Tortaria Mexican Sandwich Shop, Union Square

March 16, 2012

Ethnic sandwich shops keep popping up in Union Square. Last BOTB wrote about the Cambodian Num Pang Sandwich Shop on 12th Street. And now we sampled the recently opened Mexican-style sandwich shop and tequila bar that specializes in tortas, taquitos, and tequila.

You can find some seating at the shop, but if you want to be served you must sit at the small bar, which is exactly what we did. The “served” food still comes on a tray and wrapped as if you were taking it to go, but your drink is served in a glass instead of paper. I prefer that. And, that’s how I enjoyed their freshly made lemon margarita ($8).

We also sampled their traditional Mexican-style guacamole made at three spice levels – we asked for the spicy, which is not too spicy other than an occasional huge chunk of fresh jalapeno. We ordered the guac with chips and salsa ($5.52 for all.  The fresh chips served are in a brown paper bag and some house made, nicely spiced salsa rojo.

The Pescado taquitos ($5.52)is two soft white-corn masa, hand-pressed tortillas filled with crispy red snapper, topped with a crisp mango-chipotle slaw and a warm costeno (red) salsa.

The pulled pork tortas sandwich didn’t fall apart even though the slow-roasted shredded pork was topped with melted chihuahua cheese, avocado, cilantro, roasted chipotle peppers and picked red onions ($7.81). That’s because these are semolina rolls from Parisi bakery  — similar to the ones used at Num Pang  just up the street. What was missing from the torta was the menu-stated spicy black beans. Was delicious anyway. And I plan to return!

- bonnie

94 University Pl
(212) 776-1830
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