WorldCatch Salmon Burgers

January 28, 2009
What it is: Wild Alaskan salmon burger
How it comes: Four burgers in a 12.8-ounce box
Where it is: In supermarket freezers, currently only in some parts of the country
Who it's for: Salmon lovers and anyone looking for a hefty serving of omega-3 fatty acids
Suggested retail price: $9.99
Nutrition notes: Each burger contains 110 calories, 3 grams fat, 380 milligrams sodium and 690 milligrams Omega-3 fatty acids
Category: Fabulous Food: A healthy twist

Bonnie: My love affair with salmon reached new heights on my trip to Alaska in 2001, eating fresh salmon soon after it was pulled from the icy waters off Juneau.

Since then, I always ask for wild Alaska salmon from my fishmonger, and query servers about the source of the salmon on their restaurant menus.

When WorldCatch offered samples of these Wild Alaskan Salmon Burgers, I couldn’t resist: One, because it was Alaskan salmon; and two, because I try to eat salmon weekly to get a hefty dose of their good-for-me omega-3 fatty acids.

As you may know, the new USDA dietary guidelines recommend eating two 4-ounce servings a week of foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids to help reduce the risk of heart disease. Other fatty fish high in omega-3’s include mackerel, lake trout, herring, halibut, sardines and tuna.

WorldCatch also offered us some of its other sustainably caught, 100 percent-natural seafood entrees. We accepted and weren’t disappointed.

I’ve tossed these “burgers” onto a grill, pan-seared and even baked them, preferring the flavor results of first two methods. I’ve enjoyed them plain, served with grilled veggies, over a salad or on a bun topped with typical hamburger accoutrements. Yum.

Bryan, Eric and I had a hard time selecting which of the WorldCatch line we thought best, so our advice to you is to sample most any of them. We feel you won’t be disappointed. Personally, coconut shrimp is my second favorite of their line, though I must add that I hardly ever like any prepared dishes with shrimp, as they’re usually overcooked, fishy and use minuscule shrimp. These are different, offering large butterflied shrimp in a very light batter coated with coconut.

I like to keep a box of the coconut shrimp in the freezer as an appetizer with cocktails for unexpected (or, for that matter, expected) company. I would never eat them as a main dish, but as a starter to whet my appetite, they’re simply delicious.

Bryan: I feel like nobody here eats enough fish. In an overly protein-obsessed world, beef, chicken and pork have taken control and left little room for debate (especially in the United States). Now, I’m not saying that fish is completely absent from the discussion, but it certainly is the Ralph Nader of most home cooking.

I frequently order fish when I’m dining out: tuna steaks, salmon filets, seared scallops, seafood risotto… I can’t seem to get enough. I’ve come to realize that’s because I never really eat seafood at home. Let’s have an honest moment here. Seafood can be a pain in the ass. With personal schedules always changing and without a regular supermarket-shopping schedule, keeping fresh fish in the house is more liability than priority for me. I have been known to turn up my nose at most frozen fish, leaving chicken breasts, pork tenderloins and various beef cuts to take center stage in my home cooking. This monopoly of my palate will continue no more, thanks to WorldCatch and its amazingly tasty array of frozen seafood.

Yes, frozen. I said it. Frozen has become such a horror word in the culinary world, but I’m going to let you in on a secret: Every chef uses frozen ingredients. There’s nothing wrong with frozen food. Freezing keeps things fresh over distances and time. Sure, it would be fantastic if everything were fresh, but that’s just not always possible. So, there’s WorldCatch.

Salmon burgers, yum! These patties cook from frozen on the grill in only 4 to 5 minutes on each side. You can, of course, choose to pan-sear for about the same amount of time, or even opt to bake in a 400-degree oven for 9 minutes on each side. The texture is certainly different from beef, but much more dense than I imagined a fish burger to be; delicious with just lettuce and a bit of tartar sauce on an onion roll. Great “stats” as well, with only 5 percent fat and 36 percent daily protein and a great source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Another product also really got my taste buds tempted. When you pick up your salmon burgers, give a try to the pesto-topped tilapia: a skinless, boneless fillet topped with a mix of finely diced artichoke hearts, roasted red pepper, garlic, fresh basil, olive oil, lemon, spices and Parmesan cheese. It’s really to die for. This full dinner can be prepared in the oven in only 16 minutes (or even in the microwave in 4 minutes). There are no more excuses for a fishless existence.

Eric: I’m a glutton when it comes to healthy, nutritious, good-tasting foods. The question really is, who isn’t? I can’t imagine any person — aside from those who consider fast food as the major component of their diets — scoffing at the idea of enjoying a succulent piece of pan-seared, barbecue-marinated salmon, or a baked fillet of tilapia topped with artichoke pesto. The reality is, as my brother already pointed out, seafood can be a difficult addition to the average at-home dinner menu. For some people, fresh seafood can be difficult to properly prepare, and for most people, it is extremely pricey (depending where you live). I imagine both of these reasons, and more, have helped lead away from home fish consumption.

The United States has truly become overrun by its obsession with high-protein meats, particularly those from the pig (a “magical animal”), the cow (a holy animal) and the chicken. Growing up on the East Coast, a 15-minute drive from the Atlantic, I can’t ever recall having much fish as a staple in our nightly family dinners (scallops are the only mollusks that comes to mind). Although we ate freshly prepared meals, fish just wasn’t something that appeared often on the table. I believe that for the majority of Americans, fish has nearly gone the way of the dodo, especially when dishes like meatloaf, pork chops and fried chicken are more plentiful, cheaper and seem easier to prepare.

