Melitta Café de Europa Gourmet Coffee Single-Serve Cups

August 14, 2013
Varieties: Café de Europa Classique, Café de Europa Blanc et Noir, Café de Europa Vienna Roast, Café de Europa Espresso Toscana
Details: $9.49 for 12-pack box
Availability: Online in the shop
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Melitta’s Café de Europa Single Serve Gourmet Coffee is made from 100% premium high-grown Arabica beans. The new single-serve cups are 100% recyclable, resulting in less waste than most standard single-serve cups.

Melitta Cafe de Europa Gourmet Coffee Single-Serve Cups is available in four flavors: Classique (medium roast), Blanc et Noir (a blend of light and dark roasts), Vienna Roast (dark roast) and Espresso Toscana (extra dark roast).


2 Comments on “Melitta Café de Europa Gourmet Coffee Single-Serve Cups”

  1. Lauren Wilson Says:

    Melitta makes the best coffee capsule that has been made for Keurig machines, thus far. You can SEE the coffee in the capsule because its made of a mesh instead of opaque plastic. Stronger than most kcups and definitely high quality coffee. Bland et Noir is my favorite so far.

  2. steve Says:

    And I like the extra dark Espresso Toscana

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