Klondikier Bars…

October 16, 2009

Though the question has long been, ‘What would you do for a Klondike Bar?’… A more difficult question for the ice cream manufacturer is really, what more can you do to a Klondike bar?

The chocolate-dipped, vanilla ice cream bar remains an iconic American dessert, its advertising as deeply ingrained in our collective pop-culture as any, but what improvements have we really seen since this treats inception in the early 1920′s? Over the years, they’ve added some krispies, they’ve doubled and even tripled the chocolate.. but what have you done for me lately Klondike? In any competitive market, it is generally thought that you must continually innovate to keep people’s attention, and Unilever (Klondike’s producer) has been hard at work again. But really, what’s left to tinker with?

Just a bit more chocolate is the answer. Klondike’s newest line, introduced this past summer, includes six Klondike bar varieties with a thicker, more chocolatey shell. 25% more chocolate means a harder coating, with a cold, snappy bite almost resembling that of a cold candy bar. New ‘thick’ varieties include Original, Krunch, Double Chocolate, Whitehouse Cherry, Dark Chocolate and Neapolitan. As a chocolate lover, I have nothing but praise to offer up to a treat I already enjoyed, with a bit extra chocolate. At 250 calories, still not a bad habit here and there. On an additional aside, in trying the new thick shells, I also had the opportunity to sample the Reeses Peanut Butter Klondike Bar for the first time, peanut butter fans.. I also say, enjoy.


45 Comments on “Klondikier Bars…”

  1. foodtastic voyage Says:

    I love Klondike Bars!!! Though the original are still my fave, I do like the thicker chocolate shell and simply adore the Peanut Butter flavor!

  2. Sandie Ess Says:

    I live in Warsaw, NY and Deland, Fl (six months ea. Until spring of 2009 I was able to purchase Peppermint Patty flavored Klondike bars. Now I can’t find them any where. I also have friends looking for them, they can’t find them either. Where can I find them, I am totally addicted?

  3. Vanessa Mason Says:

    Sandie – Unfortunately, the Klondike® York® stickless bar was discontinued in 2009. There are currently 10 other different flavors of the Klondike® stickless bars available now though, including Original, Whitehouse Cherry and Dark Chocolate.
    - Vanessa Mason, on behalf of Unilever Ice Cream

  4. Sandy Wilcox Says:

    Sorry to hear about the York Peppermint Patty Klondike Bar. It was our favorite. Have been looking for it for a long time. It was the only ice cream bar we bought.

  5. Erin B. Says:

    I’m with both Sandys on this one-I loved the York Peppermint Patty Klondikes! They were my favorite. It was the only thing like it on the market. Please bring them back!!

  6. Ashley Says:

    Discontinuing the York peppermint patty flavor was a huge folly by Unilever. Mint is a tremendously popular flavor, and I think the York was arguably the best of the entire product line. I haven’t bought a single Klondike bar since the York flavor vanished. Someone should start a petition to bring it back, or get a similar mint candy company on board. Time for a junior mints flavored Klondike.

  7. Alice Says:

    I am also saddened to hear about the discontinuation of the peppermint patty Klondike. Unilever should really look into bringing that flavor back somehow, it was the best one!

  8. scot & paula cannon Says:

    we both really miss the York flavored Klondike Bar; we agree with you all, let’s get it back!

  9. Michelle Ard Says:

    I want the York Peppermint Patty Klondike bars! But you may have already figured out why they were discontinued. Its because Unilever knows that particular product outsold the others. That’s not so good for business. They want people to try and buy the others. It spreads the risk out. If you get tired of (or don’t like) one of the flavors you’ll most likely try another. If you get tired of the most popular flavor you might go elsewhere because nothing else compares to it. I’m hoping another company will fill in. There are a lot of us that miss the York Klondike bars.

  10. bob Says:

    Yes, please bring back the York Klondike. They are delicious! We have lokked everywhere for them.

  11. Michele Says:

    The York Klondike was also my favorite and my son’s favorite. We also have not bought another Klondike since not being able to find the York. If at all possible they need to bring it back.

  12. DD Says:

    Please bring back the York Klondike Bar, my favorite flavor ever.

  13. ML Says:


  14. E Frog Says:

    Peppermint fans unite! We should start an e-mail campaign to bring back our favorite flavor. I too stopped purchasing Klondike bars since they discontinued the peppermint.

  15. Rexie Says:

    I like the Yorks, so the Yorks are discontinued. I like the Neopolitans, so the Neapolitans are nowhere I shop (even on vacations). Sad, but typical. My mum and I were throwing around Klondike flavor suggestions back a few months ago, when I was exasperated at not finding Yorks or Neapolitans: I favor coconut, and she leans toward black raspberry.

  16. Rick Graham Says:

    Does Klondike make an ice cream sandwich with chocolate ice cream. The other products we use are phenominal and will continue to purchase, but chocolate would be a great change of pace.

  17. Rick Graham Says:

    We purchase Klondike products on a regular basis but would love to see some of those products feature chocolate ice cream. This would be a great change of pace especially with the ice cream sandwich.

  18. eve Says:

    Have always loved the “Original”. However, the quality of the vanilla ice cream inside has declined. Has become a sticky, low quality, artificial frozen goo. Too bad. Lost a long time customer unless they can restore an honest vanilla ice cream inside.

  19. Janna Says:

    I can’t find the Klondike Neapolitan bars anywhere! But I still have to watch the commercials and be tortured.

  20. michele Says:

    can you please tell me where i can find the neapolitan klondike bars.i have looked everywhere at target and our grocery store publix here in south florida.

