Viennetta is Back, Sort of

November 21, 2008

Years ago a reporter asked me to name some supermarket foods I wouldn’t be embarrassed to serve to

Frozen Dairy Dessert

Frozen Dairy Dessert

Breyers Viennetta was one of my answers. Each flavor contained attractively layered folds of ice cream and crisp dark chocolate. It was elegant, convenient and tasty.

This week, a publicist approached me with the exciting news that Unilever is bringing Viennetta back for the holidays. She wrote,

“With a suggested retail price under $3.00, this frozen dessert cake of soft, rippling vanilla or chocolatey waves and crackling chocolatey layers allows hostesses to present a casually elegant dessert that won’t break the bank.”

Wow, I thought, this Viennetta is less expensive than the previous version. Not!

The original 15-ounce version was made with yummy Breyers Ice Cream; this 12-ounce one is a frozen dairy dessert, available until February 2009. That means instead of ice cream, this Viennetta consists of — nonfat milk, sugars, whey, cocoa, propylene glycol monoesters, cellulose gels, mono and diglycerides, locust bean gum, polysorbate 80, guar gum, natural flavor and carrageenan.

I would never think of serving this chemical version of Viennetta.  But — in hopes that the folks from Unilever are reading this — I’ll ask,  how about bringing the Breyers ice cream version back?

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  1. Sue Honeyman Says:

    You are so right, Bonnie. What could Breyer’s product and marketing folks been thinking?
    Savvy businesses realize that a recession is the time for small luxuries. A rich product that is readily available in the supermarket freezer and won’t break the budget, has big potential — especially a product that you can’t easily duplicate in your kitchen. Its perceived value is much greater than its cost.
    So stop the production line, relaunch the all-natural version of Vennetta, spend a little to promote it, and watch it sell.

  2. Bonnie Tandy Leblang Says:

    Are you listening Breyers?

  3. john spinella Says:

    I live in new york and I can,t find viennetta anywhere. I understand you are not delevering it to NY because the stores are’nt asking for it. Well I think it was the best of any of all your products. Please bring it back to NY
    Thank You
    John Spinella



  5. Eric Egland Says:

    Did it sell…………YES!! I was the the Sales Manager for Good Humor-Breyers Ice Cream in the West from 1987 to 1998 and introduced Viennetta to the the United States. With just two flavors during the inital product launch (Vanilla and Chocolate) the results were out of sight. with less than 75% ACV distribution Vanilla was one of the Top 10 selling items in the Pacific NW and Northern California.
    It truly was one of the most unique and cost effective desserts in the freezer. To my friends at Unilever, bring back the real Viennetta and enjoy the sweet success of incremental profits and satisfied consumers.

  6. Bonnie Tandy Leblang Says:

    Eric, lucky you to be sales manager when the original Viennetta was introduced. That was a fabulous looking, good tasting REAL ice cream dessert — not full of chemical, as in this one. I do wonder why — if it was so popular — Breyers/Good Humor pulled it.
    (BTW — for those of us not in sales, what is ACV?)

  7. Eric Egland Says:

    A = All
    C = Commodity
    V = Volume

    ACV = The % of Stores Selling A Product

  8. Mary Chinal Says:

    My birthday is December the 25th, and I did not have a birthday celebration until I was 32 years old. My husband was trying to give me the best ever birthday to make up for all the ones I never got and he asked me what kind of cake I wanted. I immediately said I want Viennetta. He looked for days before asking me again what kind of cake that was. I told him it was a delicious confection of ice cream and crispy chocolate in waves of awesomeness shaped like a cake.
    Days later he was still telling me he could not find it. I did not believe him and knowing that he still cannot locate his own socks at home, I went looking for it.
    In shock I finally realized it must not be being sold any longer. This made me sad, and my husband upset since he is just a doll and wanted to give me the best.
    So Breyer’s / Good Humor take note, you could have been the centerpiece for the best birthday ever. Instead you caused stress and disappointment. Please return this fabulous decadent desert to the store shelves!

  9. Mani Sidhwa Says:

    Please, please bring back the original version of Viennetta ice creme all throughout the year and not just during holiday time only. When there is such a great demand for a product, you should take advantage of it. Not many people know about this delicious Viennetta ice creme because you do not advertise here in U.S., and so people do not know about this great product. I know about it because I used to eat it in London, England all the time. It is so different from other ice cremes.

  10. Katie Redwitz Says:

    I was so excited when I saw Viennetta in the grocery store. I remember eating it with my grandma when I was little a girl. I have to say, it is nothing like I remember it. I know it is different, but it was just gross. Not only was it completely freezer burnt, but the flavor was not even the same. Why are they not making the same one any more?

  11. Scotty Beach Says:

    I got one yesterday from Kroger in John’s Creek, GA. Can’t wait to get home tonight and eat it with friends as a fine desert treat. Hope it tastes like I remember when grandma got them for our family dinners. Scared from the posts of different thoughts

  12. Shelley Ward Says:

    We are thrilled to see Viennetta has such loyal fans! Unfortunately, the product will be returning in very limited quantities this winter. At this point we are unable to speculate about years to come.
    - Shelley Ward, on behalf of Unilever Ice Cream

  13. Sue Honeyman Says:

    To Shelley Ward –
    Just to be clear — you mean the original recipe Viennetta is returning? Since members of this site have been pushing so hard for it, can you give us a hint when to look for it in our stores so we don’t miss out?

  14. Shelley Ward Says:

    Thank you for your question. We anticipate Viennetta will be available at the following retailers over the next few months. However, we do recommend calling your local retailer to confirm they indeed have the product in stock prior to shopping. Enjoy!

    Kroger (excluding stores in the southwest region of the US)
    City Markets
    Food 4 Less
    Fred Meyer
    King Soopers
    Payless Supermarkets
    Quality Food Centers
    Smith Food & Drug
    World Wide Gourmet

    - Shelley Ward, on behalf of Unilever Ice Cream

  15. Erica Smith Says:

    I just spotted Viennetta at my local Kroger in the Detroit area. This is the first time I have seen it in years. My mother used to buy it and my brother and I went nuts over it when we were kids. I am so excited to have it again but I am disappointed to hear that the ingredients are creepy. I am still going to eat it but I may not be buying another.

  16. Vivian Monaghan Says:

    I have also been searching for Viennetta with no luck. Unfortunately I do not have any of the stores you mentioned in my area, Shelley. I live in the Philadelphia area, could you tell me what the closest store that would carry it would be?

  17. Shelley Ward Says:

    Unfortunately, retailers in Pennsylvania do not currently carry Viennetta. Most Kroger stores carry the product, however the closest Kroger stores to Philadelphia are in Ohio or West Virginia. I wish I had a closer option for you! Thank you!

  18. Mike Allen Says:

    Hi Shelley,

    Can the Viennetta cakes be found in Greensboro or elsewhere in central North Carolina? How about Harris Teeter?


