Tomorrow — March 9, 2011 — is the fourth annual Registered Dietitian Day, a part of National Nutrition Month. 
I'm Blogging National Nutrition Month
The day recognizes dietitians as those committed to helping others enjoy healthy lives through food. Instead of sharing my thoughts as a registered dietitian on eating healthy with colorful foods, I’ve asked Bite of the Best’s intern to do so. She’s a student of dietetics, hoping one day to be a dietitian.

– bonnie (a registered dietitian)

Eating healthy does not always come easy. I try to eat  something that’s not only good for me, but also looks good. Think a simple a salad: just lettuce is dull. But add spinach, Craisins, feta cheese, and almonds all tossed in a vinaigrette and the salad morphs into something appealing. A variety of ingredients adds both color and nutrients.

Now think snacks: a stalk of celery isn’t appealing alone. But spread peanut butter and sprinkle with golden and dark and raisins to both broaden its nutritional value while making it more attractive.

Consider broccoli. Instead of eating it plain, add some to your pasta or casserole, again adding color and nutrients.

As a dietetics student. I want to show people that food is fun, enjoyable and nutritious, not something to be feared. Incorporate more colors and you’ll enjoy a larger variety of healthy foods. A healthy diet does not have to mean a dull diet.

There are no such thing as good or bad foods,  it’s how you include them.

–     Stephanie R. Arellano, dietetic intern