  21. Bryan from BiteoftheBest.com Says:

    Klondike offers a store locator on their website: http://www.klondikebar.com/freezer/Store-Locator.aspx

  22. Brandon Says:

    Seeing the york patties getting discontinued was hard, yet, I felt a wieght lifted from my shoulders like it was supposed to happen. THEY STILL GOTTA BRING IT BACK!! I started a pettition to the cause. If your with me, sign below my comment. GET OFF MAH LAWN!!! Ha.

  23. Virginia Kovach Says:

    Where can I get the Klondike Caramel Pretzel ice cream bars…..we had the once and can’t find them anywhere….thanks..

  24. Bonnie from BiteoftheBest.com Says:

    Virginia… please provide your zip code so the company can tell you where you can purchase them (if they are still available).

  25. Stephanie Bottoms Says:

    Virginia – Thanks for your comment. To find out which specific Klondike products are available in your area, please visit http://www.klondikebar.com/Freezer/#/products. Once there, select a product by either 1) browsing the drop-down menu in the Store Locator function at the bottom right of your screen or 2) click on the image of a product shown. Once you’ve selected a product, type in your zip code to determine if that product is available in your area.

    -Stephanie Bottoms, on behalf of Klondike

  26. Virginia Kovach Says:

    I inquired about the caramel pretzel klondike bars…my zip code is 46637. What are the flavors that you have?
    We just love the double chocolate, cherry, heath, crunch..
    different one each day for a treat…..thanks for your info

  27. Andrea Searcy Says:

    Do you only cover one side of the Heath Klondike Ice Cream Bars? The package that I bought over the weekend has only one side covered, please let me know if this is correct or if maybe it should have been covered on all sides.

  28. Arielle C Says:

    I agree with some of the above comments, the only klondike bars i ever sought out to buy or reaslly bought at all are the pepermint patty bars. I had to google just to find out why i couldnt find them anymore. Bring them back!

  29. Pat Says:

    Bring back the York Peppermint Bars – The best!!!

  30. Steve Flowers Says:

    I like all the flavors.I want the York Peppermint Patty Klondike bars!Are they available anywhere?If they were available I’ld buy out the store.Where are they?Are they coming back?

  31. James Says:

    If there’s a petition online somewhere for the re-installment of the York Peppermint Bars, I’ll sign it!! Those were incredibly refreshing

  32. Wendy Says:

    So, I’ve been hunting for the York Klondikes since 2009?? I can’t believe it’s been that long, and YES I’m still that obsessed. Here I am googling for them, 2 years later. Pleeeeease bring the York flavor back! So much better than any average mint.

  33. Robert Says:

    I agree! The best!!!! The mint flavor they have out now is awful. Won’t buy it again. Please bring back the york peppermint flavor.

  34. Zach Says:

    I’m on the Klondike team.

    Put simply, we too loved the York Peppermint Pattie variety, unfortunately we don’t have plans to bring it back in the near future. We did want to let you know that we appreciate all of the feedback your post has generated. Continuing to receive comments two years after the original post is great!

    You and your readers can check out some of our new varieties here: http://www.klondikebar.com/products/ … While the York variety may no longer be available, you may just find a new favorite!

  35. Mark Says:

    Hello & Good Day,

    I bought my first box of Klondike bars yesterday as they are NOW accompanied with a Thicker Chocolatey Shell.

    Yet when I opened the 8 $ box of 4 Bar’s one large side had Chocolate and the other had a Machinery Grid and hardly any Chocolate because I could see the white Ice-cream. I had dripping Ice-cream coming from the Waffle’y Machinery holes

    Sorry to say I will not be getting these or even be able to try the other types of your products they are to price for what I got.

    I would like to try them all to see what type my little ones would like as well as I.

    Thank You for reading this maybe truck loads of ice cream will appear at my door. We’ll be waiting pacently for the truck to come,. Even Couplons for free trill would be nice.

    If your in a position to grant us free samples, I can e-mail you from G-Mail with our Address.

    Patently waiting,

  36. Kathy Says:

    How can we go about convincing them to bring back the peppermint patty Klondike bar?

  37. Michelle A. Says:

    You can find a York peppermint patty icecream but it is being marketed through a different company now – Good Humor. I haven’t actually tried them yet. I guess Klondike lost their franchise to sell it.

  38. sherrisse Says:

    Hi,I stay in Tampa,Fl.and I can not find the neapolitan flavor klondike bars. so can you please let me know who selling or due we even have them in Florida.

  39. Lynn Huidekoper Says:

    I can’t understand with the huge number of postings about folks missing the York Peppermint Klondike Bar that the company isn’t bringing them back. One person claimed that they cancelled making them because they sold better than the others!! That’s the most ridiculous excuse I have heard. Also there was a Mounds Coconut Klondike bar which looks like has also been discoutinued.
    I am another vote to get the York one being brought back. That’s why I Googled this because Safeway used to sell the York ones but it has been a long time ago.

  40. yuki Says:

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  41. Gene Says:

    I 87 years old and have been buy Klondikes for as long as I can remember….1930′s maybe. I have just bought and eaten my last Klondike unless you discontinue the thick shell. I EXTREMELY dislike it. If I want chocolate, I will buy chocolate.

  42. gay totin Says:

    Since they made the bar SMALLER and cut bACK ON THE COATING, I AM SO GLAD TO HEAR THE CHOCOLATE COATING IS HEAVY AGAIN. Now, bring back the York patty which is the best. Make them and we will buy again.

  43. Lynn Huidekoper Says:

    HOw do we get them to start making the York Peppermint Patty Kloindike Bars? I know they would sell!!

  44. Bonnie from BiteoftheBest.com Says:

    Unilever’s used to have a York Peppermint Patty Klondike bar, but sadly discontinued it …

  45. Lynn Huidekoper Says:

    Yes, I know. YOu will see many comments above, including one of mine from years ago, about this topic. Another company makes peppermint bars like the Klondike ones.

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