Best Fried Chicken…This Time San Antonio’s

May 20, 2009

This year gathering of food editors and chicken industry people took place in San Antonio (TX) in conjunction with the 48th National Chicken Cooking Contest. (The winner Brigitte Nguyen won $50,000 for her Chinese Chicken Bugers with Rainbow Sesame Slaw).

Again we indulged in fried chicken — not for a meal — but for a mid-morning snack along with coconut cream pie!  (I keep telling you it’s a tough job eating for a living … but someone’s gotta do it!)  The chicken was good, but — in my humble opinion — Willie Mae’s Scotch House fried chicken that we sampled last year at our  “chicken” meeting in New Orleans was a bit better.

Both were delicious (as who frequently indulges in fried chicken for a 10 am snack?) but the chicken that Kerry Seaton (Willie Mae’s great granddaughter) made for our group was a little bit better.

If you’re in San Antonio, give the place a try.

Earl Abel’s
1021 Austin Highway, Ste 175
San Antonio, TX


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