Tropicana Pure Valencia

April 2, 2008
What it is: 100 percent pure, pasteurized valencia orange juice, with or without pulp
How it comes: 12-, 54-ounce bottle with or without pulp
Where it is: In refrigerated juice case
Who it's for: Anyone who loves the taste of pure orange juice
Suggested retail price: $2.49, $4.49
Nutrition notes: Like most orange juice an 8-ounce glassful provides 120 calories, an excellent source of vitamin C, and a good source of thiamine and folic acid
Category: Fabulous Food: Beverages bests

Bonnie: The best tasting orange juice? The fresh-squeezed glassful I’ve sipped while sitting outside in a Florida orange grove. Second best? This new 100 percent Valencia orange juice. It’s sweeter and less acidic than Tropicana’s Pure Premium (which to date had been the gold standard of supermarket chilled juices.)

To be honest, at first I was skeptical — and confused — when the varieties of Tropicana Pure arrived at my doorstep. Skeptical about how this new Valencia juice could be described as the most premium Tropicana had ever offered, as I had thought that Tropicana Pure Premium was just that.

And confused about the name. Pure? Pure Premium? Pure Valencia? Huh?

I think I’ve finally deciphered and can explain it to you. Well, sort of. The new juice product we’ve selected as this week’s Featured Bite is Tropicana Pure Valencia, with 100 percent of its juice from Valencia oranges; the line is Tropicana Pure.

And that line includes Raspberry Açaí, Pomegranate Blueberry, Indian River Grapefruit and Peach Papaya Mango. Although these, too, are 100 percent “pure” juice, you won’t find me raving about the blends, as I prefer eponymous juices, not ones with other added flavors. Their grapefruit is good, but too tart for me!

And while we’re talking grapefruit juice, let me add a Health Note from WebMD: “limit fresh grapefruit consumption while taking cholesterol-lowering drugs, as it can interfere with the liver’s ability to metabolize these medications.” If you’re a grapefruit juice lover, discuss this with your health professional.

Back to Valencia.

To describe the Valencia’s uniqueness, Tropicana spokesperson Karen May explained, “Like wine that exclusively uses one variety of grapes from a single vineyard, Tropicana Pure Valencia is crafted from the juice of only a single variety of oranges – Valencia oranges – and select groves, from the top 3 percent of Tropicana’s harvest.

“Tropicana Pure Premium is blended from three main orange varietals—the Valencia, Hamlin and Pineapple oranges”

Me? From here forward, I’ll stick to this new sweet and flavorful 100 percent Valencia juice.

And for a refreshing midday beverage, I’ll mix a third Valencia juice and two-thirds fresh seltzer — for a yummy orange spritzer.

Bryan: You might ask, what is there really to say about orange juice at this point? The beverage has become such a staple of morning routines that we rarely discuss its various qualities these days. Americans drink it in all forms, but mostly from concentrate and rarely with any thought, aside from price. I was among this group of ‘sale’ buyers until I recently took my first sip of Tropicana Pure Valencia and was completely surprised. Tropicana is a household name when it comes to OJ, but this juice did not taste generic or mass-made. It had style. It was something very different. The bottle and design are a new look, reflecting the feel of a gourmet selection. I’ve often been disappointed by big names trying to seem like small, boutique brands, but this product truly delivers that quality. As a great addition, the crescent-shaped sides of the new bottle allow for easy grabbing to drink directly from the fridge (men rejoice). The ‘pure’ line is fresh (not from concentrate), but pasteurized to add longevity. The juice tastes fresh-squeezed and delivers 100 percent of your daily vitamin C; What more are you really asking for from a morning beverage? (Shh, coffee drinkers; take your morning fix elsewhere. Coffee is for dessert.)

We aren’t all health fanatics (myself included), but there are certain things that we can do to keep ourselves healthier. Add some pure juice to your routine to replace those morning sodas, sweet teas or energy drinks. You’ll find you feel better. Really.

Eric: The commodity FCOJ (Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice)…The first thing that came to mind when I was thinking about “orange juice” was the movie “Trading Places” where Billy Ray & Winthorpe’s cornered the FCOJ market. It is curious to me that my first thought was a movie reference, and not the usual childhood memories of the Frankenstein creation we members of the general public have disgracefully accepted as “juice.” Because of this potential “boycott,” many consumers are turning to the coffees, teas and cheaper, better tasting drink substitutes. I am one of these consumers. For years I have avoided all types of juice, and although I love the taste of freshly squeezed juice (particularly OJ), the average price of fresh juice is significantly higher than that of the frozen concentrates of this world.

For all of you realists out there, I don’t consider myself a lazy person. But most of the time I don’t have the desire at 7 a.m. to squeeze fresh juice (usually a much cheaper method) and end-up every once in awhile purchasing a 3-euro ($4.75) 16-oz bottle on my morning walk. I admit I was a skeptic and a bit of cynic when taking my first sip of Tropicana’s Pure Valencia (and the awe-inspiring, newly redesigned bottle didn’t affect my judgment). I wanted taste, and it’s exactly what I got…truthfully, I was shocked and couldn’t believe what I was tasting. After years of fearing bottled juices, I was actually enjoying a mass-produced one.

149 Comments on “Tropicana Pure Valencia”

  1. cwease Says:

    We’ve tried each variety of Tropicana Pure Valencia, and we enjoyed them all. The taste is true Valencia orange. However, the price is a bit high for my weekly grocery shopping, but with a coupon and waiting for the juice to go on sale, we would definitely purchase it again.

