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The Persian Persopolis, UES, NYC after an Exhibition at Sotheby’s

After an exhibition at Sotheby's viewing jewelry that once belonged to Marie Antoinette and trying on some other fabulous jewels, we wanted to get a little something to eat. Two nearby Thai restaurants had been recommended, but sadly they were closed until 5. It was 4:30 and we were hungry. We recalled passing Persopolis, a Persian restaurant, that was still offering their two-course lunch ($19). It is offered from noon until five. Three of us decided to try that special, sharing all the first courses. We sampled their tabouleh salad (chopped tomatoes, lots of parsley and scallions with cracked wheat in a lemony dressing), hummus (ho, hum) and, our favorite, their borani - [...]

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Gluten-Free Senza Gluten, Greenwich Village, NYC

Senza Gluten is not the most organized or together restaurant that I've visited, but I'd still recommend it for celiacs or those allergic to wheat as there they can enjoy pancakes, French toast and more. Senza Gluten is a gluten-free small restaurant just north of Houston on Sullivan Street. We began by ordering cocktails, being surprised when we were told they couldn't make our first two selections as they were out of bitters. How could a bar be out of bitters??  I ended up with a refreshing Moscow mule served in a copper mug ($16) made with Stolichnaya vodka, lime juice and Brooklyn's Q spicy ginger beer. Thinking it would [...]

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Fabulous LES Find: Le French Diner + The Hysteria of Doctor Faustus

Before heading to the Seeing Place Theatre on West 4th to see The Hysteria of Doctor Faustus, we got a bite to eat at a place where I know I'll return. That now-closed play explored a pact made between the devil and a man who thinks he has nothing to lose. It sparked memories of the musical comedy Damn Yankees also based on that Faust legend. Le French Diner is a tiny restaurant with surprisingly wonderful food! This small storefront does not have many seats. Having arrived at 5:30 as the manager was opening up, we asked to be seated at that window-side table. "If a party of four arrives, we'll [...]

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A Few Visits to Bond45, Theatre District, NYC + Waverly Gallery

You might think that Bond45 restaurant would be located on 45th Street. It used to be until about a year ago when they moved one block north to 46th in a much larger space.  I had serendipitously made a res before I had received the invite from their publicist to sample the new breakfast buffet. A group of us dined there prior to seeing Kenneth Lonergan’s acclaimed memory play about a feisty and chatty grandmother’s final battle Alzheimer’s disease, starring an amazing cast including Elaine May, Joan Allen, Lucas Hedges, David Cromer and Michael Sera. The first thing I noticed as I walked through the door and was led to my table, was [...]

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A Quiet Dinner at Four Cuts Steakhouse After Bernhardt Hamlet

Theresa Rebeck’s new play, Bernhardt Hamlet, stars the amazing Janet McTeer as Sarah Bernhardt, an actress with enough star power to play Hamlet during a very chauvinistic time. “There are five kinds of actresses: bad actresses, fair actresses, good actresses, great actresses. And then there is Sarah Bernhardt,"  wrote Mark Twain, a line uttered in the play. The play is based on a true story as Bernhardt did play the legendary Prince of Denmark in an adaptation of Shakespeare's tragedy. For a full review, click here. After the play, we sat down to a leisurely dinner in the welcoming elegant dining room of Four Cuts Steakhouse in the Sutton Place area of the Upper [...]

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A Spicy Experience at Hao Noodle, Chelsea, NYC

Looking for Chinese food one night, we stopped by the newest Hao Noodle in Chelsea. It's similar to the original one on 6th Avenue, serving noodles and dumplings, but this one also features a large section of single-serve skewers. Hao Noodle part of a Chinese chain from Madame Zhu’s Kitchen, with an attractively adorned large dining room with tables spaced to allow for conversation even in the noisy restaurant. We started with the tiny pieces of spareribs, oddly served at room temperature ($12 ). Next the very spicy flavorful Dan Dan noodles, with crushed peanuts and a minced pork meat sauce (+$3)  so oily we had puddles on our plates and in the [...]

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A Mediterranean “Feast” at Shuka, SoHo, NYC

My friend's daughter had been and raved. And so we decided to try Shuka, a restaurant offering a blend of various Mediterranean cuisines —  Israeli, Moroccan, Palestinian and Syrian to name a few. I started with their slightly watery watermelon Haifa, a blend of Tito's, watermelon juice and a Mediterranean Apertivo seasoned with za'atar, a drink best for those who like their libations on the light side ($14). Our overzealous hunger had us order the Chef's Feast ($52 a person) that gave us a chance to sample so many of the mezze offerings. That spread started with a humongous platter, which was almost too big for the tiny table, with housemade labne (yogurt) with harissa, [...]

