I’ve had a love affair with Saco real semi-sweet chocolate chunks since I discovered them early in my career as a food editor. Actually, my affaire de cœur was with the company and its products.  I used only their  Cultured Buttermilk Blend for making pancakes as the boys were growing up. To this date, I won’t make pancakes with the blend. Yes, that good.

My memory has faded on how I met Ray Sanna (the son of Bartel Sanna, the founder of Saco), but I do recall what a gentleman he also was. I hear that at 74, he’s still on the floor every day fixing things. 

With the resurgence of interest in my brownie recipe that calls for their chunks, I thought I’d share info about this product. Saco made them first; Nestle, Hershey and other companies followed.

According to their website, “SACO real semi-sweet chocolate chunks” are wonderful chunks of chocolate, versus the little chips.  The chunks are real chocolate, unlike many of the chips out there today, and the shape provides for more even distribution in your baked good, so there’s a bit of chocolate in every bite!”

I no longer see the chunks available on their website but do see them from many companies online. Once you use them in your brownie or chocolate chip cookie recipe, there’s no turning back.

PS – I learned from the company that mail-order will be available at Saco October-March as they don’t send during warm-weather months because the chips melt in transit.  If you can’t wait that long, check out Dollar Tree stores as I also learned that they make 4.5-ounce bags that are available in those stores all year round.