After peeking in Le Soufflé’s window, seeing this quintessential Parisian place and checking out their incredible lunch deal, we mad a res and returned. We were headed elsewhere.

Monday through Friday from noon until 2 pm, Le Soufflé offers a prixe-fixe €29 menu with a choice of starter, main course, dessert and a beverage that include wine.

Although they offer meat and fish entrees, the main event here is the eponymous dish resulting from the addition of stiffly beaten egg whites to flavored egg-yolks. Le soufflé.

We each had a savory one for the main dish and then a sweet one for dessert plus a green salad. To serve each, the waiter places the puffy soufflé in front of you then carefully lets some steam out and fills it with whatever you chose.

I began enjoying my Soufflé Henri IV described as “poultry sauce with mushrooms” when I felt a bone in my mouth. What I pulled out was the winning side of a wishbone. How’s that for luck?


Located close to the Louvre, a delicious reasonably prices Parisian place for lunch. Be sure to make a res.

Le Soufflé
36 rue Mont Thabor
75001 Paris
Tél. : 01 42 60 27 19