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Tacombi, West Village, NYC + Harry Clarke

Decided to meet a friend for a quick bite at Tacombi on Bleeker Street, a 4-minute walk from the Minetta Lane Theatre where  Tony Award-winner Billy Crudup stars in Harry Clarke, a one-man show that has been described as “a sexually charged and wickedly funny thriller." For a full review of the show, click here. I've eaten at the Tacombi in my hood a few times; it's where I've had one of the best versions of huevos rancheros. This smaller version of that place offers a very limited menu that's served so quickly - it's like fast food.  My friend loved the blend of freshly pressed papaya, carrots, pineapple and orange ($6.95), [...]

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The Children: Theater Pizzazz

An apocalyptic vision, infused with hope? Hard to imagine – that is, until you see The Children, Lucy Kirkwood’s astonishing new play at the Manhattan Theatre Club. From the moment the play opens – with the ominous image of a woman standing in a kitchen, blood pouring from her nose– you are held in the play’s relentless grip. Though the wound turns out to be harmless, the circumstances are not. From Theater Pizzazz review by Carol Rocamora. Click here for the complete review.

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