Susta Natural Sweetener

October 30, 2009
What it is: Natural, low-calorie, sweetener
Details: $6.99 per 3.5-oz box (50 packets)
Availability: Available online and in select supermarkets and retail stores nationwide
Categories: The "Spice" Rack, Beverages
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SUSTA is a natural, low calorie, low-glycemic, antioxidant sweetening system that supports healthy blood sugar levels & energy. The SUSTA sweetener is available online and in select supermarkets and retail stores nationwide.

88 Comments on “Susta Natural Sweetener”

  1. Vicky Damato Says:

    I think this tastes much better than any of the other so called “natural” sweeteners on the market today. I have tried several of them and at least this one tastes good plus it has vitamins and the antioxidants. Glad to see that you can buy it at Shaws now. Artificial sweeteners are so bad for you, wish it would be taken out of all the foods and that they would put Susta in instead.

  2. Joe Miller Says:

    Best new sweetener on the block. No after taste, mixes easy ( I mix with water to take during my hikes for a low cal energy drink )and the health benefits are compared to no other on the market.

  3. Kathy Says:

    I am very interested to know more about this product. I just googled it as I have tried their smootie (its good) and am very cautious of artificial sweeteners. Finally someone with a natural product! Their smoothie tastes great so I’m looking forward to trying this. The post before said it’s avail at Shaws thats good!

  4. Dr Wally DeVasier Says:

    Great product, will be glad when it goes main stream!!!

  5. Greg Brightman Says:

    Could revolutionize the sweetener market –with vitamins, antioxidants and probiotics. Plus, it tastes great. The smoothies are delicious too. Could become a staple for diabetics and people fighting obesity!

  6. Lori Blum Says:

    Delicious, without any after taste…not too sweet…just right!

  7. Barbara Says:

    This sweetener is wonderful! I haven’t used anything else since my first packet and I don’t leave home without it.

  8. Olivia Says:

    The best taste of all the new sweeteners, I have tried several of them. No after taste at all, its really sweet; plus all the other stuff it has. I like it!

  9. Gerda Fletcher Says:

    I’ve turned my kitchen into an experimental lab creating new recipes using SUSTA as a sweetner and additional nutrients. My health conscious friends, who are eager to try my concoctions, cannot believe I did not use sugar in my power smoothies. If America is serious about winning the battle against obesity and other sugar related health issues, SUSTA, replacing cane sugar, can be one of the main ingredients for a healthier population.

  10. michelle Says:

    i have loved this product ever since I found it! Its a great alternative to sugar with no strange aftertaste – thank god. I definitely recommend it to all my friends and carry it in my purse at all times.

  11. Janet Sweeney Says:

    Susta puts all of the other sweetners to shame. No after taste and is so good for you! Everyone should definitely try this product and they will never use anything else!!!

  12. Jeannette Says:

    LOVE this product! Delicious in anything, even cereal AND it’s good for you. Finally! I predict this product will replace the “pink packets”, the “blue packets” and the “yellow packets” in restaurants in the next year. The taste is amazing and my family loves it.

  13. Scott Says:

    Big Question???
    Sounds good, but one of the ingredients is fructose.
    Does anyone know if they are using Genetically Modified corn for their source of fructose?
    If they are, please encourage them to support the few farmers who avoid the Genetically Modified crops.
    Gerber Baby Foods is now doing that.
    Is GM safe? How many drugs have been recalled after they were “safe” but turned out to be unsafe?
    No scientist knows the long term side effects of GM contaminated food, but it’s already in most corn, canola, soy and other foods too.

  14. Anthony Brown Says:

    What is the status of SUSTA with the FDA? How much fructose is included? I will definately be trying this product. I hope it passes the more consumer oriented research entities.

  15. Peter Molignano Says:

    I live in Slate Hill, NY but cannot find a store in my community that sells susta sweetener. Thought ShopRite would have it but they do not.
    Now I am reading there is fructose ingredient in susta. Is this okay for diabetics?
    Also, why isn’t scientific medical proof available if it is good for you. I can’t find any medical studies approving of this product. Help!