  19. Gayle Says:

    I found them last year (Dec 2008) in Lowe’s Foods in Archdale, NC. I bought 10 of them because they said it was a Holiday item only. Went back this year to get them and they didn’t have them. You don’t know what you are missing people if you haven’t tried one.

  20. Ruth Ann Wolf Says:

    Shelley, my birthday daughter’s eyes lit up as she requested this for her birthday desert, but 1) I’m nervous about a different recipe; and 2) the St. Louis MO area stores seem to not have it and aren’t sure why. Are you still marketing it in this area?

  21. Shelley Ward Says:

    Kroger stores in North Carolina should be carrying Viennetta but you may want to call to check first. Harris Teeter is not carrying the product.

    Ruth Ann, I am checking on St. Louis for you.

    Thank you!

  22. Shelley Ward Says:

    Hi, Ruth Ann, we recommend you check Kroger stores in the St. Louis area. If you don’t have any luck, let me know. Thank you!

  23. Ruth Ann Wolf Says:

    Shelley: Alas, Kroger closed their St. Louis stores several years ago. Any other options?

  24. Shelley Ward Says:

    Ruth Ann,
    Unfortunately I don’t have any other options for you in St. Louis since Kroger closed. Wish I had better news for you!

  25. Sue Says:

    Thank you for your efforts on behalf of readers/consumers. There’s obviously a lot of consumer interest in this product. We realize you are doing your best to help readers find Vienetta, but it’s missing from a lot of stores that normally carry other Unilever and Bryer’s products.
    Is there some way to help the product and marketing decision-makers understand the current high demand for affordable luxury translates to foods/desserts, as well as other products?

  26. Nancy James Says:

    Please, please bring back the original Breyers version of Viennetta…we got it at Kroger’s in Houston, TX a few years back, but have missed it greatly…why will it not be available in the South West ? and why would you only have it at Holiday time ?…it was such a fabulous product, it boggles the mind that it would be of such limited availability…from the earlier comments, I won’t even try the current product…Breyers, listen up !!!…we want the original product back and are willing to pay for it…please reconsider your decision…Nancy James

  27. Eric Egland Says:

    On Jan 6, 2010, at 11:17 PM, Eric Egland wrote:

    An ad ran today in Portland, Oregon for Viennetta at a retailer that traditionally sells close to date and or discontinued products.
    Viennetta $1.00 each. I’m going to shop at one of these stores during the next few days and purchase the product. I personally want to taste the difference many of you have described recently. I introduced (the orgininal) Viennetta into the United States on the West Coast in the late 80′s and early 90′s. We introduced three flavors (Vanilla, Chocolate and Mint). Vanilla was always in the Top 10 as to consumer preference/purchases. More to follow…………….

    Eric G. Egland
    West Linn, Oregon

  28. Shelley Ward Says:

    Thank you for your comments. The Unilever marketing team is very interested in feedback, and has recognized the enthusiasm surrounding Viennetta as something to keep in mind. – Shelley Ward, on behalf of Unilever Ice Cream

  29. Vivian Monaghan Says:

    I was able to purchase the new Vienetta at my local Acme store in Clifton Heights, PA. I agree that it is not as good as the original. It seems a little bit “grainier” (if that is a word)and not as smooth as the original. Not bad, but not what I remembered.

  30. MK McGowan Says:

    Yes, please bring it back & to St. Louis, MO! The whole family loved it. About 2 years ago I found it at a Shop n Save. It’s what one of children always requests for their Birthday, which is today. Come on, please bring it back, in such a crazy world how can Unilever deny us such a simple pleasure???,

  31. Sue Says:

    It sure looks as though Bonnie’s Viennetta Tidbite has unleashed a consumer movement. I wonder why there’s no definitive action by the company when so many readers are saying they’d be willing to pay a bit more for the original Breyer’s version. Can Shelley or someone else from Breyers or Unilever fill us in? Aren’t you pleased with such an outpouring of product loyalty? Why not just schedule a relaunch and let us know?

  32. Kamielle Says:

    I used to love Viennetta as a child. It was a special dessert for rewards, and also made me feel better when I was sick. I was terribly sad when it disappeared from local markets.

    Now, I live in Japan and recently discovered the tasty treat in a convenience store called Family Mart. As I write this, I am enjoying a slice of Viennetta, exactly as I remember it from my childhood.

  33. Sasha Says:

    Will Viennetta be in New York anytime soon or any of the tri state areas? I will travel for this ice cream If anyone knows of a supermarket please share.

    I found it in France back in May and it was just as great as it was when I was a child.

  34. Shelley Ward Says:

    Unfortunately, Viennetta is not available in New York at this time. The closest location would be a Kroger store in Virginia, West Virginia or Ohio.

    Thank you,
    Shelley Ward
    On behalf of Unilever Ice Cream

  35. Big Bill Says:

    Thanks for all the info about Vienetta. I am the Food Mgr. at Sunny Hill Resort in upstate NY. We served the individual Vienettas for years. All of a sudden they weren’t available anymore. I have guests still asking me where the Vienetta went. They have been posting their favorite desserts on Facebook, and Vienetta always comes up. Please bring it back. Big Bill at SunnyHill.com

  36. Trina Says:

    I have been looking for Vienetta for so many years and now I am discovering that it is unavailable! I am not going to gripped. Instead I offer my hand to help bring it back!!!!!!!

  37. Nesha Says:

    Viennetta was the one happy memory I have of my brother and me getting along as kids. Such a yummy dessert. I remember we both split the cost of it and we had to scrounge money for it. Was totally worth it. Would love to know its possible to get still. Anyone know if it is possible to get here in Hawaii?

  38. Sue Says:

    We don’t envy you in having to say repeatedly that Viennetta is not available here or there. And you haven’t responded to questions about the original-recipe product. I’m sure no one here wants to embarrass you or your company; we simply want a product or at least to know why it doesn’t seem to be coming back.

    Can you tell us who at your company makes the decision on this product so we can write directly to that person. It is mind-boggeling that a consumer product manufacturer would ignore so many people who really want a product and are willing to pay more for it. The 30+ people here are obviously representative of a much much larger group that never writes. There must be a good reason why our voices aren’t being heard — or we must make them louder and in the proper ear.

    So where and to whom can we call/write and reach the actual decision-maker?

  39. TaJ Says:

    Like many of you here, I love this Ice Cream. This was always an evening treat around my house. I wold be delighted to see this item returned to the grocery stores in N FL.

  40. IIGQ4U Says:

    In addition to the numerous Vienetta fans, I too have been wondering for years why this wonderful dessert was discontinued.

    Over the years, I have searched various grocers for this dessert, only to be disappointed. I don’t understand why a popular dessert amongst the masses with such simple ingredients is in such short and inconsistent supply.

