Ninja Master Prep

September 16, 2009
What it is: A kitchen appliance to take the place of a blender and food processor
How it comes: All in one: a motor unit that fits a 48-oz. pitcher and 2-cup bowl
Where it is: Available by calling 1.800.255.9765 and at the Bite of the Best shop.
Who it's for: Anyone who cooks or who makes drinks in a blender
Suggested retail price: $49.99
Nutrition notes: NA
Category: Kitchen Counter, Drawer & More

Bonnie: “Rule the kitchen with this new Ninja Master Prep,” boasts the makers of this new kitchen appliance.

They claim that this under-$50 Ninja could dice more evenly than my expensive food processor and chop ice better than blenders.

“Skeptical,” is an understatement.

So, when asked, I agreed to test this as a possible FeaturedBite on Bite of the Best.

The Ninja came with a “Master Pod” containing the motor, which fits atop the two containers to power the machine. One use is on the “Mini Master Prep” a 2-cup quasi-food processor for chopping; the other is on the “Master Prep Pitcher,” a 48-ounce blender for making frozen drinks and smoothies.

The removable blades (notice the plural!) sit inside the containers, each of which has a pour spout and comes with a blue (my favorite color) storage lid.

But, does the Ninja work?

I first tested it on an onion. I followed the instructions’ suggestion to pulse the motor until the onion was the consistency I wanted. When done, I removed the top expecting to see different size pieces. Wrong. I found no chunks, just evenly chopped onion pieces. Same results with a ripe tomato.

Next test was the blender. The Ninja folks boast that this “blasts ice into…fluffy snow to make restaurant-style drinks in just seconds.” It does just that. Think frozen margaritas or daiquiris, yogurt smoothies or any slushie drinks.

Before making drinks, I suggest making ice cubes from whatever liquid ingredients you’re planning to use so you don’t dilute your drinks.

They suggest you serve, seal and store in the same container. That’s where I no longer follow their suggestions. I prefer to serve in nonplastic containers.

I like this product so much that one of my talent agency clients is now representing the Ninja.

Bryan: Ok, so I’m not going to lie. I definitely felt a little twinge of “infomercial” when first seeing my Ninja Master Prep. I mean, it slices, it dices… Don’t look at it the wrong way or it’ll kick your a$$! I heard the voice of kitchen gadget guru, Ron Popeil echoing in my head: “It’ll solve all your kitchen needs,” he whispered. “But I’ve heard that all before,” I answered.

Could it be true this time?

I have to say that part of my review of this product is unfortunately going to involve bashing another, similar product. While I don’t like pointing fingers, I had been promised this same litany of abilities from another company once, though my immersion blender/chopper from the Bistro collection truly failed to deliver on any of its boasts. My milkshake maker was a bust and impossibly hard to use, while the mini food processor accessory couldn’t even make its way through an already pre-chopped onion. I was promised everything and I got nothing. It was simply useless. (Sorry Wolfgang, you still make great pizza. We’re cool, I promise!)

When the Ninja arrived, I readied myself for disappointment again, but this time found none. The Ninja not only delivered on its promises, it exceeded every one of my expectations! This is two kitchen devices in one, and each of them actually works! Taking into account all the additional accessories, the Ninja is phenomenally useful.

The Ninja is quite a powerful and unique blender and food processor. I realized why this kitchen gadget got its name as soon as I started using it. While most other blenders and choppers have a single, bottom-dwelling blade, the Ninja has dual blades. This unique, if not revolutionary, adaptation allows the gadget to transform ice cubes into perfect, creamy frozen drinks in just seconds. Many blenders will leave chunks or transform cubed ice into a watery mess. There is something special though about the dual blades, creating the perfect consistency for shakes, smoothies and frozen cocktails.

The mini food processor is equally as powerful (both blades use the same interchangeable, top-driven motor). The chopper perfectly produces diced or minced vegetables; onions, potatoes, carrots, celery, and the like all passed with flying colors! The Ninja is also perfect for any of your salsa or dips. The pulse control makes it easy to avoid turning your entire creation into mush.

The “Master Pod” easily switches from the Mini Prep to the Prep Pitcher. I was worried, as I’ve sometimes seen TV personalities make this type of switch with ease, only to be confounded by my own, at-home try. I like things that are idiot-proof and the Ninja passed its tests with flying colors. The pod only fits on in one way, and the blades can only connect in one way. Utility is further compounded, as the set includes two storage lids, allowing your Ninja creations to last in the fridge without the need of an additional storage container.

The blender pitcher is generously sized, ideally designed for parties with a large 48-oz pitcher. It’s perfect for making several drinks at a time, and features an easy flip pour spout and no-slip bottom. The Ninja pieces are also dishwasher and microwave safe. It’s not going to make your dinner for you, but the Ninja will certainly multitask at your behest.

Eric: To explain this in modern written language, OMG this product is not a WTF. The Ninja, or as I like to refer to it, “the little infomercial product that could,” is an appliance designed for the modern kitchen as well as for the fast-paced lifestyle many of us live. Similar to its infomercial nemesis, “The Bullet,” the Ninja is designed for two specific reasons – crafting great ice-based drinks and prepping the otherwise tedious mise en place.

It’s hard to find flaws in a product with a simple, user-friendly design that not only works well, but helps to bring new life to a sometimes-dull kitchen. In my kitchen the Ninja has been a nonstop drink-testing machine – first with the mojito (fresh mint from the garden) and second with a daiquiri – that has helped to bring a few hours of creativity (and intoxication).Available at the Bite of the Best shop.

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  1. marc123 Says:


  2. Michael K Says:

    Excellent product. I tried it against the cusinart mini prep and because it had four blades it did a more consistent job of chopping. It also evenly chopped garlic into tiny pieces…a new addition to food processors in my opinion does a great job.,

  3. Dana Says:

    You’ve got my attention. I hate the Cuisinart mini-prep for reasons too numerous to mention. So can this replace it?

    Will it do a better job of chopping and pureeing of small amounts of fruit, veg and herbs than the Cuisinart.

    Can it replace a bullet-style blender, too.



  4. Bonnie Tandy Leblang Says:

    We’ve found that the Ninja can replace both your mini-prep and a regular blender.
    It does not replace the immersion blender.

  5. Mcnerd Says:

    I just purchased mine from Sears after checking that Wal-Mart did not have it on their shelves yet, but it was more expensive (of course). I love the 4-blade configuration and look forward to some high-grade chopping and blending. It doesn’t say in any of the narratives but the pitcher “is” for more than just beverages, as evidenced by a couple Chicken Salad recipes done in the pitcher.

    Product is made from a clear, thick, molded plastic with a Royal Blue trim. My only concern is the “Master Pod” is heavy and has no edges to grab on to, except for two flat spots at the top. Slippery or weak hands will probably need both hands to safely handle it.

    Definitely a worthwhile purchase and my old blender and chopper will go out to a garage sale.

  6. I brought my own microwave, thank you very much. | The Clever Kris Says:

    [...] to “perfect.” As we speak, I’m about ten minutes from going online and buying the Ninja. Have you seen the Ninja?! “Hello Onion, and then Hi-ya! Chop!” That’s what I [...]

  7. ginny gosnell Says:

    where can i purchase this?? zip 15601

  8. Bonnie Tandy Leblang Says:

    Ginny, I asked the company to respond! So stay tuned; in the meantime you could purchase one by calling 1.800.255.9765 or by visiting at

  9. Stephanie Zimnie Says:

    Kmart just got it in in our area.

  10. Flo Beggs Says:

    I am thinking of purchasing a vita-mix for heavy duty vegetable and fruit drinks. Will the Ninja do the job? job?

  11. mcnerd Says:

    I would not compare a Vita-Mix with a blender/food processor, which is basically what the Ninja is. They are different machines for different purposes. Differences in price too.

  12. Twinwilllow Says:

    Bed Bath & Beyond sells this product for 20% less ($39.99) with one of their (easy to get) coupons. But on the infomercial, $59.97 buys you two of them. Plus all the shipping, of course.

  13. moonraker Says:

    will the ninja shred cheese?

  14. chubbychinesegirl Says:

    Gosh, you don’t know how happy I was to see the ninja and now to read all these great reviews. I’ve had my “ultimate chopper” for years, and was totally happy with it, until it broke the other day. Then I saw the new montel william thingy…”healthmaster” and it promised this and that, when it arrived, the thing is a giant and hard to use, the hot soups it claims to make came out nasty, at at $266, I’m so returning it and getting me a Ninja! thanks!

  15. Flo Beggs Says:

    It is said the Ninja does not replace an “immersion blender”. What is an immersion blender?

    Thank you.

  16. mcnerd Says:

    An immersion blender is a hand blender that you use in the pot as you would a whisk. Long slender with a blade on the bottom. Great item to have in addition to your Ninja.

    As for shredding cheese, there is no shredder attachment or a feeder tube with a the Ninja, but it might do a good job of mincing it.

  17. Twinwilllow Says:

    I use my KitchenAid food processor with the cheese shredder blade for shredding cheese. However, If I’m not shredding a “mountain” of cheese, I’ll just use my trusty old hand grater.

  18. Lauren Platt Says:

    To Ginny: The Ninja Master Prep can be purchased at the Bed Bath and Beyond in Monroeville, Pa. It can also be purchased online!

  19. Deborah Frost Says:

    I’ll having trouble going to the Ninja special web site etc/ and to get their mailing address, for more information ? whom can help me? with the information?

  20. SAD Says:

    Good letter, Laura. I wrote to CVS and Price Chopper (NY market) I will also copy your letter and send it to Kellogg’s even though they keep blaming the stores for the discontinuance of this product. I plan on sending a letter to Rite Aid, Wal-Greens and Wal-Mart. If everyone who likes this product does the same thing, perhaps our voices will be heard and something positive will come of it.

  21. SAD Says:

    oops posted this in the wrong spot!

  22. deborah frost Says:

    where and what is the complete mailing address that I can buy online the Ninja prep? thanks

  23. Lauren representing Ninja Says:

    To Deborah – here is a link where you can buy one Master Prep and get one free. Or, you can purchase the product online at Bed, Bath and Beyond: Thank you!

  24. Lauren representing Ninja Says:

    Buy one get one free link:

  25. caddzooks Says:

    Looks impressive, but also seems to be a knock-off of my Braun MR5550 MultiQuick Hand immersion blender/chopper set, which has a 400 watt power unit that easily handles anything I throw at it. The only distinction is the dual-blade design, which I find interesting.

  26. Linda Barton Says:

    I just purchased the Ninja, on their web site with free shipping. That’s about a 21.00 savings. I think I heard that was available until Friday.

  27. chalynn Says:

    Since it’s a new product, does anyone know how long the product/blades would last? because it should be powerful but i would assume that it’ll depend on what you put in there. I just heard about this product today so although it looks great, guaranteeing a replacement sounds like good but also makes me question..any insight?

  28. Michele Says:

    If I want to make a simple salad dressing with olive oil, lime juice and a serrano pepper will it blend it all or leave the serrano pepper in big pieces like my cheap blender I have now? It’s a small amount so I’m wondering if it will blend the stuff that settles on the bottom.

  29. Kay Says:

    How do you get the free shipping?

  30. Nemat Says:

    The website to get the free shipping is Enjoy!

  31. Nemat Says:

    That’s if you are looking for the hyperlink.

  32. Kay Says:

    oh I see, so is either buy one get one free and pay for shipping or buy one and get shipping for free, but there is no option for buy one get one free AND free shipping, thanks all!

  33. Oce Says:

    Okay, I’ve heard all that it can do and my mom is dying to buy it soon. I’ve told her that if it pulverizes fruit into juices like Jack and Montel’s devices are supposed to, then I’ll happily take the second one that comes free when you buy the first one. The only thing I want to know now is, is it silent like ninjas are supposed to be? I hope it is, otherwise I won’t be as happy with it as I could be.

  34. rachel Says:

    Twinwillow — how can i get a hold of the coupon that takes $10 off the price at bed bath and beyond?

  35. Joanne Olsen Says:

    After reading these comments, I wish onecould have ordered buy one and get one free. I would have done that when I ordered mine yesterday. I am wondering if the extra containers contain the blades as well so we could go from one to the other without rewashing the blades. I had one years ago and used it quite a bit–slightly different though.I am sure I will like it..hope it isn’t too heavy for my hands. I also ordered the cookbook plus extra containers. Joanne..

  36. Kitty Says:

    I don’t understand why we can’t get the buy one get one with free shipping. Bed, Bath and Beyond is selling the Ninja for $39.95 with a $10.00 off coupon. If you purchase 2 that comes to just shy of $80.00. Buying the Ninja on-line: buy 1 get 1 free with $29.90 s/h fees comes to $89.85 I believe. This doesn’t really seem fair. I’m on a very fixed income and so are many people and I’m to have major surgery within the next month with severe diet requirements. This machine would be ideal for me since I’m wheelchair bound. I can’t afford the price for one with shipping hardly let alone the other. I really do need 2 of them to prepare my meal easier due to the difficulty of reaching the sink to wash it from a wheelchair. If those in my situation could receive help in getting this product a little cheapier it would be greatly appreciated and a real God send. Thank you.

  37. John Says:

    Has anyone compared this to the “Magic Bullet”??????

  38. Russell L knor Says:

    Attention customer service.I placed an order for your ninja today on the computer. I did not get notice that order had been placed . My phone number is 1 630 406 0778. Please advise. Date Purchased 10-12-2009. Thank you;

  39. John J Stokes Says:

    Ive seen your add on tv and I would like to send for the Ninja but I can’t do it until the frist becouse I’m on a VA pinion Do you except checks and money orders if you do please let me know but you do well I get everything that they show’d on tv if I do get everything they show’d on tv that comes with the ninja let me know as soon as you can please.
    Thank you for time.

  40. Chuck Says:

    This device is terrific. Reviews are good as well. That’s why I bought mine at Wal-Mart for $49.99. What I can’t understand is why no one mentions how totally misleading the entire infomercial is. What? Yeah, think about it. Virtually every example demonstrating ease of use using multiple ingredients, the pizza, the desserts with toppings, the salads, they are all prepared with multiple containers. One scene for making 2 effortless and differently seasoned pizzas has no less than five, count em’ five [2] cup containers on the counter at once all with different ingredients. You must have figured out by now that you only get ONE [2]cupper. Imagine recreating the chocolate mousse with the chocolate crumble topping with one container. There’s a whole lotta washin’ and rinsin’ and reprepping goin’ on in your own kitchen to do anything in the infomercial. The Ninja MP is cool alright. Just don’t think that like they say many times in the infomercial, you can make all these complete dishes in minutes, or seconds! Not. The all ingredients all together pitcher is the only one of the portrayals that’s accurate in time expenditure and effort.

  41. Jimmy Bulger Says:

    I would like to recieve information on who the manufature company of your product. Your time and help is appreciated.

  42. Chuck Says:

    This is a follow-up comment on my infomercial entry of Oct 15th. The manufacturer, Euro-Pro, told me an additional [2] cup bowl with a lid is $19.90. Shipping cost is $5.95. Bowl does not include blades or mixing top. Blade set is $18.95. Company website:

  43. Lauren representing Ninja Says:

    Jimmy Bulger – the manufacturer of the Ninja Master Prep is Euro-Pro. Euro-Pro is a provider of small household appliances (kitchen and cleaning products) that make busy people’s lives easier!

  44. Kimberly Says:

    QVC will be selling this as the Today’s Special Value. You get the Ninja with two pitchers and two bowls for under $54. The link allows you to order in advance of the show airing.

  45. Kimberly Says:

    Sorry, here’s the link.

  46. chalynn Says:

    Kimberly – sounds like a good deal but the link didn’t work for me

  47. Kimberly Says:

    I’m not sure why the link doesn’t work, but it will be the Today’s Special Value on QVC for $53.12 on Sunday Oct. 18th.

  48. Duke Says:

    Someone wanted a comparison between the Ninja & the Magic Bullet. Well, I own neither, but have read many reviews online at various websites. You can get many extensive reviews on the Magic Bullet from buyers at As for the Ninja, google “Ninja Master Prep reviews” and you’ll get links to many different websites, such as this one, providing reviews for it. From what I’ve read so far, the Ninja is an apparent favorite. I’m thinking of getting one for my mother from QVC. Thanks Kimberly for the link.

  49. mcnerd Says:

    I’ve never had an interest in the Magic Bullet since I can duplicate it by using my existing blender and a small mason jar (Blade & blender base fits most).

    The Ninja Master Prep, however, caught my eye immediately because of the quad blades and dual containers. The 6-cup size container allows for much more flexibility and I tend to use them both equally. I love using them to blend spice mixes.

  50. Kitty Says:




  51. milehigh Says:

    You can buy this on QVC…. I just heard it will be their “Today’s Special Value” on Sunday 10/18 (which starts and ends midnight ET daily), and will be a deluxe set for under $60 and will involve an EZPay option. That’s how I stumbled across this thread – was searching the web to do some research on this product. I have a feeling they could go fast and end up waitlisting by Sunday night.

  52. Brenda Says:

    Does anyone have the Bullet Express? Does it work as well as it does on the informercial?

  53. june Says:

    QVC Todays Special also offers it in two colors, the blue or a platinum.

  54. Lauren representing Ninja Says:

    moonraker – Yes, the Ninja does a great job of grating cheese!

  55. willie Says:

    Will it grind coffee beans?

  56. Lauren representing Ninja Says:

    Yes – grinds coffee beans as well!

  57. LD RN Says:

    QVC has them with extra bowl, pitcher and 2 lids. 64.00. Its todays special value at 54.00

  58. Lori Says:

    @Brenda who asked about the Magic Bullet Express the answer is NO!
    I have the Magic Bullet Express and it’s just ok. I like the shredding and slicing blade but both the slicing blade and the food processing blade have a problem with hard veggy like carrots and potatoes. And it’s kind of bulky to leave on the counter all the time. Truth be told I hardly use it any more. Honestly my little Magic Bullet cut carrots better than the Express model – that’s a shame.

  59. Lori Says:

    @Chuck You can go on the website and order parts, including the motor, separately.

  60. Lori Says:

    When you purchase the Ninja at a retail store does is come with the recipe book and all?

  61. chalynn Says: offers free shipping + about 100 recipes in a recipe book BUT the qvc website that has been listed comes out to cost the same despite paying shipping; however, they also provide about 20 recipes AND the thing that mattered more to me is the extra pitcher bowl & processor cup so i ordered it on QVC

  62. Pat Says:

    Bob Warden on QVC has a recipe book for $16+ for today only. It is currently on waitlist( if it comes in stock in 45 days it will auto ship)

  63. Les Says:

    Is this similar to the Bravetti food processor that used to be sold on HSN? This “quad-blade” technology really isn’t new.

  64. Verlan Says:

    You can buy the Ninja Master at Sam’s Club for $49.95 and it comes with 1 pitcher and 3 processor cups.

  65. Renee’ Says:

    Saw the infomercial this am, got my 20% off coupon and hit Bed Bath and Beyond and picked up the Ninja. $43 after tax, and if your coupon is expired they tend not to check dates. Really like it pretty easy to use, caution blades are sharp do not pull food back out, cut finger that way on blades. Pre cutting helps, made salsa and I did not cut uniform so I had to pulse a bit more but made a great salsa. At retailers it has 2 cup and 1.5 liter containers, with lids, 2 sets of blades, power motor and a small recipe book, not a huge selection in the book but bet you can find more on line. Seems pretty powerful and you could easily make mush if you hold it too long or over pusle. Enjoy!!

  66. rachel Says:

    where did you get your 20% off coupon?

  67. Lori Says:

    I went out yesterday to Bed Bath & Beyond also with 20% off coupon and bought the Ninja. I just made a cappucino smoothie this morning and it was perfectly blended, not one errant chunk of ice left.
    @ rachel the Bed Bath and Beyond 20% off coupons are sent via mass mailings pretty much on a monthly basis. You can go on and get on the mailing list. The cashier at the store told me that since the coupons are for 20% off just one item and not your total bill that you can use as many at a time as you want.

  68. jennifer Says:

    The buy one get one free on the website sounds good until you look at the shipping and handling which is just under $30. By the time you are finished, its almost $90. If you had two Bed, Bath, & Beyond coupons, two would cost $80. It’s definitely the best deal.

  69. Kitty Says:

    Rachel, I googled Bed bath and beyond 20%coupon discount, and I got one the same day,Good luck but before you do that please check out the Qvc special that was offered yest. you can still order it:
    You get two each of pitchers with lids and bowls with lids and 1 set of blades for $53.12 plus $7.72 s/h plus your sales tax. You don’t get the cookbook but you can use your own.

  70. Kitty Says:

    Rachel, I googled Bed bath and beyond 20%coupon discount, and I got one the same day,Good luck but before you do that please check out the Qvc special that was offered yest. you can still order it:

  71. EileenLeen Says:

    Ordered my Ninja on QVC after midnight Saturday night it was th special value and it was delivered today in Calabash N.C ,,HOWS THAT FOR EXCELLENT SERVICE

  72. EileenLeen Says:

    I GOT THE Platinum ,i think its exclusive to QVC,,BEAUTIFUL COLOUR

  73. charmaine Says:

    i saw the ninja master on the tv n i would love to get one but i dont have a crited card ,can i get it in store

  74. Ninja Master Prep Reviews Says:

    I’m loving my Master Prep. Like a lot of people have said, there are a few drawbacks, but overall I’m more than pleased. I’m enjoying it way more than my Slap Chop.

  75. Harmony Says:

    Just found the offer on the QVC website, but noticed that the warranty listed there is a 1-year limited warranty, not the lifetime limited warranty listed on the Ninja Master Prep website. Does anyone know if that is a mistake, or if they do not offer the same guarantee?

  76. Bonnie Tandy Leblang Says:

    Bite of the Best has asked Ninja for a response to your query about the warranty. Stay tuned for their answer.

  77. mcnerd Says:

    I’m not aware of what’s involved in “making baby food”, but if you use a blender then, yes, the Ninja Master Prep would be quite nice since it uses 4 blades instead of 2.

  78. Regina Says:

    I ordered mine from QVC, it came with 2 pitchers, and 2 prep cups for 58.98.
    I can’t wait to use it, just got it today.

  79. Annick Says:

    Regarding baby food, they did show water and carrots being blended for babyfood. I think you just add water to veggies and fruits to make it pureed.

  80. Donna Says:

    I got my Ninja on QVC’s Special and have been using it since last week. I think it’s becoming one of my best friends. It is really a powerful machine.

  81. Mark M Says:

    My wife & I haven’t purchased one yet, but plan to. I’ve seen these at Bed Bath & Beyond. I’ve also seen them at Kohls & at QVC seem to have the best price. $58.46 plus $7.72 shipping. This includes two of the pitchers & two of the chopping bowls. They also have over 50 people who have reviewed this item. The main complaint a few people have is that the gear mechanism at the top of the blades can strip out while using the ninja. I guess it’s made out of plastic instead of metal.

  82. EileenLeen Says:

    Me again ,i got mine as a qvc special ,about $65.58 with shipping and tax , havent used it yet but will soon ,,,Sams Club have the same Ninja with extra bowl and jug in blue for same as QVC, I GOT THE PLATINUM ,,, when you consider no shippig ,a great bargain indeed ,check it out

  83. EileenLeen Says:

    Forgot to mention Sams Club price is $49.99 plus tax and you get o use it same day ,no waiting

  84. Lauren representing Ninja Says:

    If the Ninja Master Prep is purchased in a store or on QVC, it comes with a one year warranty. The lifetime warranty is a special offer for the infomercial only. Thank you!

  85. Lisa RN Says:


    Have many people seen the Ninja at Sam’s? I checked online and mine doesn’t seem to have it. Is it just mine?

  86. Chris Says:

    I ordered my from QVC. I haven’t received it yet, but am encouraged by all the reviews. On QVC you get two pitchers and two mini choppers with one set of blades and one master pod for $58.46 plus $7.72 shipping and handling for a total of $66.18. I bought it while is was a Today’s Special Value and it was even cheaper. Go to They even have two colors and you can also order a separate cookbook.

  87. Candy Hearts Says:

    I understand that this Ninja blender will work very well. My question is … How DURABLE is it? It may blend and chop great today, but how quickly will it fall apart and quit working? Anyone had one long enough to know?

  88. mcnerd Says:

    Since it is a brand new product, nobody has owned it long enough to determine a lifespan, but I’m impressed with the quality of the machine, especially the containers.

  89. LVK Says:

    Could I get a little more details about comparing this with a vita-mixer. mcnerd says that these machines are for a different purpose. I would like to make veggie smoothies. My current blender can almost do it. What would happen if I tried to make one in the ninja? Thanks for your help.

  90. Candy Hearts Says:

    Thanks, McNerd! :)

  91. mcnerd Says:

    My apologies if I laugh on the desire to compare a $500 Vita-Mix with a $50 Ninja blender. For the price the Ninja does its blending well and if one reads the information about it smoothies are one of the main things it does well because it can crush ice to a fine texture. The Ninja also just has one big button.

  92. Izabella Segal Says:

    This is a warning to those of you who want to buy this product form TV ads
    I bought my Ninja form the TV advertisement for $59.99 (paid in 3 installments)with free shipping. The order supposed to come with 2 bowls and 2 pitchers, however only 1 bowl and 1 picher were included in the package. I was very dissapointed, because Bed & Bath and Beyong selling the same product for $49.99. I called to cust. service to request authorization number for my return, and the rep. told me that I have to pay for the shipping and plus they will deduct their shipping and handling charges from my refund amount plus I should write a letter why I’m sending back this product. When I was trying to tell the guy that I paid for 2 bowls and 2 pitchers, he was very rude and told me that this is a company’s return policy and hanged off on me.
    I never had such a terrible experince and would never buy anything form TV in future

  93. Gregory Snegirev Says:

    I Laykto nov mor enformeytion abaut blender & woranty I liykto bay sam

  94. Judy Hoffmann Says:

    why can’t I find the ninja website. I’m interested in purchasing this machine–the tv special included 2 sets for 3 payments of 19.95. I would appreciate any help you can give me

  95. Michele Says:

    You can get their recipes from their website

    The 2 for 1 offer on the is 29.90 Shipping!!! You can get a better deal at Bed Bath and Beyond with the 20% off coupon. Or if you need extra bowls..QVC.

  96. EileenLeen Says:

    Best deal of all is at Sams club if theres one near you ,its$49.95 ,put it in your wagon pay for it plus tax and Home ,it has the two extra BOWLS plus lids just like QVC ,SANS SHIPPING ,, best deal of all but i saw it too late had mine delivered already ,,good luck it is terrific ,and a lot of fun for the family

  97. Becky Ivey Says:

    when I first tried my ninja I was in love and I told everybody about it. I had given up on finding a machine that could grind ice to the consistancy of new fallen snow…..the best I could hope for with a home appliance was those miniscuel ice pieces…….but no…..then came the ninja……last chance then I give up…..after all there really is no perfect…….is there ……The I got the ninja home and use it ….and used it………and mmmmmmmmm ….it was perfect. Then I put the motor on the small container and It didn’t catch just right…..I pulsed and heard the ugly sound of gears grinding….. …….. …….. That was the end. Fifty bucks down the drain and no matter how perfect the ice was and how much I loved it I’m sorry my pocket doesn’t hold an extra $50 for a food processor. Make those parts out of metal and I’ll be back……or tell me where I can get them right now….lol…..ok so I’m being dramatic but so were the results of the ….NINJA……to. lol Becky

  98. Brad Says:

    If you get rid of the space between ninja and special you’ll be all set. Should look like (internet addresses don’t have spaces).

  99. Mcnerd Says:

    Becky Ivey….the gear socket seems to be just screwed on and should be easy to replace, though I have not taken it apart to verify. I would contact the company about it. Should be under warranty.

  100. Mark M Says:

    I finally bought the ninja. The ice cubes that our freezer makes are huge & I was skeptical about how well it would perform… It crushed the large ice cubes into snow. I was very impressed. I have heard other people having problems with the gears stripping out. If they made these parts out of metal the machine would be worth it’s weight in gold. (Well maybe not.) If enough people email the manufacturer, maybe they’ll correct this problem.

  101. Judy Hoffmann Says:

    I went to the website again and the ninja tv special never came up. I would like to purchase the tv special of 2 machines but cannot find the site. Maybe you have the phone number. I know that you have to go with burt the site comes up with everything but the machine. Thanks

  102. Joanne Olsen Says:

    Judy, I saw the infomercial on the two for one special in the “wee small hours of the morning”. If I see it again I will put the number on a review for you..This was Friday or early Sat am the 31st. You never know what you will find on tv at those hours..Good Luck…Joanne Olsen

  103. Mark M Says:

    I don’t know what they cost on the infomercial but you can go to type in ninja master prep & purchase the ninja with two pitchers & two chopping bowls for $58.46 plus 7.72 shipping.

  104. Pat Isner Says:

    Just checking reviews on the Ninja and it sounds like I’ll be hitting Bed,Bath & Bey tomorrow. I have a Magic Bullet and have burned out my second base. Not a good product.

  105. Don Says:

    All very interesting/helpful etc., but what is the wattage? Don

  106. mcnerd Says:


  107. James L Carter Sr Says:

    Why do you insist my zip code is wrong? It is 986315806.It is the correct one for Long Beach, Washington. I have tried to order the Ninja Prep and am not able to complete registering.

  108. mcnerd Says:

    “I” have no complaints about your zip code and this is not the place for ordering the Ninja, so who are you complaining to? Wherever you entered your zipcode have you tried just entering the first 5 numbers?]

  109. Nena Says:

    the NINJA is available at SAM’S CLUB for 49.99 and it comes with the pitcher and NOT 2,BUT 3 small master preps. Anything goes wrong with it? Sam’s has a decent return policy

  110. Ted Says:

    We just got back from the BB&B store with a Ninja. If you don’t have a 20% off coupon, go to Bed Bath & Beyond’s website, click “Email Signup” at the very top and put in your email. You will instantly receive a printable 20% off coupon.

    So got home and immediately tried it. Put in some apples, bananas and some orange juice and some ice cubes. Since this is my very first blender, I didn’t want to “over do it” – ya know what I mean? Anyhow, it blended all the items as if they weren’t even there. Ice cubes got smashed instantly! Very nice!!

    The bases have rubber rings so it literally sticks to the kitchen counter top. Very easy to operate. The top part (where the motor is) is not slippery at all.

    Hope it will last for a long time. Very happy with it!

    The little crowns (for rating) don’t seem to work. In case they show up incorrectly, FIVE (5) stars!!!

  111. KAREN Says:


  112. Don Says:

    The comments are very impressive, but I agree, wait for metal gears. Nothing, obviously an over statement, is more frustrating than purchaing an appliance that works only to have it fail. Don

  113. Frank Ferrell Says:

    The Ninja is cheap, plastic gears do not hold up. This thing is brand new and the marketing is way too gimmicky–$29.90 S&H is ridiculous. Betcha money in 6 months everybody’s Ninja will be gathering dust in the closet. Plastic is not fantastic.

  114. Sara Chavez Says:

    I just purchased the Ninja (actually told my husband to get it for me) He bought it at Sam’s Club kind of like Cosco Warehouse for $50.00. I went ahead and tried it right away and made a smoothie with frozen strawberries and bananas. Really liked it, it did “chop” the ice to look like a snow cone. We also did just ice and fruit juice which turned out good also. Looking forward to try to make some guacamole and other things.

  115. STELLA B. Says:


  116. STELLA B. Says:


  117. Phil D. Says:

    Are the blades for the Ninja plastic or metal?

  118. mcnerd Says:

    Quad blades are metal and very sharp.

  119. Nora Brungard Says:

    I ordered the ninja duel machines off an infomercial on Friday the 13th – didn’t get an order # or confirmation email from anyone. I couldn’t get customer service on the phone and emailing them they want an order # HELP
    What is going on with the product I ordered. My credit card has been charged but I need assurance that I will receive the Ninja Package

  120. Brae Says:

    I just bought the Ninja from BB & Beyond. I have a coupon now that I’ve sign up to be on their mailing list. I will print out the coupon and bring it to the store along with my receipt for an adjustment. I’ve used coupons before from BB & Beyond and didn’t have to bring back the item.

    I’m concerned about the gear stripping. I’m using it every day. So if they wear out, I’ll take it back to the store. BB & Beyond is good about binging things back as long as you have your receipt. One other thing I love about the Ninja, is how silent it is. I was considering using ear plugs with the Montel blender because it’s that loud. The Montel, lasted about 2 months and it started leaking from the bottom. I returned it and got my money back.

    I like the Ninja a lot, and truly appreciate what little noise it makes. The double blade along with a base that doesn’t accumulate bacteria sold me on it. The blades are sharp and I have a paper cut on one finger. So be careful when handling the blades. Tonight I made some bean soup and had celery, onions, and peppers to slice and dice. I cut the vegetables to fit into the Ninja and it did a better job than any other blender I’ve ever had, bar none.

  121. Bugie Rich Says:

    I love the Ninja. My husband had lapband surgery and I like to make him a real nutritional smoothie. However at 6am, the roar of the blender was enough to wake up the entire bldg. The Ninja is quiet and does an amazing job whipping through frozen fruit, protein power, yogurt, milk and I sometimes add a pkg of oatmeal. It comes out sooooo smooth and I know he is starting the day off with a nutrient packed breakfast. Ninja—you are a great product.

  122. Jim Says:

    Will the Ninja make peanut or almond butter?

  123. Joanne Olsen Says:

    Do be careful when washing the blades…I got a nice cut when I forget blades were in soapy water and plunged my hand in. I really like how great things meat looked like it just came from the market, made a beautiful hamburger. Thanks Ninja..

  124. Mcnerd Says:

    You would probably burn out the motor on the Ninja by doing continuous grinding action necessary for making peanut or almond butters….but otherwise it would probable do a good job.

  125. Nora Brungard Says:

    november 22nd.
    Finally got the ninja I ordered from the infocommercial and it is great. So far I only tried the smaller grinder to chop celery and onions for meatloaf and it was very easy to use.
    Thanks for your help!

  126. nate Says:

    the niga seams like the coolest thing ever

  127. Mcnerd Says:

    I don’t know about its coolness, but it is very efficient for the job it does compared to its cousins. The name is appropriate.

  128. A Noun Says:

    It looks amazing, but does it froth milk for coffee drinks? And does it make cole slaw, or chop too fine? Thanks

  129. Mcnerd Says:

    If you do those things already in a Blender, then yes, but it is not a food processor nor a salad shredder, though it does do some things quite well.

  130. Bob Says:

    I have a Bullet blender that I mostly use with my protein shakes. I only fill it 1/2 full of ice water with 1 large scoop of powder. It makes a great foamy shake, but if I overfill it a bit or churn it too long, it leaks around the lids rim and shaft due to the foaming pressure! The Ninja would be better at controling leaks since the lid and shaft are on the top instead of the bottom.

  131. Adriana Says:

    i saw this product on the bed bath and beyond site and watched the mini video.. I really want to get it to make frozen drinks. I’ve bought other margarita makers claiming to make amazing frozen drinks but none of them work.. Is this product true to its word or will I just end up having another appliance to add to my storage?!

  132. Mcnerd Says:

    So far this appliance lives up to the hype, especially on its ability to uniformly grind ice. I like it for how it evenly grinds/chops everything else. The quad blade really makes a difference.

  133. marko Says:

    i just went to target and purchased the ”ninja master”…i made the very very best salsa i ever ate in my life last night, ”restraunt style salsa”….crushed ice into snow,and put together a real fast tuna salad,all in less than 25 minutes time..the thing does live up top the hype,its awesome!

  134. marko Says:

    be very careful when cleaning this ninja,those blades are crazy sharp! but i love the ninja master for sure,i can see myself enjoying lots of smoothies,salsa,skakes,etc…

  135. marko Says:

    i was very skeptical myself,have bought many things only to be dissapointed,this was truly the one thing that lives up to the advertisement,i purchased the bullet a few years ago to only be dissapopinted in cup size,power,etc..the recipe book is kind of small,not tons of recipres like i would hope for…so if anybody has some fancy smoothies,etc. ,please share em so i cam make in my ninja,thanks..

  136. marko Says:

    the salsa was so easy to make,i put in 5 tomatoes (medium size) 3/4 of an onion,4 sticks of celery,1/2 a hot pepper,some salsa season,and a squezze of lime,and ninja did the rest in a few seconds…

  137. andrea Says:

    Had it for less than a month. Had trouble aligning motor into blade on smaller container. Tonight it just stopped working. Returning it to QVC.

  138. Christine Says:

    All I have to say is I threw out my old blender. I have made spectacular smoothies, milkshakes, frozen mocha concoctions, and more. The recipe book basically gave me A general idea how to make stuff, but with a little creativity, I have made some awesome stuff. I can practically turn my kitchen into Dairy Queen with the Ninja. Love it!!!

  139. Brooks Says:

    My wife ordered the Montel Williams HealthMaster two weeks ago and it has yet to arrive. I have viewed his infomercial as well as Ninja’s. The Healthmaster will have to be on the counter as it can’t fit in our cupboards. My first test will be to chop ice. If it doesn’t do that as the Ninja apparently does, back it will go.
    The soup making feature of the HealthMaster or bigger blenders seems to be an inefficient method of applying heat.

  140. Ed Says:

    I purchased my Ninja on 11/29 at BJ’s Wholesale Club for $44.98 including two xtra containers AND for an additional $6, I purchased an extended warranty which allows me to replace the product for any reason at all (even if it is dropped) for 24 months. That is the best deal!

  141. Ed Tyner Says:

    I have been a chef for over fifty years, and normally ignore “gadgets” as seen soo often on TV. A fellow chef presented me with my new Ninja (He knew I would never purchase one, even if prompted to do so). After using the Ninja for two months,,,,, I have purchased several for friends and family, as Christmas presents; I love it!

  142. marko Says:

    the ninja is awesome,i love it way better than the money i wasted for the bullet blender!!!! hands down a lot better!!!! this is one of the very few as seen on tv products i ever seen that lives up to the hype!

  143. marko Says:

    i purchased the ab circle pro right after the ninja also,thats not to bad of a product neither,i was really worried until i physically used it…..i’m running a steep bridge,using ninja to boost my health/diet,and ab pro circle to tone,and also herbal life meal replacements,and i’m seeing great success fast!!!

  144. marko Says:

    i did not see a huge savings on buying one and supposebly getting one free gimmick,time you get ripped for excess shipping and handling,your almost at same price you get two at the store for…i paid the extra couple dollars so i could use it right away,instead of wait 10-14 business days…i say go to the store so you can open the box and see what your getting,and take it home right away…

  145. Jennifer Says:

    I am worried about the plastic gear issue, and asked the online customer support at about this. Here is the chat:

    You are now chatting with ‘Jake’

    Jake: Good Afternoon, how may I assist you?

    you: Hi, Jake, I’m Jennifer

    you: I’d like to know if the problem I’ve seen online about the gears stripping in the Ninja is as serious as people say.

    Jake: they have since fixed this problem and anyone that does call with this item receives a free replacement no questions asked

    you: Oh, really? Good. Are the gears still plastic or did they go to metal? I’ve heard really nice things about the unit in general.

    Jake: the gears are still plastic just they have been re-inforced

    So apparently they have addressed the problem now to the point where they think they should hold up better. Thought others might be interested in knowing this.

  146. Scott Manesis Says:

    My dad asked me last week what I would like for Christmas. We live several states away and he wanted to ship me something.

    The Ninja is not something I would have ever purchased for myself but the wife and I have seen the commercial a few times for it on television. I figured a good gift would be something I would never buy but be interested in owning.

    It arrived yesterday (surprisingly quick, Dad must have had it shipped to him overnight as it was shipped from his house).

    I have only had a chance to use it once. I diced some onions last night with the small cup. It did a great job, I was expecting to see the usual undiced pieces stuck to the sides like you do in most food processors, I didn’t. It did a fantastic job.

    The quality of the product is high compared to the cost. I was surprised at the thickness of the pitcher and the bowl. The no skid feet was another impressive bit I noticed. Also the lids seal super nice.

    I don’t see why people are so worried about the plastic gears, take a moment and make sure that the motor is engaged properly to the base before you start pressing the big button and it should never be an issue, unless the previous ones were cheaper and did not line up properly.

    My only complaint is how they packaged it. I cut the crap out of my finger just trying to get the blades out of the pitcher to get the cardboard off of it. WOW these blades are sharp…be careful.

    As for the mention above about peanut butter and grinding peanuts wearing it out….ummmm it is designed to turn ICE into snow, most ice is harder than peanuts.

  147. Bob Says:


  148. Bob Says:


  149. Brooks Says:

    I bought a DeLonghi mini processor (310 watt)several years ago which operates on the same principle as the Ninja. It works great for fresh salsa and the plastic gears have held up so far.

    I would like to see a head to head test against the big boys and see them make a green smoothie using reasonable leafy vegetables.

  150. Mcnerd Says:

    Bob, do you by any chance work for a competitor company? Your distaste for plastic is noted but unrealistic since most things are made from plastic today and are stronger than steel in some cases. Ninja admitted there is an issue with the small gear if the unit is not handled correctly, but they came up with a solution. Better than your spam.

  151. Jennifer Says:

    I tend to agree with Bob to an extent, and if the reviews of how the unit works weren’t as stellar as they are, I wouldn’t have bothered with it simply because of the gears. But I did buy it from Ninja Kitchen because of the lifetime warrenty on it. You will pay $15 a pop to replace anything with them each time you use the warrenty, but I’d rather do that than 18 months down the road be throwing something out because it failed after use. I really hate throwing things away! I thought it encouraging that they have addressed the issue, as well. Makes it seem like something that will be around for awhile.

  152. tim Says:

    I am thinking about buying the Ninja, You guys have good reviews. I am going to get it at Bed Bath and Beyond. I have a 20% off and $10.00 off coupon. That makes it $30.00 buck. Good deal

  153. Kelly Says:

    Can the Ninja replace a coffee grinder? Can it grind hard spices?