  16. David Stone Says:

    In my humble opinion (and influenced by having taught college-level nutrition courses for the last 25 years), there is utterly nothing special about this product—it is merely fructose dressed up with a bunch of other fab-sounding biochemicals that do basically nothing much, and it is exorbitantly expensive. Seriously, you can buy an ENTIRE POUND of pure crystalline fructose at any bulk-food store for a couple of bucks! This product is first and foremost a MONEY-MAKER (for the company and the shareholders of NXTH)–cleverly marketed, IMO, to be something other than what it really is: a very expensive source of fructose. BTW, that is the same fructose as in “high-fructose corn sweetener” (HFCS). Unlike dirt-cheap readily-available pure fructose in bulk or even HFCS, though, Susta also contains inulin (a “prebiotic”, meaning that it feeds the intestinal bacteria, and you bet it does–keep reading), pretty much guaranteed to produce some extra intestinal gas, thanks to large-intestinal bacteria fermenting the inulin. Inulin is the same chemical (a polymer of fructose) that is the primary “active ingredient” in onions and other gassy veggies. Might have to eat a few packets to get that, um, special benefit, as the dose of inulin matters. BTW, that fermentation is likely good for your colon, but the same effect is produced by eating ordinary gassy veggies.

    They do put a great spin on the product—pro marketing all the way.

    You want antioxidants? Eat a little dark chocolate or some ordinary unprocessed plant foods–fruits/veggies/nuts/seeds.

    The slogan for Susta: “Turns Calories into healthy energy”?? What the heck is that supposed to mean? It’s largely meaningless, IMO.

    Nor are the vits/mins in this product going to turn your life around.

  17. Virginia Says:

    I have just recently tried the smoothies containing Susta, and they are awesome. But, I am worried about any possible side effects – I get migraines from most artificial sweeteners – has anyone heard of that as a possible side effect to Susta?

  18. Doug Says:

    SUSTA sounds great. Looking forward to trying this unique, well-researched product. The ingredients are far superior to what’s out there.
    In Regards to David Stone’s input:
    -Inulin comes from Sugar Beets and is a fantastic effective Prebiotic with very little side effects and alot of well documented benefits. Inulin feeds ALL friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract (not just a few like Pro-biotics); Fructose (Granulated fructose) is completely different than High Fructose (Corn syrup); ranks much lower on the glycemic index and is a superior sugar (does not spike your blood sugar) giving sustained energy.
    Smart companies make superior products. Combining prebiotics with probiotics is fantastic; antioxidants added make “Better”, BEST….Go SUSTA, Go!

  19. James Says:

    Doug, would be real interested in seeing any “well-researched” information. David Stone’s comment is the only “well-researched” info I have seen.
    I do know that the company has paid BIG bucks to a very shady penny stock promoter to pump the stock. In my experience, “birds of a feather flock together” has been a highly reliable old saying.

  20. Gino Says:

    Jmes , how do you know David Stone is ”Well researched”? Do you know him? From what I understand ‘Susta’is derived from the Stevia plant.

  21. Sarah Says:

    NO Stevia is in SUSTA at all. Go to the website and you can see. As for James/David/Timothy have you tried the product? I have and I have talked to the company about Susta, I am a diabetic and personally do not like the taste of Truvia and the like. This has no chemicals and is all natural and tastes great! Why are you talking about the stock on this site? This is a “food” site not a site about stocks, you must be invested ? As they say, “I think thou protests to much” keep your comments to the nature of the site!
    I like SUSTA-nuf said!

  22. James Says:

    Sarah, I would never be invested in this company. They are strictly a marketing company and do not even make their only product. All money taken in is distributed to the handful of employees, not invested for the benefit of shareholders. Money is not the only thing being taken by these charletons, but you know, Sarah, there is a sucker born every minute isn’t there?

  23. Sarah Says:

    Well James there is also an ill-informed person born every minute too! They have 3 products on the shelves, HEALTHY DAIRY YOGURT SMOOTHIE, SUSTA and SUSTA BOWL with several more being formulated–call the company or just go to their web-site… You obviously have some sort of bone to pick, you must own Stevia, Truvia or some of the other products that are in the market today. Also, it’s too bad–that although they are good products, and questionable about the health benefits, they taste horrible, the DO NOT have pre or pro biotics, vitamins or fiber. This site is for TASTE only…not company profile, money etc…you are the one that sounds like someone thats afraid of a good product—so you have to find away to bash it! Susta taste good and is a GREAT healthy alternative to those that can NOT use sugar!

  24. James Says:

    No,Sarah, I don’t work for a competitor, but it sure sounds like you work for NXT. Why else would be so adamant about a product that is nothing more than cheap grocery store fructose with a daily vitamin tablet crushed in it and marketed at an exorbitant price? I just came to this site to see what kind of nitwits would be buying this crap, and now I know. Have a really merry Christmas and good luck with your diet. Bye.

