Soda Club Sparkling Water Maker

May 9, 2007
What it is: A countertop seltzer maker with a carbonator that makes 110 quarts of sparkling water
How it comes: Three styles: white Fountain Jet, black/silver Edition 1 and upscale Penguin (actually looks like a penguin!)
Where it is: At select retailers and online at and
Who it's for: Seltzer lovers
Suggested retail price: $99, $99, $249, and $19 for a refillable Fountain Jet and Edition 1 carbonator that makes 110 quarts; $12.49 for the Penguin carbonator that makes 45 carafes
Category: Kitchen Counter, Drawer & More

Bonnie: I don’t know when the love affair began.

For as long as I can recall, I’ve been passionate about sparkling water, AKA seltzer or club soda.

(An aside about club soda before I continue: It usually contains “salt” from the sodium additive—often sodium bicarbonate. Those watching their salt intake should choose other sparkling waters more often.)

When eating out, I’ll order Perrier before or San Pellegrino with a meal as the latter’s bubbles are smaller making it a better accompaniment to food. Seriously. I learned that at one of the water tastings held for food editors.

At home I drink sparkling water by the gallons, literally. I’d lug home quarts and ½-liter bottles of whichever of my favorite brands were on sale. As with other carbonated beverages, the fizz would often be gone before the liquid in the bottle was. There’s nothing worse than expecting fizz and getting flat as you begin to quench your thirst.

My sons were raised on spritzers, my blend of juice and carbonated water. No soda, pop or whatever you call it in your part of the country in our home, other than for parties as others always requested it.

I tried those siphons with cartridges, the ones that make just one quart. I found this process too expensive for the amount of seltzer we drank.

Back to lugging the bottles. Bags and bags of bottles. Heavy bottles.

And then I learned about Soda Club. Their countertop gadget works on the same principle as the siphons and cartridges I just mentioned, but instead of needing a cartridge for each bottle, Soda Club’s makes about 110 bottles, depending on how much or how little carbonation you add to your water. This gadget is also meant to make flavored soda as the company produces syrups too, but that’s of no interest to me.

I love my seltzer maker. It proudly sits on my counter awaiting the next bottle of chilled water to be made as fizzy as I like it. And that chilled water is always in my fridge, in Soda Club’s quart containers, ready and waiting to be fizzed. That’s any water. Tap water, filtered water, mineral or any other bottled water. The choice is yours.

Now when company asks for sparkling water, I ask, “How fizzy?”

Bryan: I will go ahead and toss myself in the lot of club-soda lovers here. Being raised by a dietitian has different angles. No cake (except on your birthday) is a drawback; being raised without the ubiquitous American addiction to soda is a giant leap forward. I ALWAYS have a bottle (generally the quart size that keeps carbonation better than larger bottles) of seltzer in my fridge. My favorite mixes for it are with heavy pulp OJ or just a dash of (real) cranberry and lemon juice. Artificial soda is one of the worst things you can put in your body (period). Parents—stop giving your children sugar water! Do them a favor and mix up some natural ‘spritzers’. The countertop seltzer maker is an amazing product that allows easy access to sparkling water anytime…

Eric: Mother, don’t deceive your adoring readers, I think my first introduction to weight lifting during my teenage years was lugging the 20-pound bags of on-sale soda water brands from the car to the house; so don’t over exaggerate about the “heavy” bottles. How you must miss honking the horn when you drive into the garage (my signal to come help) followed by hearing the pitter-patter of feet running down the stairs to carry the bags back up to the kitchen. However, I must give credit where it is due; you started me on my love affair with sparkling water. The soda maker is one of my favorite appliances to ever grace the kitchen counter in my mother’s house, and to this day I still love the ability to play with the amount of carbonation I can add to the water. If you’re a soda water fan, then I can tell you nothing makes better than this machine. Its simplicity, ease and size just add to its value.

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185 Comments on “Soda Club Sparkling Water Maker”

  1. Pam Simmons Says:

    I wanted to say your love affair with seltzer _ matches mine: and if my sons were to read your sons comments . . . they would say, “Ditto!”

    Like your kids, mine could not have soda growing up so; I also mixed seltzer with juice (as you did) and we called it “Special Water” To this day (if they’re being funny – ages 35, 31 & 24) they may ask for ‘Special Water’. I guess being a chef/recipe developer/ foodie _ we run along the same lines of thinking. And all this time I thought I was original! Who said “. . . and there is nothing new under the sun”?

    The sparkling water maker definitely intrigues me!!!