My second point — and the reason why I enjoy the WorldCatch products so much — is portion control. The question most people should ask themselves before sitting down for a meal is: How much do I need to eat to satisfy my hunger? For some people the answer is simple: Eat until you feel comfortably full. For others, though, the answer can be difficult, so they eat until the food is gone. The second answer is one of the reasons the United States ranks among the countries with the highest obesity problem. Simply put, the majority of the populations’ eyes are much bigger than their stomachs.

I’ve rambled on long enough, and haven’t even explained what it is about the Alaskan salmon burgers, or the other frozen seafood products WorldCatch produces, that entitle the brand to be a Bite of the Best. Here are my reasons:

One. The taste of fresh seafood without the hassle of spoilage;
Two. Individually packaged portion-controlled servings;
Three. High protein, low fat and low in calories; and
Four. The fish is DELICIOUS.

134 Comments on “WorldCatch Salmon Burgers”

  1. sharon kay Says:

    Is this brand of salmon sold in ct?

  2. Susan Male-Smith Says:

    These sound great. Says only sold in some parts of the country…what states?? I want them! Will they go national soon?

  3. Bonnie Tandy Leblang Says:

    Thanks for both of your comments/questions. I have contacted WorldCatch and asked then to respond to each of our queries. Stay tuned!

  4. wemerson Says:

    I’m with Bryan…always order fish when when
    you are eating out!

  5. beckpal Says:

    I always eat fish when eating out, every time without fail. With that said, are WorldCatch products sold in Florida? It sounds like they have great products that I would love to try.

  6. Wendy Says:

    Have people at an off-site meeting today. Will have an answer for you on where you can purchase Friday the 30th.

  7. Bonnie Tandy Leblang Says:

    The above message (or below, depending where you view this) is from a WorldCatch marketing person. Stay tuned tomorrow for a response of where to buy these seafood entrees.

  8. shrnlup02 Says:

    I really like salmon, not so much smoked salmon as baked salmon or outside grilled. I found a fish basket for our Weber grill and it works very well, the fish doesn’t fall out and it cooks well in the basket. Of all the easily available fish, however, I really like farm raised catfish. Our favorite supermarket thinks I am nutty because I like the farm raised over fresh catfish, but, in Colorado people ate it like crazy.

  9. stacy1955 Says:

    I order fish just all about the time when we eat out. My reason is that I just can’t seem to cook fish very well at home. Maybe I just need a good and easy receipe.

  10. Bonnie Tandy Leblang Says:

    Stacy, fish is really easy to prepare at home. For which fish would you like a good recipe?

  11. stacy1955 Says:

    We aren’t fussy. We like perch and haddock.

  12. Bonnie Tandy Leblang Says:

    Okay. Here’s an Express Lane Cooking (ELC) recipe for Roasted Haddock with Spinach (ELC was my syndicated column — the first daily syndicated food column — the recipes are quick and delicious, using only a few ingredients.)

    Heat oven to 450 degrees. Rinse and pat dry with a paper towel, 1 1/2 pounds, 1-inch-thick haddock fillet. Drizzle 2 teaspoons olive oil over bottom of baking dish large enough for fish; season well with salt and pepper. Place spinach (from a 6-ounce prewashed package) in bottom of dish and place haddock on top, tucking spinach under the fish as much as possible. Season with salt and pepper. Sprinkle fish with 1/2 teaspoon dried or 1 1/2 teaspoons fresh tarragon. Bake 12 to 14 minutes until fish flakes easily when poked with the tines of a fork. Serve, if desired, with lemon wedges.

    Simple. Quick. Delicious.

  13. Bonnie Tandy Leblang Says:

    Getting WorldCatch to respond has been frustrating.

    But here’s what I’ve found out so far — these seafood entrees are currently available at Whole Foods Markets in the Midwest and Southern California, in select Chamberlin’s Market & Cafe, Akin’s Natural Food Market and GreenAcres Market. Georgia and Florida Whole Foods stores carry only the Coconut Shrimp.

    I’ll post more details as I learn them.

    But in the meantime, I suggest you ask your store manager to carry them. Stores DO listen to consumers’ requests.

  14. World Catch Brand Team Says:

    Hey WorldCatch lovers! Thanks, Bonnie,for featuring our product on your site. We’re a relatively young brand and gaining in our distribution, so feedback like this is great to hear! For Bekpal from Florida, we’re there…in 16 Whole Foods stores across the state, and we’re also in select Whole Foods markets throughout the Midwest, Southern California, Georgia, and Texas. We’ve just been accepted by the two largest natural foods wholesale distributors in the country, so you should start seeing our products in more stores across the country very soon.

    If you love our products, we’d also suggest you try our sister brand outside the natural channel, SeaPak Shrimp Company. SeaPak’s Salmon Burgers are also made with Pacific wild-caught Salmon and have the same great taste. A slightly different sauce is the only distinction between WorldCatch’s and SeaPak’s Coconut Shrimp. SeaPak has wide national distribution in large grocery chains across the country. You can learn more at

    And Bryan, thanks for the plug for frozen seafood! It really makes incorporating it into our diet much easier, and very affordable. And, to your other point about how little seafood people eat, we just put out a story that annual seafood consumption in America is ½ of the recommended amount, at 16.4 pounds per year, while beef is at 62.4 pounds per capita, chicken is 61, pork is 47! Why is this? With all of the recommendations from health organizations, we should all definitely eat seafood at least twice a week.

    If you have more questions, please post here and we’ll respond.

    The World Catch Brand Team

  15. AM Says:

    What store handles the World Catch Wild Pacific Caught Salmon burgers? We used to find them at Walmart, but they don’t have them anymore.

