The Standard Grill

November 9, 2011

We selected The Standard Grill in the Standard Hotel, just under the High Line for a breakfast that we knew would turn into a long conference meeting.

I enjoyed a large pot of rich coffee ($4) and my friend tea, ($4) frenchtoastwhile we looked at the small breakfast menu before ordering a goat cheese and tomato omelet with herb roasted potatoes ($14) and the Brioche French Toast with buttered rum, walnuts and bananas ($12).

The omelet was less than ordinary, begging for salt and pepper to make it even palatable. It came accompanied by perfectly prepared, crispy potatoes plus sour dough bread that — even though I requested it sans butter — came dripping with so much olive oil my hands turned greasy when I picked it up. If that wasn’t bad enough, the bread was black as if someone had tossed the slices onto a filthy grill to “toast.”

The brioche French toast and buttered rum sauce was without fault, although the beautiful whole walnuts were way too large to easily eat — and didn’t cut without splashing rum sauce. The bananas were fresh — but would have tasted better first sauteed in butter-rum sauce.

Service was uneven (I’m being kind!), and ended up downright rude. As I said we were having a business conference, having ordered more coffee and tea to sit and chat.  Oddly —  no, actually beyond rude —  the hostess came over and asked us to leave as, she said, “The table is reserved, we need it.”  Might I add that other than the two of us, the restaurant had only a spattering of occupied tables.

Obviously:  Skip this one for sure.

- bonnie

The Standard Grill
846 Washington St. (at 13th)
New York, NY 10014
(212) 645-4100

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