The Return of Nestle Mint Morsels – Well, Almost

November 25, 2009

Eric and I dreamed of the moment that Nestle again would make their mint-chocolate morsels so we could use them in our Mint Mania Bars (decadent brownies) from my “365 Great Cookies and Brownies” cookbook.  Over the years, we adapted the recipe to use regular Toll House morsels and pure peppermint extract, but still lamented their loss, pleading with Nestle to produced the mint chips again.

That’s why Nestle let us know that — just in time for holiday baking and through December  — they would offer Dark Chocolate & Mint Morsels (10-ounce bag $2.99).

We asked for samples, looking forward to making our beloved brownies again.

Sadly, I report that these are not the same Toll House Mint-Chocolate Morsels. Instead they contain half the delicious mint chocolate chips and the other half a “mint chocolate confection” Those are  light green morsels shaped like a chocolate chip, but instead are a blend of sugar, palm kernel oil, hydrogenated palm oil, oil of peppermint, soy lecithin, vanilla extract and Yellow 5 Lake and Blue 1 Lake artificial coloring.

You can bet I’m not ruining my brownies with the addition of these morsels, that is unless I can find someone to hand pick out the chocolate ones from the bag.

- bonnie

53 Comments on “The Return of Nestle Mint Morsels – Well, Almost”

  1. celticbikerbabe Says:

    Bummer!! I am a true chocolate & mint fan. Well, thanks for the heads up, I was planning on picking some up since I saw they were back, but now I know better! What a shame, they used to be REALLY good!

  2. Lori Countryman Says:

    Come on Nestle….bring back the original….why mess with a successful product by bringing back an inferior one? The ORIGINAL mint chips are requested….why not bring them back as before?
    I will not be buying the new ones…thank you to all for giving me the heads-up. If I bought them and ruined by mint brownies (back of the Nestle bag) I would be very unhappy.
    A disappointed consumer,

  3. Kathi Says:

    I have a wonderful cookie recipe for Nestle’s Mint Chocolate Chips and was really looking forward to some this holiday. I also saw this year the green mint and chocolate morsels. Absolutely will not work. Nestle, bring back Mint Chocolate Chips please.

  4. Viola MacKenzie Says:

    Sure wish your Nestle Dark Chocolate Mint Morsels were sold the year round. I was fortunate enough to buy a bag before Christmas and had the best chocolate chip cookie I have ever eaten, bar none. I just found two more packages at the grocery store, but that was all they had.

  5. Barbara Ryan Says:

    I totally agree with you. I didn’t care for their dyed green mint chips either, and called them. They said there was no demand for the solid mint version,

    I am emailing all my friends to call/write to Nestle. I will enclose your website. Maybe, together, we can pressurw them to give us those wonderful chips back!

    Contact them at:

  6. Wen-Yi Says:

    truly disappointed to find the replacement of the good quality dark chocolate & mint morsels switched to some poor cheap food coloring, low quality can’t fool me again morsels…Nestle, when you’ve got something good, don’t change it. I love chocolate, and I love mint. I appreciate quality…..but not these replacements.

  7. tricia taxter Says:

    Bla bla bla! I never had the original mint morsels but I’ll tell you what. I made 6 batches of these delicious cookies over the holidays and people were screaming for more. I wish Nestle would keep making them because my family has not stopped asking for them since.

  8. celticbikerbabe Says:

    Bla bla bla? Why so rude?

  9. tricia taxter Says:

    Because I think you were all bashing this product when in reality they are just morsels made for baking in cookies. They really are wonderful.

  10. celticbikerbabe Says:

    Well, if you read through the comments, you will note that they describe making both cookies and brownies with them. Besides, you can make your point without being rude. In fact, you just did it in your response to me. I am not arguing your opinion, I just would hate to see things here degrade into constant nasty fighting, which happens so often on the web anymore.

  11. tricia taxter Says:

    if you interpreted my comments as rude, then I apologize, I meant them as humorous. To prevent any further degrading of your comment page, rest assured I will never post another message.

  12. Betty Reed Says:

    I are quickly getting to holiday season again. i was lucky enough to find several bags of the old variety of chocolate mint chips last year at Central Market in Houston. They really do make the best cookies. I will be searching for them again this year.