  2. sissy546 Says:

    I buy the premium and have not seen the Valencia yet. I will have to find and try it, because it is hard to believe anything could be any better than the premium.

  3. John Says:

    This juice is amazing; it really tastes like freshly squeezed!

  4. Sue Says:

    We finally found this juice in our local supermarket and it was worth the wait. It tastes like juice should taste; fresh, sweet and not too acidic. My husband says it reminds him of the orange juice served at Israel’s hotels to arriving visitors. It is expensive, but we savor it as liquid dessert.

  5. Bonnie Tandy Leblang Says:

    A.M.Diehl wrote: I bought the Pure Valencia Orange Juice and loved it! However, the soft plastic bottle, especially when full, made spills occur. Once the bottle was half empty, pouring with one hand was possible, but not when the bottle was full – one hand with a glass and one hand holding the bottle resulted in spillage.

    I would recommend a firmer bottle, but the contents was as good as any fresh squeezed Valencia organge juice that I have made myself.


  6. Vickie Seders Says:

    loved the juice but when I went back to buy more then no longer carried – how frustrating

  7. petebrace Says:

    Bonnie- Happy Birthday to Bite of the Best and keep the good reviews coming, I especially liked this one!

  8. sissy546 Says:

    I found the Valencia in my Walmart and I can only tell you it is the best. It is well worth the price and quite honestly I don’t think I could fresh squeeze oranges that would taste any better. I have noticed that the premium has been on sale a lot here lately 2/$5.00. I like that bottle better and one could transfer the juice if needed, however, I didn’t have any problems with the bottle.

  9. ann b Says:

    I live in Baltimore County, Maryland, and would like to know what stores or where I can purchase 100% Valencia orange juice.

  10. Jane Says:

    ann b, I live in Baltimore county, also, and I buy it at Giant. It’s fantastic juice. I hope they make it forever with no changes.

  11. Bonnie Tandy Leblang Says:

    Thanks for sharing where to buy it in the Baltimore area. Appreciate that.

  12. Rodger Chen Says:

    I just had my first glass of Valencia today and loved it. I definitely have to give that orange spritzer a try later on in the day.

  13. Bonnie Tandy Leblang Says:

    Roger — a spritzer is definitely my favorite way! Glad you loved it — me too.

  14. Chris Says:

    I’ve always loved OJ, but not the acidity. Simply put: Tropicana Pure Valencia is the best store-bought orange juice I’ve ever tasted. It’s smooth, sweet yet tangy and zingy, and wonderfully un-acidic, like a eating a good navel orange. I’m actually addicted to it – it’s the first thing I grab to drink in the morning. And I find myself not just ‘drinking’ it, but more like slowly sipping and savoring it’s invigoratingly complex flavors. This is an awesome line of products from Tropicana. All of them are delicious. The Valencia-Mango is a great combination with a great mango aroma. I also love the pomegranate blueberry – very nice blueberry flavor and the peach-papaya-mango has a great tropical vibe.

  15. haha Says:

    i love valencia

  16. Lindsey and Jessica Says:

    The first time we tried it…it was like a party in our mouth. The second time we tried it…it was like a party in our mouth…and so forth. we like the fact that no matter how many times you drink it…the taste never gets old. its like a new sip every time. its wonderful.

  17. Gloria Burkard Says:

    where can i get a coupon?

  18. Bonnie Tandy Leblang Says:

    Gloria, why not take a chance to win a stack of them? As Tropicana coupons are a prize in one of our giveaways in the marketplace.

  19. Jerry B. Says:

    I LOVE the pure Valencia orange juice but I hate, just hate the container it comes in. When you first open it and grab the bottle at the narrowest part, the plastic squeezes much too easily and the juice goes over the top, on the table and onto the floor. Am I the only one in the country that has experienced this?? Maybe put a handle on the bottle to make it easier pour.

    Thankyou for letting me vent.

  20. Sharon M Says:

    Tropicana oj is the best around but the packaging leaves alot to be desired.

    Larger packages are in recycables platic jugs but the smaller amounts are in waxed cardboard packs. These are not recycable.

    Would be wonderful if all your packaging was environmentally friendly.

    I’m Canada and just wanted to let you know


  21. swentek Says:

    Tropican Pure Indian River Grapefruit is the best grapefruit juice I’ve ever bought. It is deliciously fresh and even has pulp! The new package is easy to hold/use.

  22. Diane Says:

    I used to buy the Tropicana Pure Pomegranate Blueberry Juice & Raspberry Acai at Wal-Mart, but they don’t have them/sale them anymore and I need them, so can you all sale them to me and/or can you tell me where can I find it to buy or at what other Wal-Mart location can I find it to go buy it… please help…let me know. thanks

  23. Stephanie Says:

    I promise you this is the best juice in the world! I was not skeptical I knew “Tropicana” was the best so when this brand came out I didnt know how it could get any better! The price is 4.00 a bottle but it beats any other juice out on the market. I wish it was less expensive but you get what you pay for.

  24. Katie Says:

    I tried this juice for the first time today and it tastes great! I looked at it and was like “Whats Valencia?” and I came to this site and it told me. This is great! Thanks Tropicana!

  25. Bonnie Tandy Leblang Says:

    Katie, glad that we could help you learn about Pure Valencia! Hoping that during your visit you tootled around the site and discovered our marketplace where you can take a chance to win 12 free coupons for this flavorful varietal (along with some other goodies).
    Welcome to the Bite of the Best community.