  154. Mcnerd Says:

    Replace a coffee grinder? I wouldn’t unless you are wanting to grind pound of coffee at a time.

  155. Theresa Says:

    This beats the Bullet, hands down. Read the reviews, if you’re skeptical. It does exactly what the infomercial says. But when I called, they wouldn’t give me two for the price on the infomercial.(like it says) I argued, because I was sitting on the couch talking to them as I was watching the infomercial, but they wouldn’t budge. They said I would only get one. SO….I bought one from Bed, Bath and Beyond with a 20% off discount coupon, and only paid $42.88. Regular price of $49.99. Great Product!!

  156. Gadgets AS SEEN ON TV – Chevy SSR Forum Says:

    [...] for reviews…. and it looks to pass the test pretty well. Anyone have one? Review below… Food and Product Reviews – Ninja Master Prep – Food Blog | Bite of the Best __________________ The years teach much which the days never [...]

  157. Brenda Says:

    I received the Ninja as a gift from parents who purchased it at Sam’s Club, included pitcher and three containers for $49.95, my parents and I both have used the Bullet for quite some time, sorry but the Bullet does not even compare to the Ninja. I love this product but I came across a problem, was using the pitcher to crush ice, which I have done before and had no problem, but today it was not chopping all the ice. Moved the remaining ice to small container and worked fine. While cleaning out the pitcher and blades for the pitcher, where the blades connect into each other was stripped. I did not use too much ice, did not pulse too long… I did receive an extra 2 year warranty with the Sam’s Club purchase so will be calling on Monday to Sam’s and to Ninja to see who will replace the pitcher blades for no cost. The plastic does make me nervous, but I still love this product.

  158. CHERYL Says:


  159. Paula Says:

    And I just noticed it’s also available at amazon..

  160. Brenda Says:

    I cannot get through to the phone number Ninja has listed, this is ridiculous, I have a one year warranty and would like to have my blender blades replaced and how can I do that if the number they have listed is impossible to get through to. I have tried for three days and no success. Had to go through email, wonder if and when they will respond??

    I love the Ninja, but I have to admit that I have had my Bullet for over 3 years and have never had a problem with it, the Euro Pro company is someone I am not happy with right now.

  161. sam Says:

    How does it do with frozen bananas?

  162. Mcnerd Says:

    Interesting question. I’ve never known anyone (else) or would want to put a whole frozen banana into a blender, but I’m sure it would eventually turn it to banana mush.

  163. Ed Says:

    I purchased a package of Dole Frozen banana slices, added some heavy cream and a frozen Reese’s peanut butter cup and made ice cream. It turned out perfect! I also used my Ninja to make homemade potato pancakes. Although it did not shred the potatoes, there was absolutely no difference in the way the pancakes tasted and my elbow did not hurt from the grating. I love this machine!

  164. Chef Michael Says:

    First off I am 52 yrs old and have been “testing” these so called “gagets” since the days of Ron Popeel. I can honestly say that the Ninja REALLY WORKS!!
    I bought mine at Target and after a week of trial and error I have it mastered. It is the ONLY machine that really ‘chops’ onion/garlic,tomatoes,the list goes on and on. I even grated cheese and it turned out perfect!
    What I found works best is Ice Cube trays.I freeze Milk,all my juices,fruit ect. I dont use Ice except for my Ice coffee.Try using it for ANY baked goods. Cake,biscuits,pie dough,you will be amazed at how it changes the texture to “Pastry Chef perfection”!! I have $7000.00 Hobart industrial mixer and it works even better than that. I made a comparison on the hobart VS the Ninja and everything I have made is 10 times better! The reason Im sure is that it blends it to the max. I still have to use the hobart at work but I am buying another to take to work,I dont care if I have to make several batches to make up for the portions, I just hope it lasts, but with the lifetime guarantee Im not worried about it. I recommend this little work horse to everyone. Im not kidding, and I am a chef and am in no way affiliated with the Ninja company..

  165. Don Says:

    Who is Chef Michael? When I googled him I came up with a fictional person involved with dog food.

  166. Chef Michael Says:

    Chef Michael is a chef at a Hotel in Portland Oregon

  167. justin Says:

    Has anyone else had problems with the motor. Mine stays on even when im not pushing the button and i can’t get it to turn off. I have to unplug it from the wall in order to take it off. This is the second Ninja that this happened to. The first one lasted about a month, the second one lasted only a week or so.

  168. mcnerd Says:

    I use mine almost daily and never had a problem with the switch sticking in the on position. I assume you have contacted the company about the issue.

  169. Shaina Says:

    We just bought this yesterday and love it already! We have a Magic Bullet already and although I love it and it comes in very handy, it’s not very good at crushing up real ice, it only seems to work good with the store bought softer ice. However, for the Ninja it is no problem. The first thing we tried when we opened it is fill it up with ice cubes (and rather large ice cubes at that) and it only took about 5 seconds for the Ninja to turn the ice into snow! I can’t wait to see what else this thing can do!

  170. Sonshine7488 Says:

    Here is the breakdown..Sam’s Club has the Ninja for $49.00 and it includes 2 pitchers and 2 cups! Bj’s has the Ninja for $49.00 with 1 pitcher and 3 cups, Bed, Bath and Beyond and it for $49.00 (but with their easily obtained 20% off coupons it comes to about $39.00) and theirs has only 1 pitcher and 1 cup, Kohl’s has it also for $49.00 with 1 pitcher and 1 cup (and they also have coupons for up to 30% off as well as “Kohl’s Cash” credit back so you’d get $10 back), Walmart also has it for $49.00 for the same set of only 1 pitcher and 1 cup. Bottom line, if cost is the biggest issue, the least expensive option would be Bed, Bath and Beyond for $39 for the basic set, or if you have the 30% off coupon for Kohl’s (like I did) you get it for only $35, however, if you think you may need the extra cups for pitchers, Sam’s Club and Bj’s have a good deal for the $49.00 with the extra accessories. I just got mine last night and am going to try it this morning. Happy to read all of the positive reviews. But I did bargain shop for this unit so I hope I saved someone some time in looking for the best deal..Merry Christmas! :)

  171. Burlington Says:

    Well, I burned out my Montel Healthmaster blender motor yesterday after 3 weeks. I was mashing potatoes and it started smoking. Now DEAD.

    I bought a Ninja and used it this morning. My fruit smoothie was more of a slushie compared to the big machine but sometimes chunky is better.

  172. ufomanm Says:

    The trick to the Ninja is to make everything with Ice cube trays that uses liquid. I now have frozen Milk,juices, fresh fruit. I add about 1/4 cup milk for my Ice Cream, any fruit will do and I add about 2 tbs sugar. I will turn out like Ice Cream once you get it down… I LOVE THIS MACHINE!!

  173. Patricia Says:

    I love my Ninja!!! Only had it about 10 days and have made the most fabulous drinks. Is there a site where people have entered recipies that they have made? I can’t purchase the recipie book as I am travelling and cannot have a book shipped to my home address. At the moment I am living in a hotel room for 2 months with a hot plate, micro and my Ninja. My little Ninja has made my stay here so much easier for food prep.

  174. Patricia Says:

    I haven’t read any questions about the sharpness of the blades holding up over time. I know of no cutting surface that doesn’t dull after a certain amount of use. If the “snow” is dependent on the blades’ sharpness, will the “snow” eventually turn into “sleet” when the blades grind down a bit?

  175. marko Says:

    i have had mine two months now,fitting the ninja motor part on top of the two containers is sometimes a lil head ache,other than that it cleans up easy and nice,makes snow ice in a few seconds,very nice and well worth it so far after a few months…way way way better than the bullet junk,i lost money on that bullet wanna be blender before… is fun..

  176. marko Says:

    ninja only needs a much bigger recipe book for sure for more smoothies and deserts,meals,etc…..

  177. marko Says:

    please enter some nice smoothie and desert recipes please,you ladys are better in the kitchen at mixing some goodies up,thanks a lot,marko

  178. tillie jackson Says:

    something is wrong with my chopper, it wont chop any thing i only used it one time. it started out great,help if you can.(order from tv)

  179. Brooks Says:

    Tillie–Read the directions. Get the little white thingy on the lid lined up perfectly with the white thingy on the motor. I found that paying close attention to getting the lid on perfectly helps. (the lid and pitcher lips perfectly aligned.

  180. Lori Says:

    Brooks is exactly right. you have to have everything – top and bottom – lined up and seated snugly before you hit the big blue button or you’ll run the risk of the unit just not working properly and/or stripping the gears.

  181. Flo Beggs Says:

    to Tillie Jackson, Make sure the blades are assembled correctly, they kind of lock together but the main stem on the bottom wobbles.

  182. Trece Says:

    I love the ninja, I just got it last night for christmas and it it AWESOME!!! I made my frist smoothie last night and it tasted so well no chunks or ice pieces smooth.. :) VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER

  183. Charlie Says:

    Sonshine7488, Sam’s Club version has 1 pitcher and 3 mini-prep cups (not 2 pitchers and 2 cups as you indicate). At my local Sams it was just $44. QVC has the 2 pitcher/2 cup version for (I think) $58 + $7 shipping. Of all the deals, I think the Sam’s version is the best deal. If you don’t need the 2 extra mini-prep cups then the Bed Bath Beyond $40 deal is next best deal.

  184. Patricia Says:

    Is the Ninja available in Canada yet and what is the price? Thank you. Pat

  185. John David Says:

    I really want this Ninja Blender, But i be DAMN if i pay $29.95 for Shipping and handling, Are they Crazy, Do they think we are that stupid, It does not cost $29.95 to ship a item like this, I will continue using my wal-mart Black and decker blender, I can wait till this item is in store’s

  186. John David Says:

    Shipping and handling is way to HIGH, $29.95 are they crazy ???

  187. Brooks Says:

    If you by from the infomercials and it sounds like too good, expect to get ripped on the S&H!

    My wife bought a “two for” deal on a drill-weed auger. The S&H was incredible–a genuine rip!

  188. Beth G. Says:

    The Ninja is great! It does everything the infomercial says, and it’s a must have whether you’re a star cook or just like to dabble a little.

    I got mine on Christmas Eve, and I’ve already used it three times!

    This morning (Saturday) I made a smoothie. Then just now, I made a delicious choco-banana frosty.

    Tonight I’m going to use the mini cup to make guacamole.

    Get the Ninja!!! You will love it!

    Choco-banana Frosty

    1 ripe banana (any size will do)
    8-10 ice cubes, or about 1 3/4 cup
    1/4 cup chocolate syrup
    1/2 cup milk

    Blend ice to “snow”-like texture, then combine all other ingredients in the large Ninja pitcher. Pulse for about 15-30 seconds, or until ingredients are well blended. Pour in cup or glass and enjoy!

    Makes 1-3 servings.

  189. Beth G. Says:

    Just wanted to add that I got mine from Bed, Bath and Beyond and used a 20% coupon, so with tax, I only paid $41.

  190. Diana Says:

    The reviews, so many happy people praising this blender. All I want is to make vegetable and fruit smoothies, that’s all. Every blender I’ve tried, died. I would like to make smoothies everyday;one for breakfast and one for lunch, while at work. I do not have a lot of time in the mornings for fighting with a blender trying to line the top with the bottom perfectly. Is there a way to align the Ninja without getting frustrated. Why is it so hard to make a blender that has a powerful motor, durable and at a great price? I hope the Ninja Blender is the last blender for awhile that I will have to buy!

    Off to Sam’s Club I go!

  191. Brooks Says:


    I found that if you get the top cover and the lip of the pitcher lined up exactly the motor will drop on.

  192. Jenifer Says:

    This is absolutely the best thing in my kitchen! It is so fabulous and does everything it says. I love making smoothies for family and friends and they love my creations! I love making fruity concoctions and also guacamole! We just bought the ingredients for tzatziki sauce and can’t wait to try it! You will definitely love the Ninja!!! My friends are jealous :)

  193. Jennifer Says:

    I found out that if you have some apples that are getting soft you can make a raw applesauce out of them. I didn’t peel the apples, just chunked them up and let the Ninja do the rest in the cup. I did need to do about 4 apples to make sure there was enough volume for the blades to get a good crack at the apples. If there were liquid in there it wouldn’t have needed that much, but being as dry as they were there wasn’t any “suck” into the blades without a good volume of the apples. The applesauce turned out really nice, quite dark, but with all the value of the peels in there that you don’t get with normal applesauce.

  194. Michael Says:

    I have a $325 Blendtec blender that I use for fruit smoothies. There is nothing better than this blender to make the best smoothies in the world. But I need another one to bring to work, so if a $40 Ninja comes close to doing the same thing, that’s okay. The question is, how close can it come?

    Here’s what I put in mine: 7 ripe bananas plus one frozen, 5 frozen strawberries, and 2/3 cup frozen blueberries. (I also add other fresh fruit, but let’s ignore that for now.) NOTHING ELSE … NO ICE … NO LIQUID. I don’t want a slushie; I want a smoothie that is totally homogenized and that I can drink without using a spoon. I would appreciate it if someone could try this recipe and tell me how creamy the Ninja makes it (and how long it takes to make it). I realize the Blendtec is 3 HP (1500 watts) vs. 400 Ninja watts, but that’s why no liquid is needed.

  195. mcnerd Says:

    Since you are willing to spend $325 for a commercial blender, buying a Ninja would seem a minor expense to get the answer(s) you want directly. If the household blender doesn’t stand up to your $325 one then just give the Ninja to an appreciative relative or friend.

    However, the Ninja likes chopping ice so perhaps you need a more expensive one.

  196. Ed Tyner Says:

    Here is my response: Hey Dufus,,,,,,there is nothing advertised `bout the Ninja that I have found wrong. You must line the components correctly,,that is most people`s first error. And then remember,,,it is not for a ( forgive me,,,how many types of fruit and how much ice ) huge gathering. It is as advertised,,,just that. I posted here once before,,,and I`ll say it again! I will put my 50+ years of culinary experience against you. It is not how much you paid,,it is simply, did it do what it said it would do? I have no dog in this fight,,,,but let`s be fair?

  197. Patricia Says:

    I am still staying in a hotel room, another month to go, and trying to save a little money by cooking some of my own meals. I had a hot plate and a microwave until I purchased a Ninja. It has been a lifesaver, not to mention the money I have saved by not having to eat in restaurants all the time. I think that I have already paid for it with the money I have saved.

    Last night I needed to have some grated cheese so I cut up some Pecorino Romano into approximately 1 inch squares, pulsed it a few times and had PERFECT grated cheese. I removed the cheese and put in one garlic clove, pulsed it only two times, added 3/4 cup fresh basil leaves, about a cup of whole tiny tomatoes, 1/4 cup olive oil, 1/8 cup balsamic vinegar, salt and peppar (measurements approximate as I don’t have a measuring cup), pulsed it a few times to a ‘rough’ consistency. In the meantime I had my pasta cooking on the hotplate. When cooked I emptied almost all of the water from the pot, I left about 1/4 cup of the hot pasta water in with the pasta and added the sauce and a bit of the cheese that I hade made in my Ninja, put it on a plate and topped it with a bit more of the cheese. This was one of the easiest to make and most delicious pastas that I have ever had.

    Try the recipie and let me know what you think. I would appreciate seeing any recipies that anyone else has come up with. PMC

  198. Karen Says:

    I bought my ninja about 3 weeks ago & I loved it. This morning I went to make a smoothie & the motor was dead. Anybody else have this problem? Not sure if I should just return it or get a replacement.

  199. mcnerd Says:

    Make sure your motor is properly seated in order to engage the safety switch. Very hard to burn out the motor unless you ran it nonstop for a long period and I think you would know instantly if that happened.

  200. Rebecca Woodruff Says:

    KAREN- If your motor is indeed dead make sure you registared your Ninja and then call them and they will replace it.

  201. michelle g Says:

    I got my Ninja for Christmas I love making Mixed Drinks I used it yesterday(New Years Eve) for the 1st time it worked very well but how will it work for long period of time does it work as good as the Magic Bullet?

  202. Sam Miles, the Guilt Free Gourmet Says:

    I am an International Yacht Chef, known as the Guilt Free Gourmet and author of 2 Guilt Free Gourmet Cookbooks. I am not going to bore you with repeats of everything already said. Just go buy it and you won’t be disappointed. REALLLLLLY. I would put my name on it any day.

  203. heather Says:

    THIS IS THE BEST! My husband and I are both in the Army and our ninja has put our blender to shame in the name of fitness! We use this everyday and when our daughter is napping or sleeping in in the morning we can make our drinks and she doesnt wake up or move its so quiet!

  204. Stacey Says:

    Bought my Ninja at Kohl’s last night and have used it 3 times already and think it’s great! I was googling to find some soup recipes when I came across this site. I do wish it had a bigger recipe book. Does anyone know where to find more recipes?

  205. Patricia Says:

    Hi Stacy:
    I also have asked where we can find more recipies. You would think that with all the requests for more recipies that the company who sells these magical Ninja’s would be generous and put a few more from their cookbook on-line. It can only sell more Ninja’s for them. Last night I made the guacamole exactly as the recipie in their booklet instructed and it was truly the best that I have ever tasted. If you look back to Dec. 27th you will see a pasta recipie that I made with my Ninja that is truly one of the most delicious pastas that I have ever made. Good Luck and enjoy your Ninja.

  206. Mcnerd Says:

    All you need to do is Google search for “Blender Recipes” and you will find thousands. Remember the Ninja is first of all a blender. It just does it better.

  207. Donna Says:

    I ordered a recipe book from QVC when I got my Ninja written by Bob Warden called “Bob Warden’s Ninja Master Prep Cookbook”. It has 150 great recipes for the machine and all that I’ve tried are great. I love my Ninja.

  208. Stephen Says:

    I have read most of the comments here but wonder if they are biased in favor of the Ninja?

  209. Sam Says:

    Does this mixer work with 240 Volts in Eurpoean standards. I saw the specifications which says 120 Volts which is a US standard. May be i need to use a converter !! Any idea ?

  210. Mcnerd Says:

    Stephen — of course this is biased in favor of the Ninja. It is a blog to rate and review the product by people that bought/own one.

    Sam — it is a USA appliance only, meaning 120 Volt 60/cycle and plug, but you can always contact the company and ask if they have plans to make a 240V International version someday.

  211. Scarlett Says:

    I’m so thrilled to read a positive review for the Ninja blender! I’ve seen the infomercial twice (a bit of a “made for TV” junkie, I must admit) and was really surprised to find it on the shelf last night at Target. I’m more of a microwave cook than anything else, but I love making shakes and smoothies and my regular blender fails miserably at crushing ice. If it works as well as reported here, I’ll be a very happy Ninja master! ;-)

  212. Paul Johnson Says:

    I have had the Ninja for just over 2 weeks and have used it maybe 4 times. It was great until the one time the plastic gears on the drive head did not fit just ever so perfect onto the blade stem….1 push and 2 seconds of weird sound and now the entire thing is worthless. Plastic gears are stripped will not even stir anything…no replacement parts either!!!!!. I am totally disatisfied. I work with alot of tools in the construction industry and realize when things dont fit just right you can have problems….But no warning no way to know it had not seated just right and in less than 2 seconds…or before you realize something is wrong…ruined machine and a bunch of unblended smoothie ingredients into the trash….WHAT A POOR DESIGN….what a bummer…now I have to go buy a real blender.

  213. mcnerd Says:

    What do you mean “no replacement parts either!!!” Did you contact the company? As reported earlier they actually have designed a replacement gear that is stronger than the original and will send it out.

    I disagree that there is no warning that the motor is not seated, but it is much easier to blame the product that the person using it.

  214. Paul Johnson Says:

    Yeah I am sure it was operator error judging by the many positive reviews…Problem lies with…it broke after the 4th time of useing it…i did not abuse it …did not load it incorrectly…just tried to use it and it broke! A good design would make it use friendly enough to avoid this problem…it does not. As far as contacting the company for the stronger replacement gear….umm maybe others had same problem???? well after 10 min of talking to recordings I finally left a message on some machine….we will see how quick I get a call back…If they know there is a problem why would they not give a direct # to order replacement part ot make it even a little bit easyier to fix the problem????….

  215. Charlie Says:

    I have to agree with Paul. The Ninja design needs to be made foolproof to avoid gear stripping. Being aware of the problem I am ultra careful when placing the head onto to the prep bowl and haven’t had a stripped gear yet…but I can see how it would be easy to do so.

    So far I’m impressed with the Ninja’s abilities. I’ve used it to expertly chop up left over roast beast to mix in with my dog’s food (a chore to do by hand as he’s a small dog and the pieces need to be small but not so small as to be dust). Tonight I used it to grate swiss cheese deli slices, cheddar cheese from a brick of cheddar and make crumbs out of cheezits (my own horrible mac and cheese recipe). WHile I didn’t like the mac and cheese it wasn’t the ninja’s fault…it performed great.

    I picked up some chocolate syrup and ovaltine to make some choclate malts/shakes this weekend. I will also try to replicate some frozen coffee drinks a la Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts.

  216. Neeker Says:

    Charlie, send those recipes if they work out for you! I love making the banana and strawberry smoothie. I make at least one a day, it’s filling and so good for you!!

  217. martha Says:

    okay i got my ninja for Christmas my daughter bought it for me and she is ten she knows how much i love to cook. i watch the tv show about the ninja and it showed how to make strawberry ice cream in 3 minutes we i opened it and discovered that the recipe is not on there. i am very disappointment does anyone or can anyone tell me what the inexpedience was for that ice cream? thanks a whole lot Martha Bonine

  218. EileenLeen Says:

    Martha,you will need 1 and half cups of milk,,,, one quarter cup of heavy whipping cream,,, one quarter cup of sugar ,,, one cup of frozen Strawberries ,,, i tablespoon of Strawberry Syrup,,,one quarter spoon of vanilla extract ,,, then ,,,thats your shopping list ,,,, then you combine the milk cream and sugar stir to disolve the sugar fill one ice cube tray (16cube)with the mixture freeze for 3 hours until solid ,,,, place the ice cream cubes in the master prep mixture then add the frozen Strawberries syrup extract plus another half cup of Milk OVER THE TOP,,, secure the pitcher’s top and pulse for 10/15 seconds until smooth and creamy ,,serve with a drizzle of Strawberry syrup or fresh Strawberries ,,,i copied this recipe from the Ninga Cook-Book, any way i can help ,please just ask ,,and enjoy ,,,, it will become simple second time you use it as you will have stocked up on ingredients ,,,,,HAVE FUN

  219. EileenLeen Says:

    Martha ,pick up a couple of ice trays for further use and play Loose just switch fruits around ,RASPBERIES ,BLUEBERRIES ETC,, It will be so much fun for you and your Daughter,,Ei

  220. EileenLeen Says:

    Sorry forgot to mention ,,Strawberry Syrup in the squeeze bottle ,the one you use for Strawberry milk ,,

  221. vharris Says:

    I am considering buying the HealthMaster for the benefit of putting veggies with fruits and my 3 boys loving it. I’ve read everyone’s comments on the Ninja vs. the Bullet vs. the HealthMaster. Sounds like any of them could have a potential issue, but can the Ninja emulsify veggies and fruits together like the HealthMaster claims?

  222. Patricia Says:

    V Harris

    Absolutely yes. P:

  223. Mcnerd Says:

    I love trying to justify a $50 appliance being compared to a $200 machine. No, the Ninja is not equivalent to the $200 HealthMaster, but for a $50 appliance the Ninja I think will give you more than get your money’s worth.

  224. Brooks Says:

    I had both the Healthmaster and the Ninja. The Healthmaster motor burned out within 3 weeks while mashing boiled potatoes and went back last week. I called them and they took it back postage paid. Really,that was first class service.

    The Healthmaster probably made a smoother green smoothie, if that’s important.

    The Healthmaster cannot chop a nice chunky salsa like the Ninja.

    I then bought a $99 KitchenAid-20% coupon at BBBY and have the best of both worlds. The KitchenAid seems to be able to do everything the Healthmaster can do (0.9 HP vs 1.75 HP) and is smaller and more manageable. I am not interested in milling flour or emulsifying avacado pits.

  225. Stephen Says:

    can anyone tell me how loud the Ninja is as noise is an issue for me. Other blenders have sounded like an airplane taking off.

  226. Rishell Says:

    How do i make ice cream with the ninja because the directions only allow me to make a smoothie.

  227. EileenLeen Says:

    Rishell,go back a few posts to no 219 plus the following two posts the recipe is right there for the Ice Cream,,, the recipe book is well worth the buying its very good ,Ei

  228. Brenda Says:

    I asked for this for Christmas! One day I was making a wrapped chicken breast meal and thought ‘this would be good in stuffed shells’. So then I made 2″ raw chicken cubes and filled up the large container. I did about 6 pulses and my chicken was in canned tuna consistency.. I added in spinach, spices and cream cheese and stuffed my shells. I made too many as always. This gave me the opportunity to share them for reviews and they were loved! I had some kids here and made snow cones in seconds for them. When my kids were younger snow cones were time consuming and messy. This is a totally easy prep and clean up! My fave gadget! LOVE IT! Brag on it!

  229. Maggie Says:

    I got a 20% off coupon for Bed, Bath & Beyond. Where do you obtain the $10.00 coupon to save more money plus I thought someone mentioned you got more than the 2 containers with lids but on Bed, Bath & Beyond’s website, it listed only one each. Thanks.

  230. Carol Says:

    Where do I get recipes? There were none with the Ninja.

  231. angie Says:

    Does the ninja grind meat? If not can any of you suggest a really good meat grinder than I could buy. Thanks.

  232. mcnerd Says:

    The Ninja is a blender, not a meat grinder, though I guess it could make a good mess of some meat.

    If you want a meat grinder, get one like your grandmother had. Do a Google search for ‘meat grinder’.

  233. sandi Says:

    I got out of bed to order this from qvc and thought I would check out the reviews first. I was so excited until I heard about the plastic gears…I’ll keep using my food processor until they come up with metal blades.

  234. mcnerd Says:

    Regular blenders have plastic gears also and one can easily strip those too if you are careless. Metal gears will also strip, again if one is careless. Don’t be careless and the appliances are fine.

  235. Diana Says:

    I agree with you Sandi. I was prepared to make the purchase until I read reviews from other sites regarding the plastic gears. Yes other blenders may have plastic gears, but the complaints were not about stripped gears.

  236. Charlie Says:

    During the Ninja demo today on QVC, Bob Warden, the demonstrator, stripped the gear on the Ninja pod. He had it on the mini prep and he was attempting to turn apricot ice cubes into ‘snow’ for a fruity concoction. He didn’t have the lid or the pod seated correctly. The pod stripped ultra-fast…less than a second on two burst. They moved on real fast without mentioning the stripped gears but it was obvious this is what happened.

    I look at it this way: be VERY careful to seat the pod properly. Use two hands while using the Ninja…one to pulse the other to hold the pod firmly on the mini-prep bowl or master prep pitcher. If the pod kicks off the container STOP immediately. Remove some ice (or whatever else your blending) if the unit is kicking back too much.

  237. Scott Manesis Says:

    It’s kind of interesting to see all these complaints.
    We have had our Ninja for almost 2 months now, we use it frequently.
    I have not had a single problem with it.

    I suspect the stripped gears things is mostly due to impatience and not putting the motor onto the lid correctly.

    If you take 3 seconds to ensure it is seated properly I don’t see how the gears could strip.

    It is a shame that USER ERROR is giving this product a bad rep.

    I wouldn’t trade mine for anything.

    I am not affiliated with Ninja Master Prep in any way. I just have been getting these email comments in my mailbox since I left my first comment and had to say something.

    The quality of this machine versus the cost really was surprising to me. I thought it was going to feel and act cheap…it is far better quality than I expected.

    I am totally impressed and would recommend it to anyone and just add one bit of advice, make sure the motor is seated properly on the lid BEFORE you hit the button, not WHILE you hit the button.

    That’s all,


  238. Patricia Says:

    Re: Scott’s Comments.
    I totally agree with Scott. For the cost of this machine I think it is the best value for money that I have ever spent. i love using my Ninja. You just need to take time to make sure that the lid is on tight and that the motor is on nice and tight BEFORE you pulse. Hold onto the machine to steady it with one hand and pulse with it with the other hand. If the gears strip the company realizes that they did have a problem with the first units that they shipped and will replace with stronger gears at no cost. If your gears have stripped, DO NOT throw the unit out. Get in touch with the company and let them know. Happy Ninjaing!!! Pat

  239. Brooks Says:

    I broke a plastic piece that fits over the blade spindle. The part couldn’t cost $0.25. I called and talked to a pleasant girl in India whose accent was too thick for me and we were not communicating well. Anyway they are sending me an brand new power pod!
    If it breaks, they will send you a new one—go for it. The fresh salsa is worth it.

  240. Lisa M Says:

    I just purchased the 2 for 1. 3 payments of 19.99, BUT I chose to pay all at once and I got 2 for a total of 89.75. That’s a better deal than QVC. That makes each blender approx. $45 each with shipping included.

  241. Neeker Says:

    If you use the 20% off coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond, you can get 2 for about the same price and not have to wait for shipping. My husband went in and bought one with one coupon and I did the same with another coupon:-)

  242. Lisa M Says:

    Thanks Neeker…..great idea!

  243. Jazzy J Says:

    Can the ninja blend whole fruits and veggies or do they have to be peeled and sliced before putting in ninja?

  244. Neeker Says:

    I’ve discovered that things dice and slice equally when cut into 1-2 inch portions. This allows compilation of the items to be chopped by all four blades at the same time instead of the blades having to redistribute in the container and then chop.

  245. stormrider Says:

    Stumbled here by accident. I want to know what is it that the magic bullet or the healthmaster does that the ninja bullet cannot do. In otherwords, can one of them do what the others can’t. I am trying to decide which to get.

  246. Brooks Says:


    My wife bought the Healthmaster several weeks before about the Ninja. Healthmaster started smoking and failed while I was trying to mash potatoes which is probably a bad idea. They took it back no questions asked as it was within the 60 day trial and there is a warranty on the motor anyway.

    I did not try to make soup with the Healthmaster as I think that’s an inefficient way to heat food. I’m sure you would not want to do that with the Ninja. Both chop ice very efficiently. The ninja chops a nice salsa without making pulp. The health master may make a smoothie a bit smoother. I bought a KitchenAid blender which seems to be able to do nearly as much as the Healthmaster so now I have the best of both worlds. the Kitchen Aid is much easier to manage than the bigger health master machine.

  247. Ben Says:

    Brooks what model number kithcenAid did you get. I have a ninja (haven’t used it yet) but will be looking for a good blender to, Thanks

  248. Brooks Says:


    The KitchenAid blender is a KSB 5600—it works well and will crush ice and make a good fruit or green smoothie. I would recommend keeping the carafe out of the dish washer. Parts are readily available and you can buy a return or referb from KitchenAid on ebay for $55 plus s&h.

    $80 with 20% off coupon from BBBY.

  249. elizabeth Says:

    Does it really chop and dice? Green peppers or cucumbers for example..without turning it into mush? Say it is so, and I will buy!

  250. Patricia Says:

    Hi Elizabeth:

    It definitely chops and dices to any size that you want. It is the dual blades that make it so successful at chopping. You can keep it going to make “mush” if you have a need to. The Ninja makes the best guacamole ever. I also use it all the time to grate my cheeze for topping pastas etc. I cut the cheese into approx. 1 inch cubes and then process it as course or as fine as I want. You will never regret purchasing a Ninja, just do not order it off line, too expensive when shipping added. Download a coupon from Bed Bath and Beyond and get it there. Cheers! Pat

  251. D. Says:

    Just bought my Ninja and on the 3rd use the plastic part of the motor that fits onto the plastic part of the blades decided to melt or chop into their own lil pieces which I came upon in my smoothie. I wouldn’t pulse over the 20 seconds as suggested. I actually wouldn’t go over 10 seconds as it wasn’t needed. I thought this was going to be the best thing ever but now I just want to take it back being I don’t like eating plastic and I’m sure it’s going to continue until it doesn’t work anymore. I’m so disheartened being it seemed like it would be the perfect addition to any kitchen.

  252. Brooks Says:


    Look at comment #240. I think I have figured out a solution to the problem. If the power pod doesn’t drop right on, give the blade spindle a little twist and line up the gears.

  253. Pat Says:

    I received the Ninja as a Christmas gift. Used it once for a smoothie – it was great. Used it a second time for a smoothie and the plastic gear stripped out. I will be returning it. You get what you pay for! Never buy anything with plastic gears.

  254. Charlie Says:

    Wow, all these stripped gears…a running theme here.

    If you don’t seat the Ninja Pod on the pitcher or mini-prep IT WILL STRIP! If you use the Ninja properly it won’t strip.

    This is user error causing the gear stipping.

    To all those looking for metal gears…do you realize both the Ninja pod and where it mates onto the blades would need to be metal for it to make a difference? I doubt that’s going to happen.

    What’s more likely is for the Ninja to be redsigned so that it won’t operate unless seated properly on the blade assembly.

    This is a great unit if used correctly.

  255. D. Says:

    Sorry Charlie but you weren’t here to see that the unit was used properly. Brooks you’re a nice helpful person and I thank you very much. It’s nice to see there are so many kind people in the world.

  256. Charlie Says:

    D, just how do you think your Ninja’s gears got stipped? I haven’t seen any other theories or explanations other than poorly mated pods to base/blade assembly.

  257. D. Says:

    Well Charlie I don’t know about others but me personally couldn’t work the unit unless it was fitted in properly to begin with. As to why or how it happened I don’t know. All I know is that it was quite frustrating being I love the ability that it has.

  258. Maggie Says:

    I didn’t see where anyone answered the question about the comparision between the Magic Bullet and the Ninja. I had always wanted a Magic Bullet & just hadn’t bought one yet. Thanks.

  259. Mcnerd Says:

    I don’t consider the “magic bullet” to be comparable to the Ninja since they aren’t the same size. I think one person commented they didn’t like the MB because its seals leaked after awhile since the jars are upside down.

  260. Neeker Says:

    My friend has the Magic Bullet..I brought my Ninja over last weekend and we had a showdown. First, we blended blending a strawberry daquiri-type smoothy, then diced tomatoes, spinach, onions and garlic for a dip, then did the snowcone (which is especially yummy with Kalhua and cream!! Anyways, when it was all said and done, all in good fun of course, she and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and got her a Ninja the next day to be on the safe side:-) This was a very informal, but effective side by side comparison and all items from my Ninja were done exceptionally more efficiently and in more uniform consistency than the MB.

  261. Maggie Says:

    Neeker, thanks so much for the info. I have researched prices, etc. and think that Sam’s Club at $49.84 plus you get 3 instead of 1 16oz processor is a good buy. The reason I was questioning about the Magic Bullett was you get a blender and juicer with it but there’s a lot of stuff to store when if the Ninja is just as good or better, I would rather go that route.

  262. Maggie Says:

    Oh, yes, if you need a second one for a gift, on their official website, you can buy 1 get one free at $59.85 plus P&H $29.90 for a total of $89.75. They also have an upgrade with 2 add’l pitchers & choppers with lids for an add’l $39.90.

  263. Charlie Says:


    Thanks for the pricing info. I had thought the Sams Club version was the best value but seeing as buying direct gets you 2 complete Ninja’s for $90 that’s pretty good too considering by buying ‘direct’ you get the lifetime warranty (I think). The Sams and other retail versions have a one year warranty.

  264. Charlie Says:

    Well, I don’t see the lifetime warranty claim on the website so perhaps it only applies to the infomercial version. I did find this buried url on a google search:

  265. Christin LeBlanc Says:

    Well here’s the deal! I love your product soooo much that i wrote a little song type deal about it.. Some think it sounds corney some think it sounds awsome.. i’d like for you to write to me and tell me what you think.. ok here goes.. Please don’t laugh ok..

    Twas the day after Christmas
    and my blender was broke
    so i bought me a Ninja
    and thought “is this a joke?”
    I plugged it into the wall
    and got a big suprise
    that sucker blended my ice
    right before my eyes
    so buy you a blender
    a Ninja my friend
    and you’ll never ever ever
    buy another blender again

    ok ya’ll that’s it.. word for word something i came up with in about an hour.. I think it sounds cool… Use it as you wish..
    Have a great day and God Bless!

  266. sylvia Says:

    I bot the ninja and it is a piece of crap. It is impossible to line up and when it does chop, it chops all different sizes AND mine just broke after only about four uses and a lot of aggrivation. Don’t waste your money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  267. Mcnerd Says:

    Wow, now there is someone who holds back on her opinion and her ability to use simple mechanical kitchen appliances. Of course if the appliance is not being used correctly it is a good probability that the chopping results would be bad too.

    Now I will go back to making beautiful bread crumbs.

  268. Steven McHennegy Says:

    I’ve never used a faster product than the ninja ever! It’s wholly fully the most best processor that i’ve ever even tried!!

  269. Steven McHennegy Says:

    90 percent of the comments were clearly written by the people selling this product!

  270. neeker Says:

    I can assure you skeptics out there, that I do not sell the product, merely use it correctly. I bought mine 2 months ago and one time I was in a super hurry and didn’t place the motor on correctly and heard a funny noise. I immediately lifted it and did it CORRECTLY and it works fine. Stop the paranoid talk people. It makes you sound very silly.

  271. Ditch Says:

    90% really?? Do you sell the product, since you gave a glowing review?

    I love my Ninja. I’ve had it for 3 months and I use it daily and have had no problems with it what so ever.

    Buy it – don’t buy it who cares.

  272. Mcnerd Says:

    I think think Stephen misquoted. It should have read 90% of these people have ‘bought’ a Ninja and used it quite successfully.

  273. Lauri Says:

    Do you know how powerful the motor is? Horsepower? Watts?

  274. mcnerd Says:

    Product Details
    * 48-ounce blender and 2-cup food processor with interchangeable power pod
    * 400-watt motor head with one-touch pulsing for maximum control and consistant results
    * Quad blade technology for uniform cutting and ice crushing action
    * Splashguard and non-slip bases
    * Removable parts are dishwasher-safe

  275. Bob Says:

    Here’s the deal. This product works pretty darn good. The main problem I have is cleaning(drying) the lid. And beleive me it’s not that big of a deal. As far as line up goes, well, you have to use your head a bit. Unless your a child you should not have any problems. Ok back to the line up…..if you fill it with frozen chunks and then try to put the top on properly, it may or may not go on. If it doesn’t, rotate the blades a small ammount. SMALL AMMOUNT. And try again. It’ll work. Read the instructions. Understand the instructions. Follow the instructions. Use logic and common sense. I have read most of the comments here and quite honestly, some of you folks should not try to use anything that has a blade or otherwise sharp component. Stick to lego’s.

  276. Brooks Says:

    i love this product cause when i was hammered i tried green olives and vodka and made the best drink ever

  277. s7i545 Says:


  278. Mary Says:

    I just ordered the Montel Williams – Health Master yesterday and then I saw the ninja commericial. Im having second thought but I want to make sure the ninja can stand up to chopping & blending a whole picture full of veggies. Someone let me know so I can cancel HM before it is shipped.

  279. Brooks Says:

    Mary, take a look at post 139. The motor on my Healthmaster burned out after three weeks and I sent it back. the ninja has a 0.6 hp motor and healthmaster’s motor is rated at about 1.75 hp. I think the ninja probably will do 90% of what you need unless you’re going to be milling rice flour or chopping up avocado pits. I bought a kitchenaid blender for about $100 minus $20 coupon and it seems to make a smoothie just as well as the healthmaster and I don’t have to use the pusher. Neither machine chop like the Ninja.

  280. Allarah LaVelle Says:

    My daughter was using the smaller unit of the Ninja(which I gave her for Christmas) and the unit malfunctioned. The “bullet”(the top part with the motor, got stuck to the plastic piece that goes under it and it all came up together, the bullet, the plastic cover and the blades came up all attached. Since this never happens she didn’t realize it until it was too late. She was holding the top piece and inadvertently pressed the button that makes it go and since the blades were ‘stuck’ to the top got badly cut cause the blades turned on. She had to go to the emergency room and had LOTS of stitches on both hands! We were told that she needs to report this or to sue the company cause the product was defective. She is not a child. She is 29 yrs old and will have to miss work now because of it. She cannot use her hands and was lucky that it didn’t take one of her fingers off or cut a nerve leaving her hand damaged. We still don’t know the extent of it until a couple of weeks go by and she gets the stitches removed. When it starts to heal we will find out if she has any trouble using the fingers. This is serious and she already posted pictures on Facebook and I will be posting them on myspace and other social network sites.
    Now on my unit, I have stopped using the small one because when I put the ‘bullet’ on top of the plastic cover it is ripping up the top of the plastic and eating it away. So I am getting plastic shavings on it when I remove it. So I stopped using it. Maybe this is what happened with hers. I was lucky I stopped using it. We are going to talk to a lawyer tomorrow. I tried to attach the pictures but it wouldn’t work. If you email me I will send them to you. Allarah LaVelle

  281. neeker Says:

    I truly am sorry to hear about the accident; however, I do not feel there is a need to post any pxs of her injuries on this site, or anywhere, but it is the 21st century where everything needs to be posted somewhere to give someone validity I guess. I do have a comment or two. I understand she is 29, but the fact remains, that whenever something is wrong with an appliance of ANY kind and you are going to try to fix it, the first thing you do is UNPLUG the darn thing. Had she done that, there would have been no power to the motor. I personally, ALWAYS think twice and even three times about sticking my hand into something, especially when anything sharp is involved…duhhh comes to mind. The sad thing is, is she will probably win any lawsuit regarding this because we are in America, where ludicrously obvious errors in human judgement get rewarded via law suits…It could have been prevented. It’s not rocket science people. Motor + sharp blades + malfunction = UNPLUG THE DAMN THING FIRST!I am a mom of 3 and I would feel horrible if this happened to one of my GROWN children…but I like to think I taught them better. If this happened to them, I would sue myself. Your post makes you look like an ambulance-chasing, lawsuit hungry, can’t take responsibility for my actions individual…it ain’t pretty man.