  25. C.R.Paramesh Says:

    Where can you find exact ingredients in susta? Is there a website where it is listed? What is company’s answer to this?

  26. James Says:

    Here is their website with all the hype you could ever want to read.
    A google search for susta would get you there also.

  27. Gino Says:

    WOW !! JAMES you really are a hater ain’t ya!!!! I guess we should all stick to good ole refined sugar…even us diabetics!!! you sign off as good bye crtuel world …then pop back up[ like Jason on friday 13th!!!

  28. James Says:

    Don’t count on being able to buy Susta much longer:

    “Meanwhile, with just $163,263 left in the bank, NXTH has already warned shareholders that its resources “may be insufficient to meet its cash needs for the near future” without additional fundraising.

    Berman & Co., the Boca Raton firm that serves as NXTH’s independent auditor, has raised substantial doubts about the company’s ability to continue operating as a going concern in the meantime. The same firm began auditing CLRH’s books this summer, replacing a firm that has since lost its license, and has issued a similar warning for that company as well.

  29. GSCOLARI Says:


  30. Ray Says:

    This is the best all naturall sweetener by far. Great taste and many healthy benefits.

  31. James Says:

    Just a little education for the gullible:

    “What are the major sources of fructose?
    Fruits and vegetables have relatively small, “normal” amounts of fructose that most bodies can handle quite well. The problem comes with added sugars in the modern diet, the volume of which has grown rapidly in recent decades. The blame has often been pinned to high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which is made up of 55% fructose and 45% glucose. However, sucrose is half fructose and half glucose. So, HFCS actually doesn’t have a whole lot more fructose than “regular” sugar, gram for gram.

    High fructose corn syrup has become incredibly inexpensive and abundant, partially due to corn subsidies in the United States. So, really, the problem is more that it has become so cheap that it has crept its way into a great number of the foods we eat every day.”

  32. Ray Says:

    I have been using SUSTA for 3 months now and I have lost 12 pound and I feel better than ever. I plan to use it for the rest of my life.

  33. Daniel Says:

    Sugar is a huge lucrative market and you will always find people to denigrate all alternatives.

  34. Daniel Says:

    James tell us, are you associated to the sugar industry?

  35. Ray Says:

    The main ingredient of SUSTA is inulin and it has many healthy benefits.

  36. James Says:

    Ray, could you please provide a link for your assertion that inulin is the main ingredient in Susta? Thanks.

  37. James Says:

    Daniel, no, I am a CPA and as a result of 40 years auditing the financial statements of many types of companies I have developed a nose for fraud and a love for exposing charlatans.
    I also have a degree in agriculture from the University of Maryland and ran a pick your own berry farm (blueberries, red raspberries and blackberries) in the summer months. I guess it’s that nose for fraud that attracts me particulary to the herbal remedy/natural foods industries,the patent medicine purveyors of our generation.

  38. Ray Says:

    Sure. Look at the ingredients at the bottom of the “Nutrition Facts”. They are always written in order of concentration.

    And if you want to learn more about inulin

  39. Gino Says:

    Well that figures James, another words you have no clue of what you’re talking about but you’re a knowitall sherlock holmes!!!! Being a cpa or a degree in ag gives you NO CREDENCE WHAT SOEVER ON EITHER SUBJECT YOU’RE ADDRESSING!!! Mr Pompass!

  40. James Says:

    Gino, you said: “From what I understand ‘Susta’is derived from the Stevia plant.”
    Please provide a link that verifies your statement. Thanks.

  41. Ray Says:

    James, I understand your point because we should always be cautious about new products but I think this one is good. Have a wonderful year!

  42. Sarah Says:

    Inulin 1st listed on the box ? doesn’t that mean its the MAIN ingredient ? I am a diabetic and my doctor just recently looked over this product and gave me the go-ahead. I like it and thats what this site is for— not all this other crap.

  43. Ray Says:

    Yes, the main ingredient always come first in the listing.

  44. Michelle Says:

    Last time I checked I (and I am sure others) used this site to find new and beneficial products and information for our day to day lives NOT to hear bashing of a company. I have enjoyed using this product to date and recommend it to all of my friends. So YOU don’t like it, FINE, I believe you got your point across several posts ago. Move on because obviously there are others who enjoy this product.