  26. Barb I Says:

    I purchased The Valencia orange juice in the 12 oz on a recent trip, can you tell me where I can find that size in zip code 55305.

  27. Christine Says:

    Tropicana says the best place to try for the 12 oz. Valencia would be Wal-Mart.

  28. Anette Says:

    Is the Tropicana Pure Valencia for sale in England?
    And is Pure Valencia 100 % orangejuice?

  29. Bonnie Tandy Leblang Says:

    Anette, I’ve contacted the folks at Tropicana, who had promised to get me a response. I’m still trying to find out for you – but with our Thanksgiving holiday, I may not find out until next week. Stay tuned.

    Pure Valencia is 100 percent orange juice from Valencia oranges.

  30. Bonnie Tandy Leblang Says:

    Of course — just after I posted, Karen May from Tropicana emailed me to say, “Tropicana Pure Valencia is not available in England.”

  31. Ricardo Ramos Says:


  32. Marie Says:

    This is the BEST orange juice I have ever tasted. It was on sale at the grocery store so I thought I would try it. DELICIOUS! Went back for more and stood looking at an empty shelf that used to house my new found love. Sold out! I have to find more!

  33. Bonnie Tandy Leblang Says:

    Marie, We so agree.
    And, don’t forget that you can take a chance to win a dozen free coupons for this juice each month in our Marketplace!

  34. Rob Tonus Says:

    Has anybody tried Oasis orange juice? Its consistency is just like fresh-squeezed oranges, and it doesn’t have the sharp bite of other orange juices I’ve tried. PLUS it’s cheaper than Tropicana! It has become our family favourite!

  35. Diane Kroese Says:

    I recently won the coupons for free tropicana pure premium, and Wow! my family absolutely loves this orange juice! The best orange juice we have ever had! I also tried the grapefruit juice, my favorite, It was excellent! Thank you bite of the best, I love your site, and this is not the first great find for me here!

  36. Name Says:

    has this product been discontinued? i cant find it at any stores, and the product locater on Tropicana’s website doesnt list it as being 50 miles from any where.. i tried 90210 and several places in Florida, just to make sure it wasnt my area… sure enough- its gone.

  37. Doris Says:

    Tropicana Pure Valencia Orange Juice is surely one of the better tasting that I have tried. The Pomegranate/Blueberry is great too. No sooner tried then I could not find it at all in Stop and Shop, Demoulas Market Basket here in the Boston area. What happened? Why is there such a price varience from $3 up to $4.50?
    Where is distributed in the area now?

  38. Tropicana Says:

    In the Boston area, you can find both Tropicana Pure Valencia and Tropicana Pure Pomegranate Blueberry at your local Shaw’s Supermarket. The average retail price for Tropicana Pure Valencia and its complementary blends is $4.35 nationwide; however, you will see a price variance as retailers set their individual prices. We’re happy to hear you’re pleased with our product!

  39. sara macfall Says:

    We LOVE your Pure Valencia orange juice and don’t mind paying alittle extra, but lately neither Vons nor Ralphs in So. California seem to have any. Is this just temporary? Where else can I buy it? Thanks!

  40. Tropicana Says:

    We’re happy to hear you love Tropicana PURE! Check out our easy online “Store Locator” tool at to find your local retailer: We also encourage you to ask your store manager if you don’t see it on shelf in your local grocery.

  41. Dick Hubbell Says:

    I was shopping for orange juice. I spotted Tropicana Pure Valencia. I will give it a try. After the first drink I was hooked. Most orange juices have a acid taste. This product didn’t. Its cost is high, but the quality and taste makes up for it. I went into the store I shopped at and I couldn’t find it. My thoughts were, when I find something I like they quit making it or the store discontinues it. A good product like this. I can’t believe they would stop making it. I searched different stores and found it! Its a great product!

  42. roxanne powell Says:

    walmart on madison st. clarksville tn.37043 has stopped carring it. kroger does not carry it. i can noy find it anywhere in clarksville. please tell me how i can buy it.

  43. James Jones Says:

    Great tasting juice. I was purchasing this at both Publix grocery store and Walmart, but recently I cannot find the Valencia with Mango at either place. They still have the Valencia and the Valencia with pulp, but no longer carry the Valencia with Mango; which is the one that I like. I’ve even requested the stores order it, but so far I haven’t heard anything back. Does anyone have any idea what other stores in the Huntsville, Alabama area carry the Tropicana Pure Valencia with Mango

  44. Nancy Leveque Says:

    I have been buying and drinking Pure Valencia with Pulp since it became available. I usually buy it at my WalMart Neighborhood store. Yesterday, there were no bottles on the shelf and no empty place where they had been. I asked a person in the produce/juice department where they were and was told the store had discontiuned ordering them because they weren’t selling. I find this incredible. I then went to my local supermarket chains (Albertsons and Safeway), and the customer service person at the latter store said she wasn’t familiar with the brand name. I finally found two bottles on the shelf of a local market called Basha’s. I asked the customer service man if that brand was being discontinued. He said that if there was an orange tag on the shelf where the bottles were, it would mean discontinuation. I didn’t have time to run back to check the shelf.

    What I want to know: is Tropicana discontinuing the Pure Valencia brand?