    Bring Vienetta back! Not for a season or two, but indefinitely!

  41. Shelley Ward Says:

    Thank you for your additional feedback on Viennetta. We are continuing to share all comments with the appropriate decision makers. To address Sue’s question about the recipe, Viennetta has been reformulated a couple of times in its history. When the product reentered the marketplace after being discontinued for a few years, it was reformulated to be a frozen dairy dessert, which creates a lighter textured product. Also, to answer Nesha’s question, unfortunately Viennetta is not available in Hawaii. We appreciate your loyalty to the product and your comments.

    Thank you,
    Shelley Ward
    On behalf of Unilever Ice Cream

  42. sotiri Says:

    I just saw this ice cream on a tv show and brought back memories, It was my favorite ice cream desert growing up. Please bring it back

  43. GG Says:

    Please bring back Vienetta Icecream cakes!! These were my favorite growing up and I haven’t been able to find one for years!!!

  44. Nancy James Says:

    4/1/10 How long is it going to take before our wishes are granted ? You must bring this little treasure back to us, but not regionally, all over the country. It boggles the mind that this is such an issue and can’t be solved easily. The original would be best, but I bet we’d settle for anything ‘close’. Please, please make this happen, won’t you ?……hopefully yours, Nancy James

  45. Ray Says:

    I love Vienetta ice cream and am willing to pay extra for it. Unilever please bring it back!

  46. Lenny Says:

    Viennetta is one of my families favorite treats, the best fo all events and holidays or a house warming gift to be shared. I’m not pleased knowing that the new one is all chemicals, I would like to see the original again. I found it at the grocery outlet and bought all 20 to stock up incase I couldn’t find it anymore. I hope they listen to the public demand “BRING IT BACK” (The original).

  47. Fiona Says:

    Please bring back Vienetta! I know it is still sold in Ireland and the UK (made by HB Icecream) but I can’t get it here in the US (NY)

  48. Holly Beaubouef Says:

    Hi. is it available anywhere in arizona? Ive only had Viennetta a couple of times when i was younger b/c my mom wouldnt buy stuff like that very often so i kinda want to try it again but its not available. I wasnt even aware that it came out for a while last year. Hopefully they bring it back. Youd think with so many people asking for it they would.

  49. Emily Says:

    I live in western Wisconsin and have been wondering about Vienetta for years!? I’m HOPING that it could possibly be around my area? It was such a decadent treat that our mom would get for us kids once a month…and then it dissapeared!? Please if possible let me know if it is available in Wisconsin. It was such a great childhood memory…I’m hoping your company will see the demand and childhood reminiscence for it and bring it back for good! Thanks!!!

  50. Gary Says:

    Was wondering if there’s anywhere to buy Vienetta in Illinois or Florida? It’s an amazing treat.

  51. LUCY Says:

    Can VIENNETA be found in Massachusetts?Please bring it back!!!!!!It was soooo good!

  52. adam Says:

    i live in austin texas and the only good thing i remember from being a kid was that one night a week that i sat down at the family dinner table and did not hate to be there i need it have to have it can i buy it on line or ebay

  53. Brooklyn Girl Says:

    My family and I loved Vienetta years ago…any chance of it coming back to Brooklyn, NY?

  54. June Bird Says:

    It’s 101 degrees here today, and like these other folks I had a flashback to Breyer’s Vienetta. A really cool dessert for hot days. Have been looking for it back for …what…over 10 years? I WANT IT BACK! PLEEZE!!! I served it to rave reviews with chocolate sauce, cool whip and strawberry on top…

    Breyers???? Pretty PLEEZE?

  55. sarah Says:

    Please bring my favorite dessert back! Is it available anywhere near Alabama? We are all willing to pay more! We understand the economy is bad…make some $ from all of us that say we will purchase your product! (If you make money off a product why discontinue it…just like taco bells club chalupas! WHY!?)

  56. Misty Says:

    I would love to be able to find this product in Iowa or if their was a way even for me to order it from the company I miss it that much have been searching for it for years. This was always my favorite ice cream treat when I was younger.

  57. Rei Says:

    Well…after reading this I now know why I haven’t been able to find it! Several months ago I remembered Vienetta..I had only ever had it once but remembered how delicious it was and have been looking for it since.
    I just wanted to put in yet another person’s request to BRING IT BACK! PLEASE!
    Here’s a question though….why would you pick WINTER to bring back an ice cream item for a limited time?!?!? There’s a reason Good Humor trucks are in storage in December!

  58. Twinkie Chan Says:

    I NEED to get my hands on a Vienetta for my dad’s bday present!! AHH! Can I get it shipped from somewhere?!? I live in Northern California!

  59. Ode to Viennetta « The Vain Gourmet Says:

    [...] 2008, perhaps after receiving enough messages from ridiculous people like me, Unilever brought Viennetta back to the United States, but it wasn’t the same.  Instead of Breyers ice cream, it was made with nonfat milk, [...]

  60. Canada MissingOut Says:

    Hi all…I have been looking for this dessert for about 15yrs! I had it when I was in my early teens & it was great! It’s seems the U.S. are dominant on this page…but thought I would take a shot in the dark….anyone know if it’s possible to get it in Canada? Maybe Shelley could help me answer this? I live in Ontario Canada (GTA – Toronto)
    Any information would be great :) Thank-you
    (hope you all find some close to yr cities)

  61. Martin Walsh Says:

    HB Hazelbrook farm Banana ice cream is made by flavouring of 100 bananas which cows eat making there milk 100% yellow, Hb hazelbrook farm banana ice cream is the only Ice cream in the world thats 100% yellow and no more or less.

  62. MissingViennetta Says:

    Why don’t we create a facebook page in honor of Viennetta and maybe Breyer’s will actually bring it back if we get enough support! Mcdonald’s did it for the McRib and a local Italian Ice came back to business here in Saratoga Springs, NY because of the high demand for it! Let’s do it! We want the original Breyer’s Viennetta back!

  63. B From PNW Says:

    This year my family asked my brother and I to make Christmas dinner. We devised a menu. My mother then asked what dessert, and I knew I wanted Viennetta, even though I couldn’t remember my name. It became very hilarious to my family and frustrating to me trying to explain this awesome dessert which for some reason they do not remember ever having. After a two hour long search of the Web, I found the answer. I though all was good until my Mom reported she couldn’t find this product, and insisted I was still making this up. I am extremely disappointed this product is no longer available. Until this product is returned to market, I am proposing a boycott of all Breyers products until Vienntta is brought back. Obviously asking nicely isn’t enough. Time to get serious.

  64. Zehra Says:

    Toronto NEEEEEDDSSS Vienetta!! Pls bring it back!!

