Fishpeople introduced two new varieties to their line of single serve soups: Smoked Oyster and Bourbon Chowder and Wild Seafood Bouillabaisse made with wild caught and sustainable harvested fish, packaged in BPA-free poaching pouches. These soups are rich in healthy Omega-3’s, especially DHA and EPA the long chain of fatty acids found in marine sources.

To use, heat in the microwave or submerge in a pot of boiling water.

The Smoked Oyster and Bourbon Chowder  contains 250 calories, 11 grams saturated fat (of 17 grams total), 340 milligrams sodium and 5 grams protein; the Wild Seafood Bouillabaisse contains 210 calories, 1 gram saturated fat (of 5 grams total), 580 milligrams sodium and 15 grams protein; it is a good source of fiber with 3 grams per serving.

– bonnie: For a packaged product, this tastes amazingly fresh, but like most processed soups is high in sodium.