  45. Tropicana Says:

    We’re sorry to hear it’s challenging to find Tropicana PURE, especially since you are such a fan! There are many places where it’s sold and hopefully our Product Locator
    ( will help you find PURE at a retailer that is convenient for you. Thanks for your interest.

  46. Manisha Says:

    Have always been a fan of Tropicana Juices but not tried the Pure Valencia. The Tropicana orange and grapefruit juices are definitely palate to the tongue and a total refresher. Would love to win the coupons for Tropicana so as to try the Valencia range.

  47. Bonnie Tandy Leblang Says:

    Manisha – sorry to say, that giveaway is no longer running. The chance to win those coupons was offered last year.. We now call that a “done deal.”

  48. Shirley Phillips Says:

    Valencia is the best OJ I have found Now it is not available in our NJ store___Kings in Mendham N.J. Where can I find it.

    Shirley Phillips

  49. Nancy Leveque Says:

    I am no longer able to find Pure Valencia at any of my local grocery stores in Mesa, AZ. I asked someone at the produce department at the last place (Basha’s) I was able to find it and was told that there was difficulty in getting many orange juice brands at this time. The person was unable to tell me anything specifically about Pure Valencia’s availability here. What’s the story with this product?

  50. Bobbie Davis Says:

    I was told by my grocery store that this has been disscountinued. I was upset. Love this orange juice!!! Is this true Tropicana??

  51. Shirley Phillips Says:

    Still looking for the orange juice. Where can I find it.

    Shirley Phillips

  52. Nancy Leveque Says:

    My local store in Mesa (Basha’s) today finally had a supply of Tropicana Pure Valencia, but only the variety without pulp.

  53. pat k Says:

    My husband and I are absolutely hooked on Simply Valencia; we love and buy LOTS of it! Suddenly we can’t find it anywhere in our area, Bellevue, WA (we shop at QFC, but have tried countless other stores to no avail). What’s happened? Please help us in locating your local supplier, sooner would be much better than later! Thanks for any assistance you can offer us; we’re getting to be pretty needy for this superb orange juice.

  54. Rob Says:

    The sweet most refresing orange juice I’ve ever encountered. Suddenly No one in Portland any longer carries the product. Where can I find this wonderful product.??

  55. Tropicana Says:

    We discontinued the Tropicana PURE line as of late 2009; however, it is still on-shelf at a handful of retailers as the supply dwindles down. We appreciate your loyalty as you, our consumer, are at the heart of everything we do and we’re always working to meet changing needs with our product portfolio. We’re looking forward to continuing our rich history of bringing innovation to the chilled juice aisle. In fact, we just launched Tropicana Juicy Rewards – an exciting new initiative that gives consumers more from their juice by offering 20,000 ways to save on fun, healthy activities. More detail is available at

  56. Bobbie Davis Says:

    Please bring it back. I can’t find any other OJ that we like!

  57. Shirley Phillips Says:

    Why did you discontinue the best o.j. around. It doesn’t make sense.

    Shirley Phillips

  58. beverly Says:

    I love the Valencia oj. But now I cannot find it.
    Any ideas?

  59. Rob Says:

    Tropicana spokesman notified me that the product had been diswcontinued for unspecified reasons.

  60. Jason Says:

    I just loved this juice and they took it away!! They did the same thing to the grape juice they used to have, but I’ve seen the grape juice come back but in little 12 oz bottles only.

  61. Bobbie Says:

    I have been trying out all the different OJ since this one was disscontinued and have found that Growers Pride Country Style is pretty close!

  62. aprilia Says:

    I just got the bad *!$&!^#@^%$ news, after finishing my last bottle, I tried every market in a 25 mile radius nothing! This is the BEST orange juice I have ever tasted. What the hell can they be thinking. I never liked their products prior to Valencia, and this is most likely the reason! gotta maximize those profits to cover those vacation homes and multimillion dollar salaries and to hell with us peons

  63. JOSE DIAZ Says:


  64. Bobbie Says:

    You can’t…..

  65. Mary Says:

    It doesn’t matter how good it is, or how well you like it, if you can’t buy it anywhere!

  66. Patch Says:

    I used to drink the raspberry acai juice. I loved the product and miss it very much. Can you [Tropicana] bring it back. I have not found a product that comes close to the quality. I am tired of quality products loosing out to the cheap, mass produced, junk filled products every time. I want to eat healthy, wholesome, and nutritional products.

  67. William Says:

    The Pure Valencia juice, (according to the Tropicana website) has been discontinued “due to declining sales.” Yes, the product still appears on the main site under “Products” – but just try the site’s “Store Locator” where the message of discontinuance comes up. Great marketing ploy, huh?

    I love the lip service thed Tropicana rep uses in the message above about “the consumer being at their heart.” Ha! Guess I’ll find another brand. Bye, bye, Trop!

  68. Marcia Says:

    Please bring it back- it was the only OJ I have ever found that I liked….. please!

  69. Margo Says:

    this is the best Orange juice i have ever tasted as well, but I can’t find it in the stores anymore. I have looked for it many stores and gone! is this happening all over, and where can I get it, if it is still available? help!!

  70. Bonnie Tandy Leblang Says:

    Margo, sorry to be the bearer of bad news – but Tropicana posted (#55 above) that this wonderful just had been discontinued.

  71. M.M.Blake Says:

    Please bring back Tropicana Pure Valenica with Pulp. I used to buy three bottles (54 fl.oz.) every week. There isn’t another fruit drink (not from concentrate)that’s as good…and I’ve tried them all. I have your regular Tropicana, but I like the Valenica the best. Please bring back the Pure Valencia.