    I love your site!
    Pam Simmons

  2. ldnurse Says:

    Hi Bonnie, This is your cousin Gail (Grosshandler) Rubinsky!! Great to hear from you and am enjoying your site. Carl and I have had our Soda Club Maker for 5 months and love it. We also never had soda in our house but hadn’t really discovered how great the
    “2 cents plain” really is. We use a wedge of lime or lemon in ours.
    Looking forward to all The Bites and wish you well in this new venture.
    Couldn’t get the crowns to turn gold –I would give it a 5 crown.
    Your “cousin” Gail

  3. Bonnie Tandy Leblang Says:

    Glad you too love Soda Club! Love making my own seltzer. Thanks for the well wishes!
    To turn the crowns gold (only once per user) mouse over the crown area just below the comments and just above “Leave a Comment or Write a Review.” Then refresh the page!

  4. DHMAN Says:

    I have been using SodaKing soda maker to make seltzer for over one year. I can control the amount of carbonation and can have a bottle in about a minute. There is no need to store cases of seltzer or soda since each CO2 cartridge makes over 100 bottles. It is also much less expensive than store bought seltzer Each bottle costs about 18 cents without the cost of the machine. After about 9 months I had a problem with the machine and it was replaced free of charge. I recommend the product

  5. Antony Says:

    I’m considering buying this, but I HATE plastic bottles (even ones you keep instead of throwing out), and I don’t want a whole liter of seltzer at a time – I’m single, and it goes flat before I have a chance to drink it all.

    I know they have a “Penguin” model at $300, but I don’t want to spend that much.

    So I’m wondering about the top of the plastic bottle that fits in the seltzer-maker. Can I use a regular glass bottle instead? What size are the threads?

    Thanks for any help!

  6. Bonnie Tandy Leblang Says:


    As far as I know, you must use their plastic bottles (which, by the way, are good for at least a year) — but I will verify that with the Soda Club. Not to worry if the water you’ve made goes flat, it is just water with a few cents of carbonation — use the “flat” water for your plants!

    If you’d like to buy a Soda Club Sparkling Water Maker — they start at $69 with the exclusive savings of $30 off any soda maker. Just use the code BESTBITE at

  7. KHarp Says:

    Hi Anthony -
    In the interest of ‘full disclosure’: I am the marketing manager for Soda-Club USA, and Bonnie asked me address your question…

    Right now, the Penguin is the only glass-bottle carbonating machine we offer.

    The plastic bottles that come with the Fountain Jet and Edition 1 soda makers are high-strength, reusable bottles. They are made with a thicker PET than usual store-bought bottles and they are reusable up to three years. There are no glass bottles that are compatible with the Fountain Jet or Edition 1. With these machines, there isn’t any protective covering that surrounds the bottle during carbonation (such as the steel flask that encloses the Penguin bottles). The relative elasticity of the plastic bottle is a much safer, shatterproof material in which to carbonate.

    You can, however, purchase the Penguin glass carafes as a la carte items from the website. They are $14.99 each and they come with special fizz-preserving closures. So, you could make sparkling water in the plastic bottle and then transfer it to a glass bottle — Penguin or your own — for storage.

    Feel free to contact Soda-Club Customer Support if you have additional questions or need more information:

    Best, Kristin

  8. Antony Says:

    Kristin, thanks so much for your answers. Very much appreciated.

  9. Launch Party Guest Says:

    just had a demo at the launch party — love this machine need to get one pronto. Susan Richard

  10. juedy Says:

    With a seltzer-maker like the Penquin, I ought to be able to dress-up a party!

  11. pborg Says:

    This product sounds fabulous and just what I’m looking for. However when researching the product on-line I have come across several comments about the difficulty and expense of buying refills. What has your experience been when reordering CO2 refills?

  12. Bonnie Tandy Leblang Says:

    I always keep a spare one in the closet — as I can’t imagine being without my seltzer. As for ease? I go to a Boater’s World shop about 20 minutes from where I live, bring them my empty, fork over about $21 and they hand me a full one. Simple.

    Perhaps there’s a store near you that also carries them.

  13. Oliso Iron – Bite of the Best Says:

    [...] where I discovered the Soda Club Seltzer Maker and other interesting items, including Stixx Designs for Living (a wine opener with a suction cup so [...]

  14. Holly Scherzi Says:

    I gave the Edition 1 Soda Club machine to my husband for his birthday in November. What a hit! The seltzer is so fresh tasting we can’t believe the difference. We enjoyed most of the flavors, especially the cola. It is reminiscent of Coke in the green glass bottles of the late 50′s. The best part is no bags of returnables to bring back. Making the seltzer is quick and easy and fun!

  15. JoslynFeldmann Says:

    I LOVE this porduct! What a fun way to cut a lot sugar and calories from soda without giving up great taste. So fast and easy to use and the made soda last for a long time. I can’t say enough, I love it love it love it!!

  16. Joyce Russell Says:

    Dear Bonnie,

    I have received the Soda Club Sparkling Water Maker that I won. WOW! What a nice prize! Thank you for drawing my name as the winner of the giveaway. Bite of the Best is the greatest!! Thanks again.