  65. Jim Weils from Toronto, ON Says:

    Please bring Viennetta to Toronto! Why is there a ‘shortage’ if its evidently such a popular dessert. The people on this blog are likely a small fraction of fans specifically looking online for this, let alone the many more who would be delighted to see it restocked in stores. Unilever sells numerous products; how is one more popular product such an issue for decision makers to make.

  66. Jaime Says:

    Our only wish is that Breyers would bring back Vienetta!!

  67. Jaime Says:

    Im ashamed to say that ive beed writting breyers for years to see if i cant find it somewhere… lol

  68. terri cloey Says:

    could you please tell me how i can get this ice cream (vienetta) this waws the best ice-cream ever

  69. Renata Says:

    About a yr or 2 ago, Vienetta was brough back for a cpl mo’s I have to say that this turned out to be the best moment of my life, I was so excited I purchased at least 6 of the boxes and kept them frozen from the Hy-Vee in KS. Even my sister asked me to send a box to her in TX. Everyone I know loves this dessert, how can you not, it is delectible. Please bring it back again and this keep it around for awhile- permanently. Thanks!

  70. Chavela Says:

    Houston, we have a problem!! Please bring Vienetta back to Houston!

  71. Eric Egland Says:

    Well, I have waited for over one year to respond to my last entry regarding Vienetta. I hesitated in responding as my hope was that product changes would be made and the original Vienetta introduced in the late 80′s would reappear. The wait has proved to be less than expected. The current product (if you can find it) is no where near the flavor profile and or quality of what I introduced to the United States while I was employed by Unilever.I would enjoy talking to the Unilever team and propose that they allow a current ice cream company to license the brand and reintroduce this fantastic frozen dessert. Contact me to start a dialogue. As my friends at NIKE say, “Let’s Just Do It!”

    Eric Egland

  72. Carlos Melara Says:

    I thought I was the only one and my screaming voice demanding for Viennetta to be brought back to stores was simply not loud enough!!!! Then I found this forum. So I pledge to everyone my loyalty and offer my voice to be united with yours so we can scream loud enough for those bad-decision makers in Unilever Ice Cream company TO BRING BACK VIENNETTA to the stores ASAP!!!!! Why would a company not release a one-of-a-kind product that is in high demand? I think this decision maker should get fired immediately, on the spot, pronto, NOW!!!!!

  73. Gary Stearns Says:

    I’d like to add my name (and my wife’s) to the list of people who want Viennetta w/Breyer’s back! Please ship the first batch to Sweetbay and Publix groceries in Florida. :)

  74. erin mickelson Says:

    My whole family, (and friends in numerous states), have not been able to find this special dessert in years! I live in Arizona and have family & friends in surrounding states. Are we ever going to see this masterpiece again, or do I have to travel? I would love to be able to order it, if possible, PLEASE BRING IT BACK TO US!!

  75. Carlos Melara Says:

    Why has Vienetta been discontinued???? I think there’s something Breyer is not telling us. They are hiding something because it doesn’t make marketing sense that a company would not release a product to market, when there is a monumental demand of it…………….something to think about!!!!

  76. Stephanie Bottoms Says:

    Thanks for all your feedback. We are thrilled to know that there is such enthusiasm for Viennetta! Unfortunately, there are no current plans to bring Viennetta back. If we learn of its return, we will post an update. – Stephanie Bottoms, on behalf of Unilever Ice Cream

  77. Carlos Melara Says:

    Stephanie Bottoms, who makes the decisions at Unilever Ice Cream? Is there a market strategy behind this whole issue of keeping Vienetta from being sold in the USA? If there is, I feel this person should get fired because it is keeping your company from increasing its profits my keeping a high-demand-product from the market. Your company needs someone that has some common sense and put it to practice!!!

    Carlos Melara

  78. Nancy James Says:

    Does Stephanie Bottoms give any reason why there are NO plans to bring back Viennetta ?…it makes no sense to the hundreds of us…maybe if there is a reasonable explanation, we might understand…it’s just so rediculous, on their part, not to explain their decision…PLEASE offer something in the way of a reason that we can all accept !! I remain always hopeful, Nancy James Houston, TX

  79. Bonnie from BiteoftheBest.com Says:

    Don’t shoot the messenger!
    As Unilever’s public relations professional, Stephanie just reported what the company told her: there are no plans to bring back Viennetta.

  80. Carlos Melara Says:

    I agree with Nancy. And this message is for Bonnie from biteofthebest.com. Bonnie, we understand that Stephanie is just a public relations representative for Unilever. But why is it so difficult to answer a simple question: Why aren’t they bringing back Vienetta? Do they owe us an explanation? YES THEY DO. Why? Because not doing so leads us to believe that they are hiding something. As consumers we demand an explanation and we will go as high as we can to get it. I am not stopping here…….

  81. Stephanie Bottoms Says:

    We are sorry to inform you that Breyers® is no longer producing Viennetta. Many factors contribute to a decision to discontinue a product, but they all boil down to the fact that we didn’t sell enough of the product to keep producing it. We know that you did your part to keep the product in production. Please understand that we regret disappointing any of our consumers. – Stephanie Bottoms, on behalf of Unilever Ice Cream

  82. Carlos Melara Says:

    Stephanie, Thank you for your response. We greatly appreciate your comments. Has your company thought of maybe making a Vienetta version in individual sizes? Maybe have a box with qty 4 individually wrapped pieces? May be that is an option to consider in a way that consumers can afford to buy a box of 4 individual packages, rather than the whole piece of Vienetta. Since you mentioned the fact that Vienetta did not sell enough to keep producing it, I thought that we might help with ideas to make it more affordable for more people to buy it. So I am challenging this forum to come up with ideas to help Breyers bring back our beloved “Vienetta” to the shelves!!!!! Eternally loyal: Carlos Melara

  83. Bonnie from BiteoftheBest.com Says:

    Eric Egland (Executive Director, Oregon Ice Cream LLC) wrote this to me in an email that he thought was reaching all of you:

    Bite of the Best Members

    Well, you get to hear from the person who introduced Viennetta into the United States in the late 80′s and early 90′s. Unilever did offer a single serving size for Food Service in addition to the retail products I sold on the West Coast. While I’ve been away from Unilever for over ten years now I’m confident that in today’s world producing an item in a very small segment may not fit either production and spending profit models. Viennetta was introduced into the United States to increase market share for Good Humor-Breyers Ice Cream products along with testing what was the number one selling dessert in Europe where Unilever dominates the overall category. The manufacturing of Viennetta also requires a very unique and expensive process which again in today’s world may not be profitable. Another piece to consider is that the current Viennetta in no way mirrors the product quality of the products introduced earlier. To my friends at Unilever, bringing back Viennetta would bring joy to many but alas, we may all have to travel to Europe to enjoy this fantastic dessert.