  72. Norm Smith Says:

    I was told by the local supermarket chain (Wegman’s) that the Pure Valencia had been discontinued by Tropicana. I found that hard to believe since it was the best OJ that I had ever had. Why would the chain make that statement? More importantly, where can I find it in the Canandaigua, NY area?

    Thank you,

    Norm Smith

  73. Bonnie Tandy Leblang Says:

    Norm – check out comment #55 above Tropicana posted that this wonderful has been discontinued. I’m as bummed as you!

  74. M.M.Blake Says:

    I’m not interested in your rewards…the reward I would be interested in, is the reward of having my TROPICANA PURE VALENCIA orange juice back. PLEASE….PLEASE…PLEASE I need my TROPICANA PURE VALENCIA back. I’m not the only one, so listen to what the consumers are telling you. It can’t be replaced by anything other than it self.

  75. M.M.Blake Says:

    You can add my name to the list of people that want Tropicana to bring back VALENCIA ORANGE JUICE in the plastic jug. I went to a local farm in Acton,Ma. and they had plenty of Valencia orange juice for sale from Florida! I think the higher management at Tropicana should hire a new merchandising manager that is aware of consumers likes and concentrate on hiring a knowledgeable person and bring backi Valencia orange juice in the plastic jug by popular demand……remember Classic Coke and the fiasco when they tried New Coke!!

  76. William Says:

    This reminds me of the huge, stupid mistake Tropicana made when they tried to change the OJ carton and jug designs. A huge drop in sales resulted as the new design made the product look so generic and unappealing that people simply didn’t buy it. Realizing their mistake, Tropicana quickly abandoned the new design and retreated to the old. Maybe that’s how we convince them they made a mistake – stop buying their orange juice altogether. Their Pure Valencia – to my experience – was never actually marketed in my area. I stumbled on it by accident. If they were smart – and actions thus far haven’t proven they are – they would “reintroduce” this product with great fanfare and a strong marketing campaign. I’ve seen Trop ads for their standard juice, but never for the premium line. Thus I now buy competitor’s products until this is brought back (if ever).

  77. Norm Smith Says:

    I can’t tell you how disappointed I am to find out that Tropicana discontinued the Pure Valencia prodiuct but from the other postings that I have read from all over the country and even places outside the country, I am not alone. It makes it all that much more frustrating when it was such an accepted and purchased item. I’m still waiting to hear from Tropicana as to the reason for this blunder but I have a feeling that I will never hear.

    I am going to shop around and try other OJ manufacturers until I find the best that I can find in my area and forget about Tropicana products if this is the only way to make my voice heard.

  78. Jeff Brill Says:

    I would like to add on my thoughts on the marketing of Tropicana Valencia orange juice in the platic jug and its disappearance from all the stores in Ma. and throughout the country.The mistake mentioned with the introduction of New Coke vs. Classic Coke for a disaster with the public,the same can be said when Kraft foods changed their time tested formula with Catalina salad dressing and the demand of the public brought back the original taste and formula! I hope the head honchos at Tropicana orange juice will be wise and listened to the people!!

  79. hanhcom Says:

    It’s sweeter and less acidic…That is what they stated and that is why I liked it so much. Other then using organic products, this was the best OJ that did not upset my stomach. I am very sad to read that it is off the shelf now. I, like the previous person said… would buy at least 3 bottles a week. My family would drink it up consistently. How long was this item actually on the market? As soon as I saw this product, I was buying it every week! All the other Tropicana OJ does not come close to the great taste of Simply Valencia. Please bring SIMPLY VALENCIA BACK!!! I will not buy your other products like the gentlemen previously said…this is my way of pouting.

  80. hanhcom Says:

    Sorry…PURE VALENCIA! Simply was just my thought of how “simply delicious it is.

  81. hanhcom Says:

    OK…just read post #55 and went to it. Well, I don’t CARE about the rewards and the savings that Tropicana will give me. I’m not going to spend my hard earn money and drink something that I don’t like. Tropicana management(s) …there has to be someone in the company that agrees with us.

  82. Bobbie Says:

    It must of been full of sugar for all of us to have been addicted to it so much!! Haha

  83. Gina Judge/Tropicana Says:

    We appreciate everyone’s passion and loyalty for PURE and wish there had been more people who loved it as much as you all did. Unfortunately, we had to discontinue it. We’ll keep Bonnie and all of you posted as we continue
    working to find ways to meet the needs of consumers like you who have such passion for the products we make.

  84. Tropicana Pure Valencia | Bite of the Best « Market Basket On The Web « My DeMoulas Says:

    [...] Visit link: Tropicana Pure Valencia | Bite of the Best [...]

  85. bruce jacobs Says:

    ourmarket is not carrying your juice
    where ca we get it now
    we live in la quinta, ca 92253
    we have a ralphs, vons, stater bros, and jensens markets plus trader joe.
    Help we like valencia ora ge juice,

  86. Millie Says:

    Still waiting for my Valencia Tropicana. I have resorted to buying the valencia orange and am now squeezing my own…however, I like the convenience of the ready made.

  87. Bobbie Says:

    I have been buying Minute Maid (Chlorestrol HealthWise) and its real good!!!

  88. Marcia Says:

    I’m so sad to learn that it is discontinued. If only they would consider packagaing it in their normal containers along with all the other varieties, it would be a good seller… the stores always seemed to place the former line away from the other juice products and with the increased cost, made it less attractive to buy even though we all know it was the best tasting OJ ever.