    Joyce Russell

  17. phil Mancuso Says:

    Hi, we’re interested in a home seltzer system…No flavors, just bubbly water. How much for the gadget? How much for the cartridges? What to order each time? Shipping costs?

    Please let us know…Phil and Cheryl Waikoloa,HI 96738

  18. KHarp Says:

    Hi Phil -
    Thanks for your interest! Soda-Club packages start just under $100 and go up from there depending on the package configuration (e.g. multiple carbonators, extra bottles, etc.) You can order CO2 refills ($19.99) as needed; each carbonator adds fizz to approx 110 liters. In a typical fizzy water lover’s home, that would last 3-4 months.

    Shipping costs vary based on order contents and delivery address. Unfortunately, however, we can’t ship carbonators by air (compressed CO2 is considered hazmat) which means we don’t service HI, AK, PR, VI, etc.

    But we’d love to set up retail service in Hawaii…There seems to be a lot of interest coming from there. So if you know someone we should talk to about selling the product locally – please let me know!!

    Kristin Harp
    Soda-Club USA

  19. Scott Says:

    Some times it is frustrating to live in Hawaii. What kind of business would you be interested in talking to in Hawaii regarding selling the products locally?

  20. KHarp Says:

    Hi Scott (and any other Hawaiians who might be reading…) -
    Soda-Club products tend to do well in small, specialty retail shops where the staff can demonstrate and answer questions about the product when necessary. It’s still a pretty new concept to most Americans, so there is some product education involved, though we’re definitely starting to see a strong word-of-mouth trend, especially among green-minded consumers.

    We’ve done well in boating supply stores because the product saves the lugging and storage issues associated with packaged drinks (our primary US retail outlet at present is Boater’s World.) We also do well in kitchenware/housewares and gourmet shops, naturally, where consumers tend to drink a lot of sparkling water and also enjoy the do-it-yourself aspects of the system.

    If you have any ideas or want more info, feel free to contact me directly at kristinh(at)sodaclub(dot)com

  21. Bluehairdkid Says:

    I’m supporting this idea all the way! I can not imagine who would disagree with it. On the whole – make posts like this more often.

  22. Amber U Says:

    I won the soda Club and I/WE LOVE it. I just followed the instructions and had some great soda! When I first pulled it out of the box everyone gathered around and my youngest 6yo says you can’t make soda…So I demo’ed it for them and he now thinks I am “magic” cause it taste just like the kind you buy in the store. My 16yo Loves it cause he likes to drink the sparkling water, he likes to add a lil fruit juice and makes his own!
    as far as the CO2′s we have alot of boat places around so I might try one of them, If not I know I can order online!
    Thanks for picking me a winner on this Awesome new toy!

  23. Barbara Bansmer Says:

    I am trying to order some refill cartridges, but nobody has called me back. My zip code is 90211 and my phone number is 310-271-7671

    Please call me or e-mail me. Thanks

  24. KHarp Says:

    Hi Barbara -
    I’m sorry you’ve been having trouble reaching us! We try to respond to all inquiries within one business day, but with Father’s Day this weekend, our support staff has been even busiiner than usual. I have asked them to call you back as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you can always order your refills online at Click on ‘Order Supplies’ and you’ll be on your way! Or check the ‘Where to Buy’ page to see if there are retailers near you where you can exchange your empty carbonators in person.

    Best, Kristin

  25. joni Says:

    I own a coffeeshop and am making Italian Sodas that require carbonated water. I am tired of lugging bottles and have been looking for a supplier that can provide

  26. joni Says:

    oop…hit the enter button!
    I am looking for a supplier who can provide the bottles but no luck.
    I need to know if your product can be used in a commercial environment or only in the home?

  27. Kristin Says:

    Hi Joni -
    One of our models – the Penguin – is ideally suited to cafe or small restaurant use. (It’s the only one with glass bottles, to go in the dishwasher…You could use the model Bonnie featured, but you’d have to wash the bottles by hand.) We actually are running a pilot with a small restaurant in NJ and it is going quite well so far. I’d be happy to talk to you more about commercial use of Soda-Club products if you want to contact me directly kristinh(at)sodaclub(dot)com

    Best, Kristin

  28. Julia Says:

    Hi Kristin,

    just wondering if you had luck in setting up an operation here on Oahu, HI. I am a European Mineralwater addict and just plain hate to pay big bucks for fizzy water from half around the world (not to mention the carbon imprint).
    I have a 10 year old soda stream that I would like to replace with a new one … unfortunately, I still have no one who will sell me cartridges and does the refill … I have checkes with every fire extinguisher place and paintball outlet … not one will refill me the cannister.

    Any idea what to do? Much Mahalo!