  84. Paulina Says:

    I remember having this ice cream when I moved here from Poland. Next to kinder eggs this was one of my favorite childhood memories. I think a kinder egg type vienna I’ve cream would be amazing! Layers of milk or dark chocolates and white chocolate layers. Yum! We should start a face book page to try to bring this ice cream back to the Usa….let’s force Bryers to use original ingredients and bring this delight back to us!

  85. Celeste Wrenn Says:

    I think we have a very important breakthrough here. CNN just had a piece about Kate Middleton, Prince William’s bride-to-be. They had a video of her hometown grocery store, owned by a lovely Indian couple who have been invited to the wedding. They are so excited. They were asked what Kate Middlton’s favorite food was….guess what it was????? :) ))))) You got it Vienetta Ice Cream! The owners keep it stocked there for her all the time. This will make for great advertising! If Unilever picks up on this they could even show films of the Royal Wedding in their commercials…or snippets of Kate’s hometown store. Whatever this is huge! I can’t think this morning. The clip of this film may be repeated today on CNN. Today is April 10th 2011….watch for it!


    Celeste :) )

    By the way on another blog (there are hundreds of blogs about missing Vienetta) I saw a woman write about how much she used to loved the cappuccino flavor. My sister would love that. I love the vanilla. I always served it when we had guests. It was the most elegant dessert. Everyone loved it. Please bring it back!

    I will google CNN today to see if I can find the story :) )

  86. David Says:

    If that doesn’t get Unilever’s attention, nothing will. It IS still available in the EU, why not here?

  87. Celeste Wrenn Says:

    Yes Yes, I have emailed this grounbreaking info to Unilever :)

    Please everyone email them. Contact form link is here:

    Do they read this blog? What is the this blog? It seems Unilever Public Relations responds here. Is that so? Or do bloggers copy emails to and from these reps here?

    It seems Stephanie Bottoms is from Unilever and is unaware that it is still available in England? I just saw Vienetta Ice Cream in a freezer case in a supermarket in the UK on CNN. Weird! Breyer’s is owned by Unilever now…soooo I am wondering what Stepahanie is talking about. Her comment above #80. Stephanie, please respond. Thank you :)

  88. Bonnie from BiteoftheBest.com Says:

    Celeste, to clarify for you: Stephanie Bottoms is with Golin Harris, a public relations firm that represents Breyers the company that made Viennetta. She responded on behalf of her client. When the work week starts, I’m sure she’ll respond again!

  89. Carlos Melara Says:

    And here is some article in support of Celeste’s comments. I have great hopes this will open Unilever’s eyes to a profitable near future:

  90. Celeste Wrenn Says:

    Carlos, thank you for the link!!! Mint Vienetta is Prince William’s favorite ice cream.

    “Ice Cream meant for a Prince!” :)

    Come on Umilever run with this. You can make a mint!!!! It’s in print!

    From the article:

    “Chan Shingadia and her husband Hash, who run the local convenience store, have already accepted their invitation.

    The Indian-born couple said Miss Middleton “pops in two or three times a week” when she is in Bucklebury, sometimes accompanied by the Prince.

    Mrs Shingadia, 42, said: “We’ve really got to know Kate. She is really caring. She is like a human being, not a celebrity, and she is always a good customer. William is very down to earth”.

    The shopkeepers have become so familiar with the couple’s tastes that they ensure they are always stocked up on Haribo sweets, which they both like,>>>>>>> and mint Vienetta, which is the Prince’s favourite icecream.”

  91. Celeste Wrenn Says:

    This is a great idea. My husband’s idea! We email Kate Middleton to get involved with this campaign.

    I think she would take up this cause because it sounds from some of Stephanie Bottoms, and Bonnie’s posts (see posts #76, #81, and #83) like Unilever has stopped or is planning to stop production of Vienetta Ice Cream all together!! (too expensive to produce etc.) I don’t think the Prince or Princess will sit still for that Do you? nwards and upwards my fiends! :)

  92. Celeste Wrenn Says:

    Correction lol

    Onward and upwards my friends! :)

  93. Doug Tandal Says:

    Please!!! Bring back Vienetta, my brother and I have many memories of our mother buying it for us. Summers, Weekends, late nights, holidays, birthdays and other events, and many more.

  94. Shari Says:

    Once again we have been reminiscing about the BEST dessert…Vienetta…and wishing it would be produced again.
    We keep trying to find a replacement for Vienetta…unsuccessfully! I hope that someone wises up, and produces this great product again!

  95. Sue Says:

    Oh, I LOVED Viennetta. Fancy, elegant, and light in texture, it was a dessert I was proud to serve when entertaining on short notice, or asked to bring dessert to extended-family dinners, special occasions or private treat.
    For incentive to your bringing it back, I just saw on MSNBC pre-wedding coverage that Viennetta is Catherine Middleton’s favorite dessert, according to the grocer in Holymead; and I just read that it is what Prince William buys there as well. On TV the grocer pushed the product toward the camera for a close-up, so there you have your best endorsement and free advertising! Can it get better than that?!
    I don’t know why you discontinued Viennetta, but please bring it back. I promise to buy it more often than I ever did before!
    ~ Sue

  96. Mary Says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring Viennetta back. It would be the smartest business move to ever make. Look at all these people all over the world trying to get their hands on this product, are you guys crazy? Keep the American people happy! My childhood was brought up on Viennetta! I will seriously start a petition to have Viennetta made and sold in the U.S., whose down to sign this!?

    Viennetta Lover and Fan

  97. Donald Finn Says:

    Why does the production of Viennetta have to be tied to a low retail price? I cannot think of a common product that is not sold somewhere in the U.S. in a high end version.Raise the price. Someone will always pay a premium for the best.

  98. celeste wrenn Says:


    You go! You should work for Unilever. You have more sense they do!

  99. Carman Says:

    My dad mentioned Viennetta tonight in our conversation. Started salivating just thinking about it. I remember buying it every year, multiple times. It was simply the best desert ever. The SMARTEST thing you could do is to sell it again, in Walmarts (since theres so many walmarts) with the original recipe. Yall will be drowning in money. Even after all these years, everyone is dying to get their hands on some!! I’m going to go hunt for some tomorrow!!!

  100. ANGIE Says:


  101. Sherry Says:

    I have been looking for Viennetta too in Simcoe County,ON.Please let me know if it is available in Canada

  102. Kortney Says:

    OMG! Please bring back Vienetta. I would be willing to pay whatever it is that they weere charging. It is simply delicious! Come on Breyers! PLEASE!!!!!!!

  103. Tiffany Says:

    What about California?

  104. MoonCradlesTide Says:

    The People want the original product….listen and act.
    Give Us Vienetta, or give us nothing else!!