  13. Shannin Says:

    Why oh why do you have to mess with a great product…I was so sad to see the mint morsels replaced with the half and half mint and dark choco mint combo. The crinkle top cookies made with the mint chips have such a wonderful melt in your mouth taste ,,using plain chips do them no justice once you have tasted the mint version..but sadly the half green chips wont work …maybe I can just pick all those out..lol Please bring them back …please

  14. H.T.F. Says:

    So well stated! PLS BRING BACK the chocolate only MINT MORSELS!!

  15. Barbara Ryan Says:

    If they won’t listen to us, their competition sure did. I just bought a 12 pack of Hershey’s dark mint (no mint green!) morsels on line. So sorry, Nestles.

  16. choco chipster Says:

    What? I was going to make the original recipe and use these to replace the “regular” chocolate chips. The mint morsels are just “candy”? Ugh… Maybe I’ll make a half dozen with the dark and mint ones to see what they taste like while I make the original recipe. Here I was telling everyone I knew about the NEW chips Nestle had. Now I have to go back and tell them forget it. I don’t remember the other ones you talk about.

  17. choco chipster Says:

    Well, I went ahead and made the whole batch. They turned out pretty good. I wouldn’t worry about the ingredients. We’re already eating cookies. Enjoy them!!

  18. Crazedsis Says:

    Has anyone tried breaking up the Andes mint candy in the cookie in place of the chips? Im going to try that.

  19. Melanie Says:

    I too have spent a whole month looking for Nestle dark choclate mint chips. The green and chocolate look ridiculous in my cookies, it is just not the same. I have the CHOCOLATE MINT SUGAR COOKIE DROP RECIPE and it is wonderful, my children and grandchildren require dozens of these cookies for Christmas. They hardly make it off the baking sheet. Thanks for the info I will go to Hersheys and try theirs.

  20. Barbara Ryan Says:

    I think the objection is the green dye. That’s why I went with Hershey’s. I’ll let you know how they turn out.

  21. Barbara Ryan Says:

    I bought a box of 12 packages from Amazon. I haven’t seen them in the stores around Chicago…

  22. Lois Says:

    Is Nestles trying to go out of buisness? NesQuik, which made the BEST chocolate shakes, now has 25% less sugar (and 75% less taste). If I want less sugar, I’ll make it weaker or not at all. The new NesQuik is gross.
    Nestles use to make mint flavored chocolate morsels. My family’s favorite cookie is “Irish Mints” (a foam-type cookie made with mint chips). Since the mint chips are no longer available, I have to use peppermint extract drops with chocolate chips. The extract sometimes causes the meringue to become “unstiff”.

  23. Shirley Says:

    I’m a little late to this conversation. I started looking for the mint chocolate chips today. I was so disappointed to not find those wonderful chips. I did see some Andre’s morsel at Walmart but decided not to take the chance. Any suggestions for someone in Southwest Florida?

  24. Lo Says:

    I made OATMEAL cookies with Nestle’s dark chocolate & mint chips for the hoidays and everyone loved it! I’ve never tasted the original one, but since everyone are raving about my homemade oatmeal cookies, I have no complaints. I went back to Target and bought 5 more bags. Not all Target sells them and I couldn’t find them in our grocery stores in San Franciso. The artificial color gives it a little more “holiday” feeling, which the kids (and adults!) love.

  25. Kathe Says:

    I’m jumping on the bandwagon to ask that Nestle’s bring back the original mint morsels. I agree that the ones they brought out at holiday time are nothing like the mint chips I loved to bake with in Mint Meringues and a huge favorite among family and friends — Double Chocolate Mint Chip Cookies from the “Sweet Treats Nestle” book that I’ve had for twenty years. I tried a bag of small Andes mint pieces (around the holidays) — not the same. I think they would be surprised how many bakers out there would buy them if they were available again. No one else is making or has made anything comparable!

  26. Lynn Says:

    I had my doubts about these but then I made cookies with them… they were such a hit I ran out in 15 minutes! They were really good. When Wal-Mart marked them down to $1 I snatched up the rest of what they had. I hope they come out with them this season again.

  27. Judy Says:

    I would love to have those mint chocolate chips back all year. I have tried to find to dark chocolate and mint to no avail. DARN!!! Please Please bring them back Nestles.
    Thanks in advance, Judy

  28. Barb Says:

    My family and friends have been asking why I don’t make the great mint cookies for Christmas any more. I’ve tried other mint chips, but the originals were the only ones that worked. These don’t sound like they will make the cut either. Please bring back the original Nestle’s mint chocolate chips.