  282. neeker Says:

    Oh yeah, and I DO NOT have any affiliations with the company that makes the Ninja, just in case some of those paranoid commentors are wondering:-)

  283. Allarah LaVelle Says:

    To Neeker. Obviously you have not seen a picture of the Ninja or you would know that normally there would be no need to unplug anything because the top portion of the Ninja is the part that turns it on. And it is like a “bullet” that has NO BLADES attached to it at all. It sits on top of a plastic cover and the blades are INSIDE the plastic container that holds the food you are trying to cut up. Normally you have to pull hard to get plastic top off and the “bullet” never gets stuck to the plastic cover and the blades certainly do not attach to the top at all. So there is normally NO way you can get cut at all. This time however, the bullet got stuck to the plastic top that it sits on and even the blades came up. But you would have no way to understand that unless you know what the Ninja looks like. Go to Ninja Master Prep and take a look at a Ninja and you will understand what I am talking about.. But if you were reading this that tells me that you know what a Ninja is or you would not have been on this website. So why would you say that she would have to unplug it or worry about the blades at all. If it was not defective it could never have gotten stuck for it to come up all together. So before you comment you should read more carefully in order to understand what actually took place.

  284. Allarah LaVelle Says:

    Neeker: You don’t know what you are talking about. Read the description of what happened again and you would know that the product malfunctioned. The top got stuck to the plastic lid of the container and normally that never happens so there is no way to get cut. It all came up as one piece with the blade attached. And if she loses work and has to pay for hospital bills due to a malfunction they need to pay for that.

  285. Allarah LaVelle Says:

    Please re-read the description of what happened. There is no reason to unplug anything normally. The thing malfunctioned and she should be paid for time she loses from work and her doctors bills

  286. Charlie Says:

    Allarah, I guess your saying your daughter didn’t realize the unit malfunctioned until the mini-prep lid with blades still attached came off when she was removing the master pod and the thing just went off in her hands.

    I’m usually not one to abide frivilous lawsuits but I think you may have a genuine case here.

  287. neeker Says:

    If you looked at recent posts, I have owned my Ninja for several months and have had great success, with the exception of my error on placing the motor (which is by the way the top portion that will engage the blades and pulgs into the electrical outlet)a bit off center and it made a funny noise for a split second when I realized I had not aligned it properly. It still works fine as I didn’t insist on keeping it running. All things man-made have the potential of “malfunctioning”. It’s a fact of life. In this case, see the Owner’s Manual for the Ninja Master Prep. On Page 1 (Important Safety Instructions) it has 21 points, many of which reiterate the fact that the motor is connected to electricity and to unplug it first in the event of a malfunction. #18 specifically states: Immediately release the On/Off button on the motor head in the event that the appliance malfunctions during use. On Page 3 of the Owners Manual, under CAUTION, it reads: Make sure that the power head is unplugged from the electrical outlet and that the blades have stopped turning before attaching or removing any accessory.
    As you mentioned, the fact that your daughter “accidentally” hit the power button on the motor head after the splash guard and blades were still attached and out of the canister screams of improper handling, regardless if the unit malfunctioned. She accidentally turned the power ON.
    When my toaster malfunctions, I unplug it first, then dig out the toast; again, it’s not rocket science or even highschool science. It’s common sense, much of what we are losing as a society, in blaming everyone and everything else for our own negligence, but quick to beat down the doors of the closest attorney who will, for a fee of course, represent and perpetuate this kind of behavior. Oh yes, good luck posting on the social websites…nothing like drawing sharks to chum, you will get the attention you crave.

  288. neeker Says:

    Charlie, check out the first post, that states, “She was holding the top piece and inadvertently pressed the button that makes it go”. That is my point about this. If the unit was turned off, and she pressed the on button accidentally, it would not have run.

  289. Allarah LaVelle Says:

    Thank you Charlie. That was my point. These things happen fast and if you are not expecting it to come out stuck to the lid and blades you would not think to unplug anything. Anyway, we are not the sort of people that try to sue anyone. But it is only fair that she get paid for her loss wages and for the hospital bill. My friend who is a lawyer here in Tucson, where I live(my daughter lives in Tampa, FL) says to definitely contact a Personal Liability Lawyer/Personal Injury lawyer and they will help her. It is only fair. Thanks for your comment.

  290. Maggie Says:

    That’s whats wrong with the world today. Accidents happen and the first thing anyone wants to do is sue. That’s why there are so many attorneys and they sure aren’t cheap. Most are better off trying to get things done first without an attorney and as a last resort, get an attorney.
    I still don’t understand why the lady didn’t see the blades come up with the top and how she accidentally pushed the button down to start it and got both hands. If I saw the blades, I wouldn’t get anywhere near them as everyone has said time & again how sharp the blades are and to be very, very careful.
    I want a Ninja and waiting for my son’s to give me as a gift. One of my son’s got me one for Christmas but I took it back as you could tell it was used plus didn’t have instructions or recipe book. The store didn’t have any more so I just got a refund. Can’t wait to get one.

  291. Jennifer Says:

    One problem I’ve noticed with the Ninja is the fact that it’s a bit awkward when you are handling the motor head: You have to be very aware of huge button on it that turns it on. To me it was pretty natural to unplug it before taking it out of the pitcher and small chopping container. But I’ve worked around dangerous machinery my whole life, too, and you learn early on the only one who keeps you safe is YOU.

    To me what happened to Allarha’s daughter falls a bit into poor design and a lot into “should have known better” about handling something as sharp as these cutters are. But it’s certainly too bad that it happened. I’m glad she wasn’t hurt worse than she was.

  292. D. Says:

    Dear Allarah I truly hope your daughter heals perfectly and am sorry to hear of this happening. Don’t take any of what these people say to heart. You did the right thing by making people aware to be cautious. Some people have nothing better to do with their lives than beat others down to make themselves feel better than others. You know what’s true and what happened and that’s all that really matters. Thanks for the info and best of luck.

  293. Allarah LaVelle Says:

    Thanks D. I appreciate the comment. Allarah

  294. Marisa Says:

    HELP – I loved the damn thing but stripped the gear after 4 weeks of daily use….after reading this thread I decided to contact them for a replacement gear. The Ninja website doesn’t work, the 1=800 number is no longer a working number, the Euro-pro website doesn’t recognize the model number!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Anyone know how to contact them for real??????

  295. Allarah LaVelle Says:

    Hi Marisa. When you say you stripped the gear do you mean that the plastic cover for the small container was stripping when you used it? That is what was happening to mine. The plastic was getting stripped and I would find pieces of plastic strips on the top when I removed the motor piece that sits on top. I stopped using the small container because of that and was going to contact the company and then my daughter was injured. I asked her tonight if hers was stripping too and she said yes. So I am guessing after a while if you keep using it, it fuses together. So you were smart to stop using it. I will be calling the company about mine too. I am not sure what number you are using but they are still on tv so I can’t understand how the 800 could no longer be a working number. The number on the owners manual is the Euro pro number and you say they don’t recognize the model #? That is weird. Mine is a QB900v 54. Is that what yours is? Allarah

  296. Marisa Says:

    My product number is QB950 30 and the only number I have is 1-800-798-7398 If you try and call you get a recording saying that it is no longer a working number and to hang up to avoid getting charged! It’s the same number plastered all over their website. Most of the areas of the website don’t work but I sampled the link to place an order and that still works! What a surprise! (I’m very disappointed) Any advice??????????????????

  297. Allarah LaVelle Says:

    WoW!You are right! I called the number and got a message saying you have to call (702)589-9300 and that it is a $3.79 dollar call and that “other charges may apply”!!!
    The only thing I can think of is to call the number to place an order and talk to them and see if they can give me a working number that doesn’t cost so much to call. This is ridiculous! I am also going to send your comment to my daughter to give to her lawyer. She wants to get reimbursed for her hospital bill and lost wages and the lawyer said there is a case there.

  298. Tom Says:

    the number you have 1-800-798-7398 is the right one and it works as I called them in the past to order some parts, I don’t know which number you are calling to get refer to 702-589-9300 but it ain’t 800-798-7398.

  299. Tom Says:

    Also, by doing a little searching on the Internet, I found 1-800-798-7395, it also works.

  300. Richard Says:

    The Ninja sounds like a great appliance if only it were a little sturdier and safer. It looks like a variation on the food processor. The blades seem similar. Perhaps one of the smaller food processors will perform similarly without the problems.

    Can you chop ice in a food processor, like the Ninja does?

    The food processors I’ve seen have tended to be much quieter than blenders as the Ninja is reported to be.

  301. Richard Says:

    After a little research, it appears that food processors will chop in a similar fashion to the Ninja. The smaller 3 and 4 cup models from reputable brands like KitchenAid and Cuisinart on run about $30 or $40. They sound like they’re very similar in operation to the Ninja, and the newer ones are apparently fairly easy to clean.

    Now to see what Consumers Reports says are the best ones …


  302. Charlie Says:

    My local Sams Club (Franklin Mills, Philadelphia) had their version of the Ninja marked down to $40 yesterday (2/13/2010). I think it is their new regular price. I guess they are trying to sell through their stock. It had been $44 since introduced 2 months ago.

  303. Pat Coulter Says:

    Hi Richard:

    I purchased my Ninja while vacationing in Hawaii and was in a hotel room for 2 months so I found it the most useful tool that I had to prepare food. They make the best smoothies ever, however I have stopped doing that due to the high sugar content. I am conscious of this after I purchased the book “The Belly Fat Cure”. However it makes the best quacamole, chicken salad ever, also I now grate all my cheeze with it. Only takes seconds. The secret is the double blade which even the most expensive machines have. I am sure that these other manufacturers will be coming out with the double blade system. Due to the low cost of the Ninja, I will never be without one. A caution though. When using it, it is imperative that the top of the container turned until it sits (seats) on the top at the lowest level and more importantly that the Ninja power head is “seated” straight. This sometimes takes a bit of getting used to, but once mastered and care taken each time, you should not strip the gears as so many have by incorrect placement of the container lid and the power head. Hope this helps. Pat

  304. Marisa Says:

    Well – I had filed on the website customer service and in an email they replied with the same customer service number I had tried before. Good news is now it works, bad news is they didn’t have my model number in their system. They then gave me the headquarters customer service number of 800-361-4639. In a matter of minutes (since I already had a customer number setup on the original call) they promised to ship out new blades and power head. I should receive them within 10 days and there was NO COST to me. I’m very satisfied with them standing behind the product! I can’t wait to shelf the old bullet again.

  305. the starchild Says:

    I really don’t get where all of you are getting all these positive spins on this machine. Well I guess what my father said is very true, “SOMETHINGS IN LIVE SOME PEOPLE WILL SWEAR BY AND SOME PEOPLE WILL SWEAR AT.” Well, I guess this one I will swear at. I tried for 15 minutes to blend some defrosted frozen veggies to make a soup stock, after my hand got tired, I thought, I should suggest to this company to make the next GENERATION of this machine with an optional hands free button for the drive head. I was stopping stirring, shaking, pulsing, pulsing, pulsing, oh did i mention PULSING!!! FOR EVER. If I only need a machine like this to make smoothies and beat up ice for an alcoholic beverage, maybe I could agree with this, however, for me to limit the use of this machine only for that would be likened to me buying a car to back up to the end of my drive way 30ft to go to the mail box.
    So much money for such simple task isn’t really worth it. I’m sending mine back.
    Good luck to those of you whom have had good luck with them.

  306. the starchild Says:

    P.S. They also want me to pay to return them. $59.95 plus $29.95 shipping, they will give me $59.95 back, (Not the shipping and handling) ir will cost me $11.95 to return then.$59.95 minus $11.95, I’ll get back $48.00 after a total expenditure of $101.85. Just think, Go to a local store to buy this product, not mail order.

  307. Darius Cuza Says:

    Can anyone tell me please the name of the company that makes this device? Or has the rights for it?

    Thank You

  308. NH Says:


  309. Desert Skye Says:

    Cheers everyone, I was spending the early morning hours with my normal insomnia when I saw a infomercial at 3:00 am on the Ninja. I do not work for Euro-Pro or any other promotional company. I have never had any problems with my Ninja…I love it!!! We have used it for several different things, often forgeting to pulse (my husband makes the BEST chocolate malts) in it. We haven’t used it for cheese yet but he will be making pimento cheese soon so will have him try it. Yes, I do cook but the day before Thanksgiving I fell and fractured both ankles and am looking forward to being released from this recliner soon. Needless to say, we love the Ninja, have one for backup and if Sam’s club marks them down again, we will buy another one. I won’t be caught without one again. I watched a friend burn up the motor in her 2 week old bullet. The Ninja is a fabulous item and wish they would have more live demos…

  310. michele Says:

    i am trying to order this product, but cannot get past the block that asks for a discount/promo code. i don’t have one! would, however love to have one in order to get a little more knocked off as i’d like to upgrade to get the extra containers, but won’t up it unless i can find a discount/promo number. can anybody help on this matter? oh and would somebody please tell me what a “green smoothie” consists of, as i am blonde…clueless, in other words!!

  311. Brooks Says:


    I was at Sam’s Club this week and they knocked the price down to $38. This is about what you can buy it for with a 20% off coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond.

    A green smoothie is made with fruit such as banana,apple,orange plus greens such as kale, collard etc. You can drink your green vegetables for breakfast. I never had kale to my knowledge–a dark green leafy veg. before trying a smoothie.

    The Cadillac blenders cost $350-$400 (Vitamix and Blendtec). They will probably emulsify better or mill grains better. The Ninja will chop onions and tomato salsa better.

  312. Marisa Says:

    I received my replacement parts yesterday. In order to fix the stripped gear. They send you a new power unit and both blade fixtures. They redesigned the head of blades so everything just pops into place. All this happened with one phone call, no cost to me and in only 10 days. I’m very impressed with the customer service of Euro-Pro -I love the upgraded unit and would buy a product from them again with no hesitation.

  313. isabela Says:

    ik love this peoduct i got it a few days ago and it it great

  314. Vonda Says:

    I just purchased the Ninja at Sam’s Club. After checking prices at Walmart, and Kohl’s, Sam’s had a better price, of $39.99. It also includes 2 extra small prep containers.
    I can’t wait to try it.

  315. Theresa Berkoski Says:

    Are you freakin kidding me? I just got this thing off QVC for like $100.09 bucks and I am seeing all great prices you all are paying…MAN I was DUPED!!! I think I am sending this puppy back in the mail!!! I can’t believe that!!!

  316. darkoverfan Says:

    I got mine from QVC in Cinnamon! I’m looking forward to using it. After reading the many comments on this site, I will be sure to use care when using it – make sure it is lined up correctly before pressing the switch and such.

  317. isabela Says:

    i got mine at sams for 39.99 and it came with 3 small cups a big one. i love it

  318. traci Says:

    got mine yesterday at bed bath and beyond paid 32 with coupon i love it it does turn ice into snow. great thing is, if u buy it there, u can take it back a year or more later if u want and get your money back, no questions asked!

  319. james conner Says:

    After much research I purchased the ninja prep 3/3/2010 at Khol’s. They had it on sale for 39.95 using my Khol’s charge with 30% off it cost about $28.00 plus I got $10.00 Khol’s cash that day for every $50.00 I spent

    the ninja prep works just great Just wish the QVC and As seen on tv reveiws were more helpfull with recipes

  320. Brooks Says:


    Try this fresh salsa: Do some prep cutting up. Do tomatoes then onions etc. Leave it somewhat chunky. Makes about 2 qt.

    1/3 bag Roma tomatoes
    2 medium onions
    2 cucumbers
    2 tbs chopped garlic
    1 mango
    2 bell peppers
    1 medium habenero or 2 jalepeno peppers
    cilantro–fresh or dried
    1 Tbs. salt or salt to taste
    lime juice

  321. neeker Says:

    Yum! that sounds great, thanks!!

  322. SteveF Says:

    Very interesting to see so many reviews. There are a lot at QVC also. A friend of mine bought this from QVC and I noticed that they mention 3 times in the instruction booklet that you shouldn’t run the motor for more than 20 seconds at a time, with no mention of how long you should rest it before continuing. I believe the QVC demos showed it running longer than that and recommended longer continuous operation for one or two recipes. Also, somewhere (I forget if in the Euro-Pro literature or the Ninja web site) it is mentioned that their “free replacement” if something breaks, has close to a $15 shipping charge, after you pay to ship the damaged item back. Shipment on their recent company infomercial for two systems is about $30. Many of these companies probably make more on the “shipping & handling” than on the product, so try to buy at a local store. I purchased two other Euro-Pro products within the past six years and returned them…one small vacuum cleaner from HSN that didn’t work well and one steam cleaner from Target that spit out steam & water that only reached about 150 degrees. I noticed on an infomercial for one of their steam cleaners, probably their first, several years ago, the company’s president hit some “dirt” with steam but missed part of it, and when he wiped the area, the dirt that he missed disappeared along with the dirt that he hit with the steam. So, I must admit to not trusting this company, but maybe this time they have something that works fairly well. It will be interesting to see how well this mixer holds up under long term use. It looks like a significant number of purchasers run into problems with the plastic parts stripping. This needs to be addressed by some design changes. Perhaps one-piece blades rather than two-piece, or stronger plastic, or plastic replaced by metal, or the motor should perhaps (for some uses) start a bit slower than the full-power start it has now.

  323. Pat Coulter Says:

    Hi SteveF.
    You are correct, any of these companies that advertise over the television make their money on their shipping and handling chargesm, plus the upselling that they do when you call in. If anything goes wrong, you are stuck with the shipping charges. From reading the comments on this site I have seen that the Ninja has gone through several improvements. Read Marisa’s comment on Feb. 26th for the latest. If something goes wrong with a store bought Ninja, it appears that you simply call Ninja company and they replace the head with the new improved one. I have had mine since January and use it almost every day and each time I use it I make sure that the lid has slipped down into place and that the head is also securely in place. I never run it for more than 10 seconds just to be safe. I make my own Almond Milk every other day with it. I soak the almonds in water in the fridge overnight, rinse well the next morning. Add water, 3 pars water to 1 of almonds. It is fresh and extremely inexpensive compared to buying a quart in the store. I buy my almonds at Costco. I have tried to make the Almond Milk in my $400 Vita Mix machine and it does not make the milk anywhere near what my Ninja does. I just keep pulsing it until it is the almonds are almost pulverized. I save the almond granules left over and use them in my porridge or make cookies. This may be more information than you need Steve, but hopefully someone can use it. I would recommend that you buy local. P.

  324. keith allen Says:

    just wanted to let people know that I purchased my ninja prep master for 59.95 and the next day I walked into walmart and it was 38.88 regular price. Should have checked around more.

  325. Marisa Says:

    I just wanted to reiterate that I paid no shipping and handling – I dealt direct with Euro-Pro Headquarters. All I had to do was tell them what wasn’t working, where I purchased my unit, the model number and the date of purchase. I did not have to return anything and within a week I had a new power unit and both blade units. It works great – no way you can misalign it with the modifications they made to the unit and blades. I use it multiple times a day and love it!

  326. Jeff Delvecchio Says:

    Yup, just happened to walk down the appliance isle in walmart and there it was! My ninja for $38.88. Im very happy with the design of it and Im hoping the head wont strip, but Im very careful when i place it on the blades to make sure it engages properly (which I would suspect some people aren’t). I also feel the heavy use of it for shaving ice may be too much for the unit to handle.

    The product seems very well made and I love it for making my salad dressing… chop garlic and then mix in the cup… very slick design.

  327. Charlie Says:

    I love my Ninja! I use it for everything from making malts, Salsa and Margarita’s! It does a great job for everything!

  328. Ben Stone Says:

    I would like to find out how much the Ninja is? For example I would like to know the price of it? How much money? Shipping cost? I’m from California? Hopefully soon I would like to order one of these for my house but I don’t have a clue right now how much money or shipping costs its going to be? Can someone please send me an e-mail to let me know?

    I did see it advertistise the other night (on T.V. & it said 3 easy payment of #19.95 (I do believe so). The rest of the imformation I don’t know?

    Thanks so much

  329. Mcnerd Says:

    You could just trot yourself down to your local WalMart, Sears, Bed Bath & Beyond, and many others and just buy it off the shelf.

    As for the price, just spend a few minutes to read through the comments before yours and you will see all the price ranges from every different place.

  330. Stefanie Says:

    DO NOT BUY!!!!! Ripeoff if you don’t like the product it’s a total of 100.00 for shipping . More than the product costst none refundable! Does NOT blend veg. Evenly. Cheap plastic brakes easy. Customer servise bad and lies about the refund of shipping!

  331. Patty Says:

    Noticed it is available on this site for $43! Check it out.

  332. Maggie Says:

    I’m so torn about getting the Ninja. There’s so many really good comments but also really bad comments. Who do you believe?

  333. Mcnerd Says:

    Life is always full of decisions. If you can’t weigh the good and bad comments to make a rational decision, you are probably not ready to be a Ninja user.

  334. Maggie Says:

    McNerd, I bet you are a male and a jerk. I always wonder if the ones making the good comments are company employees which really makes me wonder if I’m right after your comment. I bought a Haan steam cleaner because of mostly good comments & I’m not happy with it and would not recommend it to anyone.

  335. Phil Says:

    Hello Maggie,

    You must be a lady. I am not an empoyee of Euro Pro, but I can tell you that the Ninja works fine if you are patient and follow directions. I really only make chicken salad and it does it beautifully and does not cost 6.99 a pound at the deli.

  336. Mcnerd Says:

    Maggie, your comments just reinforces my previous statement. I’m not an employee of Euro Pro either, but I am a satisfied customer of the Ninja.

  337. Pat Coulter Says:

    I feel after reading Stefanie’s negative comments that she works for a competive product or else she did not follow the ‘instructions for use’ of her Ninja. I have had mine since December and use it every day, being careful to make sure the lid is ‘seated’ securely on the container and that the head is snugged in as well before pulsing. Last night I had an Italian dinner for guests. With my Ninja I did all of the following. I grated Pecorino Romano cheese, made Pesto to go with my polenta, made Quacamole for appetizers(recipie in Nina booklet), and made the pasta sauce with it. The pasta sauce is so simple. Put 2 garlic cloves, two large handfuls of basil, cut up about 14 oz. tomatoes (preferrably tiny grape type), add about half cup virgin olive oil, 1/3rd cup of Balsamic Vinegar and pulse until sauce consistency that you like, course or fine. Salt & Peppar to taste. Cook pasta, drain, leave a little damp and add sauce. Serve with a generous sprinkle of the cheese.

    I will NEVER EVER be without a Ninja. I love it. P.

  338. Pat Coulter Says:

    I forgot to mention. When buying, buy locally just in case something goes wrong and you have to have it repaired or returned,. No shipping charges to pay. Buying off of television is always a rip-off. P.

  339. D Says:

    Maggie I like you! I just ignore idiots like Mcnerd. I had an issue and returned it to Bed Bath & Beyond and got a new one. I’ve always wanted something that does a great job with crushing ice and it does that. Be careful with placement and if the gears strip simply return or exchange it. I thought it was worth replacing with another one. Hope that helps you.

  340. Tom Says:

    What’s good about buying from the infomercial is that it’s lifetime warranty.
    If you buy it at the store, it’s only 1 year.
    I called already and they exchanged my unit that I’m using everyday :)

  341. texas Says:

    the plastic gears are a mess. They strip very easily and are a pain to replace. I no longer have the box and returning it to macy’s is a no go. It was a gift for christmas and now I have a useless paperweight. this is the second one I have to replace and don’t think I will go with another one. The replacement parts cost more than what it would cost to purchase in the store as you have to replace the gear head and the blades. There is no where to purchase the replacement blades etc in a retail store so you have to wait for a while. NOT WORTH IT.

  342. Pat Coulter Says:

    Hello Texas:

    Contact the manufacturer directly with your story and I can almost guarantee that you will receive a replacement with their new, much better product. Read back on these notes to find out the name and contact info for the manufacturer. Hope this helps. P.

  343. Bob Says:

    I have had mine for a little over one month. It’s a great little machine, for $50.00. I bought mine at Sam’s Club. The absolute worse thing about the Ninja is cleaning the top piece or if you will, the lid. And that’s not really difficult at all. It just requires a little more time. If I were to rate this device with stars or crowns, it would get 5 even with the cleaning issue. I have read quite a few of the comments left here. All I can say is WOW! If you read the instructions, and use minimal common sense, it should work fine. If you think your a know it all, and slam things around, you will get hurt or the machine will fail or both. If you load the cups with stuff, sometimes the motor head and gear won’t quite mesh. Take off the motor and slightly rotate the gear a little and retry. Don’t turn on the motor until the motor head fits perfectly in place. If you don’t understans this, please look up and start reading this with the sentence that begins “IF YOU READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, AND USE MINIMAL COMMON SENCE”

  344. Debbie Says:

    I bought my Ninja 2 days agao at Bed,Bath & Beyond. I signed up at their website to recieve email offers/specials then rec’d a 20% off coupon. They were selling for a special price of 39.99 and with 20% off I got it for $32 + tx- a bargain :) It came with 1 pitcher and 1 small container but thats all I need as I don;t mind washing them out and its good to go again

  345. Debbie Says:

    You can buy it at Bed bath & beyond- its on special for $39.99. Use a 20% off 1 item coupon ( go to their website and sign up for special offers etc and they will give you a link to print a coupon) You can bring it home for $32+tx includes one pitcher and one 2 cup container-

  346. Richard Says:

    Okay, I broke down and bought one last night. $48. Nuked two cups of frozen fruit from Costco (mango, papaya, strawberry and pineapple) for a minute to soften them. Put it into the two-cup container and blasted it. Forgot to put liquid in. Made soft ice-cream. Spooned it into a mug and used a straw to eat/drink it. Wonderfully smooth. Way better than similar smoothies I’ve made for years in a blender. Same fruit — tasted better.

    Instead of beating everything up, like a blender, the Ninja slices it up with it’s long, sharp blades. Much quicker and quieter than the blender. Seems reasonably durable. Everything fits together very well. Light, simple motor which doesn’t need to run very long, due to the design.

    Late night smoothie making is now easier, quieter and quicker. And better. If I don’t pre-nuke the frozen fruit I’ll probably get harder ice-cream. Healthier than the real thing.



  347. Vivien Says:

    Has anyone tried grinding fresh lemongrass, galangal, tumeric, ginger in the Ninja? My Indian mixie (that’s what a wet/dry grinder is called) has “died” and I was wondering if anyone has tried grinding (pulverizing)harder ingredients that are used in Indian and SE Asian cooking. I don’t want to end up with a white elephant. I need something that can grind the mentioned ingredients into a smooth paste.

  348. Bob Says:

    Hey Viv. wow I said that like I know you. It really does a number on ice and frozen stuff. I can’t see why not on hard spices such as ginger. Those baldes are really sharp unlike blender blades. Even if it doesn’t work like you would like, there is still multiple uses for it. :-)

  349. ditch Says:

    @Vivien I haven’t done lemongrass but I use fresh ginger root on a regular. I create a lovely puree of ginger root onion and garlic cloves for my gravy with the Ninja.

    I’ve had mine for at least 7 months and I use it every day for my breakfast smoothie. I would highly recommend this product to everyone.

  350. Bob Says:

    Oh yah, I forgot. I do not work for the company.

  351. Vivien Says:

    Thanks ditch and Bob. Appreciate your comments as I don’t want to end up with something that will not be able to do the job. Lemongrass and galangal are more woody than ginger so I hope the Ninja can handle the job.

  352. Charlie Says:

    Well, my local Sams Club (Franklin Mill, Philadelphia) is now sold out of the Ninja. As I suspected, the $40 price point was a clearance/sell-through price. All gone.

    I used mine to separately chop up eggs and celery for egg salad. For the eggs, perfect consistency on two ultra short bursts. I then mixed in celery and mayo and spices in a separate bowl. I have not liked it when I used the Ninja to mix the entire salad. To get the mayo and spices mixed in to where I like it I’m left with what resembles an egg paste not salad. But, chopping the egg and celery then mixing in a seperate bowl did the trick.





  355. Sharon Drumm Says:

    I love, love, love my Ninja! I can’t say enough about this wonderful little powerhouse. It does everything it says it does and MORE. Smoothies, frozen drinks, soup, chopped salads, pesto….all perfect in just seconds!

  356. Sue Griffin Says:

    FANTASTIC!!!!! Even my husband uses it. I can not get over how much I can do with it. I shreaded up a block of cheese & it came out really good. The cheese did not stick to the blades or the container. If anything ever goes wrong with this one I Will buy another.

  357. Debbie Says:

    Pastor Gary- just how do you “fix’ the Ninja’s that break down..I love my Ninja but still worry about all the gear stripping problems I hear about on message boards. I am very careful when I use mine that everything is lined up perfectly







  360. Stefanie Says:

    Horriable product broke the first week I owned it!!!! Pay 100.00 for shipping!!!!!

  361. Pat Coulter Says:


    This product is an excellent product if used as directed. I would never be without mine. After reading a few of the comments about how it must be used correctly you may find out where you went wrong. I always recommend that people never buy from the television ads as the shipping is where they make all their money and if you have to return it, you pay the shipping again. P.











  363. neeker Says:

    Pastor Gary.

    That has been the best post thus far addressing those who complain about how this works, or in their case, does not work for them. I LOVED your post…it made me laugh, but moreover, it is absolute truth!! Thanks for the laugh and the touch of wisdom that only comes with age, I can relate!!



  365. JM Says:

    You are nuts Pastor Gary! Don’t you have anything better to do with your time?

  366. EileenLeen Says:

    Pastor Gary ,,, well done ,you are a funny guy ,,,i got a good chuckle out of your post,i love my Ninga ,it works perfect for me because when i got mine from QVC, i made a Cup of Coffee sat DOWN AND READ THE DIRECTIONS ,,,




    When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar and the 2 cups of coffee.
    A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him. When the class began, wordlessly, he picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed that it was.
    The professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar. He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls. He then asked the students again if the jar was full they agreed it was.
    The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of course, the sand filled up everything else. He asked once more if the jar was full. The students responded with a unanimous “yes.”
    The professor then produced two cups of coffee from under the table and poured the entire contents into the jar, effectively filling the empty space between the sand. The students laughed.
    “Now,” said the professor, as the laughter subsided, “I want you to recognize that this jar represents your life. The golf balls are the important things- God, family, your children, your health, your friends, and your favorite passions–things that if everything else was lost and only they remained your life would still be full.
    The pebbles are the other things that matter like your job, your house, and your car.
    The sand is everything else — the small stuff.
    If you put the sand into the jar first,” he continued, “there is no room for the pebbles or the golf balls. The same goes for life. If you spend all your time and energy on the small stuff, you will never have room for the things that are important to you.
    Pay attention to the things that are critical to your happiness. Play with your children. Take time to get medical checkups. Take your partner out to dinner. Play another 18 holes. There will always be time to clean the house and fix the disposal.”
    Take care of the golf balls first — the things that really matter.
    Set your priorities. The rest is just sand.”
    One of the students raised her hand and inquired what the coffee represented.
    The professor smiled. “I’m glad you asked. It just goes to show you that no matter how full your life may seem, there’s always room for a couple of cups of coffee with a friend.”

  369. Jackie Murray Says:

    Hi i was wondering how long it took for all of u to receive ur Ninja. We ordered it a week ago and still no confirmation of shipment of anything. When we have called they said that it was in the Warehouse waiting for the UPS truck to pick it up but thats been over a week. Did anyone else experience this?? Thanks so much i’m just excited to receive it thanks in advance !!!



  371. noel Says:

    does anyone know whether the ninja can blend hot liquids e.g. soups?



  373. noel Says:

    thanks Pastor Gary for your imput

  374. Marisa Says:

    I was just sitting here sipping my cranberry juice and vodka slushy (compliments of my NINJA)and catching up on this thread…as being a bariatric surgery graduate of 5 years I can tell you that I rely on protein shakes as my mainstay and have tried every processor out there – NINJA tops them all and after getting upgraded (reiterating again at absolutely NO COST to me and having to provide nothing more than place of purchase and model number)I will never go without this awesome product!!!!!!!!!!! Run don’t walk to your nearest retail store and buy one. And in case you are wondering – NO I don’t work for anyone or any company affiliated with this product I just love it and what everyone to know how great it is.

  375. Pat Coulter Says:


    I live in Canada and bought my Ninja last December in Honolulu and like you, I will not be without it. They are not available in Canada yet, to my knowledge.

    I will buy another one when I return to Hawaii in December and want to be sure to get the upgraded model. Can you tell me what is the model number of your replacement. Thanking you in advance. Pat

  376. Marisa Says:

    My product number is QB950 30 – I stripped the gears after only 4 weeks – read post 304 on Feb 15th it gives you all the info on how I contacted Euro Pro headquarters and they replaced the motor unit and both blades (at no cost to me) The replacement gear heads have been redesigned so that it is impossible to misalign the unit. Just make note of the contact info in the post so that if you ever have a problem you will know where to go!



  378. Bonnie Tandy Leblang Says:

    Take note all you Ninja fans. You can now take a chance to win a Ninja Master Prep in the new Freebie of this site. Check it out.

  379. Amy Wong Says:

    I purchased the ninja and have to say I was pretty happy with it but I also ended up purchasing the HealthMaster after my ninja broke. You can get the healthmaster at this website:

  380. Brooks Says:

    Well, I broke my HealthMaster and sent it back. They stood behind the 60 day warantee and took it back. Do not try to mash potatoes in your HealthMaster. The motor burned out. I bought a Kitchenaid blender that seems to do great for the tasks I need (smoothies) and it is smaller and easier to operate. It is $80 with coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond. I do not need to chop avacado pits or mill rice. In my opinion ,cooking vegetables into soup with friction is foolish.

    The Ninja will give you a new motor too. Just make sure that you mate it correctly when putting the motor on the gear spindle. It will do jobs the blenders will not be able to do well. A nice chopped onion or salsa for example.

  381. Brenda Says:

    I love my Ninja. First I bought 2 for my daughters as Xmas presents. They loved it so I bought myself and told a couple in the store about it and they bought 1 also. I told my niece to buy 1 to get her kids to eat veggies and it worked. And now my sister and aunt are going to buy themselves 1 also.

  382. Vonda Says:

    I bought the Ninja and I have chopped some meat for barqoque, and tried to make a slushy. Chopped the meat good, but the sluchy didn’t turn out.
    If anyone has some recipes, please post them!

  383. Lori Says:

    @Vonda – not sure how you made your slushy, but what always works for me is to use frozen fruit, then you don’t have much use for icecubes (though the Ninja turns icecubes into fine powdered snow) I also freeze bananas – just peel them and put them in a ziplock bag, it gives them an icecream texture. I usually use:
    1/2 cup of either frozen berries or mango
    1/2 a frozen banana
    8oz either water or almond milk, rice milk or juice (whatever I’m in the mood for)
    1 scoop of vanilla whey protein powder or Shakeology… no icecubes. If I use fresh fruit I add the ice.

    good luck :)

  384. Planecrazy Says:

    Just bought a Ninja Master Prep with one pitcher and one 2-cup chopper at Sams Club for $31.88! It was listed as a “one time buy,” so don’t know if every club has them or for how long. What I DO like about this deal is that even though it didn’t come with as many extras it’s a great price on the basic package and Sams is good about taking things back if it doesn’t perform as advertised. I’m looking forward to putting it through its paces!


  385. Charlie Says:

    It’s on clearance at Sams. My local Sams sold out about 4 weeks ago at $40. If you found a Sams with stock at $32 you got a great deal!

  386. Charlie Says:

    Whoops…I misread your post. This $32 Sams version is NOT the same version that they sold out of at my local Sams. That version included the large pitcher and 3 smaller prep cups. Looks like Sams may now have the regular one pitcher/one prep cup version.

  387. BF Says:

    Hey Charlie (and others) — or have you notice that right now you can win one on this site!

  388. jen Says:

    I read all the reviews prior to purchasing one today. I have to say that I was very dissapointed. The blender is a piece of crap. Do not waste your money of course they will sell you two of them for a cheap price – they have to get rid of them somehow. If you love your smoothies with shreds of fruit in it then it is the blender for you. I love my smoothies like the word says “smooth” or it needs to be called something else. What a waste of my time!! I am on my way back to Sams to return it now.

  389. EileenLeen Says:

    Jen ,you win ‘THE SPOON OF THE WEEK’and while you are Stirring ,WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE,

  390. debcom Says:

    Jen, I don’t know how you make a smoothie but my smoothies do NOT have any chunks of anything in them.. they are smooth & creamy and yummy, I use OJ, frozen bananas & strawberries and sometimes a little yogurt. Give it another try please before you return your ninja


  391. Jackie Says:

    I agree with Debbie above. We just got our Ninja on Wednesday we love it. We have made smoothies everyday. We make the strawberry/banana smoothies also. We never have chunks in our either they are always smooth. We make them the same was as Debbie does. Plz give it another try u will be amazed. Keep us posted.

  392. Richard Says:

    I bought a ninja a few weeks ago after agonizing over buying junk from an infomercial. I make smoothies all the time and get tired of noisy blenders and how long they take to mix up a thick smoothie from frozen fruit. The infomercial sounded plausible. I did research on food processors, since they’re both cheaper and sturdier. But the ninja has two sets up blades instead of the food processor’s single set.

    So I bought a ninja for $45, thinking I’d give it a try. It worked well, no matter how thick the smoothie. And it was way quieter than most blenders I’ve used. I even left out the upper blade a couple times to make it more like a regular food processor. For really thick smoothies fruit like strawberries just float on top and never make it to the blades on the bottom. With both pairs of blades everything gets sliced up quickly. For thin smoothies a regular food processor is probably just fine.

    Can’t imagine how someone would have trouble making a smoothie with a ninja. It does a better job than any of the blenders I’ve used. Much smoother with any fruit I’ve used. I’m glad I bought it so far. I hope it holds up. No indications that it won’t so far.

  393. Piggybanke Says:

    Well my son asked me if I would make a Jello Mousse. That is where you mix Jello with whipped cream together. So I thought that in the interest of time, I would Ninja the heavy whipping cream to see what happens. I placed the Ninja with the blade in the freezer for about an hour. After the Jello was about 70% set, I removed the Ninja from the freezer, poured in the heavy cream with some powdered sugar (you can use vanilla as well) and proceeded to make the easiest 45 second homemade whipped cream ever. Four or five short blasts and then two longer ones and voila!…. whipped cream. Mix about 75% of it into the Jello with a mixer and return the Jello to the fridge. Keep the remainder of the whipped cream in the cup and use it to top off the Jello. I guess I could try to use fat-free or 2% milk but come on, it’s whipped cream. By the way, don’t whip the cream too long or you will have butter.

  394. Pat Coulter Says:

    Re: Jen’s negative comments about the Ninja not making a smoothie. I have never had any trouble. The Ninja makes a smoothie better than my $400 VitaMix machine. I am very suspicious when I see comments like this. I think that perhaps these negative comments are actually from someone with a company that sells a similar product. Just my suspicion. Pat

  395. Vonda Says:

    Would someone please tell me how to make a simple smoothie or slushy. Or any other simple recipes that are not in the book that comes with the Ninja.

  396. J Vialpando Says:

    This is well worth the cost. I am often skeptical of buying these late night TV sales pitches but my wife was insistent. This makes the prefect smoothies and better yet, the perfect frozen daiquiri!

  397. R. Pelech Says:

    Recently bought one. DID NOT READ INSTRUCTIONS. If I needed to read them, then the unit is NOT worth having. I wanted something simply to put together and simple to use. This unit did and does just that. Containers are large hold considerably more than I anticipated. Very powerful motor. Seal keeps liquids from pouring over edge of container. Pulse the unit when chopping as system is very powerful and fast. Easy to clean. Construction is good to very good. Would I recommend? ABSOLUTELY! Very much worth the money.

  398. Tracy Says:

    I am debating on purchasing the Ninja and like everything I am hearing that it can do but I have one (probably silly) question… has anyone used it to make just a simple milkshake? ice cream, milk, chocolate syrup? How does it do?

  399. neeker Says:


    I made a wonderful strawberry milkshake the other night with just some frozen strawberries from last summer (I froze them with a little sugar) and plain vanilla icecream. Depending on the consistency you want it works great!! If you want a thicker frosty-type drink, pulse it about 3 times then hold for about 3 seconds. If you want a more liquid milkshake (to drink from a straw), I pulse it 3 times then hold for about 8-10 seconds…the longer you “blend” the ingredients,the softer consistency they become. It has worked every time! Enjoy!

  400. mcnerd Says:

    The Ninja will do anything your regular blender does, but will do it better since it has the option of using two sets of blades instead of one.

  401. Stacey E Says:

    I’m glad to hear that this is a good product, but the problem is that we can’t tell how long it will work, or how reliable it’s going to be. Lots of stuff works great the first couple of times, and then the parts start breaking off or the engine stops working. Unfortunately, considering the price, there’s a chance this won’t last long. Typically, cheaper appliances mean cheaper construction.
    The only blenders I’ve found with consistently good reviews are 200-400 dollars. Except the beehive Oster one. Strangely, a $30-40 one seems to often rank up there with the two very expensive ones.

  402. mcnerd Says:

    My first comment here was in September 2009 and I’ve been using my Ninja almost daily since then — The motor unit has never been unplugged and put away — and I have NEVER had an issue or problem with it, though I can fully understand how things can and do go wrong if used improperly.

    The company apparently has redesigned the connecting points to reduce the chance of problems, but I wouldn’t worry about it unless you are an absolute klutz with appliances.

  403. cathy h Says:

    This is one of the best products i have ever bought. It is really powerful and worked wonderfully. i have had a bullet which did not last very long and there is no comparison. the ninja is well worth the money and it is not that expensive. Would highly recommend.