  105. dustyisdead Says:

    easy solution for me. i’m just going to boycott all of breyers products until they bring back vienetta. it’s that simple folks, obviously breyers does not care enough about their consumers to bring them the quality products they request and deserve. instead they replace is with a crappy imitation or simply take it away completely.

    clearly the comments here represent only a fraction of the people that want vienetta back. with such a high demand, to not provide the product is just a slap in the face to the consumer.

    if you don’t want to please your customers and clearly don’t care about our requests, then i will no longer be buying your products.

    breyers isn’t the best ice cream to be begin with, and a unique and delicious product like vienetta really gave them something special. but since the company doesn’t mind settling for less than the best, i won’t be supporting them.

  106. celeste Says:

    I wonder if Breyers/Unilver really sees these comments. I think we should send this link and all the comments here on this blog to Unilever. They own Bryers now. They are not listening to us! They are selling Vienetta to their European customers. Unilever is a European co. located in Rotterdam. http://finance.yahoo.com/q/pr?s=UN+Profile

    Unilever can be contacted here via their contact form. Let’s all do it!!


    They should wake up to the opportunity in the US, Canada, and the rest of the world :) ))

  107. Kali poulos Says:

    Bring back vienetta !!!

  108. DAISY Says:


  109. Kate Mein Says:

    My husband wanted to buy a Vienetta today but couldn’t find one…now I see why. Bring back Vienetta, NOT the cheap crappy one….but the good one.
    And I agree, raise the price. We will always pay more for good quality.

  110. frank Says:

    My Kids and I would love some for the hoildays. Its the best tasting desert you can buy. What the hell is wrong with unilever.

  111. Cindy Says:

    Well, I understand that companies discontinue products that aren’t profitable. I wonder why it would be viable in the UK but not the US, though, since it’s still sold there. Viennetta was my family’s traditional Christmas Eve dessert for as long as I can remember. Unilever stopped distributing it here the same year my mother died. I get a pang again every Christmas hoping I’ll see it in the stores and be able to bring back some of those memories of her. I’ll be hoping again this year, but it doesn’t look promising.

  112. Dawn Gamboa-Nappi Says:

    I have my friend in from TX. & she just asked where was his special dessert? My husband used to make his special dessert with Vienetta. he would take mini cinnamon eggos and place a slice of Vienetta in the middle. The how waffles & ice cream ala Vienetta!

  113. Scott Lawson Says:

    It’s a tough one huh? I remember the product as a Food Broker Rep in the early 90′s selling it …. Good stuff. But so was blue Nehi .. So things change. Back the then Gas was a 1.40 a gallon.. Such a nice product indeed. The economy won’t allow Unilever to offer this package for a good while if ever again IMO

  114. Scott Lawson Says:

    Raising the price for the select few that can or choose to afford it is not sound marketing especially in an industry that requires $$$$ to even be on the sales floor before you have even sold a package to the public.

  115. Ramona Rasberry Says:


  116. Annie Levasseur Says:

    I was living in Ireland from April 2011 to Oct. 2011 and had Viennetta ice cream all the time. I bought it at a store called Tesco, but they don’t ship to the US.
    Years ago I remember buying it at Albertson’s in Beaverton OR, but haven’t seen it for a long time.

  117. Anna Says:

    Annie, thanks for the tip! I live in Portland, Oregon and read on another site that sometimes Grocery Outlet carries it as well. I am going to see if I can find it – even though I understand that it is not the original formulation (packed with chemicals now, not real ice cream). I remember seeing it in the grocery store in the 80s. It was SO fancy to me and I begged my mom to buy it. She only caved one time (it was “too expensive”) and we devoured it!

  118. Katie Says:

    I used to buy Viennetta at Winn Dixie in Quincy, FL. They have not carried it for years. I kept one in the freezer all the time. I would buy it again. I now have a 4 year old son, that I would love to be able to share it with. I was 47 when he was born, just think, it is a shame, that this child will never know what Heaven in your Mouth tastes like. Yes, just think, There are so many Wal-Marts that would carry the product in the US now. There is no way you couldn’t make a mint by distributing it in the US now. JUST TRY IT! If it doesn’t sell well enough to suit you, you can always discontinue it again, but let me know before you do, and I will go buy out every bit I can find. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!

  119. Mel Says:

    My daughter and I share fond memories of Vienetta. I need a recipe if it will never be seen again. It was the best dessert treat ever.

  120. Katie Says:

    Well HAPPY VALENTINESDAY! Everyone! Sorry, no VIENETTA yet again! It would be nice, if someone could get a recipe. I do realize it wouldn’t be like “REAL THING”, because we won’t have the equipment to make it like they do. BUT, at least we could make it somewhat! If anyone can figure out how to do it, Plese Post It!


    My family is desperate to find a Vienetta. We love them.
    Does anyone know where I can get one. We live in the Salt Lake City, Utah area

  122. Kayoss Says:

    Hello veinetta fans. As it is still produced in the UK, does anyone know of any import shops in the Los Angeles area that carry and stock this product? If there was anywhere in the US that would have it, it would be LA!!

  123. Annie L. Says:

    I recently spent six months in Ireland for work. They have a department store there based in the UK called Tesco that carries Vienetta. Needless to say I ate a lot of it. I checked, but Tesco dosen’t export anything to the US. So I’m still looking for it here.

  124. Fusion Reaction » Blog Archive » Solving the Mystery of the Missing Vienetta Says:

    [...] Yup, that’s right. It was back. Well …  sort of. And now it’s gone again. [...]

  125. Andrew Mabry Says:

    Awesome this thread has been going for three and a half years .. .. i heart vienetta .. ..

  126. Sara Says:

    I am currently expecting. Try craving something you just cant have! They need to bring it back so the poor husbands in the world dont have to deal with the complaining!

  127. Katy Says:

    I’m also pregnant and finding out that I can’t have this awesome treat and what I crave is so not cool! But the princess gets it. Boo:p
    You are making pregnant women angry!

  128. amyjo9 Says:

    All versions were disgusting, trashy and tasteless. If you think this is an elegant, rich and delicious dessert, then you must be from the midwest…or Bosnia.

  129. celeste Says:

    amyjo9, you have no taste at all. So sad for you! Maybe you tasted the later version, the one with the fake ingredients. I never did. If so excuse me for judging you so harshly if this is in fact the sad case for you.

    We want Vienneta back, Please!! The “original” Vienetta like they have in England. The original version was gone from the US by 1990.

    As stated above, “The original 15-ounce version was made with yummy Breyers Ice Cream; The “new” 12-ounce version was a frozen dairy dessert, available until February 2009. That means instead of ice cream, this Viennetta consists of — nonfat milk, sugars, whey, cocoa, propylene glycol monoesters, cellulose gels, mono and diglycerides, locust bean gum, polysorbate 80, guar gum, natural flavor and carrageenan.”

    You must have tasted that one.

