Kanon Organic Vodka is apparently where ‘vodka’ is headed in the U.S. Get ready for organic spirits people! This is going to be the Whole Foods revolution at the bar! No more artificially-flavored vodkas, it’s time to think healthy! Kanon Organic Vodka, produced by Gripsholm Distillery (one of Sweden’s oldest distillers) offers an incomparable organic experience for the value-driven connoisseur. Hey, organic can be expensive.Kanon Organic Vodka Bottle

So what makes booze ‘organic’ anyway? Well, sort of the same loose ground-rules that make foods organic. Real food.
Kanon Organic Vodka is distilled from locally grown organic wheat (no chemicals, alterations or additives). While many brands actually redistill their vodka (continuing to purify and refine), Kanon’s unique organic process enables levels of purity with no need for multiple distillations or charcoal filtering. The use of fresh spring water (not public waters) delivers natural flavor without the typical vodka burn; a trait found in very few vodkas today.

Gripsholm Distillery is the only EU and US certified organic distillery from Sweden. Beyond that, Kanon Organic Vodka has a bit of a royal history; previously a cannon manufacturing company from the late 16th century, Gripsholm started supplying vodka to their foundry workers as well as the local people. With 29 pot-still pans, 280 workers and a production of over a million liters of vodka annually, Gripsholm quickly became the largest distillery in Sweden.

The distillery has now been producing organic vodka for over 400 years!  And this is real vodka. Served from the freezer, its viscosity is alluring and its subtle, natural flavor is unprecedented. A truly unique find.


Kanon Organic Vodka is currently available in New York at Morgan’s Hotel Group and will be expanding distribution and launching in Los Angeles in January 2011.