  29. Carol Says:

    I agree completely with the comments above. I have been hunting everywhere for the mint chocolate chips to use in the recipe that I got off the package last year for the double chocolate mint cookies. I just loved them and so did everyone that I shared them with. PLEASE Nestle, bring back the mint chocolate chips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Babs Says:

    Love those chips. Please Nestle bring them back!

  31. Kathy Y Says:

    I have a great choc cookie recipe that i excellent with mint chips . We all need these chips to be reinstated PLEASE!!!!!There is no substitute We need Nestles Mint chips,only the originals will do

  32. carl Says:

    I have been searching all over the place for nestles chocolate mint morsels,but cannot find them. Where can I find them {the original ones}? I live in delaware county pennsylvania.19060

  33. Bonnie from BiteoftheBest.com Says:

    Carl, sorry to share that Nestle is no longer making them. They were wonderful — weren’t they?

  34. Carol Says:

    To Bonnie of Bite of the Best:
    Has Nestle given any explanation about WHY they are not making the chips this year? Since they are obviously so popular, why did they discontinue them? I think they would be great any time of year – not just for Christmas!

  35. Barbara Ryan Says:

    You can’t. Corporate bowing to stockholders not-enough-profit mentality took the original dye-free mints off the shelves, and will probably never be seen again.

  36. Sandra Says:

    I totally agree with the request to bring back the original dark chocolate mint chips. I have several awesome recipes that don’t taste the same with regular chips. My adult children continue to request these goodies and I feel bad I can’t comply. I am sad to read Barbara’s comment above. I’ll be writing Nestles to make the request official. How about the rest of you? Spread the word. One never knows…. maybe it will help. Even if they just brought them back at holiday times…I know I’d stock-up and it sounds like many of you would too.

  37. Joe L Says:

    I made a cheesecake with these new chips and it was awesome! These chips may not be perfect for old recipes, but they’re good for cheesecake!

  38. kim wornson Says:

    i wrote nestle re: the mint chips. this was their response (including a “workaround”):

    Sales volume was not great enough to justify space on the grocers’ shelves and the Nestlé Toll House Mint Morsels were discontinued. Please be assured your comments will be reported to our Marketing group.

    To create your own mint morsels using the Nestlé Toll House Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels use the following recipe:

    Place 2 cups (12-ounce package) Nestlé Toll House Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels in medium, heavy-duty plastic bag or airtight container. Add 1/4 teaspoon pure peppermint extract; seal bag or cover container. Shake to coat. Store for 24 hours to allow sufficient time for the morsels to absorb the mint extract.

    The mint flavored morsels can be added directly to your recipe or melted according to morsel package directions.

    If you don’t have 24 hours to wait, we recommend adding ½ teaspoon pure peppermint extract and following the steps above; however instead of waiting 24 hours you can use the morsels immediately in your favorite recipe.

    If you don’t have 24 hours to wait and would like to melt the mint morsels please try the following:

    Melt Nestlé Toll House Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels according to package directions. For 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate morsels, stir in 1/4 teaspoon pure peppermint extract; for 2 cups semi-sweet chocolate morsels, stir in 1/2 teaspoon pure peppermint extract.

  39. Louise Says:

    Thanks Kim. I also add the extract… have never done it ahead as they suggested. Will have to give that a try. Merry Christmas.

  40. Pat Kaplan Says:

    You mean to tell me the grocers have room on their shelves for those awful green and brown things – but not room for the the REAL mint chocolate chips – I don’t think so! Nestle could learn from Coca Cola – don’t mess with the REAL thing!

  41. Barbara Ryan Says:

    It is, isn’t it? Might as well make them in China to really add insult to injury. Let’s here it for better living through dyes and chemicals.

  42. Shypo Says:

    I too was a fan of those chips – LOVED those brownies, and they were always a hit, no matter where I took them. I am surprised, given this long list of comments, that Nestle can’t seem to figure out the demand for their product. I bought these chips last year – I was so excited when I first saw the bag, but was sorely disappointed when I saw what was in it. I wouldn’t care if they only offered the REAL ones at holiday time – I’d buy a bunch and freeze them. Why would they waste the time, effort and expense on a poor substitute?