  89. arc Says:

    Tropicana Pure was the best and they killed it? Shame on you Tropicana! Anyone have a bottle? I’ll give you my kidney for it.

  90. bruce jacobs Says:

    We gave up trying to locate Tropicana Valencia Juice.
    We followed a sugestion here and purchase the oranges and produce our own juice. It is gtrat.

  91. Millie Says:

    It’s been along time and still no results from Tropicana bringing back our beloved Pure Valencia. Is all lost? Please listen to the consumers. They are the ones that are paying your salaries. Don’t we have a say? Than again, we do, but it falls on deaf ears.VERY disappointed with management.

  92. Amanda Ayotte Says:

    I have been searching for Valencia oj since I left Maine last yr. and Moved to Delaware. I’m so frustrated w/ not finding it and thought that I could order it thru your web site. But to my dismay…have realized that you no longer make it. What a disapointment. I do not buy any of your other products as Valencia was and still is my favorite. I can’t even find Valencia oranges to squeeze myself. Your company needs to open their minds and ears and listen to their customers.

  93. corinda Says:

    I was using this product to make fabulous margaritas and now I can not find it in the stores in my area. Is it still available and if so, where can I get it?

  94. Bonnie from Says:

    Sorry to share with you that sadly it has been discontinued.

  95. Delores Says:

    I have been moving so in the process have not had time to comment on your orange juice. I am not a fan of Tropicana Orange Juice. Don’t know why, just never have. I tried your valencia and it was undoubtedly the best orange juice I have ever tasted. Welll not quite. I think Cracker Barrell’s the best but this far surpassed anything on the market. I do not understand why it did not make it. Hope you try again.

  96. Holly Says:

    I am very disappointed that Pure Valencia has been discontinued. I think if it had been marketed right, more people would have bought it. I know that it went very fast at my grocery store. It was always hard to get the kind that I wanted because it was already gone.

  97. MICHAEL Says:


  98. Bonnie from Says:

    Michael, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Tropicana ceased making Pure Valencia as they reported in February (see comment #55)

  99. Jason Says:

    Well, If you live in Texas, the best alternative I’ve found is HEB’s Valencia orange juice, not the same, but the next best. I have tried Florida’s natural and is a good third, but I haven’t found at least down here in south texas the one mentioned farmer’s grove.

  100. Tony Adessa Says:

    Where (what stores) can I purchase Tropicana’s Valencia Pure Orange Juice.

    It was sold at our Commissary at Camp Pendleton, CA last year – but not anymore.

  101. Michael Graham Says:

    I have loved Tropicana Pure VALENCIA orange juice, but my local stores have discontinued carrying it? What large chains still carry it?

  102. Liz Chapman Says:

    I live in Evansville, In cant find your juice at any stores, tried the juice in chicago a few weeks ago, fell in love with it, its the best tasting juice i have ever tried. would like to see if somewhere in evansville carries this juice. Tropicana valancia

  103. Bobbie Says:

    I live in Evansville too. I used to buy it at schmucks. It has been discontinued:( I know, I loved it too!!’

  104. delores Says:

    I was so disappointed to hear that you discontinued the best orange juice ever to be in a grocery store. Since I am not the only one to have greatly enjoyed this product, why was it discontinued. This does not make a lot of scense to myself or other people. Why would you discontinue a product that seemed to be so popular? Will it ever come back on the market.

  105. Jason Says:

    Wow! Liz, you found one that recent?! The key to the great taste is that it’s Valencia Oranges. Since I’ve moved up to Colorado, I haven’t found Valencia Orange Juice in any brand, would anyone know where to find one?

  106. jeff brill Says:

    This is my second comment since April 21st concerning the disappearance of Tropicana Pure Valencia Orange juice in the Boston area as well as the entire country.Delores asked “why would you discontinue a product that seemed so popular?”…I not only agree with Dolores and many others asking why there is no response from corporate at Tropicana. It is we the consumer that keeps you in business and the least you can do is respond to our dilemma of the disappearance of Tropicana Pure Valencia orange juice!

  107. wkk5dl Says:

    I suggest you look at Indian River products. They make a great pure Valencia juice. Up until very recently my neighborhood Winn-Dixie carried their product line, but discontinued it because of low sales volume – a sad commentary on the ignorance of some consumers. Check their web site at

  108. Gina Judge/Tropicana Says:

    Hi all, we at Tropicana are and have been listening. In posts 55 and 83, we shared that we unfortunately had to discontinue PURE. Again, we appreciate your passion and loyalty and will keep you and Bonnie updated on new products. Thanks for the feedback.

  109. mike p Says:

    To Gina/Tropicana: Why was it discontinued? Will it ever come back? Could we get it maybe in frozen concentrate?

  110. Sam Bill Says:

    Fruit juices in general and orange juice in particular are better to drink immediately after squeezing in order not to lose their nutritional value. They are certainly less efficacious after passing through the process of pasteurization.

  111. tammi thomas Says:

    i am another consumer highly disappointed in your company for discontinuing valencia tropicana. it was the best oj i ever had and i was told it was a seasonal product from mu local grocer and i have spent the last two years waiting to see it in my market again. It’s something I believe was a bad decision by your company.

