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Haitian vanilla

January 12, 2008

“My uncle goes to Haiti every year to volunteer at a clinic. He started bringing me Haitian vanilla and it is soooo wonderful.

What I love about the vanilla it is how aromatic it is. When I can’t sleep I sip warm milk (or soy milk) with a few drops of vanilla added to make it tasty,” wrote Lynn Araujo.

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  1. Sophia Gapomiuk Says:

    I have been looking for the Hatian vanilla described above in the USA. My nephew went to Haiti about 15 years ago on a mission trip and brought me a bottle of it, but I have not been able to find it here in the USA. Once you taste that vanilla all others taste like medicine.
    Would Lynn Araujo be able to provide the brand name, manufacturer’s name, bottling co., etc? It will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Lynn Araujo Says:

    At last I have discovered a distributor of haitian products in the USA that sells REBO haitian vanilla.
    It is available on their website
    The really good news is that their profits support ministries for schools and orphanages.
    So spread the word and bake with LOVE.

  3. Sophia Gapomiuk Says:

    Received my order of Perrier vanilla from House of Bread today. They were out of the Rebo. Unfortunately, it is not the aroma I was looking for. The one I am looking for came in a large wine-like bottle sealed with cork and with grey label. I don’t remember if it said pure extract or essence.

  4. Hot cocoa on a Saturday in May « Working in my pajamas Says:

    [...] Spicy hot cocoa is a secret recipe. But firstborn tells me you need cocoa, sugar, cinnamon and Haitian Vanilla. The latter is essential. And unless you brought back a gallon the last time you visited this [...]

  5. Greg Coleman Says:

    We regularly get haitien vanilla from haitien friends who live in large, immigrant cities where there are haitien stores. We have used Miami, NY, and Montreal, and I’m sure there would be stores in many other cities where there are haitiens.

  6. g&l Says:

    Oh man, my wife and I have had amazing stuff at places in ‘little haiti’, restaurants and stuff. It sounds off, but they put vanilla, and some kind of milk with fruit juice, even citrus. Very good; when I try to do it at home it’s a mess, but when the right people do it, it’s amazing.

  7. joy1234 Says:

    OK, could Sophia explain her label on Perrier. Is it essence?
    We bring vanilla back every year that we purchase at our guest house. Two yrs ago it was Essence de Vanille by Nicolas Altidor. Last year it was Vanille Essence by Vitale Herne (my friend loves it!!). This year they have Perrier. At the airport they sell Mountain Maid (much more expensive). Can anyone compare the diff. or explain why so many different brands each year.

  8. Sophia Says:

    The label says: “Essence of Vanilla Concentrate” imported by Domicove LLC in Miami, FL. The ingredients are: Fresh vanilla, brown caramel, purified water, artificial vanilla flavor, alcohol 1%.

  9. Cheryl Farkas Says:

    I have bought the “Essence of Vanilla Concentrate S.Perrier from Haiti myself on trips, There is nothing in this world like it, Cutting through the . . . Has anyone found a way to buy this, purchase this, support this country with one of the best products they supply?
    Cheryl Farkas,

  10. mamatoten Says:

    Hey ya’ll…
    I travle to Haiti every three months and would be willing to buy bottles, bring them to the states and send thhem to you at cost of product and shipping….
    Let me know.

  11. DG Says: offers the Perrier Vanilla (and Almond–site claims they deliver anywhere in US.

  12. Pam Delany Says:

    I have a bottle (empty now) of vanilla from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, from 15 years ago. My uncle was a missionary and brought back a case of it. It is by far the best vanilla ever. I’m on a mission to find it again. It came in a plastic bottle with a manila label with just the words: ESSENCE DE VANILLE PURE A L C O PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI. Do you think this is the same as is mentioned in the posts above? Thanks! Pam

  13. CLR Says:

    I was on a mission trip to Haiti in 2008, and the bottle of vanilla I have has company info on it. The company name is “Aromatic Products” the address is p.o. box 2492 Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and the telephone number is 2511-7450. The front of the bottle says, “Essence of Vanilla Concentrate” and “Perrier”. It does have a slight medicinal smell, but I believe this is the alcohol. I only use half of the amount that a recipe calls for because of its potency.