  16. World Catch Brand Team Says:

    Hey AM, sorry you’re having trouble finding the WorldCatch Salmon burgers in Walmart. Sometimes brands are shifted at the discretion of the retailer. You could try Sam’s Club if you have one nearby — the WorldCatch Salmon Burgers are available in most of their stores. Also, you could try the sister brand to WorldCatch, which is SeaPak Shrimp Company, and it should definitely be available at your local Walmart. They have the same taste and are also made with Pacific wild-caught salmon. SeaPak also has some other salmon products you could try if you’re into wild-caught –like Herb Butter Salmon fillets. Thanks for asking-
    The WorldCatch and SeaPak marketing teams

  17. Melissa Says:

    Thank you for the info! I’ll definitely be heading to Whole Foods to stock up.

  18. laura Says:

    I have been buying the packs of Dijion Crusted Talapia, lemon caper talapia and wild salmon steaks at Walmart for about 6 weeks (bag of 4 servings each). This weekend I found they are no longer carrying them … me so sad! They were tasty, easy to prepare (frozen to the micorwave), and healthy!

  19. The WorldCatch Team Says:

    Hi Laura, so glad you like our products! It’s possible that your Walmart store is just switching to the SeaPak brand of Culinary Classics (which is the sister product to WorldCatch). WorldCatch products are still gaining in distribution, but SeaPak’s Culinary Classics (same recipes) are available in about 1,000 Walmart stores, so hopefully you can find them. They are definitely still available and are doing well. If you have any troubles, please let us know. Also, thanks for the compliments!
    The WorldCatch and SeaPak Brand Teams

  20. Barbara Says:

    This is a slight detour from the salmon burgers to your Culinary Classics Encrusted Wild Salmon. I discovered it (and the line) at a Super Target in South Florida last year. I can’t get enough and while in Florida sometimes had it for both lunch and dinner. A plane ride north to Boston (North Shore suburb) where I live, and I can’t find it anywhere. I’ve called your Georgia offices twice and no one can tell me where I can find it. Even on line would help if I could find someone to ship it to me. I can’t live without it (figuratively speaking) and will do whatever it takes to find it – but I need your help. I love the line but the Encrusted Salmon in particular. My only criticism is you’ve made it too hard to find, so please tell me where I can find it.


  21. World Catch Brand Team Says:

    Dear Barbara,

    We are thrilled to hear you like our Encrusted Wild Salmon, but hate to hear you are having such difficulty finding it! Walmart carries the product in several stores in the Massachusetts area, with the closest store to you located in Raynham (508) 822.4900. Other stores in the area that carry the salmon are in Whitinsville, Leominster & Chicopee. And, we work hard every day to ensure more stores carry the product because of people like you that love it so much!

    Don’t hesitate to let us know if we can further help you.

    The World Catch Team

  22. Roz Says:

    So I wanted to know where in Georgia, 30094, were the World Catch Salmon Burgers sold. I purchased them from a Sam’s Club in my area (area code 30058, Lithonia) and when I called to see if they had more they said they were discontinued. Im hoping that they meant discontinued from their store and not discontinued entirely because I am a vegetarian and I loved them. I was hoping you could tell me if there are any other stores in my area that sell your salmon burgers.

  23. World Catch Brand Team Says:

    Hi Roz!

    Glad to hear you love our Salmon Burgers, too. Unfortunately, our larger packages available at Sam’s were discontinued. The good news is that you can find a smaller package (12.8 oz) of the WorldCatch Salmon Burgers at your local Goodness Grocery store in Smyrna (770.436.8800). Also, if you like WorldCatch Salmon Burgers you might be interested in trying SeaPak’s Salmon Burgers. SeaPak is the sister brand to WorldCatch and their Salmon Burgers are made with the same, high-quality, wild-caught salmon and they are all-natural as well. SeaPak is available in major grocery stores nationwide. We think you’ll love them, too!

  24. Greg, Tallahassee, FL Says:

    Wild salmon burgers unavailable at Sam’s. I was buying the large ten box and all of a sudden no more. Why is it every time you find something good at Sam’s they quit carrying it? Why did you stop the boxed version? They were the best salmon burgers going. I would buy direct if I could get it.

  25. The WorldCatch Brand Team Says:

    Hi, Greg. We are glad you love the Salmon Burgers and are sorry that they are currently unavailable at your Sam’s Club! I have several bits of good news for you. First, the burgers will be back in your club in January. Until then,the SeaPak Salmon Burgers are nearly identical and should be a good replacement for you. They are available at your Sam’s Club in Tallahassee. I hope that information helps. Let us know if you need any further information!

  26. chris compeau Says:

    Last year I bought the WorldCatch lightly breaded Halibut, at Sams club… That is the best I have tasted… and I’ve tried many brands. I bought pkgs for friends also…so now you have a whole slew of people trying to find this product luck.. and Sams here in Fairbanks doesn’t carry it anymore.


  27. Eliot Says:

    I just bought a 10-pack of WorldCatch salmon burgers at BJs Wholesale Club in Setauket, NY. I echo all of the comments of how good these taste. Can anyone tell me what type of Salmon is used in these?

  28. The World Catch Team Says:

    Hi Chris! Glad you liked our Halibut. Unfortunately, we aren’t carrying that product at this time. We are in the process of launching two new great product that will be similar in taste- Parmesan Crusted Sole & Sesame Ginger Salmon- that will be on shelves soon. Until then, you should be able to find our Wild Alaskan Salmon Burgers, Coconut Shrimp, Shrimp Scampi and Crab Cakes at your local Sam’s store. Let us know if we can help you further!

  29. The World Catch Team Says:

    Thanks for trying our Salmon Burgers. We’re glad you like them! We use all wild-caught keta salmon from the Pacific Ocean. I hope that helps. Enjoy!

