Woolwich Dairy Wild Blueberry Vanilla Chevrai

June 11, 2013
What it is: A sweet honey and vanilla flavored, rich and creamy soft unripened goat cheese adorned with blueberries
How it comes: A 4- and 10.5-ounce logs
Where it is: Visit woolwichdairy.com for store location information
Who it's for: Goat cheese lovers (actually any cheese lover!)
Suggested retail price: 4 -ounce $3.69 - $4.69; 10.5-ounce, $6.49 - $7.49
Nutrition notes: One ounce contains 80 calories, 2.5 grams saturated fat (of 4.5 grams total), 80 milligrams sodium and 4 grams protein

An outstanding product that the three of us tried and recommend.
bonnie_webBonnie: Unpacking a box of cheese samples from a PR professional, I discovered a purple-covered log of Woolwich Dairy’s Chevrai. Under the blueberry coating, I found a rich and creamy goat cheese with a sweet honey vanilla taste.

I learned that this this delicious goat cheese, would hold it’s shape when sliced and broiled. But, I find no need to do that, as it is perfect as is, spread on a thin cracker or crisp baguette.

As you’ll learn from Bryan’s writing below, Chevrai is a made-up name, I’m guessing the company chose the fun name just to be different and stand out for marketing.

Naming aside, do look for Chevrai in the dairy case as it’s amazingly delectable.

BiteoftheBest bloggerBryan: I’d never heard the phrase ‘Chevrai’ before, but almost any iteration of goat cheese is A-OK in my book. A quick ‘google-ing’ of the phrase still left me a bit blank, as not even a Wikipedia page arose to fill in my knowledge gaps. What I found is that it seems to be just one more spelling of ‘chevre,’ a branding by the Woolwich Dairy to better promote their specialty cheeses. Whatever the reasoning for the name, the product is certainly worthy of it’s own classification.The Woolwich Dairy began in 1983 and has always prided itself on a rich tradition of creating only the finest award-winning goat cheeses. The company remains family owned and operated, leaving their passion for artisanal cheese and time-honored traditional production methods intact.

Today, Woolwich is North America’s largest goat cheese producer coast to coast. Their focus on quality has allowed them to achieve a level of quality that is rivaled only by big food conglomerates, while keeping the Woolwich name synonymous with quality. The company’s award-winning cheeses embody the the dedication to quality food that stems from the owners on down.

Chevrai is Woolwich’s traditional rich and creamy cheese made from fresh goat’s milk. It is an unripened cheese, maintaining a light, tangy flavor with a creamy finish. The dusting of blueberry and vanilla adds just a hint of sweetness and depth to this wonderful product. If blueberry or vanilla are not your thing though, Woolwich Dairy also produces a number of other sumptuous flavors including: Original, Fine Herb, Roasted Garlic, Fig, Bruschetta, Cranberry Cinnamon, Herbes de Provence, Peppercorn, and Honey Vanilla.

Eric (2 sunglasses)Eric: There are few alterations to food that I find delectable — at heart, I am a traditionalist. And, when it comes to cheese, I prefer an unadulterated taste.

I don’t find “Sun-dried Tomato” or “Jalapeno flavored” cheese appetizing.  Others may like that, but I want my cheese to taste like…cheese.

Of course, there are always outliers — products that skew perception, Add Woolwich Dairy’s Blueberry Vanilla goat cheeseto that list. For the seemingly poignant flavors, there is something incredibly soft and subtle about the taste. The cheese personifies “sweet & savory,” creating a near-perfect complement to any cheese plate.

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