  29. Kristin Harp Says:

    Hi Julie -
    No news on Hawaii yet, but we are getting close! Stay tuned…hopefully very soon. Meanwhile, if you have any other leads for distributors there, please let me know.

  30. Jennifer Thomas Says:

    Terrible customer service: I have a sodaclub penguin which I was very happy with for six months until it gradually stopped working. I have sent repeated emails and calls to the sodaclub customer service to find out where to send the machine for repairs and have gotten no response whatsoever. I can only assume at this point that they do not intend to honor the three year warranty and am exploring other options. Note that unless the machine works for two years it is not cost effective. I strongly recommend not purchasing a sodaclub product.

  31. Kristin Harp Says:

    Hi Jennifer -
    Sorry to hear of your experience with Soda-Club customer support! Earlier this month we expanded to 24/7 live phone coverage, and as such we have a lot of brand new reps on board, and we’re still sorting out some roles and assignments. I hear from the support team leader that we spoke with you and are sending a replacement Penguin. All Soda-Club (and Sodastream) soda makers come with a 3-year warranty, which we stand behind 100%. I do hope you reached a satisfactory solution in the end, and if not…I encourage you to contact me directly at kristinh(at)sodaclub(dot)come to further discuss the matter.

    Happy fizzing!
    Kristin Harp
    Marketing Manager, Soda-Club USA

  32. RJ Says:

    I have lost one of my bottle caps so can only use one of my bottles right now. How can I get a replacement?

  33. Kristin Harp Says:

    Hi RJ -
    You can get replacement caps online at (2-pack for $0.99) – just add them to your next order. If all you need is bottlecaps, though, you can get up to 4 spare caps with free shipping (yay!) Call the Soda-Club support center 1-800-763-2258 or email support(at)sodaclub(dot)com to request your caps (be sure to specify the color you need.)

    Kristin Harp
    Marketing Manager, Soda-Club USA

  34. Rita Alarcon Says:

    I am a Soda Club junkie now! I won my unit from Bite of the Best and from day one I am hooked. I set it up right away and was making soda in minutes. I have since gone through my sample pack of diet flavors and just placed an order for more flavors. I love the small amount 1 liter bottles for size and freshness. I even converted my father in law from a name brand to your diet cola. He says it tastes better. I am so thankful for this contest win. I love it!!!!!

  35. Martha B. Says:

    I am interested in purchasing one of these units for my husband. I am most interested in carbonating fruit juices – is that an option rather than use a mix?

    But on the mixes, would it be a problem to put the mix in first, before carbonating? It seems that some of the carbonation would be lost in the swirling/mixing step.

    And finally, if you have a mix made up and it isn’t quite as carbonated as one would like, can you recarbonate? Can you add as much carbonation as you would want or are you limited to a certain amount?

  36. Kristin (Soda-Club) Says:

    Hi Martha -
    Thanks for your interest in the product! The basic function of the soda maker is to carbonate water…whatever you add afterward is up to you. A lot of people add fruit juice, or juice concentrates, instead of sodamix. If you go this route, I recommend liquid concentrate (or frozen) as powdered concentrate tends to react very agressively with the bubbles. (A nice way of saying it will make a big fizzy mess.)

    Whatever you decide to use for flavoring, please add it AFTER carbonating the water. Anything you try to carbonate in the soda maker with sugar or sweeteners already added will make a huge fizzy mess. The CO2 reacts with the sugar, causing the mixture to fizz up, possibly blocking the carbonation tube. That said, we advise against trying to re-fizz any drink other than plain seltzer. Stick with water, adding your flavor after carbonation, and you’ll be fine.

    You can adjust the carbonation however you like it. Soda-Club recommends 3-5 of the loud buzzes for average carbonation, but you can go up to maybe 10 or 11 buzzes before the water is completely saturated with CO2. Of course, this will affect your mileage on the CO2 cylinder. The usage is estimated based on dissolving 7g of CO2 per liter of water; using more CO2 per liter will reduce the number of bottles you can fizz with each carbonator.

    Best, Kristin

  37. Morris Faitelewicz Says:

    Very disappointed that we can not get the 33OZ bottles anymore (without any notice) except online and they seemingly have tacked on double freight shipping charges. I have e-mail from support that verifies this. Love the product but now quite aggravated with this “merger” and smaller bottles.

  38. Kristin (Soda-Club) Says:

    Hi Morris -
    Our freight charges have stayed exactly the same for most consumers. In fact, in some areas we have reduced the threshhold for free shipping – it used to be re-orders $50 or over, now it’s just $40 to qualify for free shipping on your supplies shipments (provided you live in a courier delivery area – most large metro areas.)

    As you pointed out, the 33-oz (110-liter) carbonators are now available online only. Any retail locations carrying carbonators will have the smaller, 60L size.

