Victoria’s Bistro at the Spring House Hotel, Block Island

November 1, 2012

Victoria’s Bistro was the most convenient place to dine on Block Island, as it was in the Spring House Hotel, a Victorian-style inn, where we stayed.

We sampled their unusual fried eggplant “Napoleon,” layered with herb ricotta cheese and garlic roasted tomatoes, topped with wilted spinach and drizzled with basil oil ($10). The tender grilled calamari sat atop a garlicky broccoli rabe and sausage saute and a chickpea puree, all drizzled with a smoked paprika oil ($11).

Our spinach salad had thinly sliced pear, lots of walnuts and Gorgonzola cheese, in a light refreshing pomegranate vinaigrette ($9).

Seared diver scallops were cooked just right, but — for the price of $27 — should have at least had lots more of the spaghetti squash and roasted Brussels sprouts. The citrus walnut butter complemented the flavor of the scallops.

We also shared a crisp crust 12-inch Federal Hill pizza with their house made tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and half pepperoni/half sausage ($14).

I’d recommend Victoria’s Bistro at the Spring House Hotel for a light bite or full dinner.

- bonnie
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Victoria’s Bistro at the Spring House Hotel
52 Spring Street
Block Island RI 02807
(401) 466-5844
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