  30. The World Catch Team Says:

    Chris, I made a mistake. The new products will be available in Natural Food Stores and the Salmon Burgers at Sam’s. Sorry for the confusion!

  31. susan elkourie Says:

    Please tell me where in Atlanta (30004) I can find World Catch products; they are not at Costco, Kroger, Publix. Can’t wait to try!

  32. The WorldCatch Team Says:

    Dear Susan,

    The WorldCatch Salmon Burgers will be in Atlanta Sam’s Clubs by mid-January. I hope that helps!

  33. The WorldCatch Team Says:

    Susan, You might also like to try some of these stores that carry one or more WorldCatch items:

    Goodness Grocery – Smyrna, GA; Natures Corner Market, Marietta; Life Grocery, Marietta; Clear Conscience, Canton; Harvest Moon, Canton; Natural Foods Warehouse, Alpharetta & Duluth

    Happy Holidays!

  34. ari-free Says:

    Americans just don’t ‘do’ fish which is why we have so many omega-3 deficiencies. Especially kids; they won’t touch the stuff. It is critical to get the omega-3 during the development stage.

  35. craig-z Says:

    hi, i was wondering if you had any information about where the pacific salmon is sourced from, as i cannot seem to locate any information on the box or the website

  36. The WorldCatch Team Says:

    Hi Craig,
    WorldCatch Salmon is all MSC-certified wild Alaskan salmon. I hope that helps!

  37. susan elkourie Says:

    I was so excited to read about WorldCatch salmon, but when I could not find any of their products in the stores mentioned, I tried a couple from their sister company SeaPak as suggested. Don’t waste your money. The salmon filets were acceptable, but not tasty enough for me to purchase again. We could not even eat the salmon burgers – too fishy and hard. After reading the rave reviews, I was very disappointed.

    If I can ever find WorldCatch, I might give it a try, but not sure at this point.

  38. The WorldCatch Team Says:

    Hi Susan! We have great news for you. The WorldCatch Salmon Burgers club pack is currently at both Sam’s and BJ’s through grilling season. We appreciate your input, so please give the product a try and let us know what you think!

  39. LuisG Says:

    WorldCatch Team,

    First, thanks for answering customers questions. I first discovered the SeaPak Salmon Burgers at a local Publix (in Tampa) and found them to be delicious. It was only a week later that I found the larger box of WorldCatch Salmon Burgers at Sam’s. Not only was the price per burger better in the larger Sam’s box but each burger is slightly bigger and has more protein, which is pretty important to me. I was further excited to find that it was the exact same product, and just as delicious, as the SeaPak product. Another part of the nutritional content that is important to me is the amount of fat. The original box I bought at Sam’s indicated 4g of fat. When I want back to Sam’s to buy another box of the WorldCatch burgers I found two identical 40 oz boxes; one that indicated 4g of fat, as expected, and another that indicated 10g of fat. I studied both boxes to try to identify why such a big difference and could find nothing. Aside from one box showing a weight of ’2 lbs 8 oz’ while the other showed the weight of ’2.5 lbs’, I found no other difference in packaging, includig the ingredients. Yet one had 4g fat while the other showed 10. Is this a misprint on one of the boxes? If so, which is correct? If not, what is the difference between the two. I thought one might be Pacific caught while the other Alaska but both indicated to be Pacific caught. Any clarification you can provide would be great. Of course I came home with the 4g of fat box and will believe that to be the case unless I hear otherwise! Thanks again!

  40. The WorldCatch Team Says:

    We are thrilled to hear you love both WorldCatch and SeaPak Salmon Burgers. And, we’re sorry for the confusion you experienced when reviewing the fat content on our packaging.
    We are pleased to tell you that recenly we have performed extensive lab analysis in order to reassess and determine absolute data on the fat in these products, because we recognize that it is an important factor to consumers like you. Happily, we learned that the 4 oz portion contains 6 grams of fat and the 3.2 oz portion contains 5 grams of total fat. You will see these revisions will appear on new packaging very soon. We hope you find this information helpful!

  41. LuisG Says:

    WorldCatch Team,
    Thanks for the quick response and I do indeed find the information useful (sadly, I was not as quick to reply). I was back at Sam’s this weekend to purchase another box.
    I had two different people see the item in my basked and ask if they were any good. Of course I gave the product high praise. As I told them, there is a cucumber dill flavored mayo out there (not sure if I can say where I get it) that goes extremely well with the burgers. Add some lettuce, tomato and red onions (one of the inquirers made a face at the red onion part but I think it totally brings it to another level) and you have yourself a delicious burger.
    I eat six high-protein meals a day and this salmon burger has become and will be for the forseeable future my daily late afternoon ‘snack’!
    Thanks again!

  42. greg Says:

    Are your foods still imported fro China?

  43. World Catch Brand Team Says:

    Our Salmon Burgers are made from Wild Alaskan Salmon, and therefore are sourced from the Pacific. WorldCatch promises to always source the most sustainable, highest quality seafood. And, in an effort to minimize environmental impact and maximize shelf efficiency, WorldCatch is pleased to announce that the Salmon Burgers will now be packaged in a reduced carton size so be sure to check them out!

  44. greg Says:

    So is that a yes?

  45. World Catch Brand Team Says:

    Thanks for pressing for clarity! Actually, the answer no, WorldCatch Salmon is not sourced in China. The actual fish is sourced from Alaska or Japan, and the seasonings are sourced in the U.S. The burgers are then either processed in the U.S. or hand pattied in China using all of our ingredients. Let us know if you have anymore questions.

