Mikes Lemonade Goes Pink

October 25, 2009

There’s a new limited edition flavor from Mike’s Hard Lemonade that launched during the Fall.  The company introduced Mike’s hard pink lemonade to mark the celebration of its 10th anniversary.  Mike’s hard pink lemonade  seasonal flavor is available through the end of October, so now’s your last chance to pick some up.Mikes Hard Pink Lemonade

I’m usually not the biggest fan of hard lemonade in general, though I used to enjoy a hard cider here and there (even made some hard cider recently for a fall-themed dinner party), but I felt I wanted to share the message about Mike’s Pink Lemonade because the new flavor also carries a breast cancer awareness message (a tribute to Jacqueline S. a member of the Mike’s family who lost her battle with breast cancer earlier this year).  The company is making a $250,000 donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in Jacqueline’s memory.


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