    The 110L carbonators are still available for exchanges, also spares, at The price did go up to $21.99 for the exchange, which works out to about 20 cents per liter of seltzer – still a bargain compared to what you’d pay in the store…especially if you’re buying imported sparkling water!

    Best, Kristin

  39. Abigail Brotherton Says:

    I purchased a Penguin in January and was very much in love with the machine… so much so that I ordered 4 extra glass carafes and carbonators. However, much to my dismay, I found that the carbonators were not quite as advertised. I have only gotten about 30 carafes out of each one (very much less than the 60 l as each carafe only holds 620 ml). I am going to return this unit to Williams Sonoma and purchase the larger, cheaper model with the larger carbonator. I checked out everything I was doing, and I am sure I wasn’t doing anything wrong regarding the process of carbonation. I wonder whether there could be something wrong with my Penguin. Any suggestions?

  40. Kristin (Soda-Club) Says:

    Hi Abigail -
    Thanks for your note! Happy to hear you are in love with your Penguin (or *were* in love, anyway…) and also hoping I can revive your romance. The carbonators should make approximately 60 carafes of sparkling water using the Penguin. This is estimated based on average carbonation, which is approximately 7g of CO2 dissolved per bottle of water. If you like your seltzer extra-fizzy, you will get fewer bottles per carbonator; likewise if you prefer lightly carbonated water, you should get more bottles per carbonator.

    That said, a couple of other factors that could affect your experience:
    1. It could be a pin that’s sticking on the valve of your cylinder. Customer support reps can troubleshoot this with you and will happily replace the carbonator if it’s defective. Call 1-800-763-2258 to speak with a representative.
    2. Refrigerate your water before you carbonate – cold water holds carbonation better and you might not need as many presses to achieve your preferred fizz level.
    3. Pump the ‘beak’ up and down (instead of holding it in the down position.) This makes for more effcient carbonation. You can see a great demo video on the Williams-Sonoma website, URL within parentheses: (|16|||0|||||||penguin&cm_src=SCH)

    Hope this helps!
    Kristin Harp
    Marketin Manager, Soda-Club USA

  41. Marisa Says:

    In my efforts to avoid plastic (after the BPA thing, I’m worried that there will turn out to be something bad in other kinds of plastic, too), I’d only buy this if I could get the glass bottles. Any chance you’ll be offering that as an option for some of the cheaper models? (I’d be happy to pay extra for the glass bottles, but am not interested in the Penguin.)


  42. Kristin (Soda-Club) Says:

    Hi Marisa -
    Rest assured, Soda-Club bottles are BPA-free. Even so, I totally understand your choice to avoid plastic altogether! Currently we have no plans to offer a glass bottle compatible with our lower-cost soda makers (primarily for safety reasons). However, you can purchase the Penguin glass carafes — with fizz-preserving stoppers — as a la carte items from the website. You could make the sparkling water in the plastic bottles that come with the machine, and then transfer to the Penguin glass carafes for storage and serving.

  43. tonywt1 Says:


  44. Bonnie Tandy Leblang Says:

    If you’d like to win a Soda Club Sparkling Water maker be sure to “take a chance” in our marketplace. Every other month one lucky person will win one! BTW, you must be a registered user to win.

  45. Kallie Miller Says:

    I live in Canada and am very interested in your product after seeing a dietician talk about making your own sparkling water on TV. I did a google and found you. Your Canada link on the website does not work. Where Can I purchase in Canada? I live in London, Ontario.

    THank you.

  46. Kristin (Soda-Club) Says:

    Hi Kallie -
    Thanks so much for your interest! Currently, customers in Canada are serviced by the US website ( You can order online and have everything shipped right to your door! You can also check out our dealer locator to find out if there’s a retailer near you:

    Kristin Harp
    Marketing Manager
    Sodastream USA

  47. Angela Says:

    I really like this product. I had alot of trouble switching to a diet pop, just didn’t like the aftertaste, and this has solved that problem for me. It carbonates really well, very comparable to the commercial pops you buy at the store. I am a diabetic and this has truely been a nice product to help me save on carbs and sugars. I have mixed it up a little and made the soda, poured it in a glass and topped it off with a little half and half, and made myself and the family italian sodas. We are now the coolest house on the block because we can make our own pop!!

  48. tracy Says:

    Thanks for the info. I have been looking into buying one. Now I definitely will!

  49. fmw Says:

    I am a big fan of the product, but customer service is a major problem. SC has repeatedly not met its delivery commitments, and every time I order CO2 replacements, I end up having to contact SC directly and chase down a human. Customer service is unresponsive via email, and the phone numbers all lead to voicemail dead-ends. Responses to voicemail are often delayed if they are even responded to at all.

    I live in a major metropolitan area, yet delivery times extend well beyond the stated 5-7 days. It usually takes 2-3 weeks or more to get SC to respond to a very simple delivery/exchange request. Of course, SC has no problem charging me for the transaction in a very rapid manner. Things get much, much slower after that…..