  130. Katie Says:

    Well, in my opinion that is the ONLY thing Bryers made that was good anyway. I just don’t like their Ice Cream, so maybe if everyone would just not buy Bryers unless they brought back Viennetta. LETS JUST BOYCOTT BRYERS. Blue Bell is so much better anyway! Maybe if we contact Bluebell they will make a Viennetta! Hey, there is an idea.

  131. Jeanne T. Says:

    Any news on the Vienetta front since the last posting? :S

  132. Ramona Rasberry Says:

    I miss my Viennetta!!!!! I live in Stockton, CA and used to crave one all the time !! I could get it anywhere! As time went on I had to start searching for it : / Eventually I had to go all the way to the other side of town for it ! But then, they stop carrying it too :( My favorite ice till this day :) where n when will I see it in my area again : /

  133. Ellen Says:

    Where is Viennetta ??? My son’s 25 birthday tomorrow and he is deploying on Friday, heLOVES this cake and I can’t find it anywhere. Please bring this back.

  134. lynne Says:

    How about anywhere near Orlando – we had Viennetta icecream dessert every Christmas (and any other excuse for a party!!) while living in England and miss it so!

  135. Alex Says:

    2013 and still no word about Vienetta??? Seriously people something needs to be done! I’m in California and still cannot believe that Vienetta is unobtainable! With everything wrong in this country of ours how can it be that we can’t have at least that? I mean c’mon give us at least that! Breyers, Unilever, I don’t care, whoever can bring back the original-recipe-Vienetta will make plenty of profit, GUARANTEED. IT’S 2013, BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL VIENETTA THIS YEAR!!! WE SHOULDN’T BE FORCED TO WAIT ANY LONGER! People unite for great causes and of course there are greater causes than ice cream but people also unite for less worthy causes and WE WHO WANT VIENETTA BACK SHOULD UNITE FOR THIS CAUSE TO BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL VIENETTA!!! Keep this thread going until we can all enjoy our Vienetta again bought from any local store!

    -Alex in California about to have another birthday without Vienetta

  136. Coralyn Young Says:

    Still looking for VIENNETTA in SF BAY AREA. I have LOOKED EVERYWHERE and still NOTHING!!! I AM DESPERATE!!

  137. Coralyn Young Says:

    I even googled a recipe and it was not the real deal!!! I AM LOOKING FOR THE REAL DEAL!!

  138. Bonnie from BiteoftheBest.com Says:

    Sorry to share — but Breyers is no longer making the REAL DEAL.

  139. kayoss Says:

    for you southern california folks, Vienetta is available imported from
    the UK at some smart and final locations. i found some in a santa monica location. good luck!

  140. Annie L. Says:

    Still can’t find it here. The European formula for ice cream is so different than in the US. There it is very smooth and creamy. It makes our ice cream texture seem really gritty.

  141. celeste Says:

    Bonnie that was cold :(

  142. celeste Says:

    Kayoss, we are beyond envious on the East coast. Smart and Final location finder http://www.smartandfinal.com/locations/StoreLocations.asp :(

  143. Meesha Says:

    I am from Vancouver,Canada and years ago I remember eating the original Vienetta on a regular basis. I always thought the sudden disappearance must have been due to some sort of law-suit or something. These days I am studying Business & Logistics across the pond in Finland. Oddly enough I was studying for my Distribution Management Exam when I took a break and went to the local supermarket. There in the bottom of the ice cream section was a familiar name and package. It comes in 2 flavors and it turns out the price is really cheap ($2)so I knew the chances of it being a similar quality was very low. However, the taste was pretty close to what I remember. Instantly I started searching the web in hoped of understanding why they stopped carrying it in Canada& U.S, thus I arrived at this debate here. The Vienetta here in Finland, is made by Unilever under the Wall’s Heartbrand logo which is interesting considering that means its quality should be “Better for the Environment, Better for you”! I’m surprised by your claims that the quality is so different in North America compared to Europe. Maybe someone can be more specific? Like Eric Egland already pointed out from a business perspective, something doesn’t add up, why discontinue a successful product?. I thought maybe I should try and import it back to the Vancouver area. As for the ingredients containing all kinds of chemicals instead of real milk, Im sorry to say that is an industry trend which started (in Canada) about 5-10 years back. If you want natural ice cream look for small batch products, which are still around just hard to find.

  144. Zarah S Says:

    Oh man, is there no way to bring the Vienetta back to North America? Can anyone tell me where I can find it close to Toronto? Even seasonally? It’s weird how desperate I am to get just one more taste! It’s been ages!

  145. Cen F Says:

    I always joke with my wife when she asks me if I want any thing from the grocers, I almost always tell her to pick up some Viennetta! I bought one of these (along with nearly every sugary cereal I ever longed for) right out of high school with my first paycheck. As the years went by, it became harder and harder to find… then finally they went away altogether.

    A similar thing happened with my Twinkies, but OTHER manufacturers were more than happy to fill the void with their own product. If it costs too much to make these oversees and transport them over, I would gladly jump ship on brand loyalty and buy a competitor’s version.

    Seems to me that if Unilever doesn’t want to make and sell the product to us, they should sell the rights and recipe to someone else that will.

  146. Cen F Says:

    Looks like there is a knock-off… I’m off to Whole Foods to pick up a Violeta!

  147. celeste Says:

    Cen F You’re kidding. I was going to answer you yesterday and say that was a good idea! We don’t have Whole Foods around here. Who makes Violeta? Is it good?

    Kayos found Vienetta imported from the UK at a store called Smart and Final in Southern California. Oh I am so jealous of you guys. We have a Fresh Market here. I have to call and ask them.

    Please let us know the quality. It looks like manufacturers are wising up to the fact that this is a delectable treat! I hope so!

  148. celeste Says:

    It looks good but it’s not the same :( I has Hazelnut and chocolate


  149. celeste Says:

    This is Vienetta


  150. Meesha Says:

    Violeta is a Lithuanian knock-off of Vienetta its made by a company called Dadu, they are big in the Baltic region of Europe, they say its all natural so it could be good. If someone comes across it can you tell me if it tastes good? and if its worth the price you paid?

  151. celeste Says:

    These are better photos

    Vienetta frozen dairy dessert…made with all kinds of fillers..no real Ice Cream added. Not available anymore.


    Unilever Vienetta from Europe… their web site. They only have Vanilla and Cocolate now. My sister liked the coffee one, and Price Harry in 2009 was addicted to the mint version. Look at my posts above. I don’t see the mint, or th coffee anymore

    This is the Breyers original Vienetta available in the US until 1990. It is the same recipe sold in Europe now called Streets Vienetta made by Unilever. I don’t know why they don’t bring it back to the US!


  152. Martin Walsh Says:

    Now Vienetta has a new look but is the same taste as ever. Its now in Vanilla, Banana, Mint, Caramel, Cafe and Strawberry any plans to bring back “Chocalate Creation or even Biscuit Sircuation versions”.