  404. Ellen Says:

    I got my Ninja as a clearance item at Sam’s Club today for 34.00 I had never read all these reviews before my purchase. It sure sounds like it was a good purchase. I used it and it does make the ice very fine. I really think I’m going to enjoy this.

  405. KevPie Says:

    The product seemed to be OK at first but after some use the plastic gears on both the blades and the motor wore down making the unit useless.

  406. mcnerd Says:

    Unfortunately that’s what happens when the product is used improperly. Contact the company and get replacement parts that are more destruction proof.

  407. Jrzy Says:

    I was looking to replace my 37 yr. old food processor (still working) and a very noisy blender. After reading many reviews I decided to try the Ninja. I got mine at a great price yesterday at Bed,Bath,& Beyond..only $25.59. I signed up at the BBB website then went to the store with my 20% off coupon (thank you to those who posted the info). The sticker price was $49.99 but a sign by the display read “$39.99, 20% off”. At the register they deducted $10 (price adj.),$8 (promo 20%), and $6.40 (my 20% coupon). I’ve used both the blender and the food processor and I’m really liking it..powerful and easy to clean. As others mentioned, you do need to read before using, make sure it’s properly put together, and beware of those blades. I definitely recommend the Ninja, but if I had children living at home, I would not let them use it. In Reply To Tracy: Yes, it makes a great milkshake. Here’s the recipe I use (serves 2). You could use chocolate syrup instead of the Nesquik powder, maybe reducing the milk slightly.

    Vanilla Shake:
    2 cups vanilla ice cream
    1 to 1¼ cups low-fat milk
    1 to 2 Tbsp. sugar

    Chocolate Shake: 2 cups vanilla ice cream
    1 to 1¼ cups low fat milk
    2 Tbsp. choc. flavor Nesquik mix

    Strawberry Shake:
    2 cups vanilla ice cream
    1 to 1¼ cups low-fat milk
    3 Tbsp. strawberry flavor Nesquik mix

  408. DS Says:

    Hey ninja gang… I just found out that a couple of free Ninjas are offered on this site! I’m gonna try for it…

  409. Lyn Says:

    Will the Ninja puree raw vegetables and leafy greens?

  410. Loretta Says:

    ok so i saw this on TV and thought no way none of my other blenders work like they say they will but this one AWESOME!!!

  411. Charlotte Ruck-Asher Says:

    I purchased the Ninja blender and was asked if I would want the cookbook and at the time I sad no and now I wish I said yes. I was wondering where can I order 2 cookbooks for the Ninja, I want 2 cookbooks because I got 2 ninjas and gave one as a gift. I have the little book that came free with it but I would like the other now. So I hope I can order 2 cookbooks like I should of in the first place. Thanks hope you can help.

  412. EileenLeen Says:

    Charlotte ,i just checked with qvc and they have some in stock just dial 1800 345 1515 and you can purchase ,,, enjoy

  413. Brooks Says:

    Slice a peeled banana, a cored and sliced pear and put them into a sandwich bag–then into the freezer. When hungry add a splash of milk and Ninja. Topped with a little chocolate syurp
    and you have a great treat.

  414. Randi Kramer Says:

    Hi I bought the Ninja food processor during christmas time and raved about it ever since it died the other day. It lasted under 4 months. I bought it at bed bath and beyond in manalapna/freehold nj off of rt. 9. I don’t have the box anymore and no receipt. The motor died when you turn it on. IS there anything you can do for me!!!! I make vegetable juice often and loved the easy clean up from this processor!!!! Help???

  415. Margot Says:

    Does the ninja whip cream

  416. Pat Coulter Says:

    Yes it does. There is a comment above about a lady who did it. She put the container with blades into her freezer for a while to get it cold, added the whipping cream and pulsed a very few times and the cream whipped.

    She cautioned not to pulse it too many times or you will have butter. Hope this helps.

  417. Margot Says:


  418. Darin Says:

    Great Product!! I bought it because I destroyed TWO food processors trying to shred Parmasan cheese rinds. They are tough tough tough!! The Ninja got the job done. The cheese gave it a good fight, but the Ninja conquered it. I only wish that the container was a little larger so I could make pastry, pie crusts and biscuts..stuff like that. For the most part, the Ninja WORKS and is a joy in the kitchen!!

  419. Pat Coulter Says:


    I grate my Pecorino Romano all the time in the small NINJA container. I find that if I cut it up into half inch square pieces and do not load it up with too much at once that it works every time.

    I would try to make the pie crusts and biscuits in the largest container, it should be plenty big enough. Let us know how you make out with these types of doughs.
    Cheers! Pat

  420. Johanna Rutter Says:

    Hi, I just bought a ninja master prep yesterday, can you tell me how to make it slice? Thanks. Johanna

  421. mcnerd Says:

    I’m not aware that a blender is designed for slicing. It will however chop.

  422. Brooks Says:

    Did you see the Wolfgang Puck’s knock off? Ninja apparently did not have a patent. Wolfy was selling a knock off this weekend for $49 introductory price. Glass bowls and a motor which seemed to mount more easily. It also had an emulsifying plastic gizmo for whipping skim milk or richer into a Cool Whip. I didn’t see the whole thing but it might even have three stacked blades.

  423. angus Says:

    Have had my Ninja for 1 month. It replaced old blender and old food processor. It is just an absolute pleasure to use.Remarkable kitchen tool but be very careful when washing the blades and don’t let children anywhere near it.
    Have never been happier with a gadget .. feel like a kid again !!

  424. Donna Says:

    I watched Wolfgang’s presentation this weekend, but only saw one set of blades.

    I wouldn’t trade my Ninja for it.

  425. Sue Says:

    Wow, really sounds like a great product. I wanted to
    order from the actual site but did so much better ordering two from Bed Bath and Beyond’s website. There I got two “complete” products (motors included). Yes, the website offers free shipping but the shipping at BBB was less than $11.00 and the whole deal was still less. I did miss out on the carry out cups…too bad.

  426. sara Says:

    works great;but only one speed is restricting

  427. mcnerd Says:

    Since the Ninja is a “pulse” blender it would never stay on long enough for different speeds to have any influence or make a difference.

  428. James Says:

    I just brought a brand new Ninja Master Prep that I have yet to use, however, I’m pretty excited. The reason being is that when I checked the Sam’s website and see if they had any available, they were all sold out. So right before I decided to buy the first model I believe it is (the QB900) from Wal-Mart, I decided to just go to the actual store myself. To my surprised they had the QB1003!

    This model happens to be the newest version — supposedly 2x faster than the QB900 and QB950 models. It was $49 + tax, came with two extra prep bowls, a 30-page recipe guide, and it’s black (I happened to like the look better, lol). Dump the antiquated, ubiquitous QB900 models and at least get the QB950 model, or better yet, check your local Sam’s retailer for the QB1003 model. Good luck, and I’ll report back after I have used it. is currently selling this model for 80 bucks, by the way, so it’s a great deal for only $50 and immediate use!

  429. elizabeth reyes Says:

    I thought it was the greatest invention. I used a magic bullet to make smoothies every day for the last three years but it is too small. The Ninja was larger and I was able to make larger quantities. It worked fantastic for the first two weeks, now it just spins around when it is empty. The plastic material used to make the stems that go into the pod are stripped and unable to turn the blades to make anything. I am again using my magic bullet several times a day.

  430. madriverwalker Says:

    The company is trying very hard to improve customer satisfaction with the worn down gear issues. I think the problem is twofold: ‘operator error’ by the user (or user’s family member!) and/or poor quality plastic issues in the manufacturing. That being said, anyone with this problem can contact the Ninja division at 1(800) 361-4639 and simply explain what part is worn down. They sent me a prepaid UPS label for returning the part that is damaged and will replace it free of charge. That is going the extra mile for their customers. I think they probably had a fair amount of complaints and truely want to fix the problem. I love my Ninja and can hardly wait to buy one for my daughter and her family.

  431. Pink2 Says:

    I have been trying to find the new version everywhere. I tried my local Sam’s club and they only have the QB900. The only place I can find it so far is I am in Southern California if anyone knows of any other place to get it. Why doesn’t the main site for Ninja even say that it exists?

  432. sandra chilton Says:

    I don’t feel like standing in the kitchen chopping and cutting my fingers. I am 65 this yr. and need to prepare food being on SS. from 70,000 a yr. to 1000.00 a month now I must do it for myself. I have studied the bullet and the ninja and the ninja seems to be the most useful for my life style from frozen drinks and shakes to chopping some things for my salads or chicken salad. I went to bed bath & beyond and I would rather spend a little more and get the best of offers on the Ninja Home page with the free shipping or pay for shipping if I order the one with the beater. DO YOUR HOME work folks before you purchase.

  433. pink2 Says:

    I just visited and they have a BRAND new version with lots of accessories included – I think I am going to order it.

  434. Ron Says:

    Not enough people praise good products or good customer service. I hope my endorsement helps make this product successful. To make a long story short, the Ninja delivers everything as promised. I used it every day for two weeks straight, and at least 4 times per week since. Fruit smoothies, shakes for the kids, mincing veggies for chili, salsa, guacomole, you name it. We joke about how it “rules the kitchen”, but it’s true. This is a great product. You won’t be disappointed.

  435. Ed Says:

    I bought the grandkids some snow cone flavored liquid syrup in order to make them snow cones when they come by. In my cupboard, I have some of those packets of drink flavored mix that you add to a bottle of water (you know, like crystal light. So I thought, why not? I filled the Ninja with ice, added the drink mix packet and pulsed away. I then added enough water for the right consistency. No syrup on the floor and only 50 calories. Try it!! The kids loved it and you will too.

  436. Charlie Says:

    Ninja Pro at Sams. My local Sams (Franklin Mills, Philadelphia) had the Ninja Pro on display/for sale at $50. Looks like a great deal…too bad I got the regular version back in Nov for $44 at Sams. The pro is a sleek black with SIX blades used in the pitcher (vs. 4 for the regular Ninja). Came with 3 prep bowls (like the old regular Ninja I purchased at Sams). I think, but could not verify, that they’ve switched over to metal gears on the Ninja Pod. That should eliminate stripping. I couldn’t verify because the display version was glued to the display…probably to prevent theft and injury from the blades.

  437. cyndi Says:

    Big Lots sells the ninja for 30.00.(Texas) Just bought one the other day. Made snowcones for the kids, and they loved it. (Wal-mart sells snowcone syrup) You know it gets hot in Texas so we will making many more snowcones this summer!

  438. SteveF Says:

    The new black “professional” model has a 450 watt motor and, at QVC, comes with 3 container sizes. The new 48 oz comes with a one-piece cutter with 3 pairs of blades. The new 40 oz size has a one-piece cutter with 2 pairs of blades, and the 16 oz still has a two-piece cutter with 2 pairs of blades, but I think they may have a different shape and aren’t flat, don’t just come out straight, perpendicular to the shaft, but may be curved…not sure about this. I would hope that they have done something about the “stripping” problem that sometimes happens. I would guess that making the longer cutters one-piece instead of two-piece, eliminates one place where stripping can occur. QVC was selling for $50 for one day and then raised it to $55. Plus $7 or $8 shipping. There is an interesting looking Hamilton Beach Dual Wave Blender out there that has a twin motor/blade that can take individual containers on each, one at a time or two at a time, and there’s a large container that covers and uses both blades…go Google it! I think the speed of each side is controlled individually. $75 at one site.

  439. Joyce Says:

    Yes, I too was sceptical about this product. However, I received it as a gift for Mother’s Day. I had been looking at them and thought about getting one. I have gotten rid of the blenders, just not the food processor, as it does other functions that my cooking level requires. This Ninja however, was awesome. We decided to make a pitcher of Pina Coladas, it was a little late in the evening and it had been a long day. We stuck them in the freezer as we had done with our blender pitcher before. The only difference is we did not have to wait on the product to thaw out first then try to doctor it or scoop it out with a spoon, or have part ice, part liquid. We attached the motor to the top of the pitcher, which still had the blades in it. Lightly pulsed a few times, the drink was as if we had just made it. I cannot say enough good things about this product. I am totally in love with it. My whold family uses it for different things. We are parents who are chefs, with 3 teenage children who like to cook, so every piece of equipment in our house gets a work out. This one seems as though it will stand the test of time. Thank you and happy cooking and drinking.

  440. Jenny Schrock Says:

    Today, the third time I used Ninja I did one batch of whipped cream which came out great. Trying to do a second batch, somehow the cover will not seat properly (it seems to be flat and even but is not tight) the motor unit will not engage. Multiple tries all fail. Am I missing something? Doing something wrong? Is there a design glitch? I like Ninja when it works but I must be able to depend on it when needed or its useless in my kitchen. JAS

  441. Sandra Chilton Says:

    I put my old blender in the closet and threw away three other so called blender/choppers away. Iam 65 yrs old this year & I tell you this NINJA Made the perfect shake and smoothie not to mention the mix drinks.
    The chopper didn’t make liquid out of the vegs I chop for the dinner salad. It was perfect. So easy to clean by hand on the spot when finished. I use it now every time I want to be quick & out of the kitchen.
    MIX your favoriate protein drink with favoriate fruit and water or milk or juice and really enjoy a healthy effortless drink. A frozen vodka & orange juice is great.
    Get one of the Ninja units and have some fun

  442. Pat Says:


    If you cleaned the blender and did not put the top blade on the correct way, the lid will not sit right. That happened to me once. Simply take the top blade off and turn it the other way around.

    Also if the motor part does not fit on correctly, simply turn the blades a little and it should seat in fine. Hope this helps. If not, you may have stripped the gears and will have to call the 1-800 number for a stronger replacement set. See previous posts to get the 1-800 number. Pat

  443. Lauren Says:

    This product works amazing the first few times. I went to use it for the third time last night and the plastic peace that seals the lid to the actual “bender button” thing that attaches to the top actually ended up basically eating itself then from there i discovered that i drank part of the plastic peace. This morning my mom went to clean it and the blade fell out and cut her toe open, she is at the hospital as i write this. I am very upset about this product, it is not safe. The pieces are not staionary in the blender and if you go to pour your drink into a cup, you may end up with out a toe. I have a 1 year old, what if this happened to her? I don’t recommend this product. I will be looking further into details about the safety warnings and contacting other people, and returning it to bed bath and beyond, for a much safer blender, and a blender that the pieces won’t basically eat itsself up! I got it as a wedding present and was SO excited about it untill last night/this morning.

  444. Debbie Says:

    Sorry to hear about your experience. I have had the little rubber circular thing start coming out one time when cleaning it I just pushed it back in .

    As for cleaning it, I always lift the blades straight up by the tube , seperate them and rinse them under warm running water straight away too avoid overhandling them. Then I wash out the chopping bowl and put it face down to drip dry over top the blades so no chance of getting cut .

    I am sorry to hear of your moms injury . I think one has to take precautions while handling this due to the fact the blades are so sharp. Without that sharpness however, the NInja would not be able to do what it does. I love mine and have had no problems with it at all, safety or otherwise. Just my cents


  445. Hmmmm Says:


    Read the manual, it states for you to remove the blades first before cleaning or serving. It’s not rocket science. Its people like your mom that have created “WARNING THIS COFFEE IS HOT”. Why would your 1 year old be handling this? Why would you not clean the device over the sink? If she had, she wouldnt have had her toe cut open. This is not the first time you used it or cleaned it, so you know the blades are loose already.
    Eating plastic….come on, you know if something is not right when using this….does anyone else see a pattern here besides me??

    To me this is just like grabbing the sharp end of the knife and wondering why you got cut.

    I know this device is great to use and you dont have to use the manual to use it, but this is why there is a manual. So you can learn to use it properly without breaking plastic and slicing toes.

    Warning for everyone, READ THE MANUAL!!

  446. Jennifer Says:

    I was sympathetic until I read “I have a one year old, what if it happens to her?” I guess the answer to that one would be she’d go into the foster care system when you were arrested for child negligence for being so stupid as to allow a one year old child access to this machine.

    OK, snarkiness aside, you simply have to understand how a piece of equipment works before you operate it, especially when it has very sharp blades. Since you are NOT one year old, and neither is your mother, I would assume you noticed that the blades are not fixed and that you have to have some care with the machine.

    Your own lack of knowledge on the operation of a piece of equipment does NOT make it the equipment’s fault if you get hurt. The machine is what it is. You have it in your kitchen and want to use it, SO READ THE MANUAL. FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF WITH THE OPERATION. I can’t believe the number of people who are so clueless as to whine when they get hurt after being silly about not taking care with this machine.

  447. Scott Manesis Says:

    This is almost comedic. I have cut my fingers a few ties over the years with knives, gues what? I still use knives to cut stuff. I broke a glass on the sink one time and got cut real good reaching into the water….guess what? I still drink out of glasses.

    This is borderline ridiculous, but her it is entertaining.

    BTW did I mention I have a ninja and use it quite often and so far have not had a single issue, but it has only been since Christmas.


  448. Brent Says:

    After hours and hours of looking for a standard countertop milkshake machine, I found none. What I did find was the NINJA. I was aprehensive about purchasing the product because it was too good to be true with all the promises. After I made up my mind to but the machine, I was truely blown away. The NINJA does not only make the best milkshakes, but it makes the best salsa, or soup you can imagine. I love this product and wouldnt sell it for twice what I paid.
    Words of advice….buy one and try it. Then you will be just like me and throw your cheap blender away.

  449. Eunice O’Neil Says:

    Hi: I got my Nija, for Christmas (o9) and I just opened it today. THere are no directions how to put it together and frankly I cannot figure it out and neither can my old lady friens. I am 81 and always that I was fairly smart but I guess noneof us oldies, here, ar. Please send me instructions or something. It appears that the center pole does not come far enough up into the top of the things to go through the holes to turn it. HELP–thank you—-granny-b

  450. Drake Richards II Says:

    I need to repair or replace the turning piece located in the bottom part of the motor that spins knifes/blades….someone got goop stuck in it and tried to repair it and f..ked it up. Thanks

  451. Bonnie Tandy Leblang Says:

    (from Bite of the Best) Drake, we are not the official Ninja site – instead we’re a site that review and recommends products for you! You’ll need to contact Ninja or EuroPro (the manufacturer) directly.

  452. tristan Says:

    i like the ninja but one problem i cant fit it on the no splash zone it would be nice if it made a click when its secured we mitght return it if we cant get help

  453. melnick Says:

    Can I but the bowls for storage. If so how much do they cost

  454. Kurt Says:

    EXCELLENT PRODUCT – but our plastic base gears did wear out suddenly. Thanks due to the advice in this forum (Ninja division at 1(800) 361-4639 and simply explain what part is worn down.) A new FREE replacement is on the way. AWESOME customer service. Do NOT call the number on the website which is wrong anyway – should be 798 and said I would have to buy a new one. Almost gave up!

  455. Carl Cigana Says:

    I received the Ninja for a Christmas gift and am very satisfied with the product. Now that the Ninja Pro has been introduced to the public, I see there is a recipe booklet available with the product. How can I get a copy of the booklet, since there was nothing like this available, when the original Ninja was designed. Thank you.

  456. Richard Says:

    I’ve had a Ninja for a couple months now. It works. Makes great smoothies — which I do once or twice a day. It works a lot better than a Cuisinart food processor.

    But … if Cuisinart made the Ninja it would be a little more solid and a little safer. The lid would have a twist-lock and so would the motor assembly. That would be an important improvement.

    It would be nice if the spout was a little bigger and narrower too. That help with pouring frozen drinks. Currently the flow as you pour is wider than a wide glass. You have to pour with care with the current design.


  457. getitright Says:

    These reviews have been very helpful. I wanted something to chop cooked meat up so that my husband could once again eat meat since he does not like wearing his false teeth any more (79 and an invali). My Vita Mix is great for many things but I hate trying to get food out from around the blades. I liked the Bullet for not having that problem but it did not take long to burn up the motor with my daughter making mocha drinks all the time. I have been burnt so many times that I was suspicious of this Ninja Prep. So I read all the good and bad reports. Then I checked out Costco and Walmart…. nothing (well Costco has a Bullet );) Target has one that is $39.95 an thanks to this group of reviews I found out that it was the 1st one out. QVC has the new one on back order or ‘wait list’ for $68 and that includes the shipping. When I read that the parts are interchangeable I order the new one from QVC and bought the 1st model from Target. There is up to a 45 day wait from QVC and then it still might not come in. I bought one of the cook books from for $15 and free shipping. It should be here tomorrow.
    I have to admit that I had a few moments of wondering just what I was doing wrong with the first ice I tried to crush but quickly saw that I had not pushed the splash guard down far enough.
    It minces cooked meat just right for hubby. I used it to mince hard cooked eggs and shells for my cockatiel parents and plan on using it to chop their carrots instead of using my Salad Shooter which has just about gone its limit any way. I will be able to do 2 processes at once rather than grating one and then the other.I do believe the Ninja will do everything that I was using my Salad Shooter for and with less work.
    My smoothies will still be made in my Vita Mix as well as making different flours but this ninja will be sitting right beside it.

  458. getitright Says:

    On the QVC web site someone was complaining that the new cookbook only has 10 new recipes more than the first one. Someone suggested buying old blender cook books but why if you have a computer and access to the web? I threw “vita mix mocha freeze recipe’ in for a search and was surprised at the recipe web page I found. Forget the cookbook that came with my vita mix. This site has great recipes and I hope it is not tacky to post it here.
    I have not checked out Vita Mix recipes online for some time But I know I will be trying some of these with both my machines.

  459. Melody Says:

    I purchased the Ninja because it promised to make ice into snow…shockingly — it did just that. I was spending 15 minutes each morning crushing ice to put in a cooler and the ninja cut that down to about 3 minutes…..and the ice is SNOW! I love this thing!

  460. Melody Says:

    Granny – I put in the blade and then put in my ingredients. I then slightly twist the top of the blade to make sure it can spin and isn’t getting caught on anything. I think place the lid on the container and finally the motor on top of that. The motor is a little tricky. It will go flat in order to use it though…it does take a little fanangline! LOL

  461. Renee Says:

    I got mine about a month ago. I LOVE it! Smoothies every morning since the day it arrived. Super easy and healthy for the kids to have fruit/spinach/milled flax smoothies at breakfast time.

    i got it at target on sale for 35 or 38, I’m not sure but I know it was under the 40 price point.

  462. Beverly Halstead Says:

    At first i loved the ninja master prep. I used it daily for two months, and then it refused to work any longer. I looked it over and found out that top of the splash guard that is supposed to fit into the Master Pod had worn out, the plastic was too soft and it had stripped itself. Result, it will not work. So disappointing.

  463. Deanna B. Fleming Says:

    Can the Ninja cut up fruit without peeling and vegetables like the Montel Williams HealthMaster?

  464. Jeanette Says:

    replace the bushing that is in the power unit. the teeth are worn out and the ninja will not spend the blades

    Help, I really like this ninja

  465. kellee jones Says:

    Your ninja sucks! Worked good for a few uses and then the blades would not fit coreectly in the mixer units causing everything to strip out. No link to replace defective parts. Big time rip off!!!

  466. Pat Says:

    Attn.kellee jones

    I find that 99% of the times the Ninja fails is that it has been used improperly. The blades have not been assembled correctly or the lid has not been set on properly by turning it until it drops into place and most important, the motor has been started without it being fitted “seated” in the correct position. According to many of the comments above, whenever someone has a problem they simply call 1-800-361-4639 and the company immediately looks after the problem. Hope this helps. Pat

  467. Brooks Says:

    You have to get the gears completely meshed and the motor unit sitting completely flush. The blades have to be turned slightly until this fit is perfect. If that happens correctly, it will not strip gears.

    I don’t know if Wolfgang Puck’s knock off works better.

  468. russell Says:

    i found the ninja to be a piece of junk, the fitting on the top of the blade strips out the fitting in the motor housing making the machine useless.I used it twice and it stripped out.

  469. Pat Says:

    I get suspicious when I see a comment like Russells. I have a feeling that these negative comments are coming from the competition. I have had a Ninja since last December and use it at least 5 times a week with no problems. If the gears strip out that is 99% caused by the operator not making sure that the lid is securely on and that the motor is also turned until it settles down on the base. Stripped gears come from starting the motor when either the lid or motor are improperly placed. Anyway, it is no big deal, contact the company at their 1-800 number and they replace it no charge. Find the number in previous comments. Owners, please take care when operating these winning little machines and they will last a long time. P.

  470. Richard Says:

    Yes, Pat, comments like Russel’s do smell a little.

    I bought my machine from the local Walmart a couple months ago and, although I am careful how I put the top on, I don’t think I need to be. My unit won’t let the motor turn on unless it’s completely seated on the container.


  471. Richard Says:

    I forgot to mention, I use my machine several times a day.

    No problems.


  472. Kim Wah Says:

    Hi, I’m interested to purchase this product: Euro-Pro Ninja Master Prep Blender and Food Processor. Can advise what is the voltage, what is included in the package, can ship to Singapore, what is the total cost to ship to Singapore? thanks. pls let me know ASAP.

  473. mcnerd Says:

    The is a US product, 110 volts 60 cycle. I don’t think it will work in your country.

    This is not the product website so you can’t order it here.

  474. Pat Says:

    Hi Kim:
    Call 1-800-361-4639, the Ninja people and they may be able to help you. If not go online to Bed, Bath and Beyond and see if they ship to Singapore. Good luck, this is the best machine that I have ever used, meaning that I use it 10 times to 1 of any of my other appliances., I always get a kick out of how fast it grates cheeze, makes sauces or guacamole etc. Hope you tet one. Pat

  475. Mitchell Says:

    I want to buy a Ninja Pro, but before I do, where can I get extra Ninja containers, as it comes with so few?

  476. mcnerd Says:

    I’m curious why people find the need for extra Ninja containers? Once I blend something I just pour into a regular storage container, just as I did with a regular blender.

    I actually find the Ninja blender containers to be bulky and inefficient for storage purposes.

  477. russ Says:

    putting plastic gears on a motor is a joke , my gears were stripped in 2 days , until the makers start usuing metal the ninja is just junk–im very disapointed in this product

  478. mcnerd Says:

    Yes it does appear that ownership & use of an early model Ninja does require common sense and an IQ of at least 100, but I do believe the later models have been changed to make them more idiot-proof. The company does replace the parts, but unfortunately there seems to be no replacing the other part.

    I’m wondering if some kind of warning label should be placed on the Ninja packaging, but then again, if the current instructions were followed there would not be any issues either. A quandary.

  479. seriously? Says:

    After spending about 30 min reading through the majority of the comments, i’m shocked at all the issues that some have had. Stripped gears really shouldn’t be an issue with proper use. I would be pretty concerned about those that operate a motor vehicle on a daily basis but have trouble using the Ninja. I am no way affiliated with the company but have put my Ninja through the paces without any issues.

  480. Lauren Says:

    My point from my post a while ago, was that the blades are not stationary, If it gets knocked off the counter, the blades will fall out and possibly cut somebodies toe off. like it almost did to my mom’s. People say it takes common sense work it, but the problem is, It takes common sense to Make the blades stationary. && Common sense wasn’t used during the creation of this product.

  481. mcnerd Says:

    I might suggest gluing the blades to the bottom so they are stationery, if that is the problem, but I’m trying to visualize the ease in which it would be knocked off the counter from its nonslip base, motor coming off, lid coming off, and blades coming out in time for the toe(s) to get in the way. I’ve had slippery hands with the motor but in all the time I’ve used the Ninja the base has been immovable with proper care.

  482. Jennifer Says:

    It’s a case of common sense when using equipment like this: You have to be careful. What’s the sense of worrying about sharp blades when a kitchen is full of knives? Or how about the sharp edges of tin cans? Or the occasional broken glass? Honestly, can’t anyone take any responsibility for what happens in their own home without blaming equipment? Good heavens, it’s not like this is something that is impossible to understand how it works, or what the safety issues of it is.

  483. seriously? Says:

    On a more positive note. I used the Ninja to make what i’ll call buffalo chicken burgers that turned out excellent! They were flavorful, moist and fairly healthy.

    2 lbs Chicken breast cut in 1-2 inch cubes
    2 slices thick cut bacon
    1 egg
    1/2 medium onion
    1/4 cup blue cheese crumbles
    1/2 cup oats or breadcrumbs
    Frank’s red hot sauce

    put the chicken breast in to the 48 oz pitcher and add salt, pepper, frank’s red hot to taste. I used a tsp of salt, a tsp of pepper and 1/2 tbsp of Frank’s. Pulse until rough chopped. Put the pitcher in the fridge.

    Cook the 2 slices of bacon until it just begins to crisp up. Don’t cook it all the way as you don’t want it to be completely crumbly. Cut up the bacon in to 1/2 inch pieces.

    Cut up the onion and put in the 2 cup bowl and pulse till evenly chopped.

    Take the pitcher with the chicken out of the fridge and add in all the ingredients. Pulse until all combined. Do not over pulse or it will turn in to chicken paste.

    Lay out some parchment paper or saran wrap that you’ll lay the formed patties on to. I suggest putting some oil on your hands to make forming the patties easier (it’s pretty sticky). I made 5 patties out of it, so about 6.4 oz of chicken per patty. Move patties to fridge to keep cool (easier to get on the grill this way).

    Get your grill nice and hot and be sure to coat grates with a light layer of oil. Grill each patty for about 4-5 minutes per side depending on how thick you made the patties.

    Toast up your buns, add any addtl condiments you like and eat. I mixed up some light ranch with more frank’s red hot to use as a bit of topping.

    The patties came out moist and juicy with excellent flavor, little bites of bacon and blue cheese along with the hot sauce make these extremely flavorful and a nice change from a standard grilled chicken breast. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

  484. seriously? Says:

    forgot to add…put in one clove of garlic along with the onions.

  485. Scott Manesis Says:

    YES! Chainsaws are poorly designed as well. If you knock it off the counter it could cut your leg off.

    Knives are also poorly design, if you knock it off the counter it could stick into your toe.

    Guns are also poorly designed, if you try to clean them while they are loaded you could shoot yourself.

    Cars are poorly designed as well, if you forget to shift them into park and accidently hit the gas peddle you could kill someone.

    Rolling pins are horrible, if you place them up high and an earthquake happens, it could roll of the shelf and hit you in the head an knock you out!

    Some of these comments are hilarious. Here is the MAJOR problem with the Ninja..


    All Problems Caused By Operator Error.

  486. EileenLeen Says:

    Scott,,,,,,,,PRICELESS ANSWER, Love my Ninga,

  487. Pink2 Says:

    @seriously? Thank you so much for posting this, I can’t wait to try it out.

    I got the Ninja Pro back in May (Model QB1004W) and absolutely love it. I learned how to make homemade Guacamole from the recipe book that came with it and I make smoothies almost every day.

    I agree with all the responses about care and usage of this, you have to use common sense and take your time assembling it to use – when I am done making whatever I am making the first thing I do is remove the blades from container and wash them and put them in the dish drain to dry. I don’t leave them in while trying to get the food out or set them on the counter to get in the way. And when they are dry they get put back into the container, ready for the next usage.

  488. Betty Says:

    If the blades on the Ninja were fixed, it would be just like my Vita Mix only cheaper. There are some things I quit making with my Vita Mix because I got tired of trying to clean out around those blades at the bottom.

    As for knocking it off with the blades still in it, I assumed it was meant that it was not in use then? I don’t leave my where it can be knocked off with the blades in it and I doubt many people do.

  489. Barbara Wood Says:

    My daughter purchased the entire Ninja blender/processor for my birthday in March of this year. I kept the box for a few months because it is not a product I use regularly. I was going to use it over the weekend and try the processor part. I installed the top to the processor and turned it on when all of a sudden it stopped. When looking at the bottom of the top I saw that the processor had stripped the plastic area and has now made the item useless since it will not work. My daughter paid good money for this item and I only got to use this two times successfully to make drinks only. Please advise what the process to get a replacement because the stores will not honor it without receipts.

    Barbara Wood

  490. Pat Says:

    Attn: Barbara
    Did you read the instruction book from front to back. What happened is that you stripped the gears because you either did not turn the lid so that is sits snuggly on the container to make sure that it was seated in the lowest position or you did not turn the motor part to make sure that it was seated in the lowest position. If you just set either the lid or engine on the container without making sure that they are lowered into the correct position you will strip the gears. This problem is 100% operator error. To contact the company the 1-800 number to call is in the comments above in a couple of entries. I want you to look for it so that you will read some of the comments on this site and will know how to operator this wonderful little Ninja machine correctly and it will last you a long long time. By the way, I have one of the original machines with the weakest plastic gears (the newer ones have stronger plastic) and I take care when using it and have had it since December, using it several times a week. It is ALWAYS operator error when the gears strip. The company is wonderful and I am sure they will send you a replacement at no charge. They have had to do this hundreds of times because people did not take the time to read the manual, cover to cover, before using. P.

  491. Elle Says:

    I completely agree w/Pat – I have also had my Ninja since last December and it was one of the original weaker models. I use mine EVERY single day to make my breakfast smoothies (fresh fruit and icecubes) – I’ve actually worn some of the Ninja decal off the motor ‘cuz it gets handled so much. Treat this machince with care an it will last you a long time.

  492. joan Says:

    I love the ninja, I have one at home,awsome on ice, Itold my boss about it , she bought one for the kitchen , I’m a cook, I’ve only had it for 2 days and just love it , really douse a good job on corn (puree) and harder foods, hope it can stand up to the work out. THANKS : )

  493. PennyPA Says:

    We have both the Magic Bullet and the Ninja Professional and each has its own job. The Magic Bullet makes veggie and fruit drinks which, so far as we’ve seen, the Ninja DOES NOT. We will try the Ninja on other jobs (chopping, mixing). The one thing I’ve found I don’t like is the power head as it is very smooth and hard to grip in one hand if you don’t have huge hands.

  494. PMC Says:

    To PennyPA:

    I have made delicious smooth veggie and fruit smoothies with my Ninja. To my knowledge you cannot create powdered ice with any other machine on the market, which makes the smoothies very smooth and creamy. As for the smoothness of the top, I am amazed at what people find to complain about. I have used my Ninja for months, hundreds of times and have never realized that “it might slip out of my hands”. As adults we have to start taking responsibility for using tools of the kitchen safely. I am constantly discouraged at what our human race has become, chronic complainers about every little thing. Just read many of the comments above. PMC

  495. PennyPA Says:

    Thank you PMC for your response. However I am not interested in smoothies; I mentioned that the Ninja does not make fruit and veggie JUICES like the Magic Bullet. Someone asked to compare the two and that is the only thing we’ve tried making on the Ninja so far.

    I do take responsibility for using tools of the kitchen safely. I merely mentioned the top is smooth and hard for me to grip since I have a small hand. I was not complaining. I merely pointed out one thing I did not particularily like about the Ninja.

  496. Susan Says:

    I am having stomach issues and wanted to purée my food. After reading a number of reviews, I just bought and used the Ninja for dinner. Fantastic. I just need to adjust the amount of water. I mixed cooked hamburger, chicken, millet, broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower. It was gruel-like, but that was exactly what I was going for. :) I will give it another day or two, but I think this is perfect for my needs. I bought it at Target as I didn’t want to wait! Recommended highly, IF the parts stay sturdy.

  497. Betty Says:

    Susan, like you I got mine at Target rather than wait but I also ordered the newest one from QVC but it is on a wait list and might not even come in. I wanted one to mainly chop food up fine enough for my hubby to eat without his teeth. He spends so much time sleeping in his chair that they were always falling out of his mouth. Ever hear the old song about grandpa holle4ing “anyone seem my teeth?”? I got tired of him leaving his meat because it was just not tender enough. Now I find that I have acid reflux to deal with and this little machine is making it easier for me because I am grinding/chopping up my meat with hubby’s. I think as long as we pay attention to the instructions it is going to last quite awhile.

  498. Eddie Carpenter Says:

    I purchased one of these and really liked it but…… The connector in the bottom of the power unit stripped and I can’t find a replacement anywhere. Seems like a unit costing $60 with a single point of failure would have a replacement part available. Really disappointed.

  499. mcnerd Says:

    Obviously you have never actually contacted the company. Try that! Contact information is provided in these threads.

  500. PMC Says:

    See July 6th for comment from Pat for the number to call for replacement. Read some of the other messages. The gears stripping is 100% the failure of the operator by not making sure that the lid and/or the motor were correctly seated on the container. WHEN PLACING LID ON CONTAINER GIVE IT A TURN UNTIL IT SITS DOWN FIRMLY, THE SAME FOR THE MOTOR. TURN IT UNTIL IT SITS (SEATS) DOWN FIRMLY OVER THE SHAFT. IF IT WILL NOT FIT FIRMLY ON THE SHAFT TURN THE SHAFT SLIGHTLY UNTIL IT FITS FIRMLY INTO THE MOTOR. Hope this helps with your replacement machine.

  501. Eddie Carpenter Says:


    I recently submitted a not so glowing review on the Ninja Chopper. My complaint was that the powerhead connector was a single point of failure and that I was unable to get a replacement part. Well! I now stand corrected. I was guilty of not following the assembly instructions causing the problem. Also on the company, someone sent me the 800 number. I called and to my surprise they made everything right. So I stand corrected and I have found this company to be one of the most BEST/RESPONSIVE I have ever dealt with.

    Mia Copa,

  502. joan Says:

    well, its been a week and the ninja held up to all the work that was put to the test, grinds and purees great, as for the power pod being big and heavy, use 2 hands .

  503. Jenny Says:

    I was so excited when I ordered the Ninja that I gave my regular blender away. I am a smoothie fanatic so I thought with the ice crushing blades, I would have smooth smoothies. Not so! Yes it did crush the ice, but 1 left my strawberries and other fruit in chunks. 2. he litter rubber piece in the top of the large container fell off into my drink. 3. Without this piece it akes it difficult to align the top to fit properly. 4. The blades made scores of cuts at the bottom of the large picture. I now see why they offered 2 for the price of 1. You will need that other one sooner than you expect. I’M SORRY I GAVE AWAY MY BLENDER.

  504. mcnerd Says:

    I smell a Mission Impossible (fictional) tale. What little rubber piece? There’s not one on mine that I am aware of capable of falling into a glass. There’s a big rubber seal but I haven’t figured out how to remove it after months of use. Blades made scores of cuts at the bottom of the picture [sic]? How is that possible? Can someone actually run the Ninja without the blade shaft on the pin in the bottom?

  505. Pat Says:

    I am with you on this one. I am suspicious that that message was put there by a competitor company. The rubber piece cannot fall of and it is impossible for the blades to touch any part of the container if the blades are put on the machine correctly. My smoothies are just that “smoothies” as smooth as silk. If the message is not a message by a competitor, it is once again, operator error.

  506. victor Says:

    There is a little plastic “thing” below the Power Head and i notice that wears down that plastic thing, where can you get a replacement.
    I know that eventually will wear out


  507. Betty Says:

    Well, I did not get rid of my Vita Mix blender just because I did not buy it just to make smoothies but to grind rice/bean flours when my grandson was on a gluten free diet for a year. It is kind of stupid to get rid of something before you actually find out how another one works, especially one you see on TV. I only bought mine after reading thru all the comments here. I still use my Vita Mix for my smoothies but I also use my Ninja every day for one thing or another and I also cannot comprehend how anyone can score the bottom of the pitcher with the blades. It does not sound like ‘Jenney’ has even seem a Ninja, let alone used one.

  508. Elle Says:

    @mcnerd – regarding the blue rubber seal on the top of the blender piece. This can be removed, it took me several months of trying to keep all the little nooks and crannies clean to no avail. A few days ago I figured out that it honestly just slides right off – I feel silly that it took me so long to figure it out. As for Jenny’s tales of woe, either she got a completly defective machine or definitely operator error.

  509. Richard Says:

    Yes, Jenny is either an idiot or a liar. (Sorry, it’s just too blatant.) Can’t imagine someone putting up a faked defamatory posting and doing it so poorly.

    The ‘little rubber’ thing on my containers is actually silicone, which should last forever — especially since there is NO friction there. The shaft never touches it. (I’ve used my unit twice daily for many months.) The silicone seal is really more of a splash guard. The shaft that goes though it is held in precise enough position that it can’t touch the sides of the seal. I suppose you could knock the seal out of place if you were a very forceful klutz. That’s very hard to do though, since the lid centers the shaft before it gets near the seal. Maybe she poked it out with a fork or something. The seal is entirely unnecessary unless you make soup or something in your Ninja and it splashes all the way to the top.

    What vendor thinks it is competing against the Ninja? I get better/smoother fruit smoothies from my Ninja than from any blender or food processor I’ve ever used. And it’s quieter too, thankfully. I throw big chunks of fruit in and everything comes out smooth.

    The Ninja is fairly foolproof. The motor won’t even start unless everything is in it’s proper place. It’s really just a variation on the food processor. But the difference is everything. It will make perfect snow from ice cubes. And it will make the equivalent of ice cream from frozen fruit. Fast. Cuisinarts I’ve tried won’t do that — maybe if I pre-chopped all the fruit.

    I don’t like recommending a product that is sold on infomercials, because there’s so much useless crap sold there. But the Ninja is a great inexpensive kitchen tool. It works well, and it’s safe. (Unless you’re a total idiot, or a competing vendor trying to make the Ninja look bad.) Wouldn’t it be better just to focus on selling your own product?


  510. mullen family Says:

    Recently I purchased you Nija food grinder, I was happy with it until yesterday, I was making a mixed drink when the plastic gear stripped, it now no longer works.

    the part I need replaced is the lower blade , how can I get a replacement.

    George R. Mullen Jr.

  511. Pat Says:

    mullen family:

    The gears stripped because you did not have either the top of the container or the motor fully ‘seated’. You must be sure to turn each when placing until they drop down to fully engage at least 1/4 inch. If you read the blogs above you will find the 1-800 number to call for replacement.

    I ask you to ‘hunt’ for the number so that you will become familiar with the operation of this wonderful machine.

