Can Xu’s Public House, the newest restaurant to occupy the two-story space at 15 Union Square West, make it? I believe this is the third place that I’ve reviewed there!

I stopped by to meet a friend for a drink after it opened and learned that they were still waiting on their liquor license. The owner mentioned that I could dine there and BYOB. Sounded good to me.

When dining at XU’s, I started with their crab meat soup dumplings with pork (three for $8). I tried to remember what I had learned at Full House Cafe about eating them so I didn’t scorch my lips. I knew not to just bite into one; I forgot that I was to pick it up with my chopsticks by the twisted dough at the top while holding over the soup spoon. Instead, I poked it with a fork to release the hot chicken soup onto the spoon.  I recommend trying one variety and remembering how to eat it!

My waiter was green. Seriously so. He didn’t have a clue about the menu and instead of saying let me find out, he just guessed. (Later in the meal I learned that it was his first day serving.) After questioning others who walked by I found out that the Shrimp with Gai Lan Broccoli/Zucchini ($22) contained lots of veggies, as I had wanted. I ordered that and he delivered that dish with beef!

I mentioned the mistake and he said he’d be back with the shrimp dish. Forty-five minutes later with visits from every server, the manager and owner, I finally my dinner. Tasty it was yet only with broccoli no menu-stated zucchini.

Wanting more veggies, I asked for the stir-fried asparagus and mushrooms ($16), that arrived in a timely fashion. The manager did stop by again and apologized for the poor service and comped my meal and asked me please to return to try it again.

She also offered me the Tao Jiao Egg Tarts (3 for $8) for dessert; I said I’d tried one. Surprisingly good and not sweet. I liked that and would recommend.

Xu’s Public House
Union Square
15 Union Square West
New York, NY 10003
(315) 968-5030
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