Starbucks Blonde Roast Coffee

May 13, 2012
Details: Starbuck Stores16-ounce whole bean for $11.95, Willow Bend for $12.95, Decaf Willow Blend for $13.95 and VIA Veranda Blend 120pack for $9.95 Grocery Stores: Blonde Roast 12-ounce ground or whole bean for $9.99 and Veranda Blend K-Cups 10-count pack for $9.99 and $14.99 for a 16-count
Availability: Nationally available
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Starbucks has created a Blonde Roast Coffee, a lighter roast coffee, available in all Starbucks stores nationally as well as in grocery stories across the U.S.

Blonde Roast Coffee is available in a Veranda Blend, VIA (instant) Veranda Blend and whole beans in Starbuck Stores. At grocery stores the Veranda Blend whole and ground coffee will be available as well as K-Cup Packs.



- bonnie:  Blonde Roast coffee produces  a rich full bodied cup with none of the “burnt” taste many associated with regular Starbucks. I like them both!
- bonnie

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