  14. joyce cunningham Says:

    My sister went to Haiti last december to help with the Missionaries. and she brought me back some vanilla from haiti. I’m making some oatmeal raisin cookies and this is my first time using it. I want to know how does it taste and smell. I opened it and really didn’t smell anything. so can someone help me. thanks joyce, phila

  15. joy Says:

    I travel to Haiti frequently. I have brought back “Rebo” and “Perrier”….both very good and with wonderful aromas and products of Haiti and bought at the airport. I have also bought in my village’s marketplace little packets “Vainilla BonAplus 100% natural” (made in Dominican Republic). It is clear and with wonderful aroma.\….and very cheap!
    I wonder what brand you have and what kind of label it has; there should be a wonderful aroma. I usually use what the recipe calls for; sometimes I cut back a little too when I remember I am using Haitian vanilla.

  16. Lynnet Says:

    I have used Haitian Vanilla since going on a mission trip there back in ’85, the stuff we get in the stores in the states does not begin to compare. I love the flavor and aroma that it adds to dishes I use it in. Does wonders for vanilla ice cream! When I finally ran out of my original stash, I ordered it from I ‘ve always been wary of Mexican vanilla – what I got didn’t seem as strong, but then a friend got some and it was… Leary of the quality.

  17. Lynn Says:

    Great to know you can order REBO- which is the brand I have and love.
    Also nice to support commerce in Haiti- heaven knows they need it.
    (if anyone wants to know another way to support them visit the Haitian Heath Foundation)

    Thanks for all these comments over the past 3 years! What fun.

  18. joyce cunningham Says:

    From the last time I was this site, i said that i tryed hatian vallina….Recently I made a cake for easter using the vanilla and my family truly love it. The flavoring is excellent. My sister may go back to hatti, this december, to do missionary work, and i may go with her, and buy some more vanilla while i’m there.

  19. dianne oliger Says:

    I received a bottle of Haitian vanilla about 25 years ago from my cousin who visited Haiti. It is the most wonderful stuff on earth-very flavorful and aromatic. The seal on the bottle is “Barbancourt” which I have found out is a rum producer. I can’t seem to find out if they still bottle “essence de vanille”. Anyone have any information? The label also said: prepare et mis en bouteille par” and “L. Labrousse”

  20. Lynnet Says:

    The research I’ve done revealed that vanilla from Haiti and Mexico is made from rum, which gives it a stronger flavor, while other vanilla are typically made from vodka. The “Essence de Vanile” was what I originally brought back from Haiti 26 yrs. ago and it was in a rather large plastic bottle. The new packaging is the same name Essence de Vanille Rebo in a 12 oz bottle made by Cafe-Rebo.

    Liquid vanilla products made without alcohol are called vanilla flavoring. Some vanilla extracts are made from ethyl alcohol derived from corn. Commercial vanilla extract usually has simple syrup (sugar water) added to the extract to give it a sweet aftertaste. I still prefer the vanilla fro Haiti.

  21. Sara Says:

    I was in Haiti in February and brought home 2 bottles of the Essence of Vanilla Concentrate Perrier, labeled Aromatic Products, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I have 1 tsp. left so I started searching for websites to buy it. I found this website: The cost is $6.60/10 oz. which does not include shipping. It’s in the neighboring county for me so I’m planning a trip next week to stock up on the vanilla. You’re right, after you’ve used Haitian vanilla, you don’t want to go back to others!

  22. Julie Says:

    I Bought a bottle of “Essence of Vanilla Perrier” in Florida. It is my favorite and the best. It looks like
    they just open a plant of production in the U.S.(Florida)
    because of the demand. It Says on the label: Manufactured by “PERRIER AROMATICS” A Division of Aromatic Products of Haiti. The address is: 11496 Pierson Rd. No C11 Wellington FL 33414. Ph#(561)860-7583. email is If anybody wants to buy some you can send an email to him. Only, he only sells by cases.

  23. Carolyn Says:

    Could you please tell me how much your bottles of Haitian vanilla are? I have used it in recipes before and I really liked it. Please note that I am interested ONLY in the Haitian pure vanilla.

    Thank you for the requested information.


  24. Bonnie from Says:

    Or can someone assist Carolyn in where to purchase it. Thanks!

  25. joy Says:

    I have vanilla from Haiti that I brought back last october to sell at my church. I have a couple bottles left & would be glad to sell & ship $10/bottle. I use the profit to assist the village where I go (Trouin).
    If interested reply to me at
    Going again on february 27

  26. joy Says:

    The brand is REBO

  27. Rosa Says:

    I buy Haitian vanilla in Boston, Massachusetts and the bottles I bought 2 years ago or so (I stock up) say. LUCOMO OF HAITI….VANILLA EXTRACT…PURE VANILLE….ALCOOL 10%….8OZ….DISTRIBUTED BY LUCOMO OF PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI….That is all the bottle says…I been using it for years…Will not use any other vanilla…Love it.

