Saucy Mama sauces

April 12, 2010
What it is: A collection of specialty sauces, marinades and condiments
Varieties: Award-winning mustard, marinades, dressings, wing sauces and cocktail condiments
Details: $5.00 to $8.00 per 5-oz to 12-oz bottle
Availability: Available nationwide at specialty food shops, as well as through the company website
Categories: The Pantry
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Barhyte Specialty Foods, based out of Pendleton, Oregon, has roots dating back 200 years and 6,000 miles away in Germany, where Jacobus Barhyte first created a sweet and sour mustard that he brought to the US. Thanks to overwhelming demand, the family launched their own manufacturing operation in 1977. Today, the company offers more than 65 award-winning mustards, marinades, sauces, and other condiments including a range of gourmet condiments under the company’s signature Saucy Mama brand name.

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