My son who lives abroad invited me to a virtual breakfast at 10 am on my birthday. Just before the scheduled time, my doorman announced a perishable delivery. I texted my son that I might be a few minutes late.

At the desk, I found an Ess-a-Bagel bounty of bagels, cream cheese, whitefish salad, applesauce and warm potato pancakes that Bryan had arranged to arrive just before our call.

When he and his wife answered Skype, the area behind the camera was afloat with balloons, and they were making a racket blowing on noisemakers! My 3 1/2-year-old granddaughter Deli was waiting patiently in front of a chocolate birthday cake that she helped make. I asked her to blow out the candle and to enjoy the cake for me. She more than happily did so.

Just before the end of our allotted time,  my son roared, “Oh, no! Magnolia Bakery canceled! I’d ordered two cupcakes—one chocolate and one vanilla—plus a piece of cake topped with a happy-birthday pick to be delivered at the end of our call.”

My chest swelled and my heart melted at the thought of all his efforts as I muttered, “Thank you! You saved me 1000++ calories.”

*Photos compliments of Magnolia. I reached out to them after the call wondering how they could cancel at the last moment.  Magnolia explained that the bakery first fulfills house orders, then if the items are available, outside ones.  If you need a delivery, reach out directly to the bakery.