  45. Bob Says:

    I just came across this page — and I can’t wait to try Susta. I have weight to lose and am loathe to use artificial products. This sounds like it’s just the ticket…

    Sorry, but I couldn’t help but notice that James claims to be a CPA with 40 years of auditing experience, a degree in agriculture, experience in the food industry (even if it was just a pick-your-own farm), and a nose for fraud — yet he either couldn’t find or understand the ingredient list for Susta? Hhhmmmmmmm… Now what sounds fraudulent, here? Someone’s got some kind of axe to grind.

  46. Debbie Says:

    Susta is available at the website for NXT nutritionals
    I am looking forward to trying it after reading a lot about it.

  47. Juanita Candee Says:

    Tried sample Susta tonight in my tea and my glucos went from average 2 hr after dinner test of 160 to 260 the highest reading Iv’e had in months.

  48. Debbie Says:

    Interesting about the sugar spike that Juanita mentions. I did get my order of the 1 pound baking size. Now our Shaws here in the northeast has it in the packets. I see it does list 6 calories and 3 gr. carbs per teaspoon (1 sugar). If you use it to bake or something that brings the carbs way up. 3 Tbs. with my math would = about 54 calories and 27g. of carbs. Not a small amount.

  49. Ray Says:

    I am a diabetic myself and I never notice a significant increase of my glucos even if I use Susta regularly. Maybe it’s different from one person to the other.

  50. Richard K Ph.D. Says:

    As the inventor of SUSTA, this blog has been very interesting. Myself and colleagues very much appreciate all your comments–the great reviews as well as the harsh.
    There are some misunderstandings I wish to convey.

    (1) Regarding Debbie’s note #48: Labels can be a little confusing. In a 3 g serving of SustaBowl, there is less than a 1/2 of gram of fructose and in far greater predominance, almost all the rest is soluble, prebiotic fiber. However, in labeling requirements, the fiber is counted under “carbs”–obviously an unavoidable misnomer that is confusing to the consumer and frustrating to us.

    (2) Regarding Jaunita’s note, # 47, sorry for your reaction, but this is very strange. First, there is barely 1/2 g of fructose in a packet–that’s like a smidgen on your finger tip. One would have to consume an entire box of 50 packets to match the sugar content of one large apple( but in so doing , you would also have 5X the fiber of an apple)!
    Second, fructose, unlike glucose, sucrose or tablesugar, does not stimulate the glycemic response–its one of the lower glycemic foods on the glycemic index. Third, soluble fiber drives down the effects of sugar.At a ratio of 2 parts fiber to one part sugar, this has a ratio more similar to dried peppers + dried tomatoes, rather than a higher sugar to fiber ratio such as a succulent fruit or even an apple!
    Please test again in a little plain water removing any other variables–let us know.

    (3) James and multiple entries:
    Considering all the baloney out there in the food and dietary supplement industry, James skeptic notations are completely understandable and appreciated. The facts are we are a young science based and marketing public company, growing and expanding with the commitment to excellence and integrity in a tough economy and a tough food category–sweeteners. In spite of the expected challenges, we are rapidly growing and gaining market-share. because we have a great tasting, proactive healthy value product, that is steadily garnering the excitement, results and respect of consumers and top health professionals nationwide over the competition.

    Thank you all again for your participation and support of NXT’s Susta and keep this blog buzzing!

  51. Ray Says:

    Good morning Mr. Richard K.

    Are you aware that Pepsi is looking for a product like susta ?

  52. Richard K Ph.D. Says:

    Thank you for your note Ray, I believe all the “big boys” know of us. Happily, we are very busy growing and moving forward with a number of exciting projects –lot’s on the plate! Your support is greatly appreciated.

  53. Dawn Says:

    Heard of Susta on The Balancing Act – do any stores in Alabama sell it – anyone know??? Publix, Winn Dixie, Walmart are the primary ones here…

  54. Sarah Says:

    should be in Publix by August..but you can buy online at in lots of stores now in the east…heard they are doing a special for “mothers day” on the website!
    only know this cause my friend has to buy this way…lucky I dont! its a great product especially for those that suffer with diabetes…like me! I LOVE IT!

  55. Mary Says:

    Yesterday, after listening to my doctor about my weight, I stopped at the store and spent 7.00 for a box of Susta! Just sat down to drink a cup of tea using 1 packet…guess what??? It is just as nasty as the rest of all the other sweeteners!!! Now I’m sitting here wondering what to do with the other 49 packets.

  56. Ray Says:

    Of course Mary, spending all your time sitting will not resolve your weight problem.