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The Recently Opened Bluebird London, Columbus Circle, NYC Offers Free “Fizz”

D&D, the British restaurant group, crossed the pond recently with it's popular London restaurant. Bluebird London is in the Time Warner Center.  The restaurant was open only for four days when I stopped by with a friend for dinner. Loved the lemony Bluebird martini ($14) made with Grey Goose, lemon and essential lemon oil. We sat over our cocktails long after the glasses were empty noticing the other tables getting food  At that point, the kitchen was mighty slow, so slow that they brought us some Montgomery cheddar puff pastry cheese straws to nibble while we were waiting. Tasty. Although the tempura shrimp ($16) was flavorful especially dipped into the spicy jalapeño aioli, their [...]

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Make a Special Trip to Timna, East Village, NYC

On the advice of a friend's friend, who raved about a meal at Timna in the East Village, off we went to that part of town for what was a surprisingly good meal. There's little choice at Timna. One-price gets you all the mezze, served family-style tapas, and a choice of entree ($53) or two half-sizes entrees plus dessert ($73).  Add wine pairings for $30. We decided each ordering one entree and ordering our own wine. The amuse started our surprisingly amazing meal: a watermelon, mint jelly and feta one topped with a hibiscus flower that certainly ticked our palate for the feast from the Middle East that was to come. The Middle [...]

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A Dim Sum Hall: Jing Fong Restaurant, Chinatown, NYC

Lucky me going to Jing Fong old-fashioned Chinese dim sum restaurant with one of my friends who speaks their language. But let me back up. When you arrive, you need to push through the crowds to get inside to where a hostess gives you a number. It's smart to ask how long the wait. Since ours was over 30 minutes, we went around the corner to for bubble tea at Ten Ren.  Once your number is finally called, you ascend a long escalator to the mammoth dining room where you are seated with strangers at a large round table, given a card and wait.  Now, this is where I was lucky to have someone who spoke the same [...]

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Straight from Milan – 10 Corso Como Cafe, South Street Seaport, NYC

A friend proposed a trip to South Street Seaport to poke around the new 10 Corso Como store from Milan that had opened in September and lunch at the eponymous restaurant. Chidingly suggesting this saved us a trip to Milan! The black-and-white (oh, so NY!) facility occupies the first floor of the historic Fulton Market Building. We had some service issues at the restaurant, but let that slide since we knew we were there during its soft opening. That and we lucked out waving down the sweetheart of a managing director, Alessio de Sensi, who from that point made sure we were taken care of properly. We began with their version [...]

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Brunch at The Loyal, West Village, NYC

I had read about The Loyal, chef John Fraser's latest pub-like place in the West Village. Having enjoyed Nix and Narcissa, I knew we were in for a treat. We started with a pitcher of their spicy mimosa's, the orange juice made piquant with Thai chilis ($46) and then shared two entrees, asking them to be served one at a time. The eggs “Benjamin” with sliced smoked salmon on top of a potato latkes, and hollandaise ($18) followed by a Piedmontese burger topped with French Comte cow's milk cheese and a “22-step” tomato. Crispy cubes of duck fat tots, sliced pickle chips and mustard accompanied it. Our waiter didn't have any [...]

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A Respite from the Greenmarket: Bocce USQ, Union Square, NYC

After attending the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit, we walked up to the north side of Union Square Park for lunch at Bocce USQ, the airy open restaurant that opened this summer replacing The Pavillion. This new one is replete with a bocce court. Although they serve pizza pies from a Roberta’s-trained chef, we opted for other goodies. I recommend the big hollow loaf of Bocce bread served with whipped ricotta drizzled with EVOO ($13). It's made with the same dough as their pizzas. We also shared the perfectly cooked al dente ribbons of fresh pappardelle with a light pesto made with ingredients from the adjacent greenmarket and a dusting [...]