  112. Delores Snyder-Wallace Says:

    I absolutely agree with Tammi. With all the bad products on the market today, they come up with a superior one and take it off. I just don’t understand. Bad, bad marketing practice. You should learn something from all your consumers that are upset. These are just the ones your hearing from. Think about all the ones who aren’t writing. How about reconsidereing? Bring it back!

  113. M. M. Blake Says:

    Please reconsider bringing back the beloved VALENCIA TROPICANA!!!

  114. Jim C Says:


  115. Marie Says:

    I’ve got a fever…and the only cure is a prescription for more Valencia.
    For real though… it is the BEST. Please bring it back. So sad.

  116. Marie Says:

    PS Please discontinue Trop 50… it’s awful. That will open shelf space for Valencia.
    I think you guys are living in topsy turvy world and need to listen to the customers.

  117. Bobbie Says:

    I agree Trop 50 is horrible!! Maybe they can’t get the special oranges it takes to make the good stuff?? Idk they don’t seem to be listening do they???

  118. Delores Snyder-Wallace Says:

    Listening? I guess not. I thought the consumer was ALWAYS right. Oh, they can get them. They grow them like crazy in Florida and basically use Valencia along with others to blend other orange juices. With over 100 gripes and complaints to bring it back, makes you kinda wonder. Well, until Tropicana brings back Valencia, I will not buy any other Tropicana. Maybe that’s the route to go. I don’t know what their problems is but someone needs to be FIRED!

  119. Marie Says:

    Consider the Tropicana boycott ON!

  120. Delores Snyder-Wallace Says:

    Good. Let’s make it happen and hope we get a lot of cooperation.

  121. hanhcom Says:


    I have been since the day I could not find it on the shelf…anywhere. What they have out is just not the best. If they changed the flavor when it still sucked…I can read that it has not changed. They only have been responding to our post with an answer that they are reading and hearing us…but their answers are always…”unfortunately had to discontinue PURE.” Other then they were not selling well? I tried the “Pure” by chance and loved it. I never saw promotions on the product. I think you need to rethink your game plan!!!

    I will never use or buy anything from Tropicana!


  122. Delores Snyder-Wallace Says:

    I have found something but have yet to try it. I cannot remember who the manufacturer is but, I guess I am fortunate, if you don’t live on the east coast (still only certain places) and you have a Fresh Market, they carry a Valencia only orange juice. It’s worth a try if you have that or maybe another specialty store like Fresh Market. They’re out of Charlotte, NC but don’t know where all their stores are. I’m in Greenville, SC and we’ve had one for years. I just happened to check the last time I was in the store. I’m still not buying Tropicana. That was the only good thing about them.

  123. jeff brill Says:

    I have written about the loss of Tropicana Pure Valencia orange juice and for those of hundreds of readers there is the great news one can buy at Shaws and Star Markets in the Boston,Ma. area…OCEAN SPRAY VALENCIA ORANGES! They must be squeezed yourself,however it is the real mccoy!!!
    I encourage the corporate honchos of Tropicana to search the state of Florida and contact Ocean Spray and stop the big lies and ignorant statements why you can’t produce your own Valencia Orange from three years ago!!

  124. Mike Graham Says:

    I found a reasonable substitute at Whole Foods in their 100% Valencia orange juice in the blue refrigerated container. And it’s less expensive than Tropicana’s former brand. Make sure you check for the containers with the freshest “sell by” date.

  125. Delores Snyder-Wallace Says:

    If you’re saying they are not making PURE Valencia because they can’t get Valencia oranges? That is the biggest BS I have ever heard. If that’s the case, how come I can still buy the whole orange? That’s also another fallacy. How come other orange juice producers can get them and Tropicana can’t. Somebody’s pulling somebody’s leg. I am going to try my Fresh Market and Whole Foods. I’m in South Carolina and not the northeast but I am still going to try to find the one Jeff mentioned from Ocean Spray. If I can find something just as good and Tropicana decide to reinstate their PURE Valencia again. Sorry. I won’t buy it. You’ve played with the consumer too long and we’ve lost faith in you. I’ll turn to something just as good even if I have to stick with Simply Orange. Tropicana, you’ve lost all creditability. I will not go back nor will I purchase any of your other inferior Tropicana products. Good Bye Tropicana.

  126. Marie Says:

    It’s been three years and I’m still pining for this juice. That should indicate how good the product was. If it failed, then it is because they didn’t market it correctly and people just didn’t know about it. Perhaps they didn’t leave it on the market long enough for people to discover its superiority. I stumbled upon it and when I went back for more the next week, it was gone.
    I will be looking for those substitutes…

  127. Bobbie Says:

    I’m sooo excited- I found 100% Valencia at The Fresh Market today!! I bought 2 bottles!! Whoo hoo!!!

  128. Delores Snyder-Wallace Says:

    One more note. There is also a Valercia OJ from Indian River out of Flordia. I noticed it at Ingles Markets but it may also be at Bi-Lo, Publix and Wal-Mart. Haven’t checked there yet. I have some but have not tried it as yet. I will comment when I do and also check out the Fresh Market’s OJ. There is a Fresh Market in Greenville. We’re going to get this resolved yet, with or without Tropicana. Just find someone else to provide our 100% Valencia jucie.

  129. Mike Graham Says:

    The Indian River Valencia is an excellent product. Unfortunately, its availability is limited. In Baton Rouge it was carried only by Winn-Dixie which has since discontinued it due to low sales volume. Therefore, I cannot find it at all in this city. The best alternative here seems to be the 100% Valencia juice from Whole Foods Market.