  512. mcnerd Says:

    I’m curious how a stripped gear requires replacement of the lower blade. Do these people really own a Ninja “grinder”?

  513. madriverwalker Says:

    I originally posted the correct 1 800 number to get ANY PART replaced free of charge, so go back and find that number (others have posted it too). They sent me a prepaid label for the part I needed replaced and to my surprise they sent me a completely new unit even though I just needed a new plastic gear assembly. Now that is the best customer service experience ever. My Ninja is perfect and my salsa delectable, and my smoothies ambrosia! I couldn’t be happier.

  514. george mullen Says:

    we need a part for our processor that we have bought less than 6 months ago, lower blade for the Master prep bowl, the plastic gear on the top that goes into the motor is worn, it makes the blade wobble which could be dangerous. how do we about getting a replacement?

    george mullen
    1800 dartmouth drive
    norristown, pa 19401

  515. Pat Says:

    Hi George:

    The plastic gears do not wear out if used correctly. You must take extra care to turn the lid in a clockwise direction until it drops the extra 1/4 inch. The same for the motor, it must be turned until it “seats” firmly in place. If it does not, manurally turn the blades from the plastic piece at the top a bit until the motor fits snugly in place. I have had mine over 6 months using it all the time with care and no problems.

    The company is excellent and I am sure that you will be satisfied with their excellent service. Call 1-800-361-4639.

  516. lisa Says:

    I bought a ninja a few months back n registered its warranty with you and the motor is gone how do I get in touch with a live person to see what the next step is?

  517. mcnerd Says:

    Hopefully you did not register with ‘us’ because we’re all just customers and this is not the Ninja product website, but you can read a few threads back and get the 800# to call.

    How does one burn out a motor that is just supposed to be pulsed for a few seconds at a time?

  518. george Says:

    bought a ninja less then 6 month ago, tried to grind 6 icecubes, the end of the plastic shaft that goes into the motor split, contacted ninja people, it is going to cost us about 26.00 dollars for a replacement part, what can we do? I guess we are stuck, we have to buy it, should have listened to my neice and bought the magic bullet.

  519. Betty Says:

    George, I think I read your comment before or one like it some where. Same complaint about ‘should have bought the Magic Bullet instead’. MY Magic Bullet lasted about 6 months and the motor burned up with my daughter making iced coffee daily for herself and son. She gave up on those but my grandson now uses my Vita Mix for his. None of them have tried my Ninja which is working just great for me so far. The Magic Bullet is still out there at our local Costco, maybe you should go out and get one.

  520. GADECO Says:


  521. Marshall Says:

    I saw the “pro” product at Sam’s Club yesterday with the black, 450-watt motor. For $49 you get the large 48 container with the 3 double blades plus 3 of the small containers with the double blades. The package doesn’t have the 40-ounce container, which may be the most useful size. For this weekend (August 6-8), most Sam’s are having an open house and non-members can buy products for the same price as members. I don’t know how returns are handled for non-members.

  522. Eric Egland Says:

    Do you ship to Australia?



  523. Marshall Says:

    The new Ninja pro is online at Bed Bath & Beyond for $59.99. I called 2 stores and one had it in stock. With the 20% off coupon that BB&B often mail out, that brings it down to $48 plus tax. This is the package with one each of the 3 size bowls, which is probably more useful than the deal at Sam’s Club which lacks the medium size one. I have asked twice about BB&B’s return policy on this item and both times I was told it was an open-end policy…if the item ever breaks they will refund or replace. That’s rather amazing. You should keep your receipt but if you don’t keep it and you paid with a credit card, they can usually find your purchase in their system.

  524. duaned Says:

    This is a great product. Purchased at Sam’s for $49 with two extra small bowls included! Use it often for smoothies and iced coffee. REALLY sharp blades. Watch it!! I was easily cut with general handling. It does a great job – getting produce from the garden and will be making salsa with the Ninja. Cleans up easily in the dishwasher. Check the small flexible washer in the lids that keeps the mixed contents from getting to the motor. Easily comes lose but NOT A PROBLEM. Can’t be ordered as a separate part unfortunately. Buy this and enjoy – works great.

  525. george mullen Says:

    we bought this about six months ago, but never used it until last month, tried to grind up six ice cubes, had the motor seated properly etc, it made a couple of turns, the plastic gear broke, it became useless, we finally found out where to get a replacement part;, no guarantee or nothing like they advertise on tv, replace any part free, it cost us 18.00 dollars plus shipping and handling, ove3r 26.00 dollars in all for the replacement, in my estimation this is nothing but a piece of junk, i should have listened to my neice and bought the magic bullet, she bought hers a couple of years ago, uses it everyday and is still going strong. we didn’t get a decent recipe book with it likes the magic bullet does.

  526. mcnerd Says:

    Wow, bad vibes over not getting a recipe book for a blender. Yes you should have followed the directions of your niece and gotten that thing with the recipe book. The Ninja was not made for Bullet-type people it seems.

  527. Richard Says:

    Question to george mullen: how many Magic Bullets does your company sell per month?


  528. george mullen Says:

    I was emailed and asked how many magic bullets are sold a month, I don’t know, and don’t care, but I am sure it be at least 1 for this month because we are going out today and buy one today.

  529. george mullen Says:

    just received an email telling me I should have bought the one with the recipe book, forget the recipe book, I should have bought the one that showed the Ninja on TV, grinding up Ice, like I said before we put a few ice cubes in the Ninja and it stripped the gear, then when I wrote about it, I was told I probably did ;not have the motor seated properly, what an excuse, the gear is made of plastic and the end of the spline wore causeing it now not to seat properly.

  530. mcnerd Says:

    “I was told I probably did ;not have the motor seated properly, what an excuse, the gear is made of plastic…”

    Yes, what an excuse, for YOU to make. Most things today are made of plastics. Yes the early Ninja had a softer plastic gear than was needed to deal with people without common sense, but the company replaces it for free with an improved gear. But the problem really is not the gear, but the person trying to operate the unit without applying common sense.

  531. Pat Says:

    Did you call the company to let them know what happened. By the stories in this blog, whenever anyone called they immediately remedied the problem. Unfortunately they have had to replace a lot of machines because of ‘operator error’ and they have done it without complaint. If you have read all of the stories in this blog you will know that the Magic Bullet does not come anywhere close to the operation of a Ninja. I would not trade mine for anything. Call them at 1-800-361-4639 and let us know how you make out.

  532. george mullen Says:

    reply from mcnerd, says the ninja was made for people with common sense and they would replace parts free, HA HA, it cost me on most 27.00 , what kind of common sense does a person to need to push down top, if they would have spendt a couple of more bucks, when they made the ninja, they would have put a steel spline on both ends of the shaft, who ever heard of putting soft plastic on a motor operated pc. of eqipment that is supposed to operate at a high speed, and again I ask, why couldn’t the ninja grind up a few ice cubes like they show on tv?
    also what kind of company sells products, with no address where they come from, or phone #, you have to go on the internet to get any results.

  533. Pat Says:


    I have ground up too many ice-cubes to count and they turn out exactly like shown on television. I have one of the earlier models with the weaker plastic and use mine several times a week, making sure each time that both the lid and motor assembly are ‘seated’ correctly.

  534. mcnerd Says:

    Same for me and my Ninja never gets unplugged since it is used daily since I first bought it almost 1 year ago (as proved by the first comments above). No complaints whatsoever.

  535. george mullen Says:

    Thank you Author Pat

    I took your advise and called the 800 number, they were very nice and said it was possible that the machine was defective, how ever I do not think that was the case, I think just the plastic spline was. anyway they offered to replace the whole thing if necessary, and also will give us credit for part we paid for, thanks again, Pat, you were very helpful instead of some of the comments I received, like it takes common sense to use the machine and maybe my wife didnot have it seated properly. thanks again, I see that not every body that owns ones of these machines is so inconsidered.


  536. Pat Says:

    Hi George:

    Thank you very much for your nice comments. I have never had to call the company but had read testimonials of people who were very unhappy when they called. They did a complete turn-around after speaking with the company as in every case the company replaced their part or the full unit for no cost. I live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada and we cannot buy them in Canada yet. I have many friends waiting to purchase one. I bought mine in Hawaii last December. After I sent the message off to you, I called that number and asked them when they are coming to Canada. She told me very shortly and that Canada Tire will be carrying them. It is a large auto/hardware chain up here. Glad that everything turned out for you.
    Cheers! Pat

  537. Latina Says:

    I just want to say that I have had my Ninja for almost a year now and have used it nearly every single day and all I can say is it is FABULOUS!!!!!! I am so happy with this product and I can assure you I am VERY skeptical of as seen on TV products because believe me I have been very disappointed in the past, but if you are considering getting one of these I very HIGHLY reccommend it. This product does exactly as they claim, I grind ice in it all the time and it’s perfect snow and the smoothies this item makes is phenomenal, so very smooth and creamy and I don’t even need to add milk or anything just frozen fruit and a little juice. I just saw the infomercial for the new ninja professional and I can say that I am so excited and can’t wait to get the new one. I have no problem with the old one but if this one does so well already I can only imagine what three sets of blades would do! So like I said, this product has already lasted me a year and I couldn’t be happier with it so I feel I have already gotten my moneys worth tenfold and recommend it to everyone. One thing I have heard people say is that ordering from the comanydirectlt is costly so I do recommend getting it from another store so you don’t have to pay the extra shipping and handling and you can just return there if not happy with it, I got mine at KOHLs and it was a great price. So I hope everyone enjoys there Ninjas!!!

  538. rosangela Says:

    this ninja master is 110 or 220v? thanks

  539. mcnerd Says:

    Sold in the USA it is 100v 60 cycle. If sold in other countries it would need to be 220 and have a different plug.

  540. mcnerd Says:

    Sold in the USA it is 120v 60 cycle. If sold in other countries it would need to be 220 and have a different plug.

  541. Drema Hughart Says:

    I dearly loved my Ninja & took very good care of it.Noticed it wasn’t sitting down in slot as easy last week. Used it yesterday & little grommet was missing but then found it on bottom of ninja. Now ninja won’t align up with blade stem or go on it. Only had it about 3 mons. Now Samms has professional for $50 but if it only lasts say 6mons. bad investment!!

  542. PAT Says:

    Hi Derma:

    Call Customer Service 1-800-361-4639 and after you tell then your story, let us know what happened. Pat

  543. christina Says:

    I called about a month as there was a problem with my main unit and two of the blades. An account was created for me and you needed a four digit code from the plug – I called back with it and they said they would send my new unit out – I still haven’t received my product?

  544. alixandra mixon Says:

    just got it,made awsome frappes, bought mine at for 29.99 + $6.00 shipping

  545. Barb Frantz Says:

    I purchased a Ninja Master Prep recently (June) and am anxious to get started. So, I finally got it out only to find that there are no recipes etc. There is a recipe-ish something printed on a large fold-out showing how to make salsa. Actually it only says things like…’put the ingredients in first’ No mention of how much etc. There have to be some recipes that are specific to the Ninja. In the ad online it states that a recipe book comes with the Ninja Master Prep. However there was none. So, I guess I’m going to make salsa and cappuccino the rest of my life. I’d like instructions about how to chop nuts, how to make other quick dishes etc. etc. There do not seem to be much in the way of recipes online either.

    Thanks for your help. My address, if you have any books or recipes….5674 S. Iddings Rd., West Milton, OH 45383

  546. mcnerd Says:

    There is a Ninja cookbook, but you have to buy it separately. Personally I use it just like any other Blender when things need to be chopped or blended. Then I just put the item in and push the pulse button for a few seconds until I get the consistency I want. Its just that the Ninja does the job much better because of the extra set of blades.

    Here’s a recipe though for you, so you aren’t stuck with salsa and cappuccino the rest of your life:

    Ninja Creamy Italian Dressing

    1/2 cup olive oil
    2 oz parmesan cheese
    2 garlic cloves, peeled
    3 Tbs red wine vinegar
    1 Tbs mayonnaise
    3 Tbs sour cream
    1/2 tsp italian seasoning
    3 basil leaves, fresh
    salt, to taste
    pepper, to taste

    1. Place all ingredients in the Master Prep Pitcher. Secure the top and pulse in quick bursts for 45 seconds, until smooth and frothy.

    2. Salt and pepper to taste before serving over your favorite salad. For best flavor, refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving to let the flavors mingle.

    Servings: 6

    Prep Time:: 1 minute

  547. Amy Says:

    If you buy the Ninja from Walmart, Macys, Sams, QVC, etc. can u still call Ninja directly for help to send any replacement parts? Basically, can u still get a warranty with Ninja directly if you don’t buy it from them directly? I am thinking that you probably can’t, so to be on the safe side I was thinking I would probably order directly from their website even though I am not happy abut the extra cost. I appreciate any help any1 is able to offer. TY.

  548. PAT Says:

    Hi Amy:

    The warranty is valid wherever you purchase your Ninja. It is my understanding that if buy from QVC and something goes wrong, you have to send it back to them and YOU pay shipping charges. If you buy it locally you just return it to the store or call the manufacturers 1-800 number and they will look after you. If you read the reports above, you will see that the manufacturer is excellent with reports of failure. I caution you that you READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY and be sure that when you use your Ninja that when putting the lids on that you give them at least a quarter turn to make sure they sit down (seat) firmly on the container and that you also turn the motor part until it also slips downward snuggly over the gears. This machine is ment to pulse only and not hold down the power to keep it running. Do not run for more than 10 seconds at a time and you will love your machine.

  549. joan Says:

    Hi, well i’ve had a ninja at work for about a month, and 2 other cooks use it besides me, and it gets used alot,is still going strong, in fact my superviser purchased 2 more for the other 2 kitchens. I also just made my first smoothie- awsmoe!!!!!!!!!!!!

  550. mary Says:

    Bought one today at Sam’s Club for $50.00..I’ve gone through 2 Bullet blenders. I was a bit skeptical but it is easy to return at Sam;s Club. This little machine is fantastic.Between making a frozen coffee drink to is worth the investment

  551. missy Says:

    So my fiance bought me my ninja at walmart in elyria about a month ago..I love it….enough said!

  552. dawn Says:

    I Hate this product, I got it for christmas used it three times, And the PLASTIC GEAR ASSEMBLY STRIPPED OFF. I can no longer use it and I CANNOT get it replaced or my money back. What a ripoff.

  553. Getitright112 Says:

    My goodness, that is AWFUL. I just don’t understand it though.Did you actually read the directions? IF followed correctly you should have had not problem. I use my 2-3 times a DAY. Yes, daily, not 3 times in 9 months and I have no problems with the gears stripping. BUT if I did not make sure the motor fit properly on the Prep bowl I am positive the gears would be stripped by now for sure.

    If you really need help check out #531 what Pat posted about the right phone number to call.

  554. Pat K Says:

    I just bought my Ninji at Walmart for $39.95. Upon checking out, they offered me a full new replacement for a year for $3.00. I thought that was reasonable and bought it too. Will be using my Ninji in the next few days. Does anyone know if the new design is the one that is in local stores now? Walmart goes through their stock quickly so I’m thinking my unit has the new design. Thanks for all of your comments and recipes, they were helpful in making my decision to purchase my new Ninji! PK

  555. mcnerd Says:

    I believe the original models are/were versions QB900 and QB950. The newer models should be higher than that.

  556. Pat K Says:

    McNerd, Thanks for responding. The one I have is model QB900B. It sounds like this may still be the old design. I did notice from pictures that the older ones were blue in color and mine is silver. Not sure if this means anything! If anyone knows what the resigned models are, please let me know. Thanks!

  557. Getitright112 Says:

    I have the first version I got from Target a couple of months before Bed Bath & Beyond got the new version. The new one is black where the first one is blue.
    I dug up my owner’s manuals. The box does not seem to say. At least I could no find it. Model QB900 54 is shown black but the splash guard is clear. On the newer model, QB1004

  558. Getitright112 Says:

    Pat, my cat closed down my computer some how before I finished but……
    The QB900 is 400 watts and the QB1004 is 450 watts. So far I have not even unwrapped the plastic off the newer motor because the old one is working just fine for what I use it for. I guess I am saving it for a back up but it is all interchangeable and I am using the new bowls and pitchers.

  559. Rosalie Cole Says:

    I am having a hard time aligning the motor part onto the stem part of the blade that starts the blending process. It doesn’t always connect. I have to wiggle it and work with it sometimes for a long time before I can get it to start processing.
    I have had the product for about 4 weeks before this problem started. It’s now too frustrating to use this product.
    Originally I was very happy with how well it processed everything but now I am too frustrated to use it.
    Let me know what can be done to correct this product.

  560. Jimmie Kennard Says:

    I purchased 6 Ninja Blenders for Christmas last year.I kept one for myself.This week I got out my Ninja to make
    a smoothie for breakkfast.This is the third time I have
    used my Ninja.IT worked great.Later the same day my Grand-
    daughter asked me to make her a smoothie,I did the same
    thing again.I pulsed once,pulsed again but it did’nt work.
    I took it apart,and realized,that all the groves are gone
    on the Master Pod.Why is that part made out of plastic?What do I do now?Is there a parts Department?Please help
    ……..Thank You….Ms.Jimmie Kennard

  561. Brooks Says:

    You have to seat the motor ALL THE WAY DOWN onto the lid. I did the same thing to mine and called up the number and talked to someone is Asia. They sent out a new motor when all it needed was a 10 cent piece of plastic.

    If it doesn’t seat perfectly twist the spindle a little and try again. You have to get it settled down perfectly.

  562. Elvin2004 Says:

    I purchased the Ninja in April of this year, much to my surprise I have been using it almost daily every since. Imagine my disappointment when today I go to make my smoothie, and the adapter on the bottom of the motor is completely stripped, so here I sit with a pitcher full of mango smoothie ready to blend, and no motor for the Ninja. It was terrific while it lasted, all five months of it, bad thing is all the people I told to go get one because it was so great, now I have to be honest and say mine died at age 5 months. If there is any way to replace that adapter, information would be greatly appreciated.

  563. Getitright112 Says:

    Rosalie, I know that it can be frustrating because it also happens to me almost daily. That is why I keep a pair of needle nose pliers in the drawer by it. My arthritis makes it hard to just use my fingers. Most of the time it is just a little adjustment sometimes though it seems to take forever but this darn thing is worth it for me.

    I used it to make pancakes for the first time tonight. I am not sure it was any easier than using a whip and a bowl but it did work fine but I also used my own recipe.

  564. PAT Says:

    Dear Elvin 2004:

    Upon reading these many stories above you will see that the main reason that the gears strip is that the lid of the container or the motor assembly is not on the unit completely. They must be turned a quarter turn (approx) until they seat down. Go back to #531 where I have posted the 1-800 number to call. Also please read many of the comments and you will see how great the company is when this happens even though 99% of the time it is operator error.

  565. Charles Fowler Says:

    I was skeptical, at first, about buying a Ninja, but eventually talked myself into it, and since then, I’ve been able to make things better than I used to make them before, likes salsa’a, dips, cake mixes, and other things, and I now wonder why in the world I ever waited as long as I did to buy such a great kitchen utensil… in fact, I may go out and buy the newest model. If it’s even a quarter as good as my current model, it’ll be money well spent.

  566. Thelxepeia Says:

    I just ordered mine from Khol’s and had a 20% off coupon, and it only cost $0.99 cents to ship! 50.00 and it is at my door! W0000ts!

  567. Getitright112 Says:

    I was just finishing up chopping up some veggies when I noticed that I had combined my old container and new top. I have to say again this company really considers the customer. How many other companies make it so that the old and new machines have inter changeable parts? Not a lot. New and improved usually means the old is not going to work with the new improved version. Not so with the Ninja Pro. And thanks to it I can sneak some veggies into my husband who has gotten very picky in his old age… well maybe that is not the work because he has always been picky. Maybe sit in a rut would be better. He has to have scrambled eggs with Pace Picante sauce. This little machine allows me to chop up carrots, garlic and broccoli so fine that he does not mind the addition if he even notices it. It may not be much but he does not eat a lot so that 2-3 tablespoons of veggies at least gets some into him. I actually got the idea from chopping up the carrots and broccoli for my cockatiels. It is so much easier than using a grater. An easy way to add the egg shells and given them extra calcium too.

  568. Elvin2004 Says:

    I have to say Kudos to Euro-Pro, I called today using the number from a comment above, (877) 421 0528, and they could not have been more helpful. I sent the plug from the motor, and a check to cover shipping, and they will replace the unit for me. WOW, now that is customer service. In a day and age when this is way above and beyond what most companies are willing to do to back their products. I can’t say it enough, Kudos to Euro-Pro. I will definately tell everyone about this. I am amazed, again, WOW. Way to go Euro-Pro.

  569. maggie nz Says:

    I am from nz saw infomercial today and have ordered a ninja
    interesting they have a lifetime garentee here.
    I do hope tho that they didnt get rid of surplus first batch over here{:-)

  570. yuppicide Says:

    Will Ninja Prep allow me to make homemade Mayonnaise or does it not have an opening to pour in oil slowly?

    I had a Magic Bullet and I must say that thing was a piece of crap. To make mayonnaise I have to put the eggs in and slowly add the oil. Well, the manual said I can’t let the motor run for over XX amount of time (I forget how long but it was like 60 seconds or something) or it will burn out. Ridiculous. The time was way too little for me to make mayonnaise. I ended up moving shortly after.. when I moved I put the unit in my car trunk and never took it out. I eventually threw it away.

    I really want a food processor, but have been eyeing the Ninja if I can find the newer model at Wally World since they’re cheapest ($39.99) there.

    Thanks for all the positive (and negative) feedback here. The unit seems to be pretty good if you just put on the motor assembly correctly. I’ll probably go for the replacement plan for $3 bucks.

    This restaurant near me makes these potato skins that they top with vegetables. They’re really good and I want to make them at home. I don’t know exactly how to do it, but I’ll worry about that when I get the unit. She takes different vegetables and puts them in a food processor.. not really a paste.. don’t know what you call it.. then she tops baked potatoes with the mixture and some cheese.
    She doesn’t always make it, though.

    My only problem is her skins aren’t crispy enough.

    Maybe I can figure out what you call a bunch of vegetables food processed together, so I can find a recipe online.. I want to get a good ratio of one vege to another.

  571. yuppicide Says:

    Crap.. yeah, I went to the Ninja website.. looks same as the bullet… can’t use more than 20 seconds without a pause. Can mayonnaise be paused? I do recall starting and stopping with the bullet and mayo took forever to make.

  572. mcnerd Says:

    Yup, you’re best to stick with your regular blender. Ninja is not your style.

  573. Navaria Says:

    CAUTION! CAUTION! CAUTION! CAUTION! CAUTION! CAUTION! I received the ninja as a gift. The problem I find with the ninja is that when you think it’s in place and ready to go…3x’s out of five it’s OFF TRACK!! but it still runs but the blades won’t turn. What is actually happening is that the little plastic grove underneath the motor unit is grinding down and being stripped!!! Once this happens, you are SOL! I am in the process of trying to find out where the manufacturers of the product are. But since my google (I’m feeling lucky) led me here I thought I’d go ahead and CAUTION! CAUTION! CAUTION! CAUTION! CAUTION! CAUTION! Before that next perfect smoothie gets ruined please #1 make 100% sure the connection is on TRACK!! #2 make sure that the jar is 3/4 full max & #3 there is no HOLD!!! So you have to stand there and press the button until you’re done. I had to prop mine under the cabinet with a spice container to get it to run continuously. Other than that… I’d rate it 7/10 because the good side of it is that it works better than, and is more versatile than other blenders in the same price range and it’s storability is unmatched compared to the motors sitting on the counter.

  574. mcnerd Says:

    Those “other” users are coming out of the woodwork again, probably the result of a anti-Ninja company pep talk. Amazing.

    “I had to prop mine under the cabinet with a spice container to get it to run continuously”….you gotta love ‘em. They have no common sense but they try and fail and fail some more.

  575. EileenLeen Says:

    Just what part of ‘Pulse’ escapes some users ,

  576. Laurie Andersen Says:

    I purchased my first Ninja today, came home made a peach smoothie and then salsa. . . delicious, so easy to use, so easy to clean up. I usually make my salsa by chopping everything by hand to get the consistency I want. . . Was surprised that I could “chop” with the Ninja with so little effort and receive such great results. What a time saver this is going to be:)

  577. yuppicide Says:

    The part about salsa sounds nice.. getting a “chop” consistency sounds good.

    Wally World by me didn’t have the new model 1004.. they had the older models for $39.99. Bed Bath & Beyond is the new models for $59.99.

    Bed Bath and Beyond had a Ninja XL Blender! That thing looked freakin nice. $99.99 and was 1000 watts.

  578. Getitright112 Says:

    yuppicide, you are not going to make mayo with a Ninja and I can’t see how you did it with a Bullet either. Using a cheap blender would be the way to go for mayo. BUT chopping veggies to different degrees…. well, the Ninja does the job great. Just pulse and check until you have it down just how small you want them veggies pieces to be. I like mixing some carrots and broccoli with cream cheese for a nice spread. colorful and delicious.

  579. Getitright112 Says:

    I was asking myself why I continue to read these reviews. i love my ninja but what other product do I keep reading reviews about like this one and I finally figured it out. For the laughs! Geeze, ‘propped it under a counter with a spice container’? Anyone that has actually bought a Ninja Pro knows that it has ‘pulse only’ all over the place and on almost every if not every piece of literature.

  580. EileenLeen Says:

    ha ha Getitright ,you got it , i too enjoy the comments fully knowing ‘if some People Died and Went to Heaven they would’nt like it , i love my Ninja and bought some for my Children , Just told them to seat it properly and PULSE ,they sure enjoy it

  581. Richard Says:

    I’ve had my Ninja almost six months. Mostly just make smoothies with frozen fruit. Works great. Start with big chunks of fruit, frozen monster strawberries, etc. It chops everything up and then I let it run for about a minute to smooth things out. Never labors or gets hot. Pulsing is important for chopping things, but the Ninja doesn’t seem to mind running constant duty either.

    Still can’t figure out what others are talking about with motor engagement problems. I’m careful when I put the top on, but there’s never been any indication that’s really necessary. If the motor isn’t engaged correctly it won’t turn on.

    Does one of the newer models have a mid-sized container available? The small one is a touch too small and the large one is a bit too large for a single smoothie.


  582. Elvin2004 Says:

    Comment 568 lists the number I used to contact the company, they were very responsive to my issues with the Ninja – the number is (877) 421 0528, the phone is answered in French, but quickly you are given an option to select English.

  583. SMIDGE Says:

    I bought a new NINJA about a month ago and feel it meets all the boasts made about it! (The people who Boo this product are NUTz!!)
    I am disabled and it bothers me to spend prep-time chopping veggies. I cut a few chunks of ~whatever~ toss it in the NINJA, hit the top a couple times and its ready to go…I eat more fresh vegetables now! I also have more variety of quick nutritious meals. I love it!
    1 problem~ the blades are sharp suckers! Twice now I’ve gotten cut badly due to my inexperience with this appliance.(so~ be careful washing and placing the blades!!) …but hey…they HAVE to be sharp, so don’t gripe.

    ABOUT CHEESE?~ It chops cheese so it comes out uniformly crumbly ~ which is perfect for me! Crumbly cheese is easier to sprinkle over the dish. (I chop extra then store)
    ABOUT NUTS~ I also add raw nuts to a lot of dishes for added nutrients…(Treat same as cheese)…chops as fine as you like and keeps well in a container for future use.

    BTW~ when adding the chopped veggies to,say, tuna and mayo…do it in a bowl…less messy.~ (Probably the reason they dump out the contents on TV. eh?)But go ahead and add to the chopper like they say and see for yourself.

    I have to say ~ YOU WILL LOVE IT!

  584. jo ann Says:

    i just got my ninja and made shaved ice ,it was great,i have to admit i planned to take it back if it did not perform as they said but it really gets after it ,it chopped up the ice with no problem and it was just like shaved ice

  585. wyttigr Says:

    I just go my Ninja and chopped onions and mushrooms this morning for an omelet. All I can say is WOW! I love it! I tried other choppers and they always shredded everything…everything turned out perfectly. I can’t wait to try and make my first smoothie! Thanks for a great product!

  586. mikki wildstarr Says:

    I have been watching your commercial for a while before i decided to to get one.
    IT IS WONDERFUL! I have been using mine all summer long for shakes, mixed ice drinks like pear lemonade, fruit cocktail lemonade, smoothies and iced coffees. Oh, yes, the chicken salad with apples and walnuts. My sister has the little You know what and it took me 20 minutes to make chicken salad in it. How frustrating! In my Ninja it took only a couple minutes to make the same chicken salad. I have been telling many people about it. It is truly a wonderful machine!
    I love my Ninja! I am seriously thinking of getting another!

  587. mikki wildstarr Says:

    OK, here I go again. I have been reading some of the write ups on the Ninja and have been fascinated with them, somewhat to the point of laughing. I think this Ninja experience share time is wonderful! There is a number you can call, on the back of your OWNERS MANUAL – not the little recipe book. Is is 1-800 798-7398 and they will be able to help you with any additional questions you may have. Not all things are explained in the book or even in the infomercial. I used that number that’s how I know. Did you know that you are not to run it continuously for more than 20 SECONDS AT A TIME! Stop and run it again for another 20 sec. if needed. For most things you will not need to run that long. Also, you CAN reheat leftovers in both the little processor and picture. They are microwavable safe. I wouldn’t boil in them but you can heat leftover soup for example to where it is good and warm to eat. Any hotter you’d burn your mouth anyway.
    I also bought a couple of the ice cube trays with the tiny cubes in it. I freeze left over coffee in them, juice, milk to make my drinks nice and cold and thick. I have taken canned, NO SUGAR ADDED peaches or pears partially frozen them and with the peaches, added peach yogurt with a little soy or almond milk – regular can be used, too but not to much or you thin your mixture down. Pulse it a couple times to break it down and then hold for 10 seconds, pour and enjoy! With the partially frozen pears, I’ve added frozen lemonade in the little cube tray, Pulsed it a couple times, hold it for 10 seconds, and you have a great pear lemonade. Just remember, the lemonade WILL overpower if too much is added.
    What I like to do is experiment with my Ninja. The drinks I have just told you about are NOT in the little book.
    One of the reasons the Ninja make good whipped goodies is because the blades are flat. If you look at some the blender blades, they are lifted or twisted a little. They don’t “whip.” They must lay FLAT to do that.
    I have read some really wonderful ideas here – whipped cream jello, great shakes and Malts. I LOVE a good old fashion Malted, one of my most favorite childhood treats. I bought the Carnation original Malt mix and use that with some lowfat or sugar free ice cream and a little milk or soy milk and go back in time. Mmmm!
    Someone said they bought one and had trouble with it. I have seen a few in Big Lots marked “factory refurbished” All I can say is, these are not made by God and as with any appliance, there are those that are lemons. I bought a DVD player, after the second day it made funny noises and did not work well. It was a reputable brand and I was surprised at it. I took it back, exchanged it for the exact same thing and have been using it now for over 3 years. Such things can happen with anything we manufacture. Maybe it is a bad lot. For the price that little machine gives us a lot of goodness. So have fun and eat and drink well!

  588. Daniel Cairns Says:

    I just got through grating a huge block of Parm/Reggiano, cut into small pieces of course, and the Ninja did a great job. Probably one of the harder cheeses out there. I am impressed. perfectly done, I don’t like my cheese too finely grated, it has a coarse coffee consistency. Well done MR. Ninja,
    Daniel Cairns

  589. Lori Lori Says:

    Charlie Says:
    January 6th, 2010 at 10:48 pm

    I have to agree with Paul. The Ninja design needs to be made foolproof to avoid gear stripping. Being aware of the problem I am ultra careful when placing the head onto to the prep bowl and haven’t had a stripped gear yet…but I can see how it would be easy to do so.


    I really appreciate your comments Charlie, I was interested in this product but I am very clumsy with muscle control problems and I’ve decided to pass on the Ninja as I can’t be sure I can play with something a bit fussy and not ruin it. I think your comments on this page are the best ones, made with thoughtfulness and kindness towards your fellow humans. I also was disappointed to read in McNerds posts that you have to order the reinforced gear. Has that changed yet? Are they being manufactured & assembled with the new reinforced gear yet? Anyone know?

  590. Maggie Says:

    I still don’t see how anyone can strip the gears. I’ve had my Ninja a few months & I just make sure it’s put together properly before using. I really don’t see how it would work if it wasn’t together properly. Maybe I’ve just been overly cautious but it’s almost getting to be a joke with all the comments. I would say you have to be smarter than a 5th grader. Read & follow directions.

  591. Jennifer Says:

    I think people strip the gears when it’s been put together correctly in the first place, by having ice or something else solid in the container and when stopping and starting, not keeping firm enough pressure on the unit from the top. It’s possible for the blades to grab the ice or a chunk of carrot, whatever, and not instantly cut it, but instead wedge the ice or carrot against the container. If this happens, and you don’t have a good grip on the top, I think it’s possible the blades will “jump”, releasing the gears for an instant and when the jam clears, it falls back and could land in the wrong position and strip. I’m theorizing here, and I’m talking about a fraction of a second while the machine is operating. But that to me is the only thing that can destroy the gears if it’s put together correctly in the first place.

    So I say keep a solid downward pressure on the machine while it operates and you should be fine.

  592. Ann Says:

    I just purchased my ninja off of the google website under Target store ad for ninja. I paid 39.99 + tax. No shipping and handling.

  593. SMIDGE Says:

    Anyone can strip a gear if dedicated enough…(ok, let’s see if I can strip a gear?..hit the top and see if this solid piece of whatever can take it.)hahah ;D (EVER USE A BLENDER FRIENDS? SAME MO!!)
    I have to agree with all those who have gone before and said…. “How can you strip a gear?”…
    I wonder what nonsense people do to their other appliances? Great comedy you guys who can’t work the itty-bitty thing!!
    It boggles the mind!! (LOL)

  594. SMIDGE Says:

    One more observation….sorry I have to say~

    Most people who read these reviews are LOOKING for the “dirty” about what all the advertisements say is a Fabulous product…
    I say we start making up really negative stuff…like..

    Remember, be very careful of the excessively sharp blades. They have caused serious cuts to my fingers that required medical attention.
    The items I added were pulverised when I held the top down longer than 30 seconds.(Should have a timer with a bell to make sure one doesn’t pulse too long.)
    I don’t know if I can recommend this product, I have to think while using it! (bummer)

  595. mikki wildstarr Says:

    I did a couple of times not have it seated just right and when I started it up I knew it and instantly turned it off to avoid any damage. Now I double check to be sure it is on right. Like with any device you have to handle it respectably.
    Of course the blades are sharp! Handle it in that manner. You don’t go sticking your fingers in the mixing bowl with the beaters running. Common sense, people.
    Also the machine whips and blends FAST! You shouldn’t have to count seconds. A couple pulses, a 10 second run at best and you’re done. That’s it. Don’t milk the time you’re defeating the Ninjas’ purpose!
    I went to the store to check out another one and they were sold out. Lucky people!

  596. SMIDGE Says:

    Excuse me…
    mikki wildstarr…
    If you are talking about my last comments…
    They are a joke about all the complaints people make about the machine when in fact it is the USER that is at fault. (Sorry,didn’t realize how confusing I was being.)
    And I appologize again if you’re not paying me any attention and I’m just assuming) ;D

  597. kevin Says:

    I have the ninja and love it,the other day I saw a infomercial on the new ninja and the new larger pitcher,was wondering how to go about ordering one…
    would really like to have a larger mixing contaner than the 48oz that came with the orig. Ninja……….

    thank you

  598. Kathy L. Wood Says:

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone else has had an issue with the rubber ring on the lid always coming off. I have had this issue since the first time of using this product, and today went to use it, and the ring is gone…not sure what to do. If I had anything negative to say about this product it would be that darn rubber ring, but I do love it!

  599. SMIDGE Says:

    I can not imagine how healthful it can be to drink that many smoothies and such? Are they floating out the door yet?;D Think of the calories and sugar? OK, party…but how often before you make yourself sick? Gotta find more stuff to do with this little NINJA!!
    If us fat old diabetics only made smoothies & such, the Ninja wouldn’t get much use….too much sweetness! But, we need lots of fresh veggies and the NINJA can do those beautifully.
    Don’t forget meats…if you eat much meat it should be masticated very well in order to digest.(I found Ninja helped me very well!) After a certain age I just needed this help anyway. ;D

    For variety I’ve been playing with all the suggestions on this blog and found another money/time/flavor~savor for a low carb diet.~>

    To attest to the question about the NINJA chopping meat…let me tell you…it’s awesome! Cut a slab of tough low cost meat in chunks and add to the NINJA…pulse a couple times and there you go…great ground meat !! Use for taco meats, stews..anything now!
    If it works that fast and that well….imagine how little time you need to ~NOT~ overgrind anything.
    Just tap the top a couple times and check…most likely it will be perfect. (add the seasonings and let marinate in the NINJA container in fridge)

    =>(QUESTION~ how can someone strip a gear if all you need to do is tap the top to make it work?…What’s the time-factor on that?)

  600. Bob Says:

    OK watched Bob Orton demo this product on QVC last night as they have a current special reduced price of like $55/ shipping free and even Orton had a few problems doing the demo with this product…WHY? The top in many instances was NOT sitting flush to the jars as he applied it unless he paused to fix that (would someone like me have to be careful since he’s the pro doing the demo / plus he is always doing his demo on a new Ninjas/ not ones used from previous shows IMO). I noticed everyone doing reviews would like metal gears instead of plastic ones …Love the price but it seems they sold many last night but was it because they may be stuck with product or simply because of prior unhappy customers not reviewing this product highly… Almost everyone giving 4-5 stars etc were not using it other then for powdered drinks or to make snow vs low star ratings said they could not use it as they thought they could. CONFUSED…Help me please–prove to me this is even worth the money, it’s been reduced to on QVC…If I double this cost would i be better off buying a similar product at double the cost, that may be made better and last me longer…the only thing i read is that the motor has a guarantee/ nothing else and if you need that part not guaranteed you pay the shipping, even if it breaks during the covered period by Ninja…. thank you…

  601. Charlie Says:

    I’ve had my Ninja (original blue model) for a year now with no stripped gears and near daily use. The whole gear stripping thing is way overblown. If you have the pod seated properly and keep it seated using firm downward pressure during use you will not strip the gears. My Ninja is still going stong. I like it so much I’m tempted to get the new Ninja Pro. My local Costco has it at $46.99 and it comes with all 3 sized containers (2 cup, the new medium sized pitcher and the large pitcher).

  602. PAT Says:

    Hi Bob:
    First of all, I would not buy off of QVC because if anything goes wrong you have to send it back and YOU pay the postage. If you purchase it at a local store you simply return it. However usually a call to the 1-800 number will supply any parts needed and all of the machine is covered under warranty, not just the motor.

    Check out prices at Bed Bath and Beyond and if similar to other stores download a $20 coupon and I believe that will be your best purchase.

    Even if a person chooses to make only smoothies, guacamole etc. this little machine is well worth the price. I would never be without mine and I treat it very carefully because I live in Canada and they are not available here yet. I purchased mine last Dec. in Hawaii. Some of the people have written about cutting up meat to make hamburger etc. and that takes a bit of power. The new machines are far superior to the model that I have and when I return to the U.S. I am going to bring back several for my friends. They are all envious when they see mine. I just took one to my bachelor son who lives in Costa Rica.

    He never cooks, but he loves this machine as he makes all sorts of drinks with the wonderful tropical fruits and fresh veggies that they have, especially the avacados that were 4 tor $1 on the street corner of San Jose. $1.99 each here in Victoria, B.C. I still buy them because the Ninja makes the best guacamole. Hope this helps. P.

  603. SMIDGE Says:

    I noticed 4 hairline cracks radiating around the center metal post of my small container yesterday. I use this thing for all kinds of items and have had great success. But, I have had other processors and blenders and they all share this in common….CUT THE ITEMS USED IN SMALL ENOUGH PIECES TO KEEP FROM GETTING HUNG UP UNDER BLADES.

    My NINJA has pulverized and chopped and ground to my heart’s delight and this could have been the cause of the cracks…I lopt some large pieces of tough round steak in to see how well it would work. It was fabulous!! But after taking it out of the upper part of my dishwasher(per instructions) I noticed the small cracks…Container is still usuable…just finely cracked.
    I called the 1-800 number of the Sharp (manufacturer’s) warranty page and the operator told me since the item was still under warranty they would ship me another small container ASAP. They didn’t ask any questions about
    the NINJA ….just assured me they would replace it.

    Which product out there is so similar in size, ease of handling, and price that anyone would rather buy something else?
    There are other posts on here saying IT over & over~~>
    For under $50.00…how can you lose? (costs more to go out to dinner for an evening~ and what are you left with?) eh? ;D

  604. SMIDGE Says:

    # 598~ Kathy L. Wood Says: October 30th, 2010 at 1:51 pm

    I don’t see anyone addressing this ‘rubber ring’ issue for you yet…and it so important!
    I had to check out what you were talking about when I read your post…and I see it is a gasket like they have on canning jars and canisters to keep leakage from happening. In this case it also keeps the lid secure!
    Mine is so tight I didn’t notice it was even there. But..I can see where the lid wouldn’t sit tightly as it should if it is loose or not there. This would be a good issue to call about especially if its still under warranty?~ Gotta have it right or how can it work?! ;D

  605. Kathy L. Wood Says:

    Smidge, I appreciate your post, but the rubber ring that I am talking about is the one in the center of the lid…I heard that this hole is to put pieces down into the pitcher without taking the lid off. I called the number provided, and they are sending me a replacement. That was great news, but the man at Ninja said it was an issue with this product. I told him this was the only flaw, as I still love mine.