    If there were a competitor in the marketplace, I would take my business to them. As much as I like the SC product, the added expense of wasting so much time begging them to meet their commitments makes the proposition unsustainable and extremely frustrating.

  50. Morris Faitelewicz Says:

    Yes, I found their stated pickup and delivery much longer then promised in the Manhattan area.

  51. Kristin (Sodastream) Says:

    Hi FMW, Hi Morris -
    Thanks for leaving feedback about your customer service experience. On behalf of Sodastream, I apologize for any delivery difficulties you may have had. Our delivery estimates will differ based on where you live, and generally we are able to deliver within the timeframe specified in the order confirmation email. New machines usually arrive within 7-10 business days of placing an order, and orders for the consumable products (gas, bottles, flavors, etc.) will take anywhere from 3-7 business days depending on where you live.

    Like most eCommerce businesses, we ‘authorize’ your credit card at the time the order is made to ensure there are available funds, but we do not actually charge the card until the merchandise has left our warehouse and is out for delivery.

    Our customer service center is available 24/7 by calling 1-800-763-2258, and emails to are usually answered within one business day of receipt. If you are having trouble getting through, or have not gotten a response within an acceptable timeframe, please feel free to contact me directly at kristinh (at) sodastream (dot) com and I’ll do what I can to help.

    Kristin Harp
    Marketing Manager, Sodastream USA

  52. fmw Says:

    Thanks for being engaged on this and getting back to me so quickly, Kristin.

  53. Kristin (Sodastream) Says:

    FMW – you are welcome! Anytime. Glad everything worked out :)

  54. slurp Says:

    Don’t do it!!!!!
    I bought SodaStream soda water maker partially because of Bite of the Best’s positive review of it. My experience on getting refills for the gas has been terrible and others need to know what is involved in trying to get the gas cylandars refilled. I bought the 3 carbonator package from SodaStream as a Christmas ‘08 present for my husband, Peter. We are very unhappy with the product because when we bought it we purposely bought the 3rd extra cartridge so that we would not have to go without soda water while getting 2 carbonators re-filled by the company (which is how they advertised it then). Now they have increased the minimum and will only accept a refill order of at least 3 carbonators???? Now they expect me to buy yet another one or go without the gas while shipping back and forth??? This is very bad business. Further, I called in to their phone number about a week ago and was told that for sure Kohl’s (a big chain of department stores) had exchange carbonators and yesterday I drove 20 miles out to Kohl’s to find out that it was not true. So I checked on line on the SodaStream site and today they claim that Williams Sonoma has exchanges. I just spoke to Williams Sonoma in Emeryville, CA (the closest to us) and they said that it would be at least 30 days until they MIGHT have exchange carbonators!!!! They said that SodaStream does not keep up with their orders at all! They said that customers are waiting and are very mad. Also, when at Kohl’s yesterday, I saw that the whole new set-up like ours was much cheaper than the one that I bought from SodaStream last winter by about 35%!!!! It cost’s a fortune to ship to SodaStream. The amount of Co2 required should cost very little (a few cents) at a normal refill station. We did research and found that the cylanders are fitted with European heads so that they cannot be refilled at camping, scuba, etc stores for a fair price for the gas. We did see that some people are making new heads for the cylandars so that they can be refilled for a fraction of the price that Soda Stream is charging.
    Two emails to the company and no response. Very discouraging.

  55. Kristin (Sodastream) Says:

    Hi Slurp -
    Thanks so much for taking time to post your feedback on your experience with Sodastream. I apologize that you are having such difficulty getting your exchange carbonators. It’s always frustrating for us to hear stories like yours…because you obviously like the product (or you wouldn’t be looking for refills!)

    For a full list of retailers near you, I encourage you to check out our store locator at

    We generally advise customers to call stores first to make sure the item you want is in stock. With our rapidly growing success, many retailers have been surprised by the rate at which the product is selling out (Williams-Sonoma included…) The retailers are adjusting their orders to ensure future product availability, but in the meanwhile, a lot of stores are out of stock of exchange carbonators and popular flavors.

    As for the web – I am not sure which machine you have, or where you live, but if you’d like to contact me directly by emailing kristinh (at) sodastream (dot) com, I’d be happy to advise you on which carbonator bundle to order online, making sure you get the most economical package and shipping rates. On an ongoing basis, sparkling water made with a Sodastream home soda maker will work out to about 22 cents per liter or less…shipping could add 5-6 cents per liter, depending on where you live…still much cheaper than store prices.