  130. Jason Says:

    Does anyone know of where I can get some Valencia Orange Juice up here in Colorado? I moved from Texas in July 2010 and I know there in “HEB” they had Central Market Valencia Orange Juice and it was a good substitute. But up here I haven’t found anything.

  131. steph52 Says:

    Jason, I live in Wyoming, but I always find it at Safeway.

  132. Millie Blake Says:

    There is NO…I repeat….there is NO substitute for our beloved Tropicana Valencia. What will it take to bring it back? Sure, I can squeeze it myself, but I rather pay alittle more and have the convinence of the time saved…AND that wonderful taste that only comes from Tropicana Valencia!!!!
    Hey, Mr. Big Shot whose controling the production of this fine product…WAKE UP!!!!

  133. Bobbie Says:

    I bought the Fresh Market and have to say it’s not as good:(

  134. Bonnie from Says:

    Jeff et al – I just heard back from Ocean Spray about their fresh crop of Valencia oranges. Their season — which distributes nationally — is just ending, as it runs from late February through June. Keep an eye out for them next February!

  135. Marie Says:

    Mike G. is right 365 Whole Foods 100% Valencia is now occupying my refrigerator and I am satisfied with it.
    Thanks for the fix, Mike!

  136. Millie Blake Says:

    To Marie,Mike G.,& the others,
    You’ve got to be kidding!!!!NOTHING compares to Tropicana
    Valencia orange juice!!
    There’s only one orange juice that will ever occupy my refrigrator….TROPICANA VALENCIA ORANGE JUICE! Damm I miss that juice! I’ll just keep squeezing my own.
    To those who think they have found THE one…I say…forget it. I’ve tried them all, and I do mean them all. From unknown brands to popular ones, and I’m still squeezing my own. That should tell you something. All you lazy people out there, STOP looking and squeez your own. Enough said. Let’s just put this to sleep.

  137. Marie Says:

    Millie, there is no need for name calling and all out rudeness.

  138. Bobbie Says:

    I agree! Get a grip!

  139. Millie Blake Says:

    There’s no name calling!!!!You must be one of the lazy ones. Lazy is a description of ones personiality.. NOT a name….a description. Get it?

  140. Delores Says:

    Guess we should all face facts. I don’t believe they will ever bring it back so there is only two choices. Do what Millie said and squeeze our own or find an alternative. We’ll just all keep in touch and give our opinions on other alternatives until we find a close second, if you don’t want to squeeze your own. Good luck to all out there and keep everyone posted on good alternatives.

  141. jeff brill Says:

    I agree with Millie that there is no substitute for the real Tropicana Pure Valencia orange juice. A few months ago I discovered Ocean Spray Sweet Valencia Oranges in a orange mesh bag which has to be squeezed,but it is worth it. You can close your eyes and swear you were drinking Tropicana’s Pure Valencia orange juice! Unfortunately according to Bonnie the Ocean Spray season for Valencia Oranges runs only from late February through the end of June.

  142. Dennis Shook Says:

    I really like Valencia Orange Juice but cannot locate it where I live in Oklahoma. I tried the Tropicana web site but could not use the site to find a location to buy Tropicana valencia OJ. Why is it such a secret as to where Valencia Orange Juice is sold? Why doesn`t tropicana have this information on their web site?

  143. Bobbie Says:

    That is because it has been disscontiued.

  144. jeff brill Says:

    there is good news for the lovers of valencia orange juice if you live in the Boston,Ma. area. I discovered a fruit stand called Russo & Sons in Watertown,Ma. that sells valencia Oranges in a bag and you must sqeeze yourself. The other is called Idylwilde Farms in Acton,Ma. They also have a bag to squeeze your own oranges or they have plastic containers already sqeezed!

  145. Michael Graham Says:


    Tropicana doesn’t have it on their web site because they want the whole thing to just go away. It wasn’t a big profit maker for them, and they want to put it behind them and concentrate not on what customers want in a niche market, but on profits.

    Please allow me to suggest that, if you’re near a Whole Foods Market, you try their 100% Valencia orange juice. I find it’s not quite the equal of the former Tropicana brand, but it does make a very reasonable and tasty substitute.

    Mike G.

  146. Delores Snyder-Wallace Says:

    I tried the Indian River and it doesn’t even remotely come close. I am going to check Fresh Market and also try the Whole Foods one. Just haven’t made it out there yet. Let’s keep plugging away and maybe, just maybe someone will come up with a GREAT subsitute. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed. Keep this line going because we all have something in common. Finding another Valencia orange juice as good as Tropicana’s. If so, maybe we can make a run nationally that they’ll regret what they did. Tease us then take it away. Good luck out there and keep us informed.

  147. Bobbie Says:

    I have tried the fresh market’s… Not quite as good either:(

  148. jeff brill Says:

    I just discovered the best fresh squeezed orange juice at Wegmans supermarket in Northboro, Massachusetts! They come in various size plastic jugs with pulp.It is their own label and this is the real thing since Tropicana Valencia was discontinued for no honest reason. They just opened their first store in New England and originated in Rochester, New York. Search for a Wegmans in your area and I promise you will be extremely satisfied and the search for the best orange juice ever has been found!!!

  149. Delores Snyder-Wallace Says:

    Tell them to come south, Jeff. Will this saga never end. Can’t someone come up with an OJ that will beat Tropicana’s pants off. You have a following. Please. We are all looking for you.

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