“New” Inglehoffer Mustards

April 19, 2010
What it is: Naturally flavored mustard
Varieties: Creamy Dill, Honey Maple and Sweet Hot Pepper
Details: $3.99 per 9.5-oz to 10-oz jar
Availability: Available in grocery stores and specialty foods stores nationwide
Categories: The Pantry
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The newest additions to the Inglehoffer line of mustards are: Sweet Hot Pepper, Honey Maple and Creamy Dill. The new 10 oz. Inglehoffer Sweet Hot Pepper Mustard is inspired by the company’s best-selling Sweet Hot flavor blended with chipotle, habanera and jalapeno peppers. The Inglehoffer Honey Maple Mustard, 9.75 oz., blends Beaverton Foods’ award-winning Honey Mustard with Maple; pairing nicely with wood-smoked meats. Lemon and capers give the Inglehoffer Creamy Dill Mustard, 9.75 oz., the subtle flavors to compliment any fish dishes.

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