    One item in your note above is actually very concerning. Whatever you do – please do not have your carbonator filled by an unauthorized source, or attempt to replace the proprietary head. The Sodastream policy surrounding the filling of our CO2 carbonators exists for two purposes: quality control and consumer safety. Unauthorized filling of the carbonators could possibly introduce toxins into your carbonator (and into your drinks, as a result.) Moreover, improper pressurization could result in failure of the carbonator valve, resulting in freeze burns, suffocation, impact and explosive injuries…among other mishaps.

    Your health and safety is our top priority.

    We are actively working to stop the proliferation and sale of any dangerous filling devices. If you have further information to share, or would like to discuss the matter in more detail, please feel free to call 1-800-763-2258 or email

    Thanks again for your feedback, and I look forward to hearing from you so we can get your exchanges worked out…and so *you* can get back to enjoying your fizzy water!!

    Kristin Harp
    Marketing Manager
    Sodastream USA

  56. Don Worth Says:

    We’ve had a penguin for three years and love it. We use it all the time and never have a problem.

    I usually order 3 C02 cartridges at once so I don’t have to deal with the return/pick-up issue.

    We have a second home-so we just ordered a second penguin.

    Main benefit here is not so much saving money, as schlepping the seltzer bottles to/from the store. And the soda is great.

  57. LS Says:

    I bought a penguin soda maker some years ago and bought quite a few glass carafes over time. I recently replaced my broken penguin with a new one and the tops of the bottle are polygons instead of round like the original bottles. The tops of the new closures do not fit on the older carafes and I’d like to know if the closures you can order at sodastream will fit the old and new carafes. Anyone know about this?

  58. Kristin (SodaStream) Says:

    Hi LS -
    Sort of complex but here goes…
    - the caps that came with the round-top bottles will fit both the round-top bottles and the hex-top bottles
    - the caps that came with the hex-top bottles will fit ONLY the hex-top bottles
    - the replacement caps sold at are the hex-type only and therefore will fit only the hex-top bottles

    The hex-top was developed because a lot of consumers were having trouble with the round top closure (as it was a two-handed operation to tighten it down.) The new hex-caps are easier to use, but have definitely caused some compatibility conflicts.

    If you need round replacement caps, please contact me at kristinh (at) sodastream (dot) com and I’ll see if we can scare some up around the office for you!

    Kristin (SodaStream)

  59. LS Says:

    Wow! I’m delighted with your quick response and the solution of my problem. I will send you an email right away!

  60. Bonnie Tandy Leblang Says:

    LS, we aim to please!! Our Bite of the Best team always reaches out to the company so see if we can expedite responses from them.
    Soda Club is exceptionally quick! And they make a fabulous product – one that I can’t live without.

  61. oooom Says:

    Aloha Kristen,
    I live on Kauai and was about to order a machine. I read your post about the CO2 canisters not being shipped via air. Can you send them via USPS? It is slow because it’s by boat but should be safe.

  62. Kristin (SodaStream) Says:

    Aloha Oooom -
    Thanks for your interest in SodaStream! I wish I had better news for you, but unfortunately we cannot ship to Hawaii, even by USPS. The carbonators that power the soda maker are compressed gas, and because the contents are under pressure, they are considered hazmat by the USDOT. The postal service cannot accept them for shipping. UPS is the only carrier that will take our products to residential addresses and deliver them without a signature.

    That said, I feel like we have a LOT of Hawaiians interested in getting soda makers…We’d love to get retail distribution there, so if you know any shops that might be interested in carrying the products, please let me know!


  63. sara Says:

    i fell in love w/my sodastream and placed and order for refills….
    still waiting. more than a month. have emailed, called, many many times, very frustrating. awful customer service. i have never posted something like this ever. sad.

  64. Kallie Miller Says:

    I purchased a soda maker and also purchased 6 bottles of flavors without reading the ingredient list. When I got home after travelling an hour to Port Huron to purchase, I read the ingredient list only to find out that these flavors have many toxic ingredients in them. Two of the color dyes are outlawed in Europe and the artificial sweeteners are poison to people. I suggest people do research on splenda, sucralose and aspartame. I will not return these as it would cost me more in gas to drive to Port Huron and back. I felt very disappointed

    I mix my carbonated water 1/3 to 2/3 Welch’s purple and white grape juice with no added sugar. Apparently the Welch company makes frozen juices without sugar in several flavors and they do not answer my inquiries. I am unable to find any of them advertised on their website in stores.

    I do not recommend the Soda Club flavors due to their ingredients.

  65. jenjt Says:

    I placed an order for carbonators (order no 579047) last week. I then realized I still had an outstanding order that I was waiting for delivery on and sent an email to sodaclub to cancel the order. I never received a reply or any indication that the order was cancelled and when I log on to the sodaclub website, the order appears to be still outstanding. Could the sodaclub representative who monitors this website let me know if the order is still outstanding? If it has in fact been cancelled, I now need to place another order as I have yet again finished off my current carbonators. If the order has not been cancelled, please do not cancel it and I will await delivery.

