Rice Select Texmati Rice and Rice Blends

December 8, 2012
Varieties: Brown Jasmati Rice, Calrose Rice, Royal Blend with Quinoa, Royal Blend with Flax Seed
Details: About $7.00 for 32 oz. container; also available in a sampler pack in the BiteoftheBest.com shop
Availability: Nationally available and online in the BiteoftheBest.com shop
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Rice Select has added four new US grown Texmati rice blends: Brown Jasmati Rice, Calrose Rice, Royal Blend with Quinoa and Royal Blend with Flax Seed.

Each  3/4-cup cooked serving of Rice Select contains 150-170 calories, 0.5-1 gram total fat and 3-4 grams protein; while Royal Blend contains 140-180 calories, 1.5-3 grams total fat and 4-5 grams protein


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