  46. Barbara Says:

    I own a health food store, The Healthy Rhino, in Littleton, NH and we have been carrying your salmon burgers in our store for a while now. I have people who love your burgers and no other salmon burgers compare. I especially have a customer, Beth Kenney, that buys tons of them, and has no problem buying them at full retail price, and could care less about a sale price, even though they are quite expensive. For the last 3 weeks we ordered them thru our distributor, United Natural Foods out of Chesterfield, NH and they were out-of-stocked. Now they are being disco’d. Have you folks out of stocked UNFI, or are they telling me that and just haven’t ordered from you? I am a dilema because now i have no other distributor that i can get them from , and Beth is quite upset. Is there any way to let me know if they are disco’d, or maybe having manufacturing problems, or are they just not ordering them from you. Any info you can lend to me would be helpful, the end result is i want to keep selling your salmon burgers in my store, and will do anything to continue that. Thanks for your consideration in this matter.

  47. World Catch Brand Team Says:

    Dear valued customers,

    We appreciate your support of our WorldCatch Salmon Burgers. Barbara, you are correct that distribution to health and natural food stores was recently discontinued. However, WorldCatch Salmon Burgers continue to be available in both Sam’s Clubs and BJ’s Wholesale Clubs across the country.

    If you do not have access to a Sam’s or BJ’s, keep an eye out for our sister brand, SeaPak. Their Salmon Burgers are also all-natural, made with wild-caught salmon and taste great. SeaPak has national distribution in grocery chains across the country and we think you’ll find them to be a nice replacement.

    The WorldCatch Brand Team

  48. Dennis Says:

    I found the salmon burgers last week at my local Sams Club in Cicero, IL, I went back today and its as if they have disappeared. Please tell me where in the Chicago area or 60624 zip codde area I can find the salmon burgers. I love them!!

  49. The WorldCatch Team Says:

    Hi Dennis,

    The WorldCatch Salmon Burgers are now in the Sam’s Club in Hodgkins, IL. I hope that helps!

  50. Steffany Says:

    I love your salmon burgers but they have been discontinued at all Sam’s clubs in Maryland. Can I purchase them from another retail store or online?

  51. Loretta Says:

    My husband and I were extremely satisfied with the WorldCatch Salmon Burgers. Our Sam’s Clubs in Alabama no longer carry them. Where is another retail store in northern Alabama that carries your product? We are eating them at least twice a week. Help!

  52. Bonnie from Says:

    Loretta, it would be helpful if you provide your zip code. In that way the World Catch team can give you specifics.

  53. Loretta Says:

    35806 is the ZIP. Thanks, love your product.

  54. Bryan Says:

    I also love the World Catch Salmon Burgers. I went back to my local Sam’s Club to get more and they are no longer there. Is this temporary?!

  55. Bryan Says:

    Forgot to mention, zip is 45801.

  56. The WorldCatch Team Says:

    Dear Loretta and Bryan–
    Thank you for your loyal support of World Catch! The Salmon Burgers were sold as a seasonal summer grilling item but they should be back on Sam’s Club shelves in January. Until then, you can find them at your local BJ’s Wholesale or you can try World Catch’s sister brand, SeaPak’s Salmon Burger, found at grocery stores nationwide. Hope that helps!

  57. sarah panni Says:

    I purchased a box of WildPacific-caught salmon burgers at Sam’s in Monroe, LA. I was very disapointed. They
    were very fishy tasting. I have eaten wild salmon many times before. I would ike to know if I can return what
    is left. I Live a two hour-drive from Monroe.

    Thank you foryour response.


    Sarah Panni

  58. julie perriguey Says:

    I absolutely LOVE your salmon burgers!!!!!!!!!! I have eaten them 4 days a week for 3 years, with a short hiatus when sam’s club discontinued them for awhile. I wrote in their suggestion box dozens of times to get them back and they did—for a minute! I bought 6 boxes and when I went back to get more, they were discontinued again. The only other salmon burgers I have ever found were at meijers-$6.50 for 4 of them and they are much smaller and not as good. Can you tell me where in Fort Wayne, IN -46825 I can find either company’s patties? I am down to 4 patties left and starting to panic.
    Thanks so much
    Julie Perriguey

  59. Marjorie VanAernam Says:

    We can’t seem to find the Wild pacific caught salmon burgers. We used to get them at Sam’s Club, but they have discontinued that item. We raved about them to everyone and now can not find them. Where can we buy these delicious salmon burgers?

  60. Marjorie VanAernam Says:

    We can’t seem to find the Wild pacific caught salmon burgers. We used to get them at Sam’s Club, but they have discontinued that item. We raved about them to everyone and now can not find them. Where can we buy these delicious salmon burgers? We live in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

  61. SHIRLEY WARE Says:

    My whole family loves these burgers and they are essential for us to get the quantity of fish needed for our diets. We were purchasing them at SAM’S CLUB in Grandview, Mo. Went back for more and they were out. No one could tell me when I would be able to get them. I searched all Sam’s stores in my area for MO and KS. Not one carried them. I called the number for WorldCatch and they said some stores carry them under the SEAPAK brand, but when I searched stores that were suppose to carry them, no luck. How do we get these burgers?

  62. The WorldCatch Team Says:

    Dear Sarah,
    We are so sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with the Salmon Burgers you purchased. Our customer service department would like to speak with you about it and see what they might be able to do to help. You can share your email address here and we will contact you. Or, if you would rather contact us directly you can reach us at

  63. The WorldCatch Team Says:

    Dear Julie,
    We love hearing that you are such a loyal customer. Unfortunately, WorldCatch Salmon Burgers are not currently available in your area. However, our sister brand SeaPak Shrimp Company is. SeaPak
    Salmon Burgers are nearly identical and should be a good replacement for you. There are several places in the Fort Wayne area that carry them like Scotts on N. Clinton or Maple Drive and Kroger on Saint Joe Center Road. You may also visit the SeaPak product locator on their website for exact addresses and information.

