Dole All-Natural Asian Island Crunch Salad Kit

August 19, 2010
What it is: Ready-to-eat Salad Kit
Details: $2.50 per kit
Availability: Available in supermarkets nationwide
Categories: The Fridge
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The new, Dole all-natural Asian Island Crunch salad is a ready-to-eat salad kit that brings together tastes of the Pacific and Far East into a harmonious fusion of flavors. The blend of vegetables and lettuces is combined with toppings such as sliced almonds, dried pineapple, crisp noodles and Dole’s Own Sesame Ginger dressing. For a unique recipe, add shredded cooked chicken and fresh chopped cilantro. The Dole salad kit retails for $2.50, and is available in supermarkets nationwide.

One Comment on “Dole All-Natural Asian Island Crunch Salad Kit”

  1. Kim F. Says:

    Sounds wonderful , add chicken, sesame sees, manderin orange… ohh laa laa!

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