  57. Mary Says:

    Sorry Ray, I do not spend a lot of time sitting…out doing all kinds of things. I am aware of that problem are ‘crisis eating’ and ‘comfort foods’ plus cooking for family.

  58. Richard K Ph.D. Says:

    Hi Mary: The $7.00 need not be wasted. Here’s the thing–not unusual that there is a taste-bud learning curve with alternative sweeteners. Many adjust and some do not–that’s expected. However, what you can creatively and nutritionally do with Susta that you cannot do with other alternative sweeteners, is to make a sweetening blend that matters to your nutrition and adds to your health–yes mix it with the kind of sweetening ingredient you like. I know this sounds heretical. but half sugar and half or even a third Susta, will make that sugar “smarter”. That means, instead of totally empty calories, you add nutrients, fiber, probiotics and since its sweeter, you automatically need less and thus, fewer calories. And even to those folks who are loyal to their Splenda or Truvia, do the same–it will make these products “smarter” too!

  59. Mary Says:

    Richard, thank you very much for those ideas! Sounds good to me. I am going to try this with other things.

  60. Chris Says:

    Mary, Dr. K is right. I like my tea strong and sweet. I avoid all sugar and aspartame and sucralose. I take one Susta and two Xylitol (Ideal) and there is little or no aftertaste. Xylitol (which I think tastes and “feels” the best) has numerous health benefits and (unless you are a dog) no side effects. The Finns and Asians (and dentists) have been using it for years. As a sufferer of Syndrome X ( the REAL problem here) I now see how insulin response and healthy colon activity are closely related – how everything is related. Google Xylitol. And thanks Dr. K.

  61. Annette Says:

    I’ve tried using Susta in cold beverages, iced tea, iced coffee and find the product does not dissolve well in cold temps. It gunked up in the bottom of the glass and took quite a bit of shaking and stirring and time before it completely dissolved. Why is this?

  62. Richard K Ph.D. Says:

    Thank you Annette regarding your note about Susta in iced beverages. When there is “ice”
    in the beverage, authentic fiber has a clumping tendency because of the water surface tension becomes more dense. The simple trick is to add ice “after” you dissolve and stir in the liquid. Our studies show something quite interesting–Susta dissolves even faster than sucrose ( table sugar) in cold, non-iced liquids, even with the stirring of both sweeteners. So please, next time try this approach and let us know

  63. David Says:

    I received a packet of Susta in the mail. Used it and liked it so decided to do some research. Their web page lists the product label for ingredients.

    As an investor I do not understand James complaint (if true) that the company needs to do a financing. Start up companies always need to do financing’s. Participating in those is the way many of us invest. If you believe in a company you can get in undermarket perhaps with a half warrant or warrant (option to buy more shares at the same price say two years in the future). You would not be buying Exxon Mobile here, looking for dividends right away. VERY strange complaint. No, I am not invested or looking to invest in this company. Full plate already.

  64. Richard K Ph.D. Says:

    David, thank you for trying Susta and your enlightened comments. Though not my area of expertise, I will try to comment regarding your wise insights into start-up companies. We are young and growing company with very exciting and innovative projects on deck. Everyday there are wonderful surprises and as well as challenges of course. As with most start-up companies, ordinary hard-working people are out there taking the risks, hits, and virtues of entrepreneurism. I fervently believe, much of the strength and hope in having our economy return to health and prosperity will rely heavily, amongst other crucial factors, in the support and flourishing of American small business, an economic and political environment that strongly encourages domestic entrepreneurism and innovation.

  65. Wendy Says:

    I bought my first box of Susta this month. It tastes OK and I am happy with that…but the cost is way too much! Until you bring down the price, Susta will continue to be a novelty.

  66. Richard K Ph.D. Says:

    Wendy, thank you for you comment, we completely understand.

    At NXT, we are doing everything possible to keep prices most favorable without sacrificing or compromising our high standards. We only use the best quality, premium ingredients for a first class, completely unique product.

    Also, to keep our healthy ingredients fresh and potent as possible, with an extended shelf life, we only use a premium higher grade film barrier for our packets to better keep out air and moisture to maximize quality.

    Susta is not built like Splenda , Truvia or other stevia products that are very simple and only sweeten and offer nothing else. There are many more layers of our patent pending technology including ample probiotics, proprietary botanical extract blends of fruit and spice essences, fiber, and key nutrients that supports health as well as making something wonderfully sweet within every packet.

    All these multiple factors make a difference in cost between a premium product vs. a mediocre product.

