Though the question has long been, ‘What would you do for a Klondike Bar?’… A more difficult question for the ice cream manufacturer is really, what more can you do to a Klondike bar?

The chocolate-dipped, vanilla ice cream bar remains an iconic American dessert, its advertising as deeply ingrained in our collective pop-culture as any, but what improvements have we really seen since this treats inception in the early 1920’s? Over the years, they’ve added some krispies, they’ve doubled and even tripled the chocolate.. but what have you done for me lately Klondike? In any competitive market, it is generally thought that you must continually innovate to keep people’s attention, and Unilever (Klondike’s producer) has been hard at work again. But really, what’s left to tinker with?

Just a bit more chocolate is the answer. Klondike’s newest line, introduced this past summer, includes six Klondike bar varieties with a thicker, more chocolatey shell. 25% more chocolate means a harder coating, with a cold, snappy bite almost resembling that of a cold candy bar. New ‘thick’ varieties include Original, Krunch, Double Chocolate, Whitehouse Cherry, Dark Chocolate and Neapolitan. As a chocolate lover, I have nothing but praise to offer up to a treat I already enjoyed, with a bit extra chocolate. At 250 calories, still not a bad habit here and there. On an additional aside, in trying the new thick shells, I also had the opportunity to sample the Reeses Peanut Butter Klondike Bar for the first time, peanut butter fans.. I also say, enjoy.