Kashi Cereals

August 5, 2011
What it is: Whole grain cereal
Varieties: Berry blossom and golden goodness
Details: $3.59 per 10.5- to 14.7-ounce box
Availability: Supermarkets nationwide
Categories: The pantry
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Kashi introduced two new cereals — Berry Blossom and Golden Goodness — each with 5 grams fiber and a good sources of whole grains. The Berry Blossom consists of crispy whole-grain cereal squares, dried strawberry, blackberry, blueberry and raspberry powder. The Golden Goodness consists of whole-grain flakes and oat clusters.

One Comment on “Kashi Cereals”

  1. orbitmars@gmail.com Says:

    Kashi lies about the healthiness of its products. KASHI PRODUCTS ARE NOT SAFE TO EAT:


    “It turns out the soy in Kashi cereals comes from genetically modified Roundup-ready soybeans, which have a gene inserted in them that allows the crop to withstand otherwise lethal doses of the weed killer.”


    see article link for more info

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