    So, packet vs packet, you can buy Truvia for instance for 8 cents– just sweetens and nothing else. Splenda even cheaper, for its not natural and is made from very cheap high glycemic sugar and maltodextrin with a little artificial intense sweetener added to it.

    Susta with all its additional features, runs about 14 cents a packet–a little more, but with a lot more to offer.

    So Wendy, here’s a suggestion you may choose to stretch your dollar and still provide you a healthier product if you want to use other sweeteners— consider using 1/2 Susta or 1/3 Susta to !/2 or !/3 sugar, or Truvia, or Splenda to make these products much more healthy .

    Hope this explanation has been helpful–please let us know how it goes.

  67. Wendy Says:

    That’s what I do now…use both Susta and Truvia if I need more than one packet of sweetening power…like with sour yogurt. Since I live on $761/month disability income, money will always be a factor. I wish I could find more info about your product as reviewed by neutral third parties. I am still on the fence about how much usable probiotics, botanical extract blends of fruit and spice essences, fiber, and nutrients are in a tiny packet. I doubt they cost much in the scheme of things. Total brand cereal has lots of vitamins, but there are better ways to get those vitamins. I want to be convinced one way or another that your product is more than a gimmick to rake in money. I also thought studies were skeptical about added fructose. Generally 5 to 8 thousand folks a day read my blog and I want to present correct info about Susta.

  68. Richard K Ph.D. Says:

    Wendy, regarding important financial challenges, you may wish to consider our bulk version of Susta called SustaBowl ( only on line at this point). Twice as much Susta product but much less cost gram for gram. You actually spoon it out for cooking or other uses—its tastes great over fruit/berries, in beverages, over cereal, etc. It is 3 g per serving instead of 2 g–not as sweet as Susta packets but actually more fiber per serving and teaspoon per teaspoon, all the other nutrients/botanicals/probiotics the same as in Susta packets, but closer in sweetness to an equal amount of sugar .

    Since Susta is fiber and probiotic based, the benefits of Susta accrue with consistent and frequent use. Every serving, whether Susta or SustaBowl have over 100M probiotics ,as much fiber as at least four strawberries, as much vitamin C as 1/4 cup of blueberries, along with healthy botanical extracts that possess a remarkable range of biologically active compounds.

    We are a small, young company founded and funded by dedicated and visionary people who want to do something better than old standard models of sweeteners–whether they be natural or artificial.

    Johnson and Johnson who own Splenda, or Coke who owns Truvia, have hundreds of millions of dollars at their disposal to pump globally into their products and marketing.

    Of course, at this stage in our growth, we do not have that luxury, but what we do have is the mobility and ingenuity in offering a better, smarter product for those who are interested.

  69. James Says:

    From Streetsweeper:
    Two other penny stocks, which we labeled “Siamese twins” because of their striking connections six months ago, look even uglier. NXT Nutritionals (OTC: NXTH.OB), originally lifted by a valuable (paid) endorsement from basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal, has plummeted 91.7% to 19 cents a share. Clear-Lite Holdings (OTC: CLRH.OB), which shares a CFO and auditor with NXTH, has fallen an even greater 94.8% to just 7 cents a share during that same timeframe.
    Both companies, once loudly endorsed by high-profile TV analysts, have racked up losses that now approach the $100 million mark.

  70. Wendy Says:

    Now that this study has come out, no way will I buy Susta any longer!

  71. Richard K Ph.D. Says:

    Wendy–understand your reaction, however, even though study came from my alma mater and I am certainly not part of sugar advocacy, its so flawed in its premise and conclusion, I am amazed I have not pulled all my hair out! Let’s look at some facts at 10,000 feet–

    1. This was only a very limited “dish” study with already confined “sick cells”–.
    Cancer cells grow by dismantling or suppressing the normal anti-cancer factors in a cell. This was not with normal healthy cells and thus, no conclusion can be made of “increasing risk” of healthy cells at all–do so is scientifically heretical and absurb.
    2. Sick cells or healthy cells of pancreas subjected to unphysiological levels of fructose not found in normal diet.

    Also, unlike kidney, liver and prostate tissues that normally accumulate fructose for optimal performance, because they have the appropiate biochemical pathways to handle it, pancreas cells not designed to handle large amounts of fructose. Of course, if nothing else to “eat”, they will eat fructose, however, it will be considered by those cells as “noxious” and all the other biochemical reactions noted, is akin to a cancer cell’s “stomach-ache”.