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Tapas at Lamano, West Village, NYC

This is the second Lamano from Jorge Guzman Hospitality the team behind The Black Ant,  Temerario and Lamano Chelsea all of which I've tried and recommend.  This West Village Lamano, which opened this year, is a cozy restaurant just off Seventh Avenue. Like the other location, it is a Spanish wine bar serving a tapas. For a refreshing starter, I recommend Polaris Spritz, made with Aperol, rosé, strawberry shrub and seltzer ($14).  We started with the fresh heirloom tomato salad with half-mini balls of Cigolini cheese topped with arugula in a Spanish wine (Garnacha) dressing ($14), and continued with the classic dishes of patatas bravas ($9), potatoes, in a garlic aioli and a spiced tomato sauce (salsa [...]

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Estiatorio Milos, Midtown, NYC

Returning to Estiatorio Milos during restaurant week, I dined with a couple of friends enjoying their fabulous bargain of a 3-course lunch for only $26. A server stopped by our table, poured some EVOO and then snipped fresh oregano into the oil for us to use with the chewy-crust bread while we perused the menu. I started with a serving of grilled sashimi quality sliced Mediterranean octopus over pureed yellow split pea fava.  I nudged my friend, who said she didn't like the cephalopod, to sample it. This tender-cooked octopus changed her mind. Yes, that good. Her portion of lightly coated and fried RI calamari was also worth the visit. Our [...]

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Trattoria Italienne, Chelsea, NYC

Soon after sitting down at Trattoria Italienne, owner and general manager James King stopped by to greet us, as we were to be their guests at this casual restaurant with Northern Italian and Southern French cuisine. James proudly explained that their menu — that changes quite frequently — highlights the best products of the season and focuses on their relationships with the purveyors. We started with their unusual cocktails. My friend had the citrusy Bitter Word cocktail made with Cimarron tequila, green chartreuse, cappelletti and aperitivo. I enjoyed the chocolatey Old Fashioned (Cocozza Group) made from Old Forester bourbon, Ramazzotti, crème de cacao and orange bitters ($14 each). I recommend both. [...]

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Churrascaria Plataforma, Theatre District, NYC + Desperate Measures

Desperate  Measures, the musical-comedy western loosely based on Shakespear's Measure for Measure, recently moved from the York Theatre across town to the New World Stages after what I heard was its three-time extended sold-out run. I went to see this show again, one that my friend Bill Castellino directed and choreographed and I enjoyed it as much the second time! Pure fun! After the performance, I went with Bill and some of his friends (including actress Gayle Turner) across the street to Churrascaria Plataforma, a Brazilian steakhouse for a drink and nibble. Such a friendly place, I do recommend for drinks after theatre and heard that that is what it's [...]

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Manhattan’s Only Distillery – Our/New York and Bar

I recently joined Untapped Cities, as some friends and I wanted to do one of their events. We figured for $10 a month, we'd try it out. Through them, I attended a tour and vodka tasting at Our/New York, which opened in May. This small-batch, micro-distillery Manhattan’s first since Prohibition. It is part of Pernod Ricard, the French-based wine and spirits company. Before the tour, we tried their too sweet for me Excelsior '64 cocktail made from their vodka, lavender, elderflower and sparkling wine. I was happier with the straight vodka we tried after learning how it was made. OUR/New York is not only a distillery, it's also a bar [...]

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Spring Natural Kitchen, Upper West Side, NYC + Twelfth Night

After picking up our tickets to see the musical version of Twelve Night at Shakespeare in the Park, we headed west to find a place to grab a bite. Wanting only a nibble on this very hot evening, we decided to share the guacamole ($13), which was flavorful but served with a plethora of stale colored chips. With that, I sampled their happy hour Upper West Side Manhattan ($7),  nicely done. As our main, we shared the quite small chopped salad ($17) that looks better in the photo than it was: all the "chopped" items are sprinkled on top. The menu described it as mesclun, romaine, shredded kale, roasted corn, [...]

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Tagine, Hells Kitchen, NYC + Mary Page Marlowe

On our way to see the Mary Page Marlow at The Tony Kiser Theater, we stopped into the dark Moroccan restaurant Tagine, as it was one of the nearby restaurants offering a discount with our subscription.  Six women play the main character of Tracy Letts’ play at different times of Mary Page Marlow's life from infancy to her golden years. For a complete review of the show, click here. Before ordering, we asked to sample the two wines by the glass that also came by the bottle to decide what to order. We opted for only a glass of the Carta Sauvignon Blanc ($12/glass), which is not worth trying. Seeing Mary Page [...]

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