and delicious, served very hot with a light flaky crumb crust in a white wine and butter sauce ($30). I shared them with my companions, who all wanted [...]

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Edwige At Night, Provincetown, Cape Cod

We stopped in at Edwige at Night, not in the evening, but for an amazingly fresh brunch when in Provincetown on the Cape. Each brunch entree was freshly made with every component served at the correct temperature. Sounds like a small thing, but I've been to many a brunch at restaurants that can't manage to do so! One of us had best bargain on the menu, the Edwige Eye Opener ($15) with a cocktail, two poached eggs, crunchy and peppery home fries and whole wheat toast. I say a bargain as the Bloody Maria itself  — made with house-infused pepper vodka — would have cost $10. Also good: the lobster [...]

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The Studio at Montage, Laguna Beach, CA

Bliss is being invited to sample the cuisine at The Studio at Montage in Laguna Beach, California along with a friend and to sit at a window table overlooking the sun setting over the Pacific. With the creative food and presentations of Chef Craig Strong and the care of the exuberant staff with their detailed explanations of each dish, we had an amazing experience. We started with Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve ($31) champagne while deciding between the tasting menu and the à la carte offerings. Once we learned we could pick and choose to create our own tasting menu. That's exactly what we did. The amuse-bouche included a poached shrimp atop [...]

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Beachcomber, Wellfleet, MA

If you have plans to go to the Cape, keep the Beachcomber mind for next summer, as it's the ultimate place for a good time — only open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. We arrived at the Cape on a Friday afternoon in early September, itching for an entertaining way to start our long weekend after the long drive. We stopped in a couple of places with no atmosphere all, and whispered to the hostess asking where we might find a lively place. She suggested a drive to Wellfleet to this shack like place on the beach. We were so glad we did. You don't go to the Beachcomber [...]

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Wahlburgers, Hingham, Massachusetts

If you are from Boston, Mark and Donnie Wahlberg are icons. They act, sing, model and now own a fleet of restaurants headed by younger brother Paul. The A&E reality show, The Wahlburgers has only added to the restaurant’s popularity. I made a lunch date with a friend and together we rode the MBTA ferry to Hingham, a 40-minute ride across scenic Boston Harbor. Wahlburgers is a casual open kitchen concept with paneled wood, concrete floors, green walls and matching chairs. High above are soundproofing panels with Mark and Donnie’s TV and movie name memorabilia. The lure of burgers drew us inside but we were halted by a 2-hour wait [...]

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Sam’s at Louis, Boston, Massachusetts

You can never have too many outdoor dining options in the city where a moment of respite brings Zen to a crazy day. I booked a business lunch at Sam’s at Louis after seeing it on  the Boston Globe Magazine list of best restaurant patios. The restaurant in the ever-changing Fan Pier district above the former apparel boutique Louis with floor to ceiling windows overlooking Boston Harbor. Step beyond the stark interior to the wraparound deck stuns with views of the city, yachts, schooners and planes scaling to the heavens. From the get go, the selection of eclectic dishes, attractively plated for sharing, caught our attention. Do try the refreshing [...]

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Big W’s Roadside Bar B Que, Hudson Valley, NY

We left the city heading to Sherman CT for the weekend with a car filled with groceries, planning to cook dinner when we arrived. But as we approached the state we began looking for a place to eat as we were hungry and didn't want to wait. The first place had an hour wait. We kept driving when the driver recalled the amazing BBQ they had recently, not too far from where we were. The aroma from Big W's Roadside Bar B Que on route 22 was enticing, as were the smiles on those eating outside on picnic benches. We happily indulged in their combination plate for one, which was [...]

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