  28. Nancy Says:

    Rosa, where in Boston do you purchase the vanilla? OR… Does anyone know where in NY or NJ I get buy Perrier or Rebo?

    I’m having a hard time finding a good Haitian vanilla in states & I bake Haitian Cakes on a regular (usually I get a family member to bring me some when they go, but it’s never enough).

  29. Alex Says:


    I have “Essence of Vanilla Concentrate Perrier” (Net 10 FL Oz (296ml) ) in a plastic bottle from Aromatic Products in Port-au-Prince,with french vanilla, brown caramel, purified water, vanilla flavoring, alcohol 1 %.

    I wanted to use it for Peruvian Alfajores (sort of a dried hard cookie). I do not know how much of the Essence of Vanilla Concentrate to use. Do any of you have suggestions on how much to use?

    Thank you.

  30. Sophia Says:

    I have the Perrier vanilla, and I used 1 teaspoon of it for the Peruvian Alfajores. It is not too concentrated so I use the amount the recipes call for.

  31. Sandra Marino Says:

    I have used the Essesence of Vanilla Concentrate Perrier for several years in Ohio. You can buy it at Walnut Creek grocery in Walnut Creek OH in the middle of Amish Country. I now live in Florida full time so I am looking for an easier place to buy it. Any suggestions? I see it can be purchased online from Kauffman’s Fruit Farm which is my next choice.

  32. Gloria Says:

    I received two different kinds of vanilla from Haiti and don’t have a clue how to use either. Both are bottled in a glass wine bottle size. They are distributed by Rovacyho in Cap-Haitian, Haiti. One is Essence Vanille; the other is Ess Noyau.

    Previously I received a gift of Pharmacie Sejourne vanilla bottled in Port-au-Prince. This vanilla is outstanding as described by so many others.

    Please share if you have any info on the Rovacyho brand. I have a case and plan to sell the bottles at a bazaar with all the proceeds going to our mission in Haiti. I need to know the cost of each bottle and how it should be used.

  33. Micheline Says:

    Has anyone found the true essence and the pure vanilla and Almond extract yet, I have gotten several bottles of false claims of the Essence of the Haitian Vanilla. Please HELP!

  34. Dianne Oliger Says:

    I still have part of a bottle of the really good Haitian vanilla. I’d love to get more, but can’t find it anymore. My cousin brought this back from Haiti. I’ve tried Perrier, but it’s not good. The label says Essence de Vanille Qualiite Superieure Prepare et mis en Bouteille per L. Labrousse. The neck label says Barbancourt. I did find out that Barbancourt is a rum distiller. It is bottled in a brown glass fifth bottle. I hope this helps somebody find it…let us know!!

  35. Larry Says:

    Wow!!! First time in 30 years I heard Perrier Vanilla from Haiti is not good.

  36. Karen Dickey Says:

    My mom gave me Barbancourt “Monita – essence de vanille” vanilla, 35 years ago. I’d give my first born to get some more! I am as passionate as all of you. It is amazing! Makes the best “Kahlua” ever. Anyone know about this one and where to get more?

  37. Harold Harrison Says:

    I live in Boston. I used to get Lucomo vanilla and almond extract from Mattapan but have not seen it for almost a decade. I have some of the almond still but have run out of the vanilla to my immense regret. If anyone ever finds it again, please let me know. It is the best by several orders of magnitude.

  38. Karen Dickey Says:

    *See my post Dec 17, 2016. In Dec.’16 I bought Mountain Maid vanilla at $6/~10oz,(maybe 12oz?) but shipping was ~$26.00! I re-bottled from plastic into dark glass; the plastic bottle is gone, but it was at least 10 oz. I believe it is equivalent to my 35 year old (depleted Dec 2016) “Barbancourt” vanilla. I was ecstatic to get it and since it lasts me so long, while the shipping felt exorbitant it was worth it!!! The other 4 types of vanilla I bought trying to replace the Haitian, pale dramatically by comparison (barely useable). For questions how to use and amount to use, I never use more than 1/2 that the recipe calls for. Usually a few (3-4) drops are plenty and use it for whatever you normally make with it. Your baked goods (and Kahlua) will be the best of the best!

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