  606. mikki wildstarr Says:

    I hear about the ring cracking and breaking, I assume it is the thin white strip that goes around the side of the lid, which helps seal from leakage and keeps the lid tightly in place. They say it is OK to put into the dishwasher, but heat varies and I feel that may cause the cracking and splitting.
    Like a clothes dryer, some items don’t fair too well and ages and drys out the clothing, electic etc. I feel this may be the case on this. I don’t have a dishwasher and wash out my canisters blades and lids by hand and there has been no cracking or breaking. Another thing I do, and it’s a carry over habit from an old juice extractor, it came with a tooth brush to clean out the blades and basket. I have one I use for my newer juice extractor and I use it to clean the NINJA blades, lid and canister as well. It is a thought.

  607. SMIDGE Says:

    OK, but that’s a pretty small hole…you sure whoever told you it was a hole for adding stuff wasn’t funning ya?
    That ring would be absolutely necessary to keep the motor from wobbling and ….(guess what?)…STRIPPING GEARS!

    This just may lead to some curious answers of how those gears are getting wrenched…ya think?
    They said loose/non-existent rubbers were a ‘problem’ eh?

  608. SMIDGE Says:

    mikki wildstarr~November 4th, 2010 at 7:00 pm
    I agree with you about the washing detail, however…
    The thing about a dishwasher is its ability to clean areas without damaging like hand/brush could do.
    Also, the detergent used for the process can disinfect better than hand-washing and prevents mold growth.
    BUT, some items just last longer with a more delicate touch, so its best to follow the manufacturer’s advice.
    Luck for me I can toss in the dishwasher and know it’s clean.

  609. Loretta Whittenburg Says:

    fell in love with my ninja all over again just put up Pumpkin for pies it is so smooth no strings . Love it , Love it , Love it.

  610. Debbie Says:

    I have a new healthy recipe that I call “Chocolate Crack”

    there is only 3-4 ingedients and I made it this morning in my small ninja container (did a half recipe to try it , got 6 small balls)

    1 cup pitted dates, cut in half or fourths
    1/4 cup rolled oats
    1/4 cup cocoa or raw cacao ( i used Herseys dark)
    coconut (optional)

    Put everything in a food precessor and pulse till it turns into a thickish paste (I soaked my dates in water a few minutes as they were dry, drained well and added the date water a spoonful at a time till I got the paste)

    Roll into walnut size balls and place in the freezer on wax paper . Bag them and keep up to 2 weeks in the fridge

    I used a cookie scoop to do smaller mounds , then I wet the tops and dipped in coconut flakes and froze. If you like your chocolate sweet maybe put in a little sweetner instead /along with date water

    These totally kill all my chocolate cravings – I am in a BIggest Loser competition so I’m not vegan or going raw, just looking at some of the recipes you find online to eat healthier.


  611. SMIDGE Says:

    Debbie Says:
    November 7th, 2010 at 1:49 pm
    ~~> Debbie…Good for you…your recipe sounds so awesome!
    I have weight issues and diabetes. I know the NINJA ‘chomper’ has helped me eat better, too.
    A lot of medical people indoctrinate us that natural sweeteners are not healthy…’fattening’,even. Adding honey to your recipe isn’t necessary probably but would be a better choice than other sweets.
    I control my weight and diabetes by using honey.(try different flavors for fun~ dif. flowers~dif. flavors) I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and have to watch my acid levels as well…and I feel better and lose weight by eating a balanced alkaline diet…this means…NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS!(and hardly any sugar)
    If you Google this info and try to practice..ALL THINGS NATURAL (not concocted in a laboratory with natural ingredients) you will notice a difference.

    ANOTHER DIET TIP…(and the NINJA helps with this) to maintain or lose weight a person has to eat ONLY a small amount of food. Consider how large our stomachs are (hands in a fist-that should do it)…don’t eat more than 1 or 1&1/2 cups of food at a time….
    NOW~ if you eat that little food and it isn’t really nutricious…you’ll suffer.
    WEIGH AND MEASURE your food and you can lay around like me all the time(I sure hope you don’t!)and still lose or maintain weight!
    EATING THE BEST nutricious foods will supply your body the elements it needs and you won’t crave (for phych craving get a self hypnosis download).
    THE NINJA helps me combine raw foods for salads or to cook that satisfy me in small amounts.
    (On medium heat)
    enough angelhair pasta for 1 cup serving
    1 stalk of celery
    1/8 small onion
    3 garlic cloves
    2 Tablespoons butter (adds flavor~oil does not)
    1/2 cup raw chicken breast pieces
    In an iron or electric skillet…I add the butter & 3 veggie ingredients I chomped in my NINJA…to saute evenly on bottom of skillet.(this makes a sweet-glaze of the garlic and onion that adds to the flavor)I do this for less than a minute…just long enough to slice the chicken in strips and again acrossways to make thin medalions.
    Move the veggies over a bit & lay the pieces of chicken in the butter. This takes about 1 minute and then turn again. Once the chicken is cooked, toss this mixture together with the pasta in the pan with the veggies and chicken. Add salt and pepper to taste.
    I place all this in a shallow bowl and garnish with parmesan cheese. (toss again)


  612. CARMELLA Says:



  613. Heather Says:

    I have gone through so many blenders it is mind boggling so when I bought this one I didn’t expect much but boy was I pleasently surprised. It does everything it claims and is considerably quieter than my previous brands. A true gem for the kitchen…way to go!!!!!

  614. Trevor Says:

    I am insulted that this product is named after the unseen assassin of the night. If this product was meant to be named after a Japanese warrior, I would’ve accepted samurai.
    I also noticed in the ninja logo that he is wielding a Katana(maybe 2), witch is a samurai’s main weapon, implying the product blade’s sharpness. Ninjas are not meant to be seen by anyone(except maybe another ninja), yet this product is on display for everyone. I just don’t see any kind of respect for ninjas in this product, the only time you might(very low chance) see a ninja in real life, would be the second they kill you.

  615. mikki wildstarr Says:

    THE NINJA – SWIFT, ACCURATE, DONE (like my Master Prep?)

    Then there’s the auto industry, GRAND CHEROKEE, RAM….

    Enough said?

  616. Daniel Cairns Says:

    Your’e kidding, right? Lets be glad they didn’t name it “chopper”, because it would insult anyone who builds, rides, or even looks at a motorcycle. Get real dude


  617. SMIDGE Says:

    Trevor Says:
    November 10th, 2010 at 3:43 am

    Hey Trevor, ever hear the song by Johnny Cash about the boy named Sue?
    A girl’s name made him perform better because he was put to the test more often?
    The point so many owners of this “Kitchen Appliance” are trying to make is it may take maybe a couple seconds at most to render anything inside the Ninja blender finished!
    See a theme here?

  618. Michelle Says:

    Can this machine grind flaxseed?

  619. SMIDGE Says:

    Yes….However, you’ll be left with pieces that are too big and NOT completely ground to a mealy or powdery substance.
    To grind a small hard substance you need a grinder which is made especially for that purpose. I have 3 different grinders. The reason being…some items I grind have a distinctive smell that I do not want to be passed over to other foods.
    Spices or dried leaves and such that you want to make into a powdery texture are candidates for a grinder. When you want to make something into a dry powdery texture you need a small container or the process won’t be completely uniform.Think back to the olden times before electricity when a mortar and pestle did this job? (Actually, until people like Starbucks needed finely ground coffee beans for their morning coffee, the choices of grinders were woefully inadequate.)

    The ICE PARTICLES for the drinks the NINJA makes are not as small as you need for grinding. Grinding is something altogether different if you want it done completely. People who make their coffee everyday from fresh ground coffee beans have a single grinder made for this purpose. The preference for complete uniformity when grinding coffee beans is why we see so many different grinders on the market. I went through 3 different brands before I found one that could pulverize the coffee beans to my satisfaction.
    The NINJA is NOT made to do that precise a job.

  620. Lori C Says:

    My husband saw the infomercial on this product and wanted to buy one. I thought sure it will be like all the other junk as seen on TV products. We bought serveral similiar products and returned them all because they did not work well. We saw the Ninja at Sam’s and said OK let’s try it we can always bring it back if it doesn’t work. I was so impressed with the quality and performance of this product. I threw the box away it was a keeper. After about 6 uses the white platic piece on the spindle broke off. I called the customer support number and after waiting for about 20 minutes I finally talked to someone from India that I could barely understand. She spelled out everything I told her L as in Larry – my name, my address took forever. Then she tells me my Ninja is too new and not in their computer to call back in a few weeks. I couldn’t believe it, if I still had the box I would have brought it back to Sam’s. I then sent an email as per the voice recording this was an option to holding but I couldn’t understand exactly what the email address was. So I asked the lady from India who spelled it out for me another few minutes to get this. Sent them an email and they respond to call the 800#. Customer support can kill an excellent product. Seems others have received better support then I have. I am going to give them another call this week when I have 20-30 minutes to kill.

  621. mikki wildstarr Says:

    I KNOW! I am getting so sick of making calls only to be answered by these non-English speaking people with the “bubbly bubbly” accent!!!! I was told however, that you can call and ask for someone who speaks English. I haven’t had to do this yet. But that is what I was told you can do. Should it come to that, and I KNOW I myself and Lori C are not the only ones to run into this, I WILL request an English speaking person because I am tired of it!
    And there are others. Now, the person who told me to do this did it herself and she got an English speaking person. WHEW!
    I am so sorry your machine broke and hope this can somehow be remedied to satisfaction. I have never tried it but as long as you have your sales slip, would any unmarked box do?
    I think all they’re going to do is ship it back with an explanation as to why the return. I’ve been using mine about 8 months now and I love it. I am sorry.

  622. SMIDGE Says:

    Hey Lori C.,
    I couldn’t find a return policy for appliances at Sam’s club…but my daughter says Costco takes anything back or exchanges it for a new one.
    Did you call your store to ask about this issue?
    For breakage like you described it sounds like you need a replacement. The store may be able to help you??(worth asking about)
    About the language problem…I needed help tracking an order last week and was connected to a nice young man in Guatamala named Diego. He did just as you described and spelled everything. He said he would do his best and for me to let him know if I had a problem understanding him…It was the third time I had to call about the lost package but this guy went out of his way to fix the problem and make sure I get my order.
    ~~>(I believe this experience was an example of OUT-SOURCING…jobs are being given to individuals in other counties because in order to stay cheaper for us consumers and competitive with other companies…they have had to find places they can operate cheaper. This means we are dealing with people who do not speak English as their first language.)

  623. Charlie Says:

    All outsourcing does is extend your talk time and the number of calls you need to make to get satisfactory service …usually ending up at the managerial level here in the U.S.. If your calling with any problem whatsoever, the Indian call centers just wastes your time. They are only good for things with set answers such as ‘when is my next bill due’ or ‘did you receive my last payment.’

    Customer service reps were on the low end of the corporate totem pole even before outsourcing. Companies take very little interest in providing ‘real’ service. They are only interested in increasing profits no matter the human cost. With so many jobs being outsourced who do they think will be left to purchase their products? Our macro economy is now seeing the downturn this is causing. 10% unemployment is the new norm.

  624. PAT Says:

    Lori C.
    Hi Lori. I can almost guarantee the reason that the white gears broke was that you did not turn either the container or the motor unit until it was seated (full sitting on the device). If you do not do this the container or motor will sit up almost a 1//4 of an inch and the gears will strip. I have seen comments of dozens of people who have not had the problems with the 1-800 people that you had. Did you use this 1-800-361-4639. They were all extremely satisfied with the service they received. Good luck and remember to turn both the container and the motor assembly until seated firmly down on the product and your machine will last for years. Pat

  625. Bob Says:

    update from my post of Nov 4th…i am close to purchasing this product and i happened to be in Bed, Bath and Beyond the end of this past week (Fri) and spoke to someone in this department wheer the Ninja sells with similar products and saw the upgraded Ninja NJ600 Professional Blender w/ 3 yr warranty about almost twice as much at around $100. He informed me of their store policy…keep everything, the receipt, the paperwrok, anything from the box, the box itself and if something goes wrong with this product at anytime just return it for a credit or a new ninja and yes i asked even if it was quite old and used well/ he said yes…can anyone verify what i said or have purchased from BBB…Now this sounds like my type of store. This month BBB has the ninja and the 2 bonus bowls for around $54 but you also receive a mail in bonus before Nov ends for $10 BBB card to use anywhere in their store in the future and on the $100 Ninja NJ600 Professional Blender also…sounds good to me…if you receive in the mail their 20% off coupon (it has an expiration date on them but to BBB they never expire as you can use multi coupons and buy anything in the store with them…one coupon per items…you have 50 coupons then they are good for 50 items) apply that too…it’s like a $20 off on the ninja and $30 off the upgraded Ninja NJ600 Professional Blender and like i said that comes w/ a 3 yr warranty…happy Holidays

  626. EVAN WYATT Says:


  627. PAT Says:


    I would Google for it. I am sure you will find the info. you need. Did you call this number – 1-800-361-4639? P.

  628. joan Says:

    I just saw the new Ninja on an info comercial,does anyone have the newest one yet? This one is more like a blender, no power pod,I have the blue one and love it, was just wanting to know other people thought of the newest one.

  629. SMIDGE Says:


    NO I hadn’t heard about the new one but found the Ninja website that shows it…I want it!!Looks awesome!!
    Unfortunately, I can only see one place to buy from online.
    Where did you get it? I called the offices of the local Costco stores and they wrote down the name and said they would see if it is something they would get.(I wonder if they say things like that to shut people up?)If they call me, I’ll faint!….
    Here is the website URL to see it…

    Please let me know where you got yours and how much it cost?
    Thanks again!

  630. mikki wildstarr Says:

    No power pod? And this is the latest? I want to see this one. Hmmm. I wonder if all the broken gear reports brought about this new podless wonder? Yes, I must check this out!

  631. SMIDGE Says:

    Sorry Joan– I see now you say you have the blue Ninja…not the new one?
    But the new one has to be wonderful…look at how they changed everything! Now I bet there will be a lot less problems!(you think?)

  632. Drema Says:

    If u buy NInja @ Samms Club I was told @ Samms u can take it back even if 2 yrs old. I took 2 back. 1 broke & other wasn’t as sharp & didn’t do very good job. But i still want 1 to make my ice cream. Not as good made in vitamix.

  633. Drema Says:

    Ninja Professional cost $49.99 @ Samms Club.Took 1 back without receipt.

  634. SMIDGE Says:

    Hey Drema,
    I thank you for the pricing…but I’m asking about a new super NINJA KITCHEN SYSTEM 1100 (as it is called)…I know this is’t the place to talk about a new and (hopefully)improved NINJA blender but the one you quoted must be the one this forum is SUPPOSED to be reviewing.
    A reviewer named Joan made this addition ~~>

    joan Says:
    November 15th, 2010 at 3:10 pm
    I just saw the new Ninja on an info comercial,does anyone have the newest one yet? This one is more like a blender, no power pod,I have the blue one and love it, was just wanting to know other people thought of the newest one.

    SO, I went online and found the NINJA website IS PROMOTING a new blender and at about twice the price.(so far I only see one place to get the total package~this new one even makes dough and the like)
    I posted the site URL under comment #629 above.

  635. SMIDGE Says:

    attention EVAN WYATT~ #626~~
    If you go to the online website for registering your new purchase…or send in the paperwork for the waranty…
    The NINJA people will help you out with replacement parts.
    HOWEVER…they are sneaky….I did all that and called about a damaged canister…and the guy tried to charge me for the replacement….all I did was say “I don’t think so!” and he backtracked and said I would receive a new one soon.
    Follow the directions about waranties ~~ALWAYS!!~~ and you will get good service. Otherwise, you may have to ask the people you bought from for help?(stores like Costco,Wallmart & the like will be good about helping replace the whole thing…but parts are from the manufacturer…in this case SHARK makes the Ninja and here is the number ~ 1-800-798-7398
    The phone numbers for help are posted all through this forum…read a few more if this doesn’t help

  636. Betty Says:

    They just seem to keep improving this Ninja. I don’t guess I really need a 3rd one, lol.but if I get back into making bread, it sure will be tempting. I have not even began to use the motor from the 2nd improvement. I just keep thinking I will be saving it for that ‘breakdown’ some people have had. So far the first model is going just fine for me.

  637. B smith Says:

    My twin & I both have had Gastric by pass surgery & we don’t know what we would have done without the Nynga processor. It made everything easier to eat because of the way it is portable & mixes out food the way we need it we need after surgery… we found ours at Sam’s Club in April….use it all the time for everything !Thank you !!!!!!!!!!

  638. Howard Veit Says:

    Amazing but true: I bought a unit at Target I used it for three totally satisfactory weeks, and then “boom.” The problem is that the head and attachments are coupled by plastic fittings and (at least on my machine) both on the head and on the blade attachments the plastic shredded so that I had a useless product. I threw all sales records away after three weeks and had no record of the sale. HERE IS THE AMAZING PART: I called their 800 repair number and they agreed to replace the entire unit at no charge even though I had no record of the sale and no product number was visible. THAT IS AMAZING.

  639. PAT Says:

    Hi Howard:

    Yes, this company is amazing and truly do look after their customers if given a call. Now you must do your part. In 99.9% of the time that the plastic gets shredded or fails it is because the operator has not taken the time to twist the lid to make sure that it has seated down on the container, or not made sure that the motor has also settled down that 1/8 to 1/4 inch safely onto the gears. When one does not do this and they are only partially “seated” the gears strip. If the gears were all metal, the product would be much more costly.

  640. Howard Veit Says:

    PAT replied to my post #638 above: “in 99.9% of the time that the plastic gets shredded or fails it is because the operator has not taken the time to twist the lid to make sure that it has seated down on the container, or not made sure that the motor has also settled down that 1/8 to 1/4 inch safely onto the gears.” This caveat should be in the instructions because connecting the top unit with the bottom correctly is difficult.

  641. Lisa Says:

    I love my ninja but less than a year and not used very much it stripped out the plastic on the blades and where they insert into the motor both points of contact are stripped and I can not use it. I am very dissapointed and can not seem to be able to find a contact to get replacement parts. I highly rate this but for the money It should be more durable. I do not dice anything stiff or harder than an onion an have never use it for anything but juic drinks and vegy chopping. Any one have a web site.

  642. PAT Says:

    Hi Lisa;

    Read above #539 & #540. You will know why you stripped the gears in your machine. if you read up further you would have found the 1-800 number to call as well as become educated about this wonderful machine. Call 1-800-361-4639

  643. Richard Says:

    I don’t understand. I bought my Ninja about eight months ago. I use it almost every day. Works well. I don’t understand the problem with damaging the drive parts. If I don’t assemble the top and motor correctly the unit refuses to turn on.

    I don’t understand how damage can happen.


  644. Howard Veit Says:

    Add to my post #690 above: THIS IS AMAZING; I was finally able to contact the manufacturer (EuroPro) with my concerns. They were terrific. Even though I had long since thrown my sales receipt away, they replaced at no charge all three malfunctioning parts plus carefully explained why my difficulty happened and how to avoid the same problem in the future. GREAT SERVICE for a machine that when working is fabulous.

  645. Maggie Says:

    Richard, A M E N – I have never understood how people have gotten injured or stripped gears either.

  646. Phil Says:

    I have Ninja QB 900 that I have had since last Christmas and use it at least two or three times a week with never a problem, until Thanksgiving when one of my realtives wanted to help with the feast and tore up the plastic gears. It was a gift so I had no receipt, but called the 800 number and to my surprise, no problem, they are sending me a brand new blade and power pod. Excellent customer service!

  647. marifel Says:

    i can use it to make a dough like for example for pasta dough or cookie dough ?

  648. SMIDGE Says:

    647~marifel Says:
    December 3rd, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    Marifel…the answer to your question is yes and no.
    Remember, the instructions say to only engage the motor for short spirts of time. To hold the button down for longer periods MAY cause damage. Since we don’t want to do something wild and crazy just to see if it will stand up…it would be wise not to.
    However, there are lots of recipes that say to “do not over-mix”. Biscuits and muffins…and pancakes,etc…be careful to use the container most likely to hold it though. Overstuffing the container is another reason people have strange things happen.
    From all the above comments a person can catch a recurring theme. Some people just seem to have a knack for breaking things…(Like children with a new toy?);D
    On the NINJA webpage….they are selling a brand new super-machine that is supposed to do the bread dough,etc…they even include paddles for the job instead of cutting blades.(check it out)~>

  649. Vicky Says:

    I bought the Ninja Prep based on the infomercial. It makes great smoothies. Totally impressive. The food chopper does pulverize the food so I wasn’t as happy. However, I’ve now used it for a couple of months and I am increasingly unhappy with cleaning the lid as the part where the spring is will not come clean and it is increasingly nasty.

  650. SMIDGE Says:

    Hey Vicky…

    You lost me dear…My NINJA food chopper doesn’t have any springs? The lid is a round piece of plastic that sits snuggly into the top of the base and only has a small hole with a little plastic ring set permanently in the center. I place it in a dishwasher and it comes out sparkling. If you don’t have a dishwasher and need to soak out stains that might accumalate…I use Oxyclean soap as a super cleaner for tough jobs…and if you make a solution of @1 tablespoon of it in enough water to cover the lid….soak over night and see if helps? I also have an assortment of soft cleaning brushes on hand and a small toothbrush might loosen any small particles.
    Make sure to clean the whole thing soon after use and this may not be such a problem.
    CAUTION~ The plastic is easy to scratch if you use too much force with the brushing.To keep it from becoming cloudy from repeated scrubbing, use very little force.(Those sponges with the scratchy side is a NO NO for plastic!) But then, I’m sure you know most of this.

  651. anne Says:

    Available at costco for 45.99 with 10 off instant coupon

  652. Naomi Says:

    Right Now, Costco has the set with 3 containers, for 46 or $47. If you have a coupon book, you get $10 off, so around 37. This is a bit higher power machine than the one I bought at Wal Mart. And it has an extra container.

  653. SMIDGE Says:

    I can not find any NINJAs at the Costcos in my area…which area are you in and could you copy and past a URL?
    Are you talking the NINJA PRO or the newer 1100 one that looks like a regular blender?

  654. ditch Says:

    I know exactly what spring Vicky is referring to. It’s up inside the lid where the little white button is – and it is very difficult – for me anyways – to keep it mold and ick free. I’ve soaked it for lengthy periods of time to no avail. I don’t have a dish washer so what I have resorted to is to spray Clorox Cleanup or plain bleach into any little opening or hole and leave it until all the ickyness is gone then soak it good in hot water to make sure the bleach is gone.

  655. Howard Veit Says:

    Locally here in LA you will find them at Target,Bed Bath and Beyond, and Walmart

  656. Scott Says:

    ***WARNING*** I received a Ninja Master Prep as a gift. I have used it approximately 10-12 times, mostly to make frozen drinks by chopping ice. I have always hand washed it and have never washed it in the dishwasher.
    The last time that I used it, one of my friends nearly choked on a small piece of plastic in his drink. After looking closely at the pitcher, I discovered that the inside of the pitcher has four plastic ribs. I can see a line around the inside of pitcher where the plastic ribs have worn off at the same level of the upper and lower blades. I’m afraid to use it since the plastic may continue break off. Today I called EuroPro Customer Service 1-800-361-4639 and they graciously offered to send a replacement pitcher free of charge/shipping. The service was great and the product is great. I’m concerned the new pitcher may do the same thing so I will watch it closely. I want others to be aware of this issue and hopefully prevent someone from choking on small plastic pieces that may wear off from the inside of the pitcher.

  657. toni Says:

    i bought a ninja and on the second use of making mashed potatoes it broke and wont spin….. not worth the money…

  658. hawnbiz Says:

    Aloha! I saw the Ninja on a recent infomercial and as usual it looked amazing! I especially enjoyed learning that this could make smoothies, blended coffee drinks, and even ice cream. I then saw a Ninja being sold at Sam’s Club and I’m assuming it’s the most current model since I’m a regular shopper there (weekly) and never saw this. Plus, it was in an area where they feature their newer items. I did recall it being sold for $55… What I’d like to know is if anyone knows if this is the newest, System 1100 and is that the best deal? I am in Hawaii and we also have Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Target, Costco, Walmart, Kmart, and Walgreen’s. I already own a lot of kitchen gadgets but this looked so impressive that I think I will hint to my wife and daughter that this is what I want for Christmas… I am already drinking the best tasting Organic Coffee with the most Anti Oxidants in the world, now I get to make it even greater by coming up with recipes for granita’s, frappes, etc. using the Ninja. To Ninja- I am very impressed from what I’m hearing about your excellence in customer service. The company that I used to work for also had a high level of customer service and from reading a lot of these blogs, I have to admit that you do care for your customers a lot. Can you send me an application, this is the type of company I’d like to work for… “Happy Holidays” everyone and “Mele Kalikimaka” and Mahalo!
    *Anyone curious about this amazing coffee, pls. e-mail me…

  659. mikki wildstarr Says:


  660. PAT Says:

    Hi hawnbiz:

    I am Canadian and purchased my original Ninja while in Honolulu for our usual 2 month stay in Jan. and Feb. They have only just beccome available here. It is one of the smaller original models and all that I can say is that the only other appliance that comes out of my cupboard any more is my Espresso Coffee Maker. I use my Ninja for everything. I have had no need to use even my $400 VitaMix machine. Last winter we stayed at the Ala Moana hotel for 2 months and it was a challenge to cook in a hotel room with a hot plate and micro. My Ninja saved the day. I made so many things with it, especially Smoothies, Salsas, Guacamole and pasta sauces with all fresh ingredients. Just whipped up basil, garlic, tomatoes with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, salt & papper with a little Pecorino Romano added and the most wonderful instant pasta sauce. No cooking, just mix with hot pasta and a little hot pasta water. Oh by the way, before I make the sauce I take some Pecorino Roman which I bought at Costco and put in a few (approximately 1 inch square pieces) and pulse it to any consistency you want. For a finer cheese just a few more pulses. If you can get the System 1100 for that price, buy it. They are about $150 anywhere else. I believe it is the only model that they have for the heavy duty machine. Read lots of the threads above so that you know the pitfals when using these wonderful machines and your machine will last for a long long time. I will be returning to the Ala Moana again on Jan, 4th Room 843 until the end of Feb. Would love to talk with you and share Ninja stories.

  661. SMIDGE Says:

    Hey,hawnbiz Says:
    (December 13th, 2010 at 12:30 am)

    I love good coffee…am really picky, AND I am trying to be all “organic”. Please send me info on the coffee you mentioned at
    And if you can get that new Ninja 1100 for $55…would you be willing to ship it over to Washington State? (lol)
    I love my little pod-like Prep Master…but all the new stuff on the 1100 sounds like a dream!

  662. getitright Says:

    I have been playing with an impossible sweet potato pie recipe in my 48 ounce container and finally just threw in every thing at once instead of a couple of installments and it worked great.

    Impossible sweet potato pie

    In the 48 ounce container, pulse 2 eggs, 3/4 cups sugar, 1/2 cup flour, 1 teaspoon vanilla, 1/2 teaspoon salt or not. 2 cups cooked sweet potatoes and 1 1/2 cups cottage cheese (or evaporated milk). 10 second intervals 5-6 times.

    Spray 9” pie pan with Pam. Pour into the prepared pan.
    Bake at 350 degrees F for 50 to 55 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in center comes out clean.

    Use the same recipe for canned pumpkin and add 1 tablespoon of pumpkin spice which can also be used for the sweet potato pie according to your taste. I have used regular wheat flour and also just threw in 1/2 cups oats instead of the flour. The Ninja turned it into flour while mixing the rest of the ingredients and saved time and steps.

  663. John Says:

    Aloha, Pat!: Thanks for info.! Yes, pls. contact me when you’re in Hawaii via my e-mail. I live on the other side of the island but come into town sometimes for biz. I am glad I went to look for review on this Ninj and stumbled uponthis site as now I am convinced that the model 1100 is the one for me. Have you made ice cream yet? If so, what was the outcome? On tv it really looked delicious and I would like to make my own, experimenting with all the great fruits and Asantae Coffee we have here. Wow, you’re in Canada?! We just opened up for biz in Canada! Pls. visit my website and let me know if you have any ?’s, I am in touch with someone in Canada that is the Director of Biz Developement. Would be great if we could talk about both the Ninja and this amazing USDA Organic Coffee…

  664. John Says:

    Aloha! The Ninja at Sam’s Club here in Hawaii is QB1003. Comes with 48 oz. Master Prep Pitcher and x3 16 oz. prep bowls. Also says 5 yr. ltd. waranty! I am now curious know, maybe because it’s at Sam’s, it was repackaged with the extra bowl and because of this the model is different. Does anyone know if this is the model 1100 but since it’s sold here it’s a different model? If I get no replies, I will call their Cust. Service to find out. Then again, they might not know too. Ah, I guess I’ll go to the store and look at the sample… If I see the watts as 1000, it has to be the newest model! If its 400 watts then it’s old and that’s why it’s only $55…

  665. John Says:

    Aloha! Ok, Bed, Bath, and Beyond here in Hawaii had the older model, 450 watts. And, it costs more than at Sam’s! Off to Sam’s I go to invstigate the model/wattage…

  666. SMIDGE Says:

    Hey John,
    The newest Ninja model is 1100 for the reason …it has 1100 wattage.(I looked at the webpage info)
    You say to look at your webpage about the coffee..but I’m confused?…where is it and is that what you sell on it?…ORGANIC COFFEE?
    Add your webpage URL and will have a look.

  667. PAT Says:

    Aloha John: You may not be aware that your e-mail does not show up automatically when you post a message here. You need to put it in the body of a message so we can see it. Yes, I would love to meet with you. There have been several newer models of the Ninja as they had challenges with the plastic gears and kept enhancing the product. The 1100 Model appears to be the heavy duty mixer/blender type unit with all metal gears. I am just assuming that. I am going to check it out when I get to Honolulu. It may be that the 1103 is an improvement on the 1100. Let us know. I have seen people write on this site about downloading $20 coupons from Bed, Bath & Beyond. The Ninja’s appear to come on sale there quite often. Not sure if the same in Hawaii. If you already have a heavy duty blender you probably only need the less expensive machine. No I have not made ice-cream yet. I try to stay away from sugar, but will be trying to make it while in Hawaii as I can get the American style of powdered Stevia to sweeten it with. The type we have in Canada is bitter. I would love to meet with you John so I will look forward to your next posting. Mahalo A Nui Loa! Pat

  668. John Says:

    Smidge- Sorry, new here so didn’t realize that my e-mail and website would not appear since it’s asking for it whenever I leave a comment or review. My e-mail is and my website is . Once you’re there, click on the Asantae Java tab above to learn more about this amazing Organic Coffee. Please contact me if you need more info. or would like me to mail you a sample. If you’re a coffeeholic and are into Organic Coffee, you will love Asantae! For so many others and myself, it’s the best we’ve ever tasted! Look forward to your reply…

  669. John Says:

    Aloha everyone! So many of you have been trying to reach me since my e-mail, website, and contact info. wasn’t left on my reviews. I apologize as you can see I am new here and thought that since each time I was posting something it asked for my info., it would appear somewhere. Guess I was wrong… I also realized that so many people really love their Organic Coffee out there! This is by far the best tasting and also has the most Anti Oxidants even vs. the Premium/Gourmet Roasts. I will be sending out “FREE” samples to only serious inquiries only, while supplies last. I have about a dozen samples left…
    *Please follow me on the beverages/coffee section since I feel posting here on the Ninja section isn’t the right place.

  670. hawnbiz Says:

    Ok, I submitted my product for review and I guess until then I won’t be able to place onto the Beverages/Coffee section. For those that requested samples, they will be mailed out tomorrow… Enjoy!

  671. PAT Says:

    Hi John:

    I don’t know how you received the messages from people who want samples. I still have not seen your email address in your messages. I will get a sample when in Honolulu, but would like to have your e-mail or phone number before I leave. Can I google something and come up with it. Did you buy a Ninja yesterday and if you didm what model did you get? Pat

  672. ChazD3 Says:

    I know a new model has come out since, but I bought my Ninja a little over a year ago. I’m a bachelor and a senior so I cook for myself only, no big batches of anything. Vegetable chopping, ingredient blending, and mixed drinks and milk shakes. No biggies. I love this thing and at the time I found this site, I signed up for auto email notices of comments just for the fascination factor. A year later the comments still have the same basic theme, the dreaded gear strip. The good I shall note; is that this company’s customer service based on the comments, is exemplary. No matter what happens or when, these guys will replace whatever. They’re good, really good. The bad is that this stripping problem never seems to go away completely even a year later! As an innocent bystander to all these comments, like trying not to look at a serious traffic accident and failing, I continue to be amazed at the continued frequency of strip complaints! In my first two weeks of ownership I admittedly did not pay proper attention to the seating of the motor on top, I hit the power, the thing made the weird strip noise. I was able to halt power in a fraction of a second. It was so brief an episode that no damage at all was done. Since that singular occurrence I have always been cognizant of the full seating of the motor on the gear. Sometimes it seats instantly, sometimes I have to jiggle it a little and within 1 or 2 more seconds, voila! I can ALWAYS feel the motor drop in perfectly flush to the top. Once it does (2 seconds tops), I’m good to go, every time. C’mon folks, take the extra 2 seconds to flush the motor accurately to the container top. Oh by the way, this thing is GREAT!

  673. Howard Veit Says:

    Raves change to boos……the customer service has been outsourced to Bumfukistan where they speak little or no English and are impossible to deal with. I write this after three tries to get someone who knew something. Don’t buy this product now. You will get zero customer service.

  674. April Walton Says:

    Hi Howard, Sorry for the poor customer service. Do make sure you use this number: 1-800-361-4639 for customer service as there is another number on the packaging for service and they won’t help you much. The above one, if they haven’t changed to another country, gives excellent service. You are right, seating the motor top correctly on the container is the key to most everything and it takes some getting used to. My little Ninja has been working really well for over a year and I use it daily, but I am very careful to take the time to seat it correctly before pulsing. I even experimented with pulsing to make a pastry dough and it turned out great. Good luck and please let us all know how it turns out.


  675. mikki wildstarr Says:


  676. smidge Says:

    Just an added comment about outsourced customer service….
    I buy and then register the warranty for products and all those people are in other countries. I was talking to someone in a country that sounded like a different accent …I asked where he was…turns out he was in Guatamala. Nice young man and tried to be helpful…but they don’t speak English well. He even offered to find someone else if I couldn’t understand him well enough.
    Point is, this is the way of the future folks.
    It costs too much to pay people in the US to talk to complaining customers all day…they want to be paid at least minimum wage(and rightly so)…but it doesn’t make the company any money.So its going to go around the world.
    Try asking to speak to someone with a better command of the English…but it is probably much better to buy from a store you don’t get such a hassle with.
    Mikki’s right…buy from a store

  677. Howard Veit Says:

    Just a comment after having some trouble getting satisfactory customer service. I find I have a model number that isn’t listed. As I search around further I note that Ninja (EuroPro) lists different model numbers for the same product in almost all retail stores and the factory pretends the model number is not correct. From my own retail experience I learned that many companies try to avoid refunds etc. by using different model numbers for the exact same product. It looks like Ninja, after having a year of great service. has decided to “join the crowd” in SE Asia so they have an excuse to avoid expense. Too bad, I think many of you remember that the sudden deterioration of Dell was a direct result of deliberately out sourcing what had been a famously good customer service. The resulting customer revolution changed the number one computer company in the USA into a dog, a rep they are just now fixing. Bad customer service is suicide, usually committed by a management that wants to get rich instead of building something they can be proud of

  678. smidge Says:

    Yeah, well Howard….great managers have been fired for less than making sure plenty of money is flowing through the coffers! No gain for the investors…gains you no gold stars.
    Business isn’t run the way it used to be. People aren’t looking for long term employment…just a stepping stone to a better way to make money…even if it is in another country.
    Too bad for the rest of us.
    I think that is precisely why people are saying buy from a store and let them be your advocate.

  679. smidge Says:

    Here’s another joke to ponder…
    Last week I was looking for the latest website prices on the new 1100 model NINJA and came across this one -> (click this you gotta see it!)

    NOW! if you Google the new NINJA 1100 you will get the regular price of $159. I couldn’t find this $199.00 site again to save me…only have a record of it because I sent the url to someone interested in the 1100 and I thought they had raised the price.
    Think someone is playing games with the public? Think how much money can be made if only a few buy it as a gift and pay that extra? …LOL ! ;D

  680. Howard Veit Says:

    Many posts here urge buying from a store so that customer service problems will be solved by the store. Ho ho that’s rich. The store will agree to exchange the product. Your only protection is to buy with a credit card because they will withhold payment in many cases.

  681. John Says:

    I bought the Ninja that Costco just started to carry and it’s the Master Prep Pro Model QB1004CO. Price was $47.69 but when I called to see if it was in stock, the guy on the phone said yes and it was also in the coupon book last month. I asked if he could check if it was still in stock and he checked and said it was and I guess since I asked, he also mentioned that there is an instant $10 rebate. Not sure how long it’s for but when I went to the store, I noticed that there is no indication on the sign that says there is this rebate so I wasn’t even sure until I checked out- yes, $10 off so only cost $37.69! C’mon, even though this isn’t the 1100 Model, for the price I still can’t go wrong! Comes with 16 oz. prep bowl, 40 oz. and 46 oz. pitchers along with 3 blades, 1, 2, and 3… Can’t wait to use it but I guess I have to since my wife wanted to buy this for me for Christmas… Hmmm, maybe I can convince her that I wanted to come up with some recipes for our Christmas party and need to work on some Coffee recipes… Anyway, what a deal! The $10 that I saved went to the whole pizza I ordered which by coincidence costed $10. Was like getting that entire pizza for free!

  682. smidge Says:

    GREAT DEAL!…Just like this one but you got 2 extra containers, if I see it right… and an extra blade? Great deal for that price!
    People talk about their frosty drinks, but I haven’t heard of many iced coffee drinks. Starbucks…look out!;D
    And the store has a great rep for standing behind their products!
    Howard Veit…run on down!

  683. John Says:

    smidge: Yes, not only came with 3 bowls, also came with 3 blades- 1, 2, and 3! Wow, this pkg. is the best deal around, especially with the $10 instant rebate from Costco. For those that want one, don’t wait as I do not know how long this offer is for as there was no signs on the display. The $10 was taken off at the register. Oh, and as far as the warranty? I asked and was told that by purchasing from Costco it’s on open-ended warranty so depends on the Managers discretion. I guess if it looks abused, they will not take it back. The timing couldn’t have been any better as I was planning to also buy a whole Combo Pizza which happened to also cost $10 so I guess I can say that by purchasing this Ninja at Costco, my pizza was free! How can you beat that? It costs a few $’s more @ Sam’s Club and you have to pay for a 2 yr. ext. warr. Why get from Sam’s when it’s cheaper and warranty is better there? Anyone know of a better deal? As far as the coffee drinks, I will keep you all posted! I already know that having this Asantae Java Organic Coffee is a huge plus since it’s the smoothest I’ve ever tasted and I’ve gone through a lot of coffee, having been raised on a Kona coffee farm (grandfather is the oldest living Organic Kona Coffee farmer in Hawaii!). Asantae tastes much better than any Kona or other coffee’s I’ve tasted. Can’t wait to see what I come up with on these coffee drinks!

  684. mikki wildstarr Says:


  685. smidge Says:

    I have John’s email mikki…send me your coffee recipes and I’ll forward them to him….His grandfather is going to be expecting great things from him now!;D
    Yeah NINJA!

    Hey,Howard… don’t want you to miss out! Call up Costco and ask about their warranty.(BTW~ I know someone who didn’t like their real leather couch after using it for a year…Costco took it back!)

  686. ROBERT Says:

    piece of shit broke first time in use plastic rotator real best idea you have stripped out on lettuce DO NOT WAIST YOUR MONEY GET ANYTHING BUT THE NINJA

  687. PAT Says:

    Robert: Could it possibly be that you did not read the instructions clearly before using? Or read any of the write-up above about what precautions to take before using. There is a 99% chance that it broke because of “operator error”. The lid was not turned 1/4 turn to seat the lid on properly on the container or the motor assembly was also not turned until it was seated at it’s lowest position. This strips the gears every time. I have used my machine hundreds of time, taking the extra second to make sure that all parts were “seated down” on the machine before pulsing. Read the above threads and you will find the correct 1-800 number to call for replacement. Or the other scenario is that you work for a competing company.

  688. Marshall Says:

    Looks like they are returning to their old ways of lousy customer service. If you have a problem, tell them you are going to complain to the Federal Trade Commission, and then follow up and do that. Don’t waste your time with the BBB, it has zero authority to do anything and when the company you’re complaining about doesn’t give a damn the BBB can accomplish nothing. Personally, I wouldn’t purchase anything from Euro-Pro unless it was being sold through a local store that had a terrific refund policy over a long period of time. Their new 1100, which is really only sold now through the infomercial or their own web site, looks good but only if it really lasts. They don’t say how much you have to pay for shipping on their 2-year warranty. It’s much better to deal with Bed Bath & Beyond, but the full 1100 isn’t being marketed yet through them and other local stores…only a slightly less powerful machine without the smaller bowl and the dough making parts and the smarter electronic motor.

  689. Earl Says:

    What a CooooooooooooooooooooooooL little blender!

  690. smidge Says:

    Are you the “Marshall” that posted back in August?~(you gave good advice)You suggested buying from a reputable store to be sure of service in future with the product.

    Plenty of people are still getting help from the service/manufacturer company-SHARK. However, I called in as soon as I purchased my NINJA and activated the warranty. (This is one of those nasty little rules that have been operating for customer service for decades now in this good ‘ol USA.)

    But, If you didn’t register it the few stores that are selling it have excellent return polices!
    I took another look at and read what they say about the 2 best stores for service–
    SAM’S CLUB & COSTCO. (here is the URL)-

    The only problem I have is…my plastic container cracked and I needed a replacement. They will not ship to a PO BOX so I’m waiting to work out something with a neighbor for delivery. Once they heard I had a warranty, they were great!
    If this doesn’t work…Walmart, where I purchased it, will replace it. (Do keep your receipts-no one wants to pay for something that may have been stolen!)