  43. Arlene Says:

    I’ve got news for all you lovers of Nestle semi-sweet chocolate morsels, you know,the ones you use to bake chocolate chip cookies?

    Nestle CHANGED the recipie…that’s right…after all these years of having the best, they changed it.
    They now ad natural vanilla which makes the chips too sweet.

    Forget that semi-sweet flavor. The little morsels you used to grab by the hand full and pop in your mouth. um, um, good.

    I figured I would buy their dark chocolate morsels, that perhaps they would taste like the old semi-sweet ones…..NO WAY. They too are sweet. There is little difference.

    I am going to Hershey or a more expensive brand.

    As far as I am concerned semi-sweet morsels by Nestle is a thing no more.

    WHY do companies try to improve on (or so they think) on a product that has been around for a long time. That is tried and true. That is perfect to begin with.

  44. Minty-whiches, Holiday Recipe #6 | 365 Days of Thank You Says:

    [...] Minty-wiches are labor-intensive cookies; it is a labor of love for the most part.  They are among my friend Lynne’s favorites and typically I make them only for her (when I do make them).  The recipe calls for Nestle Mint Chocolate Morsels, not the Chocolate and Mint ones that are on the market right now (see the picture, and don’t use them in this recipe).  In fact Nestle doesn’t make this chip alone any more, you can find more about that here. [...]

  45. Jenny Says:

    Just made my batch of minty chips for the holiday 2015 baking. 2 packages Nestle semi sweet, 1/2 tsp pure peppermint extract in ziploc bag. Now will let them sit and absorb and “age” for my baking……

  46. Bonnie from BiteoftheBest.com Says:

    Thanks Jenny for sharing, love your “aging” suggestion!

  47. Barb Zimmerman Says:

    Thank you, Kim Wornson for the recipe to make our own. I used it last Christmas and resurrected the family favorite of Mint Chocolate Chip cookies.

  48. Carla Leroux Says:

    I clipped your recipe for “Chocolate Mint Sugar Cookies” from a magazine many years ago. I too, do not like the green and chocolate chips. The cookies were more attractive with just the chocolate color and tasted much better as well. I guess I will be trying the extract and semi-sweet the next time. Bring the original one back!!!!!!!

  49. Bonnie from BiteoftheBest.com Says:


    Glad you are still enjoying one of my cookie recipes..

    These days I mainly use mint-flavored morsels (made similar to how Jenny described) for my chocolate mint mania bars from my “365 Great Cookies and Brownies” cookbook.

  50. Tamee Hylton Says:

    It’s November 7, 2016.
    Yesterday while shopping I found the Nestle Dark Chocolate & Mint Morsels – 10 Oz bag !
    Yahoo! get to make those cookies my mom used to make. How I have missed them, along with my family members.
    Oh wait! I better check to make sure, those green & brown mixture might make a weird color. I’ll pull out the recipe I haven’t been able to make in YEARS! Oh, it’s 2016, I’ll look on line too!
    OMGosh!! There are people like me on there starting with celticbikerbabe November 25, 2009 and pleading until
    Bonnie from BiteoftheBest.com commented on December 11, 2015.
    Dang it! I’m not different than the folks above. I’ll be glad to be entry # 50. I miss those Mint Morsels and my Mom!
    I guess I can alter the cookie recipe though.
    Happy Altering Holidays! No Chocolate Mint Chip on my shoulder :-)

  51. Kathe Says:

    Hey there,

    I wrote on this comment page many years ago. Not only do I still miss the original mint chips, but I too find the mixed chips not at all comparable, in fact, rather tasteless. I’m so glad, however, to have been drawn back to this comment page with Tamee’s fresh comment. Reading through the 50 comments again, I was glad to see along the way that I’m not the only person that thinks that the Nestle’s Semi-Sweet don’t taste like they used to either. I’ve migrated to Ghirardelli chips, which I’ve been using for a couple of years now. What’s next, Nestle, Sriracha flavored chocolate chips? Please, oh, please bring back the original mint. Even if it’s just for a limited time. We can at least stock-pile!

  52. Barbara Ryan Says:

    Hersheys makes them that are not food colored, just chocolate brown. I bought them on line. Then you can make your mom’s cookies.

  53. Cheryl Caiola Says:

    Does anyone have the mint brownie recipe from the back of the original mint chips bag? I used to but lost it and would love to have it again…..anyone?

    Thank you!!

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