  64. The WorldCatch Team Says:

    Dear Marjorie,
    WorldCatch Salmon Burgers can be found in BJ’s stores in cities located in North Carolina and Georgia. In North Carolina, they can be found in Cary, Charlotte, Concord, Garner, Mooresville, Pineville and Raleigh. In Georgia, they can be found in Conyers, Cumming, East Point, McDonough, Newnan, Norcross, Powder Springs and Woodstock. We hope you might be passing through one of these locations so that you can stock up!

  65. The WorldCatch Team Says:

    Dear Shirley,
    WorldCatch Salmon Burgers were sold as a seasonal summer grilling item but they should be back on Sam’s Club shelves in January. Until then, if you provide us with your zip code we can tell you where you might be able to find SeaPak Salmon Burgers. Or, you can visit and use the SeaPak product locator.

  66. Kristin Says:

    Are the salmon burgers gluten free?

  67. The WorldCatch Team Says:


    Both WorldCatch and SeaPak Salmon Burgers are made with wholesome, gluten-free ingredients. However, they are not certified gluten-free or made in gluten-free facilities. Let us know if you have any further questions.

  68. wilbur martin Says:

    love the burgers. where tobuy in aera code 45662

  69. Claudia Says:

    I love the WorldCatch Wild Pacific-Caught Salmon Burgers – I have been searching for the past year to find more. Where in Utah can I find them??????

  70. Bryan Says:

    The World Catch Salmon Burgers are finally back in stock at Sam’s Clubs in Ohio! Just picked up 3 boxes. Yum!

  71. SHIRLEY WARE Says:

    Found the Salmon Burgers at Sam’s in Kansas City/Grandview,Missouri. Bought six boxes since they might be gone again. You would think as much as they are liked, the burgers would be in more stores.

  72. PAT ECKES Says:

    General Inquiry
    Question / Comment / Recipe
    Wife’s food needs to be gluten free. Is the autolyzed yeast extract used in the Salmon Burgers gluten free? Picked up a box of burgers today at Sam’s in Springfield, MO. First time I saw them there

  73. Kristin Says:

    @ PAT ECKES – See my question (comment #66) and the answer (comment #67). I have Celiac Disease and had no ill effects from eating the salmon burgers. They were delicious!

  74. WorldCatch Says:

    Hi Pat,
    The Autolyzed Yeast Extract in WorldCatch Salmon Burgers is gluten-free; however, please note that our Salmon Burgers are not made in a certified gluten-free facility. We hope this helps!

  75. Mike Says:

    I purchase WorldCatch Wild Alaskan Salmon Burgers from BJ’s every week and I love them. But I have recently noticed that the nutritional information for the burgers has changed.

    Old Nutrition Facts:
    130 calories
    6g fat
    0g carbs
    21g protein

    New Nutrition Facts:
    180 calories
    10g fat
    0g carbs
    20g protein

    Can you please explain the reason for this change? Was the old Nutrition info incorrect? Was the macronutrient content re-evaluated and updated? Thanks in advance.

  76. marilyn Says:

    boy oh boy Mike is that an interesting question.. I’m curious too. Good sleuthing!

  77. Mike Says:

    WorldCatch team, any response? I have submitted this concern several times, including SeaPak, hoping to get an answer, and no one has responded to this inquiry.

    I am a competitive bodybuilder and am very strict with the exact total amount of protein, fat, carbs, and calories I consume every day. It is important for me that the Nutrition Data is accurate.

  78. WorldCatch Says:

    Hi Mike,

    We’re so sorry to just be getting back with you. We must have missed your previous question! In regards to your question, the correct nutrition facts for the WorldCatch Salmon Burgers are 130 calories, 6g fat and 21g protein. Our old recipe had nutrition facts of 180 calories, 10g fat and 20g protein. We hope this helps!


  79. Mike Says:

    Thanks for the response! I’ll use the 130 calorie Nutrition Data from now on.

    What was it that changed that brought the fat content down? Different type of salmon?

  80. WorldCatch Says:

    Hi Mike,

    In early 2010, we re-formulated our Salmon Burgers based on consumer feedback. In an effort to enhance the flavor and improve texture, we made a few ingredient changes. However, we still use the same, wild-caught Alaskan salmon to make our burgers. After the re-formulation, we performed another product analysis which revealed new nutritional details. We hope you like the new formula and the nutrition facts are appropriate for your dietary needs.

    The WorldCatch Team

  81. lawrence winkler Says:

    I bought your salmon burgers and they tasted terrible they were gross I will never by your product again Lawrence Winkler

  82. Matt Says:

    PLEASE bring back those original salmon burgers -I do not like the reformulated ones (sound as if others agree) ..The older ones were better tasting. The new ones are horrid

  83. Lauren Says:

    Lawrence and Matt,
    Thank you for your feedback. We’ll certainly keep it in mind when we review our recipes.
    The WorldCatch Team

  84. crystal Says:

    I just tried your salmon burgers for the first time. A guest for a cook-out at my home brought them. We grilled them and they were EXCELLENT. I came on-line today to find out where I can get them. I will check at my local Wal-Mart and Sam’s and get stocked up!!!! People interested in Healthy eating are always looking for high protein, low fat food that taste GREAT, THANKS!

  85. The WorldCatch Team Says:

    Glad you like them, Crystal! And, thanks for letting us know. You can also find them at BJ’s, in case you’re ever shopping there. Enjoy!

  86. Mike Says:

    I have been seeing the WorldCatch Mahi-Mahi Burgers at my BJ’s and tried them. I really enjoyed them as well, however they are extremely expensive at $12 for only 6 burgers. $2 per burger is quite pricey. I’ll have to stick with the Salmon burgers, where at least you get 10 burgers for the same price.