    ~”523.Marshall Says:

    August 8th, 2010 at 1:38 pm

    The new Ninja pro is online at Bed Bath & Beyond for $59.99. I called 2 stores and one had it in stock. With the 20% off coupon that BB&B often mail out, that brings it down to $48 plus tax. This is the package with one each of the 3 size bowls, which is probably more useful than the deal at Sam’s Club which lacks the medium size one. I have asked twice about BB&B’s return policy on this item and both times I was told it was an open-end policy…if the item ever breaks they will refund or replace. That’s rather amazing. You should keep your receipt but if you don’t keep it and you paid with a credit card, they can usually find your purchase in their system.”

  691. getitright Says:

    Poor Robert, guess you can’t read any better than you write. My poor little not-worthless Ninja gets used 1-3 times a day and still works great. But then I read the instructions.

  692. Darryl Nickles Says:

    I recently purchased my Ninja for a personal Christmas present. The infomercial sold me, but these reviews seem to back it all up. I want to make slushees, and frozen drinks like Pina Colada, and Blue Hawaii. I haven’t begun yet, but am looking forward to my first one. I do have one complaint however- Ninja needs to put more recipes in the box and on line.

  693. SMIDGE Says:

    Hey, Darryl-

    There are a truck-load of recipes out there on-line!
    NINJA would be wasting their time!
    Here are a few drink recipes I found online…
    (If you can’t find one you like—Google it)


  694. r.huffman Says:

    I make a breakfast shake consisiting of spinach,carrots,apple,water etc. every morning in a magic bullet that just broke. Is it possible to blend these ingrediants all at one time in the Ninja if I buy one.


  695. Bob Says:

    tell you the truth the only one that can answer that is popeye…happy new…

  696. getitright Says:

    Having owned both a Bullet and a Ninja, I would say that anything a Bullet can do, a Ninja can do AND MORE. Besides making great smoothies I just used the larger container to make my daughter some sugar free cookie dough. That is something I would not have tried in my Bullet(which eventually croaked making one too many coffee drinks for said daughter).

  697. Dale Says:

    A great machine. Very powerful. The only problem I’ve encountered is that it is so powerful that it chewed up the stem on my main cutter blade, making it useless. I got online to find a replacement cutter blade, so that I can once again use this awesome little powerhouse that turns full size ice cubes into snow in seconds. My only complaint…they need to beef up the stems on the cutter blades.

  698. PAT Says:

    Hi Dale:
    Call 1-800-361-4639 re: the blades. PMC

  699. mikki wildstarr Says:

    TO HUFFAN Your breakfast shake would do well in the new NINJA 1100 blender. That TOTALLY juices EVERYTHING! You don’t need a pulp catcher like other juice extractors. I am looking into one because I am on my 2nd juice extractor and there is so much waste with the peals, seeds and such. I have often wondered what would happen if I ran THAT through again!(No, I never did). With the 1100 Blender there is no leftovers. Now THAT is scary but wonderful!!!

  700. Shand56 Says:

    I just plugged in the large canister unit of my new Ninja set, and the power light just blinks red. It won’t respond to any of the activity buttons. Anyone know why it’s happening and how to fix it? If it won’t work, I’ll have to return it :( . The smaller canister unit works fine.

  701. smidge Says:

    Hi Shand56,

    Now you’ve gone and confused us all!
    This is a forum for the Ninja Master Prep.
    Since this is the page you had to post your question, I imagine you noticed the difference in the looks in the picture up there at the top of the page?
    It sounds as if you need to find a website that is specific to your model. (Possibly the 1100?)

    And because you mentioned =>

    “I just plugged in the large canister unit of my new Ninja set, and the power light just blinks red. It won’t respond to any of the activity buttons.”

    We don’t have any lights on ours…nor do we have any activity buttons!! (see, now we’ll all be looking for yours)
    Check if the people who own one like yours would know by going over to this site ~
    (click here for the other blender reviews)~

  702. mikki wildstarr Says:


  703. Howard Veit Says:

    Re; blinking red light on the bigger machine….there is a few minor things that are “left out” of the instructions. 1. The container must be twisted and locked and be in line with the symbols on the power unit.
    2. The lid must be placed in the correct alignment with the symbols and firmly (meaning firmly) pressed down because both top and bottom must be locked in.
    The blinking red light should stop.

    The problem is with the totally inadequate documentation. This is clearly a rinky dink company with absolutely the matrix for customer so-called service from New Delhi.

  704. smidge Says:

    WOW, mikki,
    You’ve gone mad! ;D
    I agree with the problem using chocolate. I am diabetic so I watch the sugar…Best I’ve come up with is to simmer dark baker’s chocolate in a little water and make a syrup of my own. It leaves a little residue in the bottom most times, but is very good.(I love dark chocolate)
    I guess adding the milk is good for you, but I’m not supposed to have it. A tiny bit of cream is good for me. And its gotta be real organic cream! Cool Whip is made with high frutose corn syrup AND hydrogenated vegetable oil which is very bad for you!
    Also, I like to use all natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup (from a tree). I can use those without much trouble to my blood sugar. Artificial sweeteners have been unkind to me…I used SPLENDA for awhile and developed a nasty rash all over my legs. My body can’t use anything that isn’t all natural (I mean from a whole source) which wipes out all artificial sweeteners.

    I find I use my NINJA for things I wouldn’t have thought about before….from listening to people in this forum.
    Yesterday I used it for waffle batter. I used to use my blender some but hated the way stuff down in the very bottom was pulverized but closer to the top was barely mixed. My NINJA did a perfect job in just a couple spins!
    What a joy!! ;}

  705. smidge Says:

    You are so good Howard! I bet you are one of those people everyone can call with mechanical problems.
    In all my 60 odd years, if you want the best, you always pay top dollar for it. I have used one of the best blenders for decades now with absolutely no problems….I just don’t use it much because it isn’t adaquate for my needs.
    I have a friend who has a very intimate relationship with her high-powered-makes all things important to life & soup-blender. But she never oohs & aahs over how cute it was when she needed a quick fix!
    The same problem we all have is SIMPLICITY for a quickie job. Why should I spend a lot of money on something I figured would serve me like any other kitchen tool?
    I once paid $20 for a fancy can opener and $15 for a new fangled pastry brush…(see what I mean,here?)
    The price is just fine for the amount of service the NINJA MASTER PREP puts out. Even if mine broke next year…no problem…The store I bought it from would stand behind it and just replace it! If something is small and it costs less to replace than fix…why pay people to worry about fixing it? (Think of the cost to pay people to deal with all these problems~ better to just give us a new one)
    Customer service is becoming a thing of the past due in part to the ease of just replacing something. That’s been true for absolutely everything I’ve bought for the last 10 years….and even though I had to talk to a person in another country half-way around the world for an issue I had with my NINJA…they helped me just fine.

  706. mikki wildstarr Says:

    Smidge. Have you tried the Stevia sugar in the raw. I understand that it has been used in diabetic foods for a while now. Truvia is made from the Stevia also but I like it in it’s natural state. I would think too, that the cream would make the recipe taste really smooth and creamy! Stevia is natural sugar from the stevia plant, like maple syrup is from the Maple tree (YUM!) It’s not suppose to fluctuate your blood sugar levels. I don’t just use that only, either. I bounce around from Stevia to Truvia (also made from Stevia) and splenda. I don’t know if that would help with the bad reaction you had or not. I don’t have any alergies except to some of the pollin both in winter and in summer. But it is mild. But you have some good taste ticklers there that you use. Like you I am only for the dark chocolate and lucky for us, it is the best and healthiest to eat! Some of that dark chocolate you mix into a home made syrup (Heaven help us) would be so-o-o good in the coffee drinks. Can you drink soy milk? There are some really good brands – all VANILLA or chocolate by either West soy or Vita soy. But I haven’t checked on the sugar content. But I love soy products. What ever, the “plain” is always so “yuk” so I don’t use it.
    Getting back to what you first said, yes! My kitchen IS my lab! I guess every one needs a hobby! The NINJA has only given me another avenue to unleash my fetish of food creations. Pastry and confection is my niche.

  707. smidge Says:

    I never did…I gave up testing them all. If my blood sugar were any worse I might have had to, but no.
    I used Splenda for several months and developed such a bad rash, I went to the DR. It turns out that Splenda has been guilty of that for many people.
    I drink soy milk from time to time (never sure if I had a reaction or not-it wasn’t severe.Menopase symptoms were worse and it helped.)
    Soy milk has sugar in it, so I don’t use it often.
    I never made any of these luscious drinks before NINJA time! Too much mess and trouble for just me. This little NINJA has opened the world of diversity up to me big time!
    So easy to be creative….without much of the hassle.

  708. getitright Says:

    Smidge, check out Stevia. It is natural and not artificial although it is refined in its white powder form. I am just learning to use the green leaf which is not refined like the white since my daughter found out that she is border line diabetic. I bought a plant last year and I am hoping to find an other one to start more growing. I am not that great on growing things from cuttings. But I just used a tablespoon of green leaf stevia to replace 3/4 c. white sugar in the sweet potato pie recipe I make for my husband. Except for the tiny specks of green we did not notice any difference in taste. Hubby is waiting for another one of those pies and the Ninja makes it so easy.

  709. April Walton Says:

    Just wanted to let you know about Agave nectar for a sugar substitute. Its 100% natural,comes from the Agave catcus. But the best part is that it has a very low glacemic index which is great for diabetics. The taste is somewhere between honey and maple syrup but sweeter so you don’t use as much, and thinner. I’ve never baked with it but use it in my coffee, tea, of course in my smoothies with my Ninja, on my oatmeal, etc. I’ve used it for a few years now and like it a lot.


  710. mikki wildstarr Says:

    April! That sounds so good! Are you talking about a juice of the plant or does it come in granulated form? That sounds like a real yum of a product! I’ll bet it is awesome in the smoothies and on oatmeal. It sounds fruity, is it? I don’t think I ever had it so I’m not familiar with the taste.

    (tell me more, tell me more!)

  711. smidge Says:

    Thanks you guys!
    I heard of Agave but the price was a shock at Safeway.
    I’ll look for it to test. And, I promise to test the Stevia.
    Getitright…you’ll have to give more info about the leaves. I make my own red clover antihistamine due to allergies…so I know about going GREEN! ;D email me=>
    I bet we’re messing with the theme of this forum! ;D

  712. getitright Says:

    Smidge, I have not tried grinding my dried stevia leaves with my Ninja since I have some I ground with my Vita Mixer before I got the Ninja but the ground dried leaves work great in the little that I have tried them. I have not tried using the fresh leaves. I am not sure what the ratio would be but I am sure the Ninja could handle it. I think I will experiment.

  713. April Walton Says:


    Agave nectar only comes in a liquid form and it is about the consistency of thin honey. (the taste is very similar to honey also) It’s 25% sweeter than sugar so you don’t use as much, but not that overly sweet taste you can sometimes get from some of the other substitutes. Yes, as Smidge says it costs a bit more but I found the price the same as Stevia or Truvia. I’ve also found it on sale as its becoming popular and different companies are trying to get our business. Its big selling point is that it is natural and slowly absorbed into the body so you don’t get big spikes in blood sugar. I was skeptical at first, but I am sold on it now. I’ve never baked with it because it doesn’t come in a granular form, but for everything else it great.


  714. smidge Says:

    The reason I’m sooo excited is one of the selling points for Splenda was it worked so well with cooking. And it did. But it still had a funky metalic taste (I’m picky)
    Also, from the research I’ve done…regular sugar isn’t that bad until they ‘process’ it to make it more manageable. But like flour and rice, etc…when they play with the natural product, they mess it up.
    If agave is good for all this and a all natural/not played with/sweetnener….I’ll buy it! The science is…the natural takes longer to digest, therefore, it’s less likely to cause blood sugar and other health problems.
    I was curious about the results of the leaves when used directly in cooking? You must let me know!

  715. W. Sabine Says:

    Where can I find recipes for this appliance. There is usually a recipe book with small appliances but the Ninja didn’t have one. Thank you.

  716. smidge Says:

    Back on Dec 30th I posted a few recipe sites for “drinks”…

    692~SMIDGE Says:

    December 30th, 2010 at 9:48 pm
    Hey, Darryl-

    There are a truck-load of recipes out there on-line!
    NINJA would be wasting their time!
    Here are a few drink recipes I found online…
    (If you can’t find one you like—Google it)


    Lots of people have given great suggestions on this forum for making other things…you should read through a few.

  717. getitright Says:

    I bought Bob Warden’s Ninja Master Prep cookbook and seldom even look at it. There are recipes online. Some from the cookbook are already online.

    I found that the recipes for smoothies are everywhere. Vita Mix has many on their web site. Also if you ever bought a Bullet blender their recipes work with the Ninja also.

    I hope that this helps. Mine had a few recipes so I wonder why so many got none.

  718. nancy Says:

    Love it, love it, love it. Far more superior than its competitor and I had it.
    So glad Santa bought it for me.

  719. nancy Says:

    On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it 11

  720. smidge Says:

    Hey, April Walton….
    I researched Agave since you posted and found some interesting information…
    I spent a few hours with the food-buyer of my local Co-op market and asked about the sweeteners posted a couple days ago.
    The buyer said Agave was popular at first but people found out it wasn’t any safer for us than HFCS.

    “Agave nectar is not traditional, is highly refined, and actually has more concentrated fructose than high-fructose corn syrup. It is not a “natural” sweetener. Thus far, the evidence definitely points toward the conclusion: Agave Nectar = Bad.”

    I bought a little Stevia and plan to test it out…(later)
    Something else I started researching is KEFIR and how to make it. Looks like we all need to have more Pro-biotics in our diet. (bought a six-pack of Lifeway Bio~Kefir(vanilla) and it was delicious!)

  721. smidge Says:

    I mentioned Kefir because we need to include it everyday in our diet…
    It works great in these drinks we make with the NINJA!

  722. smidge Says:

    Just curious…
    Wonder if ‘Santa’ has had anyone give him crap about their NINJA? ;p

  723. Connie Lenox Says:

    i received a ninja master prep for Christmas. i was sooo excited to learn how to make some smoothies among other things. what a disappointment to discover the cook book that was to be included was NOT included in the box. so yes i would like to give “santa” a whole lot of crap!!

  724. April Walton Says:

    Hey Smidge

    When I first started using agave nectar several years ago I did extensive research on the internet and it lived up to all the claims and no bad press, but now it appears after several years on the market that opinions have changed, at least by some research, and it has several problems that hadn’t come to light back then. Thanks for the head’s up. My Ninja continues to delight me with perfect smoothies in the morning, great guacamole, and perfect pie crusts. On the crusts however, I’m careful to just pulse a few short bursts so as not to over work it as that will result in a tough pie crust.

  725. smidge Says:

    An odd thing I had happen… I bought a 6-pack of Bio-Kefir and loved it (made by Lifeway). But the list of ingredients said it contained agave nectar. I emailed the company and asked them about my concerns about using agave and they said it was fine as far as they were concerned.(?) GOTTA WATCH ‘EM!
    Our health is in our own hands…Which is why I find myself looking for better ways to make my own food…and finding the best organic ingredients!(organic farms are visited by the “organic foods” police to make sure it truly is being raised properly!)

  726. smidge Says:


    I looked at Amazon and Ebay and nadda…they don’t have the cook book for the Ninja Master Prep.(which is very odd!) Ebay usually has at least one of everything out there!…so…I started looking and found that only a couple of sites are selling the book that is made for the Ninja Master Prep.If you go to the website to buy the machine…they have listed a few recipes there you can copy.~

    Since they aren’t marketing the Master Prep cookbook any longer,I wonder if they may plan to come out with a new one for the new 1100 model instead?
    You can buy the NMP book on the website I posted for $19.95 plus $6.95 S/H. (I saw another site that was a couple bucks less–may want to keep watch as to why no one else has it for sale?)

  727. Buddyjane Says:

    Hi, everyone. I just bought a Ninja 1000 (at least it is 1000 watts; I don’t know if that’s the correct model name) in order to start making “greens” drinks on my doctor’s advice. I don’t want to take it out of the box unless I’m sure that it will blend raw kale, spinach, parsley, etc with fruit and a little water on a daily basis. I can’t afford a Vitamix! Anyone out there with experience using the Ninja for blending tough vegetables?

  728. lindapat Says:


    QVC has two Ninja cookbooks for sale. They are both under $20 each.

  729. PAT Says:

    Hi Buddyjane: I also have a VitaMix and it has been taken out of my cupboard only once since I have purchased my original Ninja which has a much lower powered motor than yours new Ninja. I make Almond Milk as I keep my sugar intake to 16 grams a day to get rid of belly-fat (that really works) so I don’t use milk anymore because of the high sugar content, even though it is natural. I also only use Stevia Powder for sweetening. I like the kind that I buy at GNC as it does not seem to leave the bitter taste and it is less expensive. A bonus!

    To compare machines, I made Almond Milk with my Ninja and then with my VitaMix. The VitaMix had to run twice as long and never did make it as smooth as my fabulous little Ninja.

    When using your Ninja to make sure that you do not strip the gears make sure that you have turned the lid until it seats down on the container completely and also the motor part. If either of them are have not fit in correctly when you turn it on you will strip the gears. Sometimes you need to manually turn the blade assembly to get the motor to fit snuggly down if there are solid items in the container.

    Any time that I put food in it that is a little hard, like celery or carrots etc. I always cut them up to about 3/4 inch pieces. I grate all of my Pecorino Romano or any hard cheese in my Ninja as well after I have cut it to smaller chunks.

    You should have no problem and with care it will last you years and you probably will not ever take another appliance out of your cupboard. The only other one that I use now is my Espresso Maker and I can’t seem to figure out how to get my Nina to make my Capuccino. haha

    To quote Charleton Heston from one of his movies (Words changed slightly) “If you want my Ninja when I die you will have to pry it out of my cold dead hands!!!

    Enjoy! Pat

  730. DB Says:

    I love it for simply chopping veggies!

  731. Bob Says:

    Hi Buddyjane: I also have a VitaMix and it has been taken out of my cupboard only once since I have purchased my original Ninja which has a much lower powered motor than yours new Ninja. I make Almond Milk as I keep my sugar intake to 16 grams a day to get rid of belly-fat (that really works) so I don’t use milk anymore because of the high sugar content, even though it is natural. I also only use Stevia Powder for sweetening. I like the kind that I buy at GNC as it does not seem to leave the bitter taste and it is less expensive. A bonus!

    To compare machines, I made Almond Milk with my Ninja and then with my VitaMix. The VitaMix had to run twice as long and never did make it as smooth as my fabulous little Ninja.

    Pat are you looking to sell your VitaMix… I know for sure you don’t have to cut anything up to fit in it as you would with the ninja…thanks for the tip on Almond milk and being lower in calories then skim milk esp for smootie use…

  732. smidge Says:

    Comparing the Vitamix (or any other blender) and the NINJA is like comparing apples and oranges.

    One was made to be an exceptional tool for jobs that the other doesn’t do well.

    Before stating which one isn’t a good appliance, figure why you bought it to begin with?

    Even NINJA has figured out that there are a few things a more powerful motor is good for. However, if all you need is a little help with a simple job…the Master Pro is fine and easier to handle!
    Each has a few stars on its chest for whatever it was made to do. The little Ninja isn’t made to do a lot of “extended-heavy-duty-work”. Make soup? (no) grind corn or rice? (no) mayby a couple times but after awhile you’ll need to buy another…or replace pieces of it.

    Ask a repairman or hobbiest if they want to give up all their tools but one?…(wouldn’t dream of it!) ;D

  733. getitright Says:

    I just don’t understand why the tiny cookbook is being left out of the box with new purchases. I have bought 2 different models and both had the same cookbook… they just changed the color of the Ninja on the front to match the ones in the box. Seriously though, just do a web search for Ninja recipes. I admit I bought the Ninja cookbook for $20 and still wonder why I did. Maybe I used one recipe out of it. When I make a smoothie, I don’t use a recipe anyway. I use what I have on hand. After awhile one just learns what will work and what will not.

    As far as the Vita Mixer and Ninja, I thought ab out putting my Vita Mixer away but as Smidge said, apples to oranges. It is easier for ME TO USE MY Vita Mixer for my smoothies. It takes me less time. I do not have to cut pieces as small for the vita Mix nor take the top off and on to add more to it. They both do an equal job of making a fine finally product but the Vita Mix does the job I want it to do better for me. But I put my kefir in first and then add whatever I am going to use to it.With the Ninja it has to be cut smaller and put in all at once or you have to take the top off and fit it in around the blades. But I bought the Vita Mix to grind rice and bean flour first of all so if I did not already own it I doubt I would buy one now but make do with the Ninja. It does a great job but this old gal is used to making her smoothies a different way I guess. My cheap little Ninja gets more work than my Vita Mix though and I bet their new model will give Vita Mix a run for its money.

  734. smidge Says:

    OK, confession time! ;p

    I haven’t made a smoothie…yet.
    I have made all kinds of chopping jobs with veggies I need for meals…it chops the celery and onions in 1 minute and I don’t have pieces all over my kitchen!
    (I’ve even chopped a bit of meat for soups for a faster cooking time. It’s small and easier for me to handle than a bigger heavier container like my Oster blender.

    I know people who never even start a project without a cookbook to tell them how much of everything they need.
    So….they need the BOOK!

  735. Pat McLeod Says:

    I bought a Ninja yesterday When I unpacked it there wasn’t a recipe book. What good is it without one?
    Can’t even find a place to buy a “Ninja” recipes. Very disappointing.

  736. Pat McLeod Says:

    I don’t know if it was an error in packing or what but I did not receive a recipe book when I opened the package for the Ninja blender.
    Very disappointing. Do you have to buy them extra?

  737. smidge Says:

    Join the club, Pat Mc…
    A great many people on this site have been saying the exact same thing. I didn’t have one inside my box either.
    The last few posts are suggestions for where to find a recipe book….or just copy off of several websites.

  738. John Says:

    The Ninja I got from Costco says “Recipe Book Included” right on the box. It wasn’t inside! I called Costco to find out if it was only my box that didn’t have this book and the lady there said all of their boxes didn’t have any. She called the vendor and said there is no recipe book! What?! So Ninja needs to take care of this problem, maybe post a link somewhere for us Ninja users. Then again, it’s not that hard to figure out. If you use ice or frozen fruits for smoothies, you’re going to need liquid such as OJ or Apple Juice or milk. For iced coffee, just needed ice, brewed coffee (Organic of course!), chocolate syrup, and vanilla creamer. Blend until ice is finely crushed. Ok, if you notice ice and fruits are not getting crushed, just relax and add more liquid! Such a simple thing to figure out. Also, for those that had problems with theirs stripping the gear, it’s user error. To make it easier, hold down the motor with one hand and use the other to press the button. That way just in case the blade skips over something such as an ice or frozen fruit, the motor won’t get out of place. This was pretty obvious from the start and when I at first read about how many were having this problem, I already thought, “user error…” Use mine at least 2-3 times per day and never had any problems yet. Figured everything about it myself, maybe my recipes might be better than their books would’ve shown anyway… Good luck and for those newbies, just remember, hold the motor pod down with one hand and use the other hand to press the button…

  739. mikki wildstarr Says:

    The little recipe booklet I got with my machine last spring has mostly beverage recipes – alcohol mixes, iced coffees, a couple dip recipes, a salsa and chicken salad. That’s not much BUT it still gives one the idea of “HOW TO GET STARTED” and you can take it from there. I went once through it and I haven’t used it since. I understand that when they came out with the 2nd Ninja with 3 sized of containers (one between the regular 2) with triple blade, they actually had a book by the kitchen “chef master” of the commercial (sorry, I don’t remember his name) but that was a regular cook book put together by him and I believe it runs $19 – $20 dollars. That is the one I wanted to get as it has all kinds of recipes. Then again with this new 1100 Ninja blender/juice extractor, I’m sure there will be different recipes. I even asked Walmart where I got my regular NINJA if they planned to get the new 1100 machine in. They didn’t know.
    But on the regular NINJA if you want to know what you are missing in the recipe area, that’s it. But if it is suppose to come with it and it says so, it should come with it whether it turns out you need it or not. I just hope you all at least got your OWNER’S MANUAL and the QUICK START – MEET THE NINJA PREP pamphlets. They are important to know how to run it and put it together correctly. They contain all the instructions not only on how to put it together,but what to do and what not to do. If they shorted you this, too, GET THEM! Make sure you get these, too, along with the recipe booklet. Just for starts in case you didn’t get those either, Make SURE that BOTH the lid AND the motor pod is fully seated DOWN into the container and straight and DOWN ONTO the spindle before operating. Also, the book tells you to NOT run for more than 20 seconds. I ALWAYS pulse 2-3 times and then do the longer blend. If you need more blend, then hold it down again to blend a little longer. I don’t pulse on the 2nd or continued run.
    OK.Here’s a “saver for you. I ALWAYS pulse 1,2 or 3 times because it does 2 things. 1- it brings all the settled ingredients up into the blade system for the first run so it blends better and 2- a quick pulse will tell you by the sound and feel of the motor if all is seated right or not. if not, you stop, reseat and pulse again. It is a good precaution. Like a lot of you, the second time I ever tried to use it, I pulsed, the motor was loud, rumbled and vibrated for that half second to let me know, “whoa! This isn’t right!” I took it apart, reseated the lid and the motor, which I realized was off, and pulsed again. It was fine and the machine suffered no effect or damage. That little NINJA went on to do great stuff all last year until now and it is still going strong. Remember to, if the lid is crooked just a little, the motor pod will be also. But I do agree, it sure would be nice if it was just a little more user friendly. It really IS a GOOD thing to have!

  740. Rikke Says:

    I have become an alcoholic overnight trying out all the fab cocktail recipes since I got the Ninja on Monday as a birthday gift. Today is Wednesday! OMG, this thing rocks. I was also very sceptical over getting a infomercial product but this thing really is the business.

  741. smidge Says:

    Hey Rikke,

    May I ask where you found the recipes you are using?
    If you bought the NINJA from an infomercial, you sure you have the Master Prep? (or, maybe the new 1100?…didn’t think they were selling on tv anymore?);}

  742. Howard Veit Says:

    The few problems with the Master Prep are completely solved with the 1100. I agree that lack of recipes is a problem solved my me by just tossing in shit that tastes good and flipping the switch. BTW somewhere I stumbled upon a sort of master recipe that said the “base” is everything (sherbet, yogurt, milk etc.) and then just add marijuana, oxycontin, or vitamins. Works for me.

  743. smidge Says:

    Way to go Howard!
    Now you are truly one of US!
    Keep an eye on “mikki wildstarr”…she’s always experimenting with the recipes,too! ;D
    (Bought from a store I hope?) lol

  744. mikki wildstarr Says:

    I have not read the last comment yet, but it is 6am and I am watching the infomercial on the new NINJA KITCHEN SYSTEM 1100as I write. Right now they are doing the juice extration where they are juicing ALL the fruit and vegies AND THERE IS NO LEFTOVER FOR THE “CATCHER” THERE IS NOTHING TO CATCH! You get 100% of the fruit. I see it also has a special “paddle” blade for the dough, It comes with a 40oz and 72oz pitcher. Now, it does say that the recipe book (29.00 value) goes to to first 500 callers. Shipping and Handling free, 2 year warrantee as well. It is going for 4 payments of 39.95. call 1 800 605 3192 -which is a different number than I was a couple hours earlier (yes, I saw this ad now twice this morning.) You can also go to that website of – they just did the desert segment. If ordering off the informercial, I would ASK if that $29.00 recipe book IS included with your order (I’m bold enough to let them know that I heard people aren’t getting their books and I want to know that I am getting mine and I expect it to be in the order when it arrives.) Sorry, but sometimes you have to almost get annal on it. I don’t bitch but I am firm and precise to be sure we understand each other and I make them commit. “yes, the book is included – yes, the shipping and handling is free as the ad says.” Personally, I HATE to order off the infomercials but sometimes there is no other way. If you can get this 1100 kitchen system at a retail store or Cosco or Sams Club, check it out. Also if it shows and mentions there is a recipe book included ( there is 150 recipes in the book for the 29.00 by the way) and check before you take it out of the store if you can. If it shows it is suppose to be included and it isn’t, I call attention to the department head and have them check the other ones. That is no little 10 recipe booklet, we’re talk $30.00! that you are paying for or getting slighted.
    OK the commercial is over, but I wanted to clear up any doubts as to what they ARE advertising. They DO say, however, that “the special offer is NOT available in any store” and I don’t know if that means the book or not. Just check what IS suppose to be in the kit and make sure it is really there. You may have to purchase that book separate in that case, if it isn’t listed as content in the kit.

  745. mikki wildstarr Says:

    It’s me again. The information I just gave if for the 1100 Blender or Kitchen System. I don’t know what is going on with the older models like what I have. There is a model since mine that has 3 pictures and the one blade is 3 double blades and the other are 2 double. Now they have this 1100 powerhouse and I Want it BAD – I could say I NEED it bad as my juice Extractor is almost shot and leaves so much unjuiced stuff behind. So. If I can get it at an established “Now” store like Bed Bath and Beyond I would LOVE to see what it all contains and bring it on home! WHOO! YES!!

  746. Howard Veit Says:

    This is in response to some of the later posts. First, Shark (the real company behind Ninja) is a very bad company as any Google search will show. They are hell to back up and their products usually so cheaply made that they don’t last. I have the 1100 bare bones (large pitcher, powerful four speed motor, and locking lid) and I am more than satisfied with it. No, I got no recipe book despite the promise of one. I now note that there are more than a few “special” offers around the purpose of which, I believe, is to confuse the public. I would tell you to buy retail but each store I’ve seen carries different model numbers. Again, Shark (EuroPro) ain’t a very good company. The Ninja 1100 is terrific.

  747. smidge Says:

    I am absolutely convinced I need to buy from a reputable “store” so I can have their garantees of replacement for damages.
    I needed a replacement for a piece on my Master Pro and the SHARK people were fine with it because I had registered my warranty.

    However, they only ship UPS and I live in an area that is tought to deal with UPS. I only have a PO BOX and they will not deliver to a post office.
    So, its a hassle for me that other people wouldn’t have.
    I prefer to deal with the store (which was Walmart)
    As for the $30 cookbook…
    I would just as soon copy any recipes I want off the websites online.(The cookbook would make a nice gift,tho)
    Decisions, decisions, decisions! ;D

  748. Darryl Nickles Says:

    Hey Rikke-
    Care to share any of your drink recipes?

  749. Howard Veit Says:

    Smidge, just ask for USPS and I’m sure they will accommodate you

  750. smidge Says:

    Thanks Howard,
    But I hassled for days with the UPS people (they use the USPS to ship~ it shouldn’t be such a big deal). They need to have at least $5.00 to leave the package to be picked up elsewhere.
    I need to have a delivery confirmation (which never got to me in time) and get on the phone everyday to UPS to see if they have it…then travel (for me)at least a half hour to another town to the main station to pick it up…at their convenience~not mine~then a half hour home again…so I really hate dealing with UPS!
    Fed-Ex doesn’t have all those silly rules…but there again, it requires jumping through a few hoops to work it out…and they don’t ship Fed-ex anyway.

    I’ve ordered stuff online where if I call the main office they will ship to my PO BOX but not everyone will.And shipping problems are little over the top for the service people in other countries to sympathize with.
    I just don’t want all the hassle, so I buy from a local store if there is a chance I may need help with future problems. Walmart and Costco are great about that! I really believe the companies would rather just replace an item than fix it anyway. Less trouble, less paperwork not as many people needed to find a solution to and/or solve the problem.
    Thanks, tho…yes, smaller companies will usually ship USPS.

  751. smidge Says:

    Darryl Nickles~

    Go to my post SMIDGE #692 for the 4 websites of drinks.(This site has a fit everytime I post a URL.)
    They sound awesome! Rikke might let us know which ones she likes best!??

  752. Robert Says:

    smidge i have a fushion blender by Oster (even has a control to chop foods–check into it–bought in Bed bath Beyond- for like $80 and used their $20% off coupon on single item-somehow i didn’t get a cap in my box and they sent me a brand new one–told me to destroy the base and keep the extra glass jar…now that’s great customer service …thanks for those 4 drink websites–

  753. smidge Says:

    Thanks Robert,
    I went to their website and I see what it looks like.Its advertised for $79.
    I imagine it does a lot better than the OSTER I have.But mine has a box full of attachments for grating,shredding,meat grinding…and more.

    I don’t see how yours could compare with this little NINJA Master Pro?
    The blades are supposed to be one of its secrets. I can do a whole lot more processing of different kinds of foods than the typical blades like the Oster has. If you have a Master Pro (??) you know what I mean. And this still applies to the new 1100 I see advertised (I don’t have it~ yet)
    I’m astounded at the attachments for bread dough!
    I think the attraction is for a compact machine that is easy to use and store. No matter your needs, it doesn’t overwhelm or intimidate anyone.

    Your welcome for the drink urls…there are more. Just Google ‘em! lol

  754. smidge Says:

    Here’s an update on the sweeteners…
    Bought some stevia from CO-OP and it tastes OK…supposed to cook well…still playing with it….but glad you suggested it!

  755. Susan Says:

    I just got a ninja for Christmas this year after wanting one and taking about wanting one for a year and 1/2. Everyone knew that I got just what I wanted because I began to cry when I realized what I got.
    I am so glad I got the ninja and I have never had another product that did what it was supposed to do. Now my parents are saving up to get one for themselves!!!

  756. Tilzung Says:

    My boss had to get 9 stitches on his pinky from the Ninja. All he did was take it out of the box upon delivery! Talk about pictures. Yes he should have been more careful but it was not packaged in a safe way

  757. smidge Says:

    Funny, I once cut a deep slash on my pinky all the way to the bone (you could see it)
    I had to hold it tight all the way to ER and then wait a couple hours….
    They said I didn’t need stitches cause it had begun to stick OK in that time…butterfly patch and I was outa there?

    (There was so much blood my Husband thought we all had been slashed by an intruder before he found the note saying where we were.)

  758. Marti Says:

    Got my Ninja for Christmas, and have never had an appliance that I loved more. Well worth every nickel and then some!!!

  759. Dawn Says:

    This product should be taken off the shelves. My friend was clearing something off the blade and it turned on and sliced her fingers open- 28 stitches later. She almost lost her index finger (18 stitches) and cut the main vein. 11 stitches in the other fingers. Doesn’t it have a safety mechinismn so it doesn’t start unless it is screwed into the cup or container?

  760. PAT Says:

    To all the readers of this blog. The posting by Dawn I am sure is by a competing company as you all know that there is no way that anyone can have their fingers anywhere near the blades when the machine is running. The lid has to be on the container and then the motor set on top of the lid to even start the blades to turn. Shame on you DAWN. As for the other person who cut their finger taking it out of the package, we all have to be a little responsible for what happens to us. When we see any kind of a blade we should know to take care and not put the blade near any part of our body. It is much simpler to blame someone else for us not taking care ourselves. PMC

  761. Richard Says:

    When I opened my Ninja the blades jumped right out of the box
    and sliced my brother to ribbons.

    It’s okay. He was kind of a pain in the butt anyway.

  762. Camille Parnell Says:

    I thought the Ninja was a great product when I got it for Christmans…it is VERY Dangerous!!! My son was using it last week and it flew apart and the blades came out and sliced his fingers. His middle finger was sliced all the way to bone, cut tendons and the nerves. The 1st knuckle on his index finger looked like hamburger meat and it sliced open his thumb! IT SHOULD NOT OPERATE IF THE LID IS NOT SECURE BUT IT DOES!!!!!!!!
    He had to have surgery to repair the tendons and nerves in his middle finger, and the specialist wasn’t able to do much to his index finger but take more of the meat off and stitch it up. He has to go through 6 weeks of physical therapy now in order for him to be able to use his middle finger!

  763. Maggie Says:

    Camille, if you have read all the blogs about the Ninja & use it properly, you’ll be okay. Hope you son’s hand gets okay but you had better keep sharp knives away from him also. Ninja accidents are user errors.

  764. mikki wildstarr Says:

    SO TRUE! NO ONE should run an appliance like that, not even a regular blender or processor with out making sure the top is on and with the Ninja, you are holding the cover shut because of the pod. The blender has a cover, too! I notice that most people with regular blenders hold the cover on with one hand and push the buttons with the other. I always have, too. You know the vision of the blender throwing everything all over the ceiling?
    One thing you did not tell us was the age of your son.
    Some how just from reading your report, he sounds young enough that I’d caution him around any kitchen appliance whether sharp or could cause a serious burn! Sadly, some adults need to watch it, too, and don’t handle things with the knowledge that they ARE dangerous and don’t take precautions.

  765. Dawn Says:

    I do not represent another company. My friend has two hospital bills to prove her injuries along with several more to come by a plastic surgeon etc. She will be contacting the Ninja company as soon as she is able.

  766. getitright Says:

    Boy, this accident is sure leaving me puzzled. This Dawn says she does not represent another company but her friend has hospital bills to prove injuries right after another post about injuries to a son. Just how in the world can someone get cut with the blades with the safety cover on? My motor pod will not work unless the cover is on completely and the blades positioned just right. If the cover comes off the motor would no longer be connected to the blades so how is it still cutting?

    I bought a 13 piece set of Saber knives from Germany for Christmas and I keep cutting myself because I just am not used to knives that are so sharp. That is not the company’s fault but mine. Even so this is not like the Ninja since they have built in protection when the unit is engaged.

    That is like saying the Bullet cut someone up while using it, in my opinion.

  767. smidge Says:

    Hey, this sounds like the 1984 movie “Gremlins”…
    Remember the scene where the mom turns the blender on ?
    Good job!!…I would have to have someone force my hand into a blender that is still plugged to the outlet! And they would have to drug me first!(what’s with these people?)

  768. Dawn Says:

    Our friend admits she should never hold an appliance with blades while it is plugged in, but she never thought it would actually turn on since the cover was not on it was not locked into position. There were several people in the kitchen when the accident happened. They almost amputated her index finger. It severed the main blood vein. They are not sure if she will ever be able to use the finger again, time will tell. She was ambulanced from one hospital to another 3 hours away because they could not handle the type of injury she had at the smaller hospital. Believe me, this is not a horror movie and is not funny. I am posting this so other people will not get injured like this.

  769. Robert Says:

    NEVER NEVER to 100th power…buy any product that turns itself on without the cover intact or all pieces intact–this ninja is made in China, correct…there that speaks for itself–shortcuts esp with safety…I own products such as a food processor and mine won’t turn on unless the cover is set and the bowl and blade set too…sorry to hear what happened to that woman…no ninja for me…

  770. smidge Says:

    (hello! people???)

    I’m sorry to hear something like this happened to ANYONE!
    But really, ???

  771. Charlie Says:

    I have the original blue Ninja. It has a safety interlock built into the power pod so that it must be properly seated into the lid for interlock to allow the motor to be engaged. There’s no way to engage the motor otherwise. Also, since the blades are seated well inside the base container, they cannot cut one’s fingers unless the fingers are placed inside the base. These recent posts of injury are suspect to say the least….that or puposely harming oneself for sake of litigation.

  772. getitright Says:

    Like Charlie, I own the original blue ninja and also the newer black one with more power. There is NOT any way for someone to put their hand in any of the containers I own and chop up their fingers, unless one was to cut the fingers off in the first place. Just because it is made in China does not mean it is crap either.
    I looked at the Ninja Kitchen system and it looked like it had to have the lid on to work also but I am not sure.
    With my Vita Mix Blender I could chop up my hands if I was stupid enough to reach down in there with the motor running. I may be getting old (69 yo Friday) but I am not that senile yet!

    Those that actually own a Ninja Pro know that even if its motor did come on by just plugging it in, that would make no difference because it will not chop until placed on the safety lid. And how could that even be possible since one must push down on the pod to turn the motor on?

    This really reads to me like someone who has too much time on their hands and not enough brains to make up another phony email story.

    If this was the blender and it would work without the lid in place, I apologize but the unit this reviews…. I just do not believe any story on that. I don’t have the ninja professional blender that sells for 99.99 on their web site so maybe…..that one?

  773. smidge Says:

    Robert, you first came on here saying your NINJA broke the first time you used it on lettuce, I believe?

    Then you say you don’t have one? You own a product like a processor?
    Having fun my man?
    We love our NINJA MASTER PRO’s an
    you’re not going to change anyone’s mind by making childish comments.
    Dawn must be lost and on the wrong website!
    I don’t believe it for a minute!

  774. Richard Says:

    I’ve had the blue Ninja for some time and just recently bought the black one from Costco for $29.

    Those telling stories of nasty injuries from somehow touching the blades while running the Ninja are clearly lying. It’s just not possible for the units to operate in that way unless the multiple safety features were disabled for some crazy reason. Even then it would be VERY hard to do.

    I use my Ninja every day and have never come within a country mile of cutting myself with it. It’s at least as safe as any other well made food processor or blender. Infomercial not withstanding, it’s very well designed and built.

    I don’t know what moves people to post such terrible lies, but it’s a despicable thing to do.

  775. smidge Says:

    Most forums have stricter rules about how to be able to post to a site.
    The sick-os can and do play on this one from time to time.

  776. Richard 38 Says:

    Love my Ninja. I am currently out of town and i need the salsa recipe that comes in the Ninja booklet. Can anyone help me?

  777. Nick Danger Says:

    I bought a Ninja Master Prep right after Christmas. I was wondering if the cutting blades are permanently sharp, or will they eventually need resharpening? If so, when?

