Rachael Ray “Top This!” Suction Lids

January 2, 2013
Varieties: Orange, Red, Blue and Purple; Small 7.5-inch, Medium 9.25-inch and Large 11.25-inch
Details: Small: $5.99, Medium: $7.99 and Large: $9.99. The set is available for $19.99
Availability: Online at the BiteoftheBest.com shop
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Rachael Ray offers silicone, heat-safe lids that provide an air- and water-tight seal on pots, pans or bowls made of metal, glass, plastic or melamine.

These lids are freezer, dishwasher and microwave oven safe, but should not be used during the cooking process as a lid.

Available in orange, blue, red, purple, green and yellow, these lids come in three sizes, 7.5-inch, 92.5-inch and 11.25-inch.

-bonnie: I couldn’t wait to try these lids, after I saw them demonstrated at the showroom. I had liked the convenience of not needing multi-size lids for various pots, but that enthusiasm waned when I learned they could not be used on hot pots.

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