    Also, if cancer cells or normal pancreas cells have a “choice” of sugars, they would choose glucose, not fructose. They are given stuff they do not normally consume to compound the distortion of this study.

    3. Therefore, the proliferation cited is most likely a “defense” mechanism of the cancer cells, which have incredible survival mechanisms, to try and “dilute” the insult with more cells. Its proliferation is an artifact of its protective mechanism from a substance that should not bereally there in such concentration in real life.

    This is like if you walk in your living room and have a bucket of hot coals, you can easily get rid of it. However, if that were suddenly 50 buckets, you would “proliferate” immediately by calling ten of your friends to help get those dangerous coals out of there. Those ten friends are not a “party”, but an emergency! Same with the pancreatic cancer cells–they are trying to “dilute and distribute” the load–not preferentially choosing to grow from it because they love and seek it.

    Also, if these were “prostate cancer cells”, likely just the opposite for higher fructose limits and suppresses prostate cancer spread and helps the kidneys convert Vit D into a useful form.

    Another point to remind, fructose an essential part of our metabolism and evolution of all living organisms for billions of years—not massive amounts, but modest amounts as found in fruits and vegetables. Was Nature dumb for billions of years, can we outsmart Nature now with a tiny misguided study?

    Susta built like a fruit or vegetable–in fact, you would have to consume an entire box to have a much sugar as in one apple! So a couple of packets a day is absolutely almost nothing,

    This study is a terrific example of hype and misunderstanding . However, I certainly respect your decisions . However, unless you are a pure carnivore, you will never escape fructose since its in every fruit, vegetable, grain, spice, and herb–Susta is modeled after these botanicals in its ratios and rationale.

  72. Sarah Says:

    I read the article also about cancer and sugar and I’m happy to read the follow-up by Richard. I am very satisfied with SUSTA and I love that I can depend on my “daily” coffee and well, how can I be polite, regularity! I have experimented with cooking, brownies from the website and my family really like them. Glad that the stores in my area now carry it too, no more S/H plus using the coupons helps! would be great if the price came down a bit…

  73. Richard K Ph.D. Says:

    Sarah, thank you for your very kind and supportive review. We are in a process of actually researching in a leading research university lab and pending human studies the comparative health benefits of Susta compared to other alternative sweeteners. At this time, all I can say the results are impressive. The leading alternative sweeteners are made from 2 to 3 ingredients as a relatively inexpensive and simple blend just to sweeten–if that is all someone wants, they have it. However, all natural Susta, whose design is more like the composition and benefits of a fruit or vegetable, has about 16 carefully balanced and interactive components, including special proprietary pre-blends not only for sweetening, but also to help your body as you and others experience.

    Indeed, its wonderful not only to hear from people how they enjoy the taste and applications of Susta, but also regarding how they often feel better. Consequently, our greater formulation complexity and details makes us a little more expensive with the hope as we grow in size, we can pass more savings on to our customers.

  74. deanna Says:

    I tried my first packet of susta this afternoon in a cup of (decaf) coffee. I drink my coffee black in the a.m. so this was to be a “treat” the taste was nasty but after the 2nd refill got VERY GOOD! So I know to use less. I have metastasized breast Cancer to my vertebrea the list of things I should not have is twice as long as the list of things I can no longer do. I look forward to trying with a fruit smoothie made with unsweetened almond milk. Please God Nand doctorK). may all the claims be true

  75. Marge Says:

    The fact that it is fructose (ie. high-fructose corn syrup) disqualifies it for me. Fructose is meant to consumed in the form of fresh fruit. It is metabolized by the liver and the huge quantities that Americans inadvertently consume it (in practically every processed food manufactured by American corporations) makes it the most common cause for fatty liver disease, right behind alcoholism. Massive consumption of fructose is highly thought to be the reason why so many people are obese now. Adding a little fiber and minute quantities of vitamins are just a “snow-screen” to another “snow-job”. Sure it tastes good and yes, it’s 2x sweeter than regular sugar. Just don’t overdo it or you might as well save your money and start scooping table sugar into your cup of joe.

  76. Michele Says:

    I too try to avoid Fructose. I haven’t tried Susta yet but I would like to know if the Fructose is derived from Genetically Modified corn.