  87. Shannon Says:

    We adore the Wild Alaskan Salmon burgers from Sam’s Club! But, someone told me this week they’re made in China!?!? Is this correct? I won’t buy them if they are and I’ll be so heartbroken!

  88. Jerry Pound Says:

    Lets start this off by saying we like fish. We tried your salmon patties yesterday and they are the worst tasting stuff we’ve ever had.They are strong tasting, fishy and nasty. We went to your web site to get your number to call, could not find one (smart move on your part). We tried to feed them to the dogs, they wouldn’t even eat them. We know we probably won’t get any satisfaction from this email but we want our money back. We bought them at sams club, fifty miles from our home and not about to take them back there. They cost us $12.00, what are you going to do about it? We’ll give you our phone number, 501-589-2013. A very dissatified customer.

  89. Lisa Says:

    Jerry is right. PLEASE bring back the old salmon burgers! The ones that were reviewed here. They were delicious. …..the new ones don’t compare to those. Bring back the good tasting ones

  90. The WorldCatch Team Says:


    We are so sorry that you had a bad experience with the WorldCatch Salmon Burgers. We completely understand your disappointment and frustration. Thank you for providing us with your phone number. We’ll be in touch very soon. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do.

    The WorldCatch Team

  91. The WorldCatch Team Says:


    In early 2010, we re-formulated our Salmon Burgers based on consumer feedback. In an effort to enhance the flavor and improve texture, we made a few ingredient changes. However, we still use the same, wild-caught Alaskan salmon to make our burgers. We’re sorry to hear you don’t prefer this formula as much as the original. But, we’re glad you let us know and we’ll certainly keep your feedback in mind when we review our recipes.

    The WorldCatch Team

  92. aviva Says:

    Are your products Kosher?

  93. The WorldCatch Team Says:

    Hi Aviva,

    Our Salmon Burgers are not Kosher. However, they are wild caught, made with all natural ingredients and are packed with Omega 3′s. Thanks for your question!
    The WorldCatch Team

  94. Ruth Miller Says:

    I just tried the WorldCatch salmon burgers. I did not like them at all. They had a very bad taste. I would like
    to get my money back. This was a 2.5lb box and I cannot
    eat them. From other comments I read it sounds as though
    you may have had a good product at one time but these were
    a waste of my food money.

  95. The WorldCatch Team Says:

    Hi, Ruth–
    We’re so sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with our Salmon Burgers. We’d like to speak with you a bit more, if you don’t mind, and see what we can do to help you. Please email us at and we’ll be happy to respond.
    The WorldCatch Team

  96. don blosl Says:

    just bought salmon burgers



  97. The WorldCatch Team Says:

    Hi, Dom-
    We do not recommend that you microwave our Salmon Burgers. Instead we suggest that you cook them from frozen on the grill, in the oven or in a skillet. Glad you enjoy them and hope that helps!

  98. Greg Paulsen Says:

    Possibly the worst tasting product I’ve ever tried, returned the rest of the package to Sam’s Club

  99. The WorldCatch Team Says:

    Greg– We are sorry for your bad experience; but we appreciate your feedback and will pass it along. The WorldCatch Team

  100. Allison Says:

    A delicious product, we could not go without! Hopefully the big box will be back at Sam’s in the future, but for now we’ll switch to Seapak :)

  101. The WorldCatch Team Says:

    Thanks, Allison!

  102. Laura Says:

    We love your Salmon Burgers but for the 2nd time in the course of a year, cannot find them at our Sam’s Club again! They have been there for over a month. What’s up with the supply issue? We love the burgers but are frustrated when we can’t find them again! Where can we find them in Cincinnati, Ohio? Do we need to find another brand we like? : (

  103. Laura Says:

    Oops, I meant to type they HAVEN’T been there in over a month, sorry for the typo!

  104. The WorldCatch Team Says:

    Hi, Laura–

    We’re so glad to hear you love our Salmon Burgers but hate to hear you’re having trouble finding them! Unfortunately, the Salmon Burgers are currently not on shelf during this season. The great news is that they will be back in January. While they won’t be in Cincinnati, Ohio they will be in Sam’s Clubs in Louisville, KY.

    If you’re looking for an alternative, try our sister brand SeaPak Shrimp Company’s Salmon Burgers. They are all-natural and delicious. You can read more about them here: SeaPak also has a store locator on their website where you can find where Salmon Burgers are sold near you.

    We hope that helps!
    The WorldCatch Team

  105. J Jones Says:

    Love these!! Just cooked three patties skillet method – kitties liked a few nibbles too. WONDERFUL product!!! Now, if you could only get Chilean Sea Bass….

  106. HELEN Walraven Says:

    I purchased the salmon burgers from Sam’s Club. Seasoning is horrible for salmon. Very unpalatable. I gave my sandwich that I made from this product to the cat who just walked away. I wish I had bypassed this product at Sams. Also find out too late that it is a product of China. I don’t want any food from their, frozen or canned, etc. Be careful what you buy without first thoroughly reading the label.

  107. HELEN Walraven Says:

    I wrote my comment back on 12-2-11 and you don’t even bother to answer my complaint. I guess that would describe your company and the product. Don’t waste your money on anything this company puts on the market.

  108. WorldCatch Team Says:

    Hi, Helen–
    We hate hearing that you had a bad experience with our product. Please let us know if we can be of further help.
    Happy Holidays,
    The WorldCatch Team

  109. HELEN Walraven Says:

    I just received your reply to my complaint via U.S. Mail this morning. I was wrong about you no caring. I thank you for your letter, etc. You have restored my faith in the food industry.

