Cave A’ Vin, New Haven

January 16, 2012

After seeing My Week with Marilyn — which is not to be missed, as Michelle Williams embodied the sultry star in an Oscar-worthy performance — we headed to Cave A’ Vin on State Street for a nibble and to listen to Faye Green, who was performing.

And a nibble is all you get while sipping on some wine or beer.  The food choices include a selection of cheeses from their blackboard listing, onion soup, chili, hummus, a few assorted other nibbles and a panini. Presentation is attractive on curved thick wood platters garnished with some fruit .

My friend selected three cheeses ($16/three) from the chalk board — aged Cheddar,  Manchego and smoked Gouda — that came attractively served with fruit, crackers and bread.  I selected their Sonoma roasted chicken and chipotle panini  — a grilled sandwich filled with oven roasted chicken chipote mayo and lots of Jarlsberg ($9) served with sweet potato chips.

For freshness, I suggest ordering a bottle of wine in lieu of a glass as Cave A’ Vin handles open wine bottles with a simple home vacuum stopper. (Check out the stoppers in the bottles.) My first selection was less than fresh. So, we settled on a bottle of the 2009 Granache  – Borsao “Tres Picos” (Campo de Borja/Aragon, Spain) with berry and mineral notes ($30).

- bonnie


Cave A’ Vin
975 State St
New Haven, CT 06511
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3 Comments on “Cave A’ Vin, New Haven”

  1. liz Says:

    We’ve been enjoying meeting friends for wine and conversation at Cace A’ Vin. It’s cozy and comfortable. Nice wine selection, and good food.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Cave a’ Vin has a fantastic atmosphere. Great music and great food. The food portions are very generous and they have a great wine selection by the glass or bottle. As for the nibble of food that was suggested by Bonnie – if you are looking to super size it, I suggest you stick with McDonald’s!!

  3. Laurie Says:

    Cave a’ vin has a great atmosphere, great music, great food, great wine! Portions are very generous! The owners and staff are fantastic! As I too read Bonnie’s review, I have to agree with Jennifer, If you are expecting a McChicken and a supersized fry and coke for $9.00, McDonald’s is the place for you. Perhaps Bonnie needs a new profession other than rating restaurants! A+ in my book.

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