  77. Richard K Ph.D. Says:

    Hi Folks:

    Thank you for your comments. First, Susta contains a tiny amount of NON-GMO fructose only that conforms to the highest European standards of quality. The amount of fructose is less than 1/2 g per serving. In fact, an entire box of Susta ( 50 packets) contains as much sugar as one apple. Or another way to look at it, if you like two teaspoons of sugar in your coffee, you would have to open over 16 packets! .This is not high fructose corn syrup which is very different than non-GMO fructose. The fiber is a soluble fiber called a “prebiotic”that helps build healthy flora in one’s GI tract along with Susta’s accompanying probiotics, The benefits of this fiber is very well based on extensive published peer review research throughout the food and health industry. Susta contains, natural flavors, multiple natural ingredients including whole fruit and spice concentrates that adds to its value and taste and helps to enhance its sweetness naturally and safely.

  78. Elizabeth Says:

    I’m not sure why but Susta gave me lots of issues. I have no issues when I use Splenda but I had a bout of awful diarrhea after using this products. I stopped using it and today I feel much better. It started out mild but by the second day I was in the bathroom most of the day. I haven’t read about anyone else having this much difficulty with it. Love the taste but I was so sick from it.

  79. Richard K Ph.D. Says:

    Elizabeth, so sorry about your experience–not pleasant at all! Not in anyway to diminish your observations or this possibility in your case, but it would be very unusual there would be this kind of an adverse relationship with Susta, since Susta has been very compatible with people of all ages,including babies or people with different health or digestive conditions. In fact, people with sensitive conditions have been quite happy with Susta. I hope, if this is but a temporary sensitivity, you will give us a try again.

  80. Elizabeth Says:

    I am going to give it another try. Maybe it was because I used the baking version instead of the packets. I understand the baking products is not quite as sweet as the packets so maybe I used more than necessary. I just want to be sure that I can use it before I try the packets. I wrote to the company and I’m hoping that they might be able to provide a sample so I can give the packets a try.

  81. Bonnie Says:

    I am a recent user of Sustabowl. I like the taste, but have also noticed some GI effects: increased gas & associated increased “regularity” (do not have a problem in this area!). I do have 2 mugs coffee in AM in which it is used so had about 2 teaspoons in addition to my usual tablespoon of Benefiber. I did take it one day & did not experience the above mentioned side effect. Today have tried it w/ only 1 cup of coffee & using Truvia in additional cups. We’ll see! Like previously stated, maybe a combination w/ other prducts woill be the best for me. I like the fact that it is natural & does not raise the blood sugar rapidly as well as other benefits.

  82. Bonnie Says:

    correction: did NOT take it one day & did not have the GI neffects I mentioned! Sorry for the typo!

  83. Dr. Rick Says:

    Bonnie, Susta is a soluble, prebiotic, fiber-based, natural sweetener. This type of fiber helps feed and build the healthy forms of flora that inhabit our GI tracts. The fiber is converted into “short chain fatty acids” that have very important health benefits. Accompanying the fiber is a moderate amount of lactobacillus probiotics that become activated by our gastric juices. As one transitions into a higher fiber diet ( minimum fiber we should consume from a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, etc, should ideally be at least 25 g daily), there may be temporary and natural adaptation by the body adjusting to a higher and healthier intake. As I read, it appears you are trying ( including Benefiber–very similar form of fiber as used in Susta) to enhance your fiber intake–so this temporary transition is not really unexpected–just build slower and soon there should be no effects even at the much higher fiber level.

  84. Joseph dupont Says:

    I bought aboujt 10 boxes of this crap on sale when pathmark went out of business. So I’m not worried about the price as I got 70 percent off. But it seems to be just a fancy sugar . so how much less in calories is it than reg. sugar??

  85. Susan Wray Says:

    I was wondering if the probiotic bacteria are viable at the time of consumption? Richard, could you address this question? I used Sustabowl in cookies (and my husband couldn’t tell). I’m thinking about mixing sugar and susta 50/50 and see if he notices a difference in his coffee. (I have to be sneaky that way!)

  86. Helen Says:

    I discovered Susta 3 yrs ago when visiting family in NY. I could not find it in TX, so I started ordering the packets from the NXT Nutritionals website. I ordered a 6 month supply, the last time was in January. When I went back a few weeks ago to order, the website was closed and one online source said they no longer carry it? I loved this stuff!!! Can anyone tell me what happened?

  87. Jimmie Says:

    I posted 3 years ago that this company was a scam. They removed my post, but nonetheless I have been proven correct. Their phone has been disconnected, the website is dead, and the stock is no longer traded. Busted. No more Susta garbage to drink.

  88. Mary Says:

    What exactly is the measure ratio for using SustaBowl?? And is it meant to be used in drinks as well as baking??

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