  110. The WorldCatch Team Says:

    You’re welcome, Helen! Thanks for letting us know.
    The WorldCatch Team

  111. Jeff Says:

    If your seafood is so good why do you have to send it to china first?

  112. French Meadow Bakery Brand Team Says:

    Hi, Jeff–
    Specifically, our Salmon Burgers are made with wild-caught Alaskan Salmon, combined with all-natural ingredients that are produced in the U.S. You might have found a box that says “Product of China.” The reason it says this is because the Salmon Burgers were at one time hand pattied there. In February of this year, we moved all of our Salmon Burger production to the U.S. Within the next several months, you’ll be able to note this change on our packaging which will proudly proclaim, “Processed in the USA.” For more information about our other sourcing and sustainability processes, please visit here:
    The WorldCatch Team

  113. Dale Chitwood Says:

    My family ate World Catch Wild Alaskan Salmon Burgers purchased from BJs today. They have so much excess salt that we could not finish them. Your website says there is 300mg of sodium/burger but the package says <2,400mg. That is equal to 30 slices of bacon!
    Can we get a refund?

  114. Bonnie from Says:

    Dale — I reached out to the company and have asked them to respond. Stay tuned

  115. The World Catch Team Says:

    Hi Dale,
    We are so sorry to hear about your experience. Would you mind emailing us at so we can help you?
    The World Catch Team

  116. Dale Chitwood Says:

    reply to The WorldCatch Team comment 115.
    When I send an email to your email address as requested, it comes back undeliverable. I have tried to send it multiple times.
    What now…?

  117. The World Catch Team Says:

    Hi Dale,
    We’re sorry about that! Would you try
    The World Catch Team

  118. Dale Chitwood Says:

    email sent. looks like it went through.

  119. Bobbie LaLa Says:

    Salmon burgers:
    I tried my first and last salmon burger last night.
    Why would ANYONE bastardize a beautiful tasting salmon ?
    I would not recommend this ‘food’ anyone.

  120. Peter Says:

    Hey bobbie lala.. don’t you read the copy??? they changed the formula… and that’s why it’s no longer good.
    These salmon burgers WERE amazing …before the did so.

  121. peter Says:

    oops… I meant the comments…

  122. Bill Says:

    I won’t be eating these anymore now that I know they’re made in China. I’d rather pay double than eat something made in China. Everyone beware, this product is very likely tainted with carcinogens and heavy metals.

  123. The WorldCatch Team Says:

    Hi Bill – we believe you will be pleased to learn that our Salmon Burgers are produced in the United States. The salmon is wild-caught in Pacific waters, primarily those around Alaska, and then processed into burgers in the United States.

    Food safety and product quality are our top priorities. As with all of the WorldCatch products, we strictly prohibit the use of banned or unauthorized substances, such as heavy metals or carcinogens, and guard against it with our own monitoring system and through third-party certification.

    We continue to actively endorse and develop high standards and regulations for the seafood industry, and are dedicated to providing you great tasting products you can trust. Should you have any additional questions, please email our Customer Care Team at

    The WorldCatch Team

  124. Arline Says:

    Best salmon burger I ever tasted. Wish I knew where I bought it.

  125. The WorldCatch Team Says:

    Hi Arline,

    You can purchase the WorldCatch Salmon Burgers exclusively at BJ’s Wholesale Club.

    You can find the location nearest you here:

    The WorldCatch Team

  126. BK Says:


    So where can I buy this outside of BJ’s? Is there an online buy option somewhere? I don’t have Bj’s in my state.

  127. Bonnie from Says:

    BK — if you read the comment above yours, a member of the WorldCatch team posted that the salmon burgers are
    exclusively at BJ’s Wholesale Club

  128. BK Says:

    Thanks for answering.
    My screen did not display any previous comments when I was making one so I didn’t read any of the previous comments.
    It doesn’t help me either way though as we moved out of New York City, and the closest BJ’s now is about 1500 miles away – and the. BJ,s won’t sell online and ship this item even if I am a member.

  129. Bonnie from Says:

    I just checked with the company and was told ” Salmon Burgers are also available at Sam’s Club stores under both the SeaPak brand and the SeaPak Daily Chef brand. Please go to: for a club locator for Sam’s Club stores nationwide. We hope there is one near you!”

  130. BK Says:

    Did the company happen to tell you if these are the same exact burgers but just the different box?
    The reason I asked this is that I tried salmon burgers from Costco and some other local stores but they don’t hold a candle in front of the taste that World Catch burgers provide.

  131. The WorldCatch Team Says:

    Hi, BK -
    The SeaPak Salmon Burgers and the SeaPak Daily Chef Salmon Burgers available at Sam’s Club feature the same recipe and same great ingredients as the WorldCatch Salmon Burgers available at BJ’s.

    We hope you enjoy!
    The WorldCatch Team

  132. sharon reilly Says:

    Any chance of coupons for World Catch salmon burgers? I love them but can’t afford to buy them very often. Please let me know if there is a place to get coupons or if possible…would you be so kind to send me some? Thanks so much….for great burgers and hopefully for some coupons! Have a great day!

  133. BK Says:

    Apparently, I have only Costco’s membership.

    Is there any other place where I can shop for SeaPak Salmon Burgers and/or the SeaPak Daily Chef Salmon Burgers?

    How about Dierbergs?

  134. World Catch Brand Team Says:

    Hi, Sharon. We’re so glad to hear that you love the WorldCatch Salmon Burgers! Our Customer Care team would like to hear more from you if you’d be willing to reach out to them at or (800) 356-7094. Thank you for being a loyal fan! Ivey on behalf of WorldCatch

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