  153. celeste Says:

    Martin what do you mean/ Where did find Vienetta? Thank you!

  154. Irene Schaefer Says:

    I’m boycotting Breyers and Unilever until Vienetta comes back! Irene

  155. Georg Says:

    Great idea.. Me, too! Sad when they stop making good products

  156. Mary Chinal Says:

    Shelley Ward,
    I see that for awhile you were answering questions, and relaying comments to the PTB. Would a lot more comments, polls, e-signatures, or on-line voting campaign help to bring this ice cream back into production? How many people asking for it would it take to persuade the manufacturers to get back to work? Maybe we can all get together and picket?

  157. Bonnie from BiteoftheBest.com Says:

    Sorry to share with all you Viennetta lovers that — I just heard from a Breyers representative who unfortunately said that they still do not have plans to bring back Viennetta.

    They added — though — that they are always listening to consumer feedback and appreciate it.

  158. celeste Says:


    That’s nice to hear.

    Perhaps they are not really listening though :(

  159. Eric Egland Says:

    Time for the original Unilever regional sales manager who introduced Viennetta into the United States to respond. If the current Unilever manager wants my advice and or thoughts regarding what was once one of the Top 10 selling items in the West (Vanilla)contact me to discuss further. WE CAN CREATE A SUCCESS STORY AGAIN !

    Eric Egland

  160. Bonnie from BiteoftheBest.com Says:

    Thanks Eric for your comment. I again reached out to Unilever for another response. Let’s see if we can get them into the conversation.

  161. Bonnie from BiteoftheBest.com Says:

    I heard back from Liza Amling, the GolinHarris PR representative — as I shared Eric Egland’s comment.
    She wrote,

    “The information we shared with you earlier this week is still representative of the current situation. If anyone has additional questions or comments, they should feel free to reach out to our Consumer Services team at consumer.services@Unilever.com.”

    I guess they have no desire to discuss bringing back Viennetta

  162. kimberley Says:

    I just had my first viennetta in more than 10 years.When i tasted it last night, it looked different in terms of the amount of chocolate you get and the layers. It also tasted completely different from how i remembered as a child. It honestly just tastes like a fluffy mcdonalds soft serve with tid bits of chocolate. And googling this led me to your site. I am so disappointed by this crappy streets version!

  163. Sam Says:

    Amen! It IS different. … it is now a “frozen dessert” and no longer creamy ice cream.

  164. Meesha Says:

    Good point Sam, also at least in my local supermarket it is not in the ice cream section but in the frozen pie and cake section. After eating Vienetta a few times I have concluded it has a sort of nutri-sweet chocolate flavor, the kind you would get at DQ or MCD’s when you order a sundae. Also its is priced far to low at about $2.50, one cannot believe it is made with suitable ingredients.

  165. Tammy Says:

    Man, I miss that stuff!!! I remember when growing up, our parents would get that for us every once in a great while add a treat for us. They got it so seldomly that whenever we did get to have some, it was pretty much like a delicacy. Man, I wish Bryers would bring the line back!!! Someone ought to start up a petition on Change.com in hopes that they’ll make it happen!!! ;D

  166. Kiki Says:

    OMG! All I want for Christmas is a Vienetta ice cream cake…for real.

  167. Lori Says:

    I’m deeply saddened that I am unable to let my partner try this delicious treat. I used to eat it in the early 2000′s and didn’t even realize it was discontinued until I was craving in it 2009 and went crazy looking for it in stores in CA. Till this day I still bring it up. Please Breyers bring the OG Veinetta back!! If you change your minds and decide to at least do mass advertising for it so the public knows when it’ll be brought back even for a short time. Eating this wonderful dessert one last time would me amazing!!

  168. Genevieve Says:

    I’ve looked for Viennetta many times over the years as the craving struck me. We’re preparing for a baby shower now and my sister brought it up and what a favorite it was when we were growing up, and we’d have loved to have it. I might attempt a homemade version but there’s no way it’ll live up to the original. So whatever good it may do to add my entire family’s voices to the rest – please bring back Viennetta!

  169. Emma Says:

    Here is the closest thing we will come to the classic. I too have searched many times for this wonderful dessert. http://www.southernplate.com/2012/06/homemade-viennetta.html
    This is from Christy Jordan at Southern Plate.

  170. Jeanne Says:

    Thanks for sharing, this sounds promising. I’ll be making this very soon. I’ll probably go w/ Ben & Jerry’s Vanilla. Can’t wait to try it!

  171. Chanel Raines Says:

    Bring the old school version back!! I would love to share it with my children just as my dad shared it with me.

  172. Jeanne Timpson Says:

    This weekend I made the recipe supplied by Emma, & w/ pretty good results. I will make it again, w/ these 2 slight changes (to the way I made it). Christy Jordan is right, use the best vanilla ice cream you can get your hands on. The best I had available to me was Hood Natural Bean Vanilla, the next time I will use either Breyer’s Natural Bean Vanilla (which makes sense) or Ben & Jerry’s Vanilla or possibly Blue Bunny Vanilla. Also, I wasn’t shy w/ the Magic Shell sauce, the next time I will lightly lace it w/ the sauce, as a little seems to go a long way. I guess you could say I sorta’ crocheted it w/ the sauce. I liked it this time, I think the next time I will like it even better. I do recommend trying it!

  173. Jeanne Timpson Says:

    Oh, also, what I did was peel the carton off of the ice cream & then I cut it into 1/3′s, lengthwise, instead of scooping it out. Much cleaner that way & easier to drag a pick through, too.

  174. suzy Says:

    I, too, desire Viennetta. I want it–NOW!!

  175. Dawn Says:

    My husband and I used to buy Viennette regularly, but last time we bought it it tasted completely different. The ice cream was icy and not creamy as it used to be. The flavour was different. It was not the pleasant dessert we were used to. Has it changed manufacturer? We live in Western Australia. We both agree that we won’t be buying it again. Disappointing.

  176. Emma Chapman` Says:

    Reminder: Here is a really good homemade version of Viennetta.
    Read all instrucions thoroughly before starting especially about how one of the sauces is an alternative method. http://www.southernplate.com/2012/06/homemade-viennetta.html

  177. Jason Chapman Says:

    I’ve just eaten Mint Vienetta for the first time in a long time! It was a pleasant dessert to feast on. The greatest part of my course was the memory it brought back; When I was served this treat as a youngster, I was amazed at the layers and nice portion size. This is indeed a value product for your next party :)

  178. Me Says:

    I miss this product! Bring it back to California! It is absolute HEAVEN. I only had the chocolate once (never found it again), but the vanilla was also fantastic.


  179. VienettaLOVER Says:

    I’m pregnant and literally woke up CRAVING Vienetta!!! Please someone at unilever or Breyers listen to the masses… FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY BRING IT BACK TO US!!!!! 🙌🏻

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