  66. Kristin (SodaStream) Says:

    Wow! A lot of comments here overnight!!

    – To JENJT: The order you referenced (579047) was delivered June 1. Please let me know if you didn’t receive it. You can email me at kristinh (at) sodastream (dot) com. The previous order you mentioned was canceled before it shipped. We credited your account, and you should see a credit come through on your charge card very shortly.

    – To SARA: Thank you for taking time to post about your experience. Be assured that I share your aggravation and frustration; your experience is completely unacceptable. I am looking into what happened to the order, and also trying to figure out why it took such extreme measures to reach a real person. We have 24×7 phone coverage on our toll-free service line, and strive to respond to all emails within one business day. The fact that it has taken several weeks and a forum post for you to get a response is absolutely ridiculous!! At any rate, we have our top people digging into your order, and I have no doubt it will be resolved to your satisfaction very soon. Thank you again for your patience and persistence.

    – To KALLIE: I am sorry that you are not satisfied with the sodamix flavors. To achieve the intense concentration and eliminate packaging waste, we do use artificial sweeteners in our sodamix, in combintion with sugar (no high-fructose corn syrup.) All of the ingredients we use — sweeteners, flavors, colors and the rest — are FDA approved. Of course, you are free to add whatever you like to your carbonated water. SodaStream does offer all-natural, unsweetened flavor essences (MyWater) for making flavored sparkling water. Juices and juice concentrates are excellent additions…or experiment making your own fruit or herbal infusions. And definitely let me know if you come up with something great – submit your concoction to kristinh (at) sodastream (dot) com and you could win $50 in SodaCash to use at

  67. rebekah arnold Says:

    I won this item and what a great prize!!!!! I recived this today and we just tried it out. it is so easy little ones could do it with very little help ! And wonderful no batteries and it dosent have to be plugged in !( which is great so I dont have to worry about being close to a outlet or batteries running down ) we tried the Fountain mist soda and the berry water flavor . Both were excellant this is one great item and is worth the money and it takes just a matter of a few miuntes to make it up ( yeah no more running to the store when I want a soda ) thank you again for such a great product !

  68. Kristin (SodaStream) Says:

    Hi Rebekah -
    Thanks for the great review! I am so glad to hear you are enjoying your new soda maker. Happy fizzing!

  69. Will Says:

    I’m hoping Kristin or someone with a lot of experience can help me with portioning drinks by the glassful using sodastream-produced seltzer and their brand of syrups.

    For example I’m looking at Lemon-Lime Natural flavored. The proportion in the instructions is one capful (2.0 oz.) to a bottle of seltzer filled to the line (31.0 oz.) Obviously that’s a proportion of 1 syrup to 15.5 carbonated water.

    But on the front label it says that the total container of syrup (16.9 oz.) makes 12 liters of soda. When you do that math ((33.8140226 oz. x 12) -16.9) =388.87 oz. carbonated water which makes the proportion 1 syrup to 23.01 water. When you do the math by the nutrition info on the label (0.34 oz. syrup to 7.66 oz. carbonated water) you get 1:22.53, which is close enough to the front label, but miles away from the actual mixing instructions.

    Now eventually we’ll set our own proportions, to taste, but I need a staring point. Is it 1:15 (mixing instructions) or 1:23 (nutrition and front label data)?


  70. Kristin (SodaStream) Says:

    Hi Will -
    Thanks for your note! The recommended ratio is 1:23. If you look inside the sodamix cap, you will see a line about 3/4 of the way up. This is the fill line for the sodamix (42 ml, or 1.4 fl oz.) You can experiment by adding more or less syrup, depending on your personal taste. In general, use 10ml (1/2 tsp) per 8 oz carbonated water.

    Hope this helps!

  71. Will Says:

    Thanks, Kristin.

    BTW my wife sends her compliments to Pete. We used the small one-quart sampler for that, so we got the proportions right! I like the natural lemon-lime very much, though I think I’ve been a little heavy-handed and will try cutting back gradually to the 1:23.

    Maybe it’s time for a re-design of the measuring cap?

    Someday you folks should look at the delivery head. A ball at the bottom with dozens of small holes to deliver the CO2 to the water in smaller increments might make the CO2 dissolve more effectively and make smaller bubbles as it releases from the water.

    Somewhere I read about adding a few ice cubes to the bottle for awhile, before zapping it, to get the water even colder to hold more CO2. I’ve been doing that and it seems to work. We do like our bubbles; we’re a five buzz family.

  72. fmw Says:

    Just to let folks know, I put in an order with SodaStream for exchange of gas refill canisters on August 1, and I got a notification on August 4 that SodaStream is currently experiencing “growing pains” and that, “Due to a technical anomaly, your order is shipping outside of our normal delivery time. You can expect to receive your order within the next 7-10 business