Bonnie: I first discovered AvoClassic fresh packaged guacamole about five years ago; today that guacamole is sold under the Wholly Guacamole label.

At that time I wrote, “I’m in love again. This time it’s with new, convenient avocado products from AvoClassic. The company employs a “Fresherization” process that uses high pressure, not temperature, to keep the avocado as fresh as if you had just cut open a perfectly ripe one. This retains the flavor, color and texture of the avocado, while destroying bacteria and extending the shelf life.”

And although the name changed, that write-up from my syndicated column still stands! This is the freshest-tasting guacamole you will ever try — other than when you make your own from a perfectly ripe avocado or when it’s made tableside in a molcajete at a good Mexican restaurant.

Double Dip is the newest addition to the Wholly Guacamole line. It consists of a layer of guacamole topped with spicy pico de gallo (salsa fresca). It’s delicious.  I like that the layer of salsa topping the guacamole keeps the avocado from turning that ugly brown, a natural process of that occurs when that fruit is exposed to air.

I recommend Wholly Guacamole’s regular and/or spicy guac and the Double Dip! It’s perfect for parties or tailgates — but be sure to open the guacamole package just before serving!

Bryan: What’s better than guacamole? Well, guacamole and salsa for starters, and heck, some queso never hurt anybody either. It’s the holy trinity of the Mexican restaurant eating experience, and now it’s easier than ever to have it all in your home, and fresh! Meet Wholly Guacamole, not just the original guac in a box, but the true industry revolutionary.

Starting small, Wholly Guacamole began as a Texas restaurateur’s search for ways to keep his 100% natural guacamole fresh without preservatives. The idea of introducing a high-pressure food-safety technology to his passion for good guac resulted in the world’s first commercial high-pressure-preserved guacamole in 1996. The first batch was a whole seven pounds, but the rest of his batches were wholly successful, and in the process America’s #1 Guacamole was born.

Years later, Wholly Guacamole remains America’s #1 brand through dedicated production and an innovative packaging process. Avocado is hand-scooped daily, with the resulting authentic guacamole being Fresherized immediately. “Fresherized,” you say. “What is that?” Well, it ensures the avocados retain their beautiful color and flavor with absolutely no preservatives or heat processing; simply avocados, garlic, onions and spices.

Think of five elephants standing on the edge of a dime to get a good idea of how Fresherizing really works. Once packed in its pouch, Wholly Guacamole avocados endure the equivalent of six times the pressure found at the bottom of the ocean. The pressure destroys naturally occurring pathogens without the use of heat or chemicals, a standard practice in competitors’ products that can damage the flavors and nutritional value of foods. Fresherized products retain their same great taste, texture and naturally occurring vitamins, with the same food safety.

Test it. Cut open an avocado and within 30 minutes it will turn brown. Leave it uncut and it will still spoil in a week. Fresherized guacamole? Leave it alone and it will stay green and beautiful for 30 days if it remains unopened. “The future,” you say? Not really. More like a look into the past, when foods weren’t chock full of preservatives and chemicals. A real taste of authentic Mexican flavor with a truly American spin.

Eric: I never came across a prepacked guacamole that compared to the homemade variety until I tried Wholly Guacamole; the name alone had me smiling before I cut open the package. The reason: When it comes to guacamole, the challenge is in conserving the freshness of the avocado and to do that, many companies rely on taste-damaging preservatives. Not Wholly Guacamole. The technique for conserving the quality of their product is one that sounds Dr. Suess-esque: They Fresherize. In so doing, they pressurize the sealed package, removing all air and conserving the taste and quality of the guacamole. This means there are no added preservatives to muck up the taste of the final product. On top of just a delicious guacamole, they also offer a spicy variety and one combined with salsa.

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