  778. getitright Says:

    Fresh Tomato Salsa
    4 Roma Tomatoes, quartered
    1/4 small white onion
    1 Serano Chilies, split and deseeded
    1 Tbsp Whole Cilantro leaves
    1/2 sp. sugar
    1/2 tsp slat
    juice from 1/4 lime
    pinch of oregano
    pinch of cumin

    Add all ingredients into the 40 oz. pitcher. Use short pulses, about 3 times until desired consistency is reached

  779. John Says:

    This product is dangerous. There is no interlock to prevent it from turning on when the motor is not attached to the blender. My wife just cut 4 of her 5 fingers on her right hand and spend 12 hours in the emergency room. You definately do not want kids around this device. Very dangerouc. They need to take it off the market until they can make it safer (it should not turn on unles it is fully assembled). I recommend not buying this product and if yuo already have one, stop using it. If you dont beleive me, I can send you pictures of my wifes fingers…

  780. smidge Says:

    I have trouble turning things on without the thing plugged in and these people have it turning on without the motor attached??

  781. Charlie Says:

    This board has obviously been invaded by troll(s). Ignore them and they will go away.

  782. joan Says:

    I can’t figger out how people can cut fingers off, you have to be smarter then the machine, and READ ALL of the instructions be fore using any appliance.

  783. Richard Says:

    Kitchen appliances are dangerous, not just to fingers. I hear a story of one guy cutting off his head with one of those Bullet things.

  784. EileenLeen Says:

    Gotta tell you guys how i did it and got lucky ,,first i bought the Ninja,,opened the box took the Ninja out ,,READ THE DIRECTIONS ,then set off on my adventure ,,,peeled the onions quartered them to fit in the machine ,made sure to keep away from the blades after all i know enough to know they are sharp if they are going to chop my onions thats what i bought the Ninja for , i secured the top and then placed the power head on THEN GUESS WHAT I DID LAST I PLUGGED THE MACHINE INTO THE WALL SOCKET ,,pulsed 1 2 3 times and fell in love with my Ninja, lost no fingers because pure common sense tells me it cant hurt me if its not plugged in and im not likely to play palsy with the blades ,,,,,,,,,, this Ninja board is better reading than a book, great recipe sharing ,Some great reviews and then a few clowns who think its funny to hijack the board , ,,,,,

  785. John Says:

    To Charlie and others, I am not a troll invading this thread. My wife really did cut 4 of her fingers. And to the others saying that common sense would have prevented her fingers from being cut…well, if it was unplugged then the accident would not have happened. That is true. But, the machine should not even turn on unless it is fully assembled whether you have common sense or not. She wrongly assumed the machine would not turn on if it was not assembled, like other blenders we have used. All I am doing is warning people that this is not the safest blender out there. It probably cuts really well and works great on anything you want to cut. I don’t know and will never know how good it works on food since we stopped using it. Also, I have emailed the company and they have responded askimg me to call the directly, which I will next week. Don’t take my advice if you don’t want to. I am just telling our story of this product.

  786. Debbie Guzzetta Says:

    I purchased a Ninja 1100 but did not get a recipe book. I am trying to get ideas for non alcoholic frozen drinks, fruit, coffee, etc. Do you have a book available or a site I can find? Please help.

  787. getitright Says:

    Try the vita Mix site for recipes for beverages

  788. getitright Says:

    John, I guess we just don’t understand how any one can cut their fingers with the machine running. It would be easier to believe if you said that she cut them washing the blades. There is just no way to cut fingers when the machine is put together. Not like normal blenders where any fool can stick their hand in it while it is running. I never unplug my machine. It does does not work without it is set on in the proper fashion and there is nothing on the motor pod that is going to cut anyone so no need to unplug it in my opinion.

  789. John Says:

    Getitright, she was using it wrong. She had the blade in the motor with the motor out. She thought the blade would lock into the motor unit. Obviously, she was mistaken. She also assumed that motor would not turn on if it was not attached. She was also wrong. She also had it plugged in which was not smart. I realize her mistakes. But even so, the motor should not turn on (and no blender should turn on) unless the unit is fully assembled. So, if she was using it correctly, the accident would not have happened but there should be an interlock or something to prevent this from happening. I can just see a kid trying to make salsa or something with it and not know how it goes together and do the same thing. Anyway, I dont mean to take up thie forum talking about this issue. I just wanted to get the message out about what happened so consumers could make a decision on buying a safer blender. thanks for listening.

  790. John Says:

    Also, the poster DAWN is talking about my wife. So, it is not a bunch of people making up this story. I didnt realize she was even posting to this site when I posted mine. We are talking about the same person.

  791. Rikke Says:

    Smidge, I have been using the recipes that I got with the blender. I definately have the master prep, came with a smaller bowl and blades and the jug blender. I live in South africa so we have different marketing to you, but definately from a company that does many infomercials.

  792. Rikke Says:

    One of the reasons why I love the Ninja so much is BECAUSE of it’s safety features. It is written all over the box “Danger, blades are VERY sharp” Yes sure I have cut my finger and so has my cleaning lady but we both agreed that we were the ones that handled the bladed incorrectly. She had them in the basin in soapy water andf forgot they were there and put her hands in the water and got cut. I picked the blades up incorrectly and gave myself a small knick. But I cannot imagine how the blades can turn withouth the safety lid. The actual blender part is a completely seperate appliance and I have tried to see if it would switch on without being connected to the blades and safety cover and it does not work.

    Just the other day (on my birthday) I was slicing melon in a rush, pushing the knife towards myself. No 1 mistake. I cut my finger so badly, there was blood everywhere. I didn’t have stitches but the wound is so bad now I wonder if I should have had stitches.
    Moral of the story, I am not sueing the knife company!! it was my own stupidity!

  793. Maggie Says:

    The stories of injuries are really getting out of hand. I clean my Ninja right after use (very careful cleaning the blades) and put the blades back in the container where I keep them. I don’t see how the blades would stay in the pod. Then, it wouldn’t be an easy task to push down on the pod to make the blades spin. If everyone would just read & be careful. I hope sharp objects are kept away from these people.

  794. Richard Says:

    John, you say the ‘machine should not even turn on unless it is fully assembled’. Well neither one of my two different model Ninjas will turn on UNLESS THEY ARE FULLY ASSEMBLED. There are multiple specific features build into the Ninjas to keep them from turning on unless fully assembled.

    Which leads me to believe that you have never used or perhaps even seen a Ninja. Or you would know this.

    To be clear, the Ninja motor WILL NOT turn on unless the container lid is firmly seated atop the container. The Ninja motor WILL NOT turn on unless the motor is ALSO firmly seated atop the container lid. WILL NOT TURN ON!

    Don’t know what you’re up to John, but it’s not appreciated. Please just go away.

    (I have no stake in or connection with the company that makes Ninjas. I simply like to make lots of smoothies, and the Ninja is a great tool for that.)


  795. Richard Says:

    I forgot to mention. I leave my Ninja motor plugged in all the time. It’s more convenient that way. And completely safe.


  796. smidge Says:


    There is a pulse switch on my Oster blender…and if I set the blades (without the container)on top of the unit and hit the pulse switch…the blades go flying…actually flew off of the unit onto the counter!
    If I had been playing with the blades to clean…I would have cut my fingers off!

    If you poke the blade assembly into the hole in the middle of the pod that contains the motor AND THE OFF-ON mechanism, you will have the same thing happen!

    There would be no purpose to a “lock” of any kind because you would be ASSEMBLING the unit in a completely foreign manner! THIS UNIT WAS NOT DESIGNED TO BE ASSEMBLED THAT WAY!

    All appliances have a set of instructions. The instructions for assembly on the Master Pro is pretty simple. ~You set the blades inside the container away from anything except what you intend to chop! Those blades are never set inside the motor’s hole until the last step of the assembly proceedure when the blades have been covered and set by the lid!

    You see~ there is a safety measure…your wife skipped it!

    Anyone who has not read a set of instructions for the assembly of an electrical appliance is BEGGING FOR DISASTER.

    I am so very sorry but, as horrible as I’m sure your experience is…it was completely preventable!

    If you had read the directions for assembly AND not plugged the appliance in until you had it completely assembled this would not have happened.



  797. smidge Says:




  798. Robert Says:

    I have an oster infusion blender of my own purchased recently at BBB and not any NINJA product which they sell there too and after each use before cleaning it each time, i make sure before i touch mine, it’s off and the plug is not connected too…i took extra notice of mine too this day since it’s digital…the only way i can cut myself is being ignorant and blind…another thing any recipe not offered here can be easily googled or read every post here some people wree kind enough to supply websites of them…

    BTW–jack lalanne died this day…i bet his juicer will bottom out eventually in price or the name may change–opps his wife probably owns his name now…strike that

  799. Mara Says:

    I have a hard time lining up the top (which plugs in) to the cover of the jar. On a few occasions, I had to completely empty the jar in order to turn the blade just enough to get the top to fit properly. I have been frustrated on a number of occasions because of this.

    Today, for the second time, when pouring the contents into a glass, the cover came off and the entire shake spilled all over the counter, the floor and the dog’s head.

    If I was able to try this blender out before making the purchase, I would have saved myself $60.00 and lots of aggrevation.

  800. Panda Says:

    I just wrote a review of the Master Prep and the Ninja Professional Blender – you can read about it here:

    I really like the master prep better than the blender, even though the blender is rated at higher watts.

  801. Steph Says:

    Wow.. this is the quietest this groups been in ages… did everyone find a new machine to replace the Ninja? If so do share

  802. Dan Says:

    01/20/11 – I am a daily protien shake maker, frozen bannana’s are no friend to even the most expesive blenders I owed over the years. The second time I used the Ninja the plastic gear stripped slightly as I didnt seal as good as I could have, but really, this is a desighn flaw, you dont always know if you have a perfect seal. It was ok and worked well until tonight, same thing the seal was not perfect and it stripped out, this time its history. 2 months and destoyed! I will contact the company and post the outcome. They need to make that gear out of something durable, plastic with all that tourque is not going to work in the long run.

    02/11/11 – Update –
    Dan here again,

    Update – Customer service was surprisingly helpful.
    They said they would send one out and they would have to me in a couple of weeks, well I got it alright, I recieved this notice 3 weeks ago: Due to a larger than expected response, the item(s) you ordered are temporarily out of stock. Now, do I thinks its a stall tactic, yes..
    Do I ever think I’m going to see the new unit, no.
    I already found my solution, I purchased the Vitamix 5200. This product is UNREAL, this is what they use in Jamba juice and commercial restaurants all over with a 7 year warranty and an average of 5 stars on Amazon (I have never seen that before) this is the last blender I will need at least for 7 more years. It makes the Ninja look like the silly gimmick that it is. It just shows you how far marketing can go. I will update if I ever get a new Ninja. Yeah, right!!

  803. Dan Says:

    I was reading the various posts. It’s interesting to see some people’s dedication and passion for the unit, they will defend it till, well maybe until the day they experience the same problem as hundreds of others have. I believe John and Dawn’s unfortunate story, she is going to grind her hand up to collect money! If it was a ploy, I think they would have used a less debilitating option. Plus, I have lost one of the rubber seats (grommet) on one of the containers lids as others stated they had issues with, (one guys defends the product so animately he says that the part is “actually silicone”). The problem from the get go was the (o-ring under the lid) gasket came off the very first time I used then cleaned it, I believed that it may not have seated perfectly when I placed it back on, so when the motor was placed on and it felt right and locked in, it was not perfectly seated. If that was the case, it was just a hair off, if I used it for something other than frozen banana’s the unit may have preformed fine, but all that torque was too much. To me, given the massive number of people that have the very same problem, they should consider looking into a better design. Thats just my opinion! Now, I’m not your average user, I go through at least 2 blenders a year. (2 protein shakes every day)It’s the frozen banana’s that require serious torque, if I was just chopping nuts, ice and veggies like many people, this thing may have been great for a long while. But I dont, I’m a hardcore user and the product is not ready for primetime for this type of use. Say what you want about me if makes you feel better, I’m from a competitor, it’s operator error, I didn’t read the instructions. Please tell me where it says anything about the gaskets and grommets coming off and instruction of how to re-seat them.. Yes, top shelf of dishwasher only. But, I now own a travel agency and previously was an Autobody man/manager for Chevy for 24 years, fully ASE and I-CAR certified, so clearly not a dummy or competitor. Just wanted to share my experience and hope its helpful to some people. : )

  804. Robert Says:

    The plastic gear seems to be the culpret post after post and why the ninja can’t hold up no matter what is put in there to break down BUT folks you get what you pay for. A thread full of posts going both ways…I personally use a fusion blender I bought from BBB and even the manufacturer is friendly on the phone…If you’re using it to make smoothies get a machine which makes smoothies or if you’re going to put even the kitchen sink in it get yourself a vita-mix where that company gives it to you all from a great machine, recipes and customer service…that’s my next item on my want and need list…funny thing I’m sure they have a thread like this going there and no one is probably talking negative of that product one moment…and yes, it may cost a lot but you are getting what you pay for and best of all you won’t have time to think negative with that product too…break dow the cost per day and it’s maybe $125/ $1.50 a day for a year…depending where you buy it…I saw QVC had the machine for like $ 399 recently and you got more then buying it from their website and a lowwer price…thank you…

  805. Dan Says:

    I agree with you about you get what you pay for, I have a story for you regarding a $25 alternative…..

    But first, in my experience with Oster, I have had 2 burned out motors, a circuit board fry, but the worst thing is they advertise a metal drive, to my surprise when the first blade ass’y sheared right off the base, the shaft is actually rubber! A metal blade, rubber at the core of the shaft, where is the truth in advertising there! I went through 2 of those, one was a replacement under warranty. I would never recommend Oster. As strange as it sounds, the blenders that have lasted me 6 months or longer are the $25 Hamilton Beach Smoothie makers. The power is fine (500 watts), the blade ass’y holds up, but what ultimately happens is when the plastic container get placed in the dishwasher askew, it warps and the lid does not fit well. But, if my family and I are really mindful to put the jar in a roomy area on the rack, not to place anything against it, it will last for a good long time. The other thing is when someone selects “heated dry” on the dishwasher, the cheap plastic warps a tad regardless of how or where it’s placed. If they ever go with a glass container they would have a killer machine. I buy 2 at a time, Sears sells them around $25, I still have one as a back up. I just purchased a Vitamix, I dont think I will need to worry about replacing blenders regularly anymore.

  806. Dan Says:

    Just checked Amazon for the Hamilton Beach Smoothie maker.
    It average’s 4 stars from 107 users, phenomenal for under $25.

  807. Richard Says:

    Vitamix, Vitamix, Vitamix. Shut up!

    Too expensive, too noisy. Just a stupid blender, not a food processor. Jamba Juice uses them — notice they put them in special noise reducing enclosures because they’d make their employees deaf otherwise.

    The Ninja is not perfect. The comments from competitors suggesting that the complaints are wide spread or huge numbers are complete fabrications.

    The Ninja is a food processor, not a blender. A great design for many things. Especially making smoothies, which I do a lot. It slices instead of chopping which takes less power. I take frozen fruit from Costco and throw it in … big chunks, whole big strawberries, etc. The Ninja makes short work of them. With a little liquid added it makes a smoothie. Otherwise you get fresh fruit ice-cream.

    The Ninja has a design shortcoming that means you need to hold the motor down firmly while processing harder items. That’s all. You don’t need industrial ear protection or a whole lot more time to process like the Vitamix blender. And you don’t need to cut things into tiny pieces doing half it’s job for it.

    The Ninja is quiet, study, powerful and a joy to use. The Vitamix? Not so much. I got my last Ninja (the black one with three different containers) from Costco for $30. So far they last a long time. Once of these days I plan to make some of the other things with it, like fresh salsa, that others have mentioned. The Vitamix can’t touch that.

    So now we know who these guys work for that have been posting their crazy lies about the Ninja. Wow.

  808. getitright Says:

    I have both and I would not trade either one for the other for the jobs I use them for. I decided I needed a new Vita Mix about5-6 years ago because my old one was the one made of stainless steel for the jar and had a spout where you could open up and get your hot soup or cold drink out and not empty from the top. … not a good idea if you want to make flour from rice or beans. So I kept it instead of trading it in for the $75 trade in so my daughter could have it. It died in storage. My Ninja handles bananas great but I prefer the Vita Mix for smoothies which I make almost daily with protein powder. Fresh or frozen bananas… no problem. I drop fresh and frozen fruit in with my milk kefir and in a couple of minutes it is done. I believe I paid around $450 for it back then with two jars, one for dry and one for wet. And I have used them interchangeably. I believe anything the one can do, they other can (at least the new one out can also make bread) But I always mess up on salsa with the Vita Mix unlike the Ninja (again my fault not the machine) I like to be able to toss stuff in my Vita Mix without taking it apart like the Ninja. It is the way I am used to making my smoothies… what I am used to. If I did not already have the Vita Mix, I probably would must make myself get used to using the Ninja for that also.

    But trying to compare the two? Vita Mixer is 10 times more in cost. It should be better and it should last longer. I expect mine to last me many more years. I don’t expect that from the ninja but later on down the road, they just might make it where it will last for years. After all they are improving. That new machine they came out with… if I did not already have the Vita Mixer I would be tempted.

    I just used the Ninja tonite to make a Impossible dinner pie. If I had used my Vita Mixer the same way I, me, personally, would have ended up with soup instead!

    Don’t knock either, they are both good for what they do.

    I still make bean flour occasionally with the Vita but I don’t think the Ninja is up to that. Oat flour? Yes.

  809. Rikke Says:

    Dan, are you slicing your bananas before your freeze them? or do you put the bananas in whole?
    Just checking coz I’d love to make an alcoholic banana shake.

  810. Dan Says:

    I grow Apple Banana’s here on Maui, they are smaller and fatter and much sweeter than the standard Cavendish variety you see in the stores. I break them in half and make sure there is plenty of Almond Milk in the jar before blending. I think Getitright, has it right. I was able to use the Ninja for salsa and Mango puree, I really liked how it preformed, quick and easy to clean. Watch that the gasket on the lid is on
    firm, you have to spread it slightly. Supposedly they are sending me a replacement, they say its on back order, (if I ever do get it), I will use it for little jobs like that and keep the heavy work for the Vmix (I paid $399 last week at Costco). I’m not here to just bash the Ninja, but I just could not believe how bad my experience was after a couple of uses. If they make some alterations to the design it will be a great little machine.

  811. mikki wildstarr Says:

    I LOVE malts! Here is my recipe for a really good old fashioned malt that I like to make:
    I use TG LEE Chocolate Milk as it is a REAL good tasting chocolate. As for Hersey squirt bottle, it does not cut it. I don’t usually buy TG Lee because it is expensive but for any Chocolate milk product, it is worth the money! This recipe is for ONE person or serving. It can be doubled.
    Crush to snow, 3-4 ice cubes. When crushed, add 1 cup of the chocolate milk, 1 Tbs of Carnation ORIGINAL Malted. Then a quarter cup of ice cream chocolate preferred (or vanilla) and pulse a couple times then full run for 10 seconds. Pour into glass and enjoy! Sugar free or fat free ice cream can be used of coarse and it is not as bad for you as a parlor made version.

  812. Rikke Says:

    Ahh I see Dan, yes we have those small bananas in our garden at work but never seem to be able to get them to ripen. The last bunch fell off during a storm and were green so never ripened, the others seem to get eaten by birds.
    I love frozen bananas on a stick, dipped in melted chocolate and then put back in the freezer till the choc hardens, delicious.
    Hope your ninja woes work out.

  813. Marlene Says:

    Ninja food processor is a two part, a large blender and a small processor. The machine is combersome and awkward. The motor mechanism does not fit well onto the blender tab which protrodudes from the top of the lid. The blender will no longer fit together well and will not spin. I believe that it was a waste of $49.00, love my bullet from Riteaid, which I paid $20.00 for.

  814. Carole Says:

    Bought this for our place at the lake…. Liked it soooo much just bought another for home….. $$$$ so right and my blenders will be going in garage sale on Memorial day…no longer needed or wanted.

  815. Richard Says:

    The Ninja Master Prep is not a blender. It’s a food processor with a simple design improvement. An improvement that makes a huge difference.

    Blenders use small blades with a high-speed, noisy motor. A food processor uses much larger blades and doesn’t need a high-speed motor. Blenders chop things up, brute force. Food processors slice.

    Standard food processors have two blades near the bottom of the container. The Ninja folks added extra sets of blades farther up to help process more quickly and evenly. This is a huge advancement over standard food processors. Among other things, it means less manual pre-processing. It’s amazing the Ninja folks were able to realize such a simple yet important advancement considering how many generations of the food processor have gone by.

    Making a smoothie with a Cuisinart food processor from Costco frozen fruit chunks just doesn’t work. The big strawberries and other large chunks just roll around and never get chopped up. You have to manually slice them into smaller pieces before tossing them in. A blender is often much worse.

    The Ninja holds up well to my twice-daily smoothie abuse. And it’s a whole lot quieter than any blender I’ve ever tried.

    The Ninja with three different size containers is available from Costco for $29. That’s pretty reasonable.

    A kitchen robot that gets the fruit from the freezer and whips up a smoothie without my help would be better. We’ll have to wait another five years for that. The attachments the robot uses will likely be more like the Ninja than a blender.


  816. Rikke Says:

    I made the most awesome watermelon margerita yesterday. I had cubed and seeded some watermelon a few weeks ago and frozen them. So all I did was throw some of these frozen cubes of watermelon in the Ninja with some tequila (quite a lot!! ;-) and I got the most perfect thick watermelon margeritas. Very refreshing on a day like yesterday which was 35 degrees C.

  817. mikki wildstarr Says:

    Oh, Rikke Rikke Rikke! That sounds just too awesome! Yes it is starting to heat up a bit. I have been putting on the AC the last few days and from the extended weather forcast and for the time of year it is, the heat is on!
    I have a couple summertime coolers I’d like to share non alcoholic but that can always be remedied. I buy canned fruit I prefer the “No Sugar Added” but the sugar content must still be watched for those who need to. I take the juice and put it into ice cube trays and freeze them. Canned peach or apricot is good mixed with tea either of the same flavor or just green or white tea. Snow up the flavored ice cubes and then add the tea. You can pulse it a little more to blend, still snowy or blend it to really juice it up for a refreshing juice-tea beverage. Pear juice with a little pear fruit is really good and refreshing when mixed with lemonade. Watch the lemonade as it will over power the pear so you may want to use pear 3 to 1 part lemonade. These are just ideas as to what you can do with the left over juice.
    Well, I went and did it. Much against my better judgment, I went and ordered the Ninja Kitchen System 1100 OFF THE INFOMERCIAL and it should be here in a couple weeks. Mostly I need it to TOTALLY juice up the raw veggies – with no leftover pulp as they advertise. I have a juice extractor but it leaves so much behind. I’d like to get rid of it.
    I eat very little in the summer except summer salads like potatoe or tuna/chicken salads, jello, coleslaw. I don’t cook hardly at all. I am hoping to increase the nutrition by juicing. I make a LOT of iced drinks, coffees and smoothies in the summer. I got my Master Prep last March, figuring I would be using it a Lot in the summer – and I surely did! The only problem is lack of veggies. I could live on just fruit alone but it isn’t the best idea if you are balance conscious and need to watch the sugar. I love to make a combo of apple, pineapple, parsley, celery, carrot, and a little spinach. A little orange or grapefruit added is good, too. Juice it all with a little snow to make it really cold and just chug it down! I use to make this all the time. So those of you lucky enough to try this in your Kitchen System 1100 try it and remember, I am envious of you! The amounts you use are according to your taste. Once I get my Kitchen System the kitchen lab will be open once again and I shall gladly share my results. HEY! some of the veggie fruit mix can also be made into sorbet by freezing the juice in ice cube trays and then drop them into the Ninja and snow it into the frozen delight! How cool is that! A little more fruit added when you juice it to begin with will make the sorbet taste more fruity. But it would be very healthy, too, and a good way to add the veggies to the mix! Have fun!

  818. Rikke Says:

    BTW, I live in Cape town, South africa, it’s another scorcher today of 35 degrees C. Wish I had my blender at work!!!

  819. MaryAnne Says:

    I totally love the NINJA !!!
    One improvement needed – put a little lip on the top of the concave section of the motor head as, when cooking, hands aren’t always dry and the motor is hard to hang onto.
    Comment: If you are frustrated when you first try it and the motor won’t sit right, take the motor off and twirl the top of the blade stem till a ‘point’ is facing the ledge. The motor will nest in just right.
    I haven’t read all of the comments so these may have already been mentioned.

  820. Charlie Says:

    Saw the Ninja Kitchen System 1100 at my local Sam’s Club yesterday for $125. Full system includes cook book and attachments (ie, dough blade). $125 is too much (IMHO)…if it were $99 I might have bit. WIth tax it would have been $135.

  821. Joshua Says:

    After a few months of owning the ninja with great satisfaction, guess what! All of the plastic started falling off into little pieces into our smoothies. Awesome! If you like eating plastic, I suggest you buy this POS

  822. Ronda Says:

    I got the Ninja 2 days. I haven’t used it extensively yet. Did chop a few things and thought it did a good job. However, the primary purpose for buying it was smoothies, and I AM NOT happy with it. Both times I have used it, it has left large chunks of frozen strawberries. I always use frozen berries as I like my smoothies thick. Next time I will go for a higher wattage blender.

  823. mikki wildstarr Says:

    I made smoothies all last summer with my Master Prep. But I did not use FROZEN Berries. I used fresh strawberries and added strawberry yogurt. I realize that by doing that the flavor may be a little different, but they were so good and thick, too – like a shake. I didn’t catch if you were talking about the Master Prep or the new Kitchen System. The latter has 3x the power – even outdoing the juice extractors – which is why I got it. Actually, if you used frozen fruit with just a little milk or cream you should have ended up with the ice cream and that is too thick for a straw! If you like strawberry & banana flavor you could add the banana and use less frozen berries and more of the fresh.I first did the frozen to break them down, then added the fresh, blending again and finally the milk and half a banana – the banana last so it wouldn’t break down too much. You might also try blending the frozen berries by them selves and then add enough milk to make the consistancy you want and blend again. But back to the strawberry ice cream, even that has little pieces of fresh strawberry in it and that too, is made from the frozen berries, a little sweetener if you want, and a little milk or cream. Since frozen fruit is the way to go for ice cream, that may not be the way to a smoothie. Don’t laugh, but I have also put the milk in the ice cube tray and made milk ice cubes for frozen smoothies! But again, if you like a good strawberry yogurt you might like to try that to thicken your smoothie! Good Luck!

  824. Debbie Says:

    Warranty Questions

    I bought my ninja prep master last year and loved it from the get go. I used it alot for smoothies, salsa, icecream.Then over time I slowly lost interest in it for the last few months I have used it once or twice only. Last time the top of the gear shift got slightly stripped (I was able to resit it and use it one more time) but now I cannot seat the power head at all :(

    I have been SO careful up to now that I am mad at myslef becauce I know its user error, I was rushing and it happened.

    I called the customer service 1-800 Euro pro number and was informed if I can find my receipt and fax it to there office , they will send out new blade and power head attachments, as long as it is still in the 1 year from purchase date. SHould I believe they will actually do this???

    I am going to go search for my reciept, I can;t remember exactly when I got the Ninja. I am hoping its within the warranty….

    My hubby purchased it at Bed Bath & Beyond but I see they are no longer selling the origianl blue lidded ones that just ahd the container and the pitcher. If Europro won’t honor the warranty, how long do I have to retunr it to BBB and will they give me a credit towards the newer version???

    Thanks in advance for any help!


  825. Debbie Says:

    The number I called re the stripped gear head was



  826. PAT Says:

    Hi Debbie: You can see by the comments above that this company truly does stand behind it’s product and if within warranty they will replace what they promised. However if you cannot find your receipt or if you are over the year, simply go to Costco and buy the newer unit with three containers for $29.95. I did and gave my older blue one to my son. It is a win, win and $30 is less than one lunch. Good Luck. Pat

  827. Jay Says:

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  829. moscow_chic Says:

    The Ninja was great… until the motor broke. And toward the end it wasn’t chopping as consistently as at the start. What is the expected life for these gadgets? I’ve had mine for half a year.

  830. gracy34 Says:

    I love the Ninja!!!!! I have made icecream, chicken salad, & milkshakes! :)

  831. April Walton Says:

    Does anyone have any great slushy recipes they want to share? The Ninja makes the best ‘snow’ ever and now that the weather is finally warming up I’d like to make some iced drinks.


  832. mikki wildstarr Says:

    Oh, April! The sky is the limit! Pear lemonade is one of my favorites adding pears and juice 3 parts to 1 part lemonade and sweetened with your choice of sweetener. Orange juice with left over pineapple juice mixed 50/50 is really good.
    April, you can also take regular ice cube trays and put different favorites in them, like orange juice, chocolate milk, even milk or soy milk. and when the time comes, pop3 of your favorite flavor, like the orange juice and put them in the pitcher, add a little more orange juice and half cup of white milk or soy and do her in. There you have it. A cream sycle smoothie!. Just remember, the more of the frozen treat and the less the liquid, the thicker the drink.
    Raspberry/Cranberry juice into the crushed ice and add just a small squirt of lemon or lime will spike it up. For a spritzer, freeze the juice again in the ice cube tray, crush them into snow and add ginger ale, sprite, or raspberry soda and enjoy! GOOD STUFF! Like watermelon? Cube it up into ice cube size pieces, freeze them and plop a handful into the ninja,add fresh melon or quarter cup of water and crush it. Remember, the more the frozen stuff, the thicker it is. Add a little raspberry to it and it is another treat! Like I say, EXPERIMENT. Flavors that you like to mix anyway, will be a good way to start. I found that the BEST chocolate milk to use for GOOD quality real flavor is TG Lee. I know it is one of the more expensive milks and that is why I only buy the Chocolate because it is the Godiva of Chocolate milk and that flavor makes the difference from good to awesome! I like very much the SILK Soymilk in Vanilla or Very Vanilla. It doesn’t take like soy milk when added to other things and flavors, has a lot of calcium and other soy benefits and is lactose free. Really GOOD STUFF! I hope this helps you April, and hopefully give you some ideas to start out and perhaps other Ninja people here can offer you some of their ideas, too. Good Luck and stay cool!

  833. Nick Danger Says:

    I’ve found a few good places on the web- just Google up slushies, or smoothies, or frozen (alcoholic) drinks.

  834. Karen Says: has recipes for green smoothies. My standby is a handful of kale, half a banana, and 1/2 c of frozen blueberries with a splash of water. Yummy. I have ordered the Ninja – hope it works better than my blender for making these.

  835. Whipping Cream Charger Says:

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  836. Carolyn Ramsden Says:

    I purchased two Ninja processors (the first ones) and like mine very uch. However, it no longer works as the shaft and the gear it fits into have broken off and it will no longer turn the blades. Help!! I use them all the time and need some parts or repacement products. Please let me know what can and will be done to remedy this product failure. I noticed on TV that the design has undergone some changes. Due to this problem?? I would appreciate being contacted with a solution.
    Carolyn Ramsden 239-458-1136

  837. April Walton Says:

    Carolyn, Listed previously is the number:(877) 421 0528 for customer service. They replaced what I needed free of charge and shipping costs. There is another number floating around, but that one gets you to people who are not very helpful.


  838. Carolyn Ramsden Says:

    I bought two Ninjas some time ago. Mine no longer works!!
    The shaft and gears no longer turn the blades. Please, I have searched and searched for a phone number that is in service to get parts or something to remedy this. It is very frustrating to spend this much mone for a product that I used a lot and not be able to contact anyone to help. Either send me a working phone number or have someone call me, please. Carolyn Ramsden 239-458-1136

  839. PAT Says:

    Carolyn: Read entry #335. One entry above your May 16th (to-days) post for the number to call. P.

  840. MC Says:

    I am not the one to believe infomercials, but I decided to give this one a try. I bought the Ninja Master Prep as a gift for my boyfriend. We love it. We tried some recipes that require very fine chopping, for example we chopped almonds to make Marzipan, dried chilli peppers for Mole sauce, we made humus, ice cream, frozen margaritas… everything we tried came out perfect. It’s a blender on steroids! Highly recommended. I tried to give it 5 crowns, but the computer only lets me mark 4.

  841. Bonnie from Says:

    MC, you actually didn’t cast your vote (I just looked at the back end!) That’s because you must be signed it to vote.. or to take a chance to win any of the FREEBIES!

  842. mikki wildstarr Says:

    I have started a folder on Bite of the Best so any really neat comments with phone numbers to call in case my machine dies or breaks (heaven forbid!!) or any cool recipes people share, I can keep them there. I have been using my NINJA Master Prep for over a year now, mostly in the warmer months and being in the far south that’s a lot of months. I also have the Kitchen System for heavier duty stuff and veggie/fruit juicing. I visit my sister in the summer each year and this year I plan to buy her one when I get down there. I hope to teach her to use it, show her some of my recipes. She HATES to cook but I hope she will use this. If not, at least I won’t be without a NINJA when I visit her for 2 weeks! I know you have up to a 5 crown rating and it deserves all 5 crowns but I would notch it up to an almost 10 for 10. For me and my use, it has been awesome.
    So I give it a 10! Plus the voting crown don’t work, it only took 2 of the 5 I tried to give! I know I’m signed in, too! At least I think I am – my name and e-mail has been here for a almost a year and I keep getting Bite of the Best comments in my e-mail!
    Try making Apricot, Chai, Green Tea, Fruit Coctail, Kumquat ice creams! You just can’t find these in the store and you can use your own sugars! How Cool Is That!!

  843. joan Says:

    Hi, on 5-22-11, sun add in Target add they had on sale the ninja 600 blender for sale, don’t remember the price, today at wal-mart saw the same thing i think for $70 or $80, just the blender.

  844. Carolyn Ramsden Says:

    I bought 2 of the early models (one was a gift). I have really enjoyed using it for many things. However, the plastic shafts and the gear will no longer turn the blades. After several months and a great deal of telephone time, I got no satisfaction. They want to charge me $34.00 for a new motor. I only need the plastic pieces, which I think were made of inferior material. At this stage of the game, I may as well put it in the trash, as it no longer works and I could buy a food processor for what they want to charge me. I also notices that some changes have been made in the design.

  845. PAT Says:

    Hi Carolyn:

    Go to Costco and buy a new, better, stronger geared model for $29.95.

  846. tv Says:

    Put smalbades pointing down at top

  847. Chad Says:

    Use small nlades pointing down at top

  848. Marilyn Says:

    Does anyone have the recipe for the soft serve ice cream that they demonstrate on QVC using the Ninja? Would love to have the recipe. Thankss.

  849. Jessia Riggsby Says:

    Please to find out you, I’am Jessia Riggsby . I appreciate kitchen gadgets! I don’t make use of a food processor, as I obtain the whole chopping/cutting part regarding cooking very relaxing. I adore my The Creuset and have been looking for more pieces at garage sales this summer.

  850. Carolyn Ramsden Says:

    I bought 2 when they first came out. I gave one as a gift. I absolutely loved mine and used it often, however, the gear and blade shaft wore out. The plastic did not hold up. I tried to get replacement parts, but was told I needed a new motor. Be very sure that if you have this problem, you contact them withim your year guarantee. My guarantee had run out a few months before.

  851. sharon Says:

    Hello makers of the ninja blender:
    you cannot know how much your blender means to years ago I was diagnosed with throat and tongue cancer. surgery was required and radiation. after that reconstructive surgery.this left me unable to eat and difficult life depends on everything done in the blender. i have been going through blenders like crazy. the department stores started to know me on a first name basis. bad….then my daughter order a ninja blender for mother’s day. and me and my blender are living happily ever after.

    i just want the makers know how much i am appreciated for your product and much i love it. keep up the great products.


  852. connie reams Says:

    i bought the ninja 1200 a couple of months ago and have not used it yet today i got ready to make a smoothie and the power light flashes and nothing else i have a manual ,and am trying to find it, in the mean time my ice and ice creame has melted can ya help?

  853. Andrew Ryan Says:

    I love this blender, but the motor in it died several weeks after the warranty ran out. It’s like they designed it to break that way! They just want us to buy more stuff i guess… Grrrr I guess ill just let out my anger on vent!

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    the price is 3 Payms. of $40,- does everything : microwaves, steams, kooks, broils fries, u name it !!!

    Any idea please shoot me an email

    Will grateful for any tips


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  856. mikki wildstarr Says:

    I just wanted to let everyone know that while I was visiting my sister this summer, she showed me a copy of the Consumers Report on Blenders and the NINJA MASTER PREP is No.2 from the top!

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  860. karen Says:

    I love my ninja……only problem im having I guess ive used it so much …im having trouble with it, the blade isnt fitting in right anymore.any ideas what I should do??

  861. joan Says:

    I love this site, still have the 1st. ninja at home and at work the one at work still gets a big work out and still works great no striped gears. LOVE THE NINJA

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    Well I Ordered The Ninja 1100 Kitchen System And It Comes With The Ninja Master Prep And It Should Be Here Tuesday. I’ve Read So Many Good Reviews On The Ninja That I Had To Give It A Try. I Don’t Know Of Any Other Blender That Turns Ice Into Snow. My Hamilton Beach Blender Is Some Crap. I Know I Will Be Using My Ninja Daily.

  864. Alice Gilbert Says:

    I can’t find “how to use the Ninja” All I see is how to purchase one. I want to know about chopping and juicing, etc. Specifically, does one need to peel oranges, apples, etc? According to pictures on TV they just throw the fruit, veggies in like they are!! Your instructions don’t tell any of that!


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  866. Ninja Master Prep Review | Ninja Blenders Says:

    [...] Food And Product Reviews – Ninja Master Prep – Food Blog …A review of the Ninja Master Prep – that acts as a food processor and blender … Fetch Here [...]

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  869. Michael Dowling Says:

    I bought my Ninja yesterday,and just used it for the first time this morning.I am sorry to say,for smoothies at least, it doesn’t hold a candle to my Vita-mix.The same smoothie ingredients I use in my Vita-mix came out very coarse,even after extended blending.I got the Ninja because blenders like Vita-mix often require the use of the plunger to jam food down into the blades,and the Ninja design,with stacked blades,seemed to me to be a better design.My Vita-mix completely purees dry quick oats and flax seed,which I add to my smoothies,whereas the Ninja doesn’t.I am really surprised at this outcome,as I am a member of Consumer Reports,and they gave the Ninja top points for chopping ice and making smoothies,as well as chopping.I also chopped some cabbage for a coleslaw recipe I found online.It did a pretty good job,but left some pieces about an inch across-maybe I should have cut the cabbage up into smaller pieces.It did a decent job on a tomato.I may take it back,as I also have an ancient Cuisinart that does a superb job chopping meat for meatloaves.If the Ninja does a good job chopping meat,I will probably keep it,as it would be a lot less hassle to clean than the Cuisinart.

  870. getitright Says:

    Us Vita Mix owners won’t be giving them up for our Ninjas but the Ninja does have its good points and chopping meat is one of them.

  871. Richard Says:

    Vita Mix versus Ninja?

    The Ninja makes wonderful smoothies. If I want to add something like powdered oats, I make them in my coffee grinder. Works great. The coffee grinder cost me about $12. The Ninja, which makes the best smoothies out of just about anything frozen cost about $25.

    How much does a Vita Mix cost? In my house the Vita Mix simply doesn’t work at all. The price is too absurd to consider.

    If someone steals my Ninja, I WILL buy another. Vita Mix? NO WAY!

  872. Michael Dowling Says:

    For 871 Richard: Okay,Vita-mix costs an arm and a leg,but it will be the last blender you will buy in your lifetime.I forgot to say I also use whole flax seeds in my smoothies,and after blending,you can’t feel any particles.Using a coffee grinder on your oats sort of defeats the purpose of using the Ninja in the first place-you dirty two appliances for one job.
    Can the Ninja make and heat soup in one container? The Vita-mix can!

  873. Michael Dowling Says:

    For Richard 871: I want to be fair here.What ingredients do you put in your Ninja,and how do you process them? Thanks,and happy holidays!

  874. Michael Dowling Says:

    This is to advise I am returning my Ninja for store credit.I made a smoothie this morning,using mixed frozen berries,an apple,banana and rice milk.After thorough blending,there was still a very noticeable graininess about the drink,probably because the seeds of the strawberries weren’t pureed.Rather than throw out several dollars worth of ingredients,I finished the job in my Vitamix.BTW,I also threw raw oats and flax seed into the Vitamix.

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    Upon requests from the community, we’ve decided to re-open the comments section for the Ninja — have any of you tried the newer version? Which do you like better? We’d love to hear your thoughts on that.

  883. colleen Says:

    I haven’t seen the new one — is it as cheap and good?

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  890. elaine Says:

    I received a Ninja chopper/blender for Christmas 2011. I absoutely love it. I use it for everything. chopping, pimento and cheese, chicken salad etc. I now have a problem with the small container. I was dicing carrots and it started smoking. After I cut it off. the blade was stuck inside the cover. I can no longer use the small container for blending or chopping. In removing the blade, the area where the blade fits, came off. (it looked like the plastic where the gear fits melted. Can you advise?
    Thank you

  891. elaine Says:

    I asked for advice on July 30th and have not received a reply. Need help

  892. Alison Says:

    Try one of these numbers for assistance:

  893. elaine Says:

    thank you

  894. Daniel G Says:

    Buyer beware! If not very careful when you use this, the power head and blade spindles can break easily. When my wife used the 16-oz chopper, she did not seat the splash guard completely into the bowl. When she hit the pulse button on the power head, she heard a strange noise and the blade stopped turning. When I looked at it, I could see that the blade spindle had only extended about a quarter inch into the plastic chuck on the power head, and both spindle and chuck were ruined. I figured I could just order the replacement parts, and we’d be good to go, but the cheap (and easily replaceable) plastic chuck was not available separately; I would have to buy a new power head for $35 plus S&H. What a waste.

  895. Daniel G Says:

    Scrolling up, I see others have had a similar problem. If a critical plastic part is so vulnerable, why don’t they sell a replacement? It’s not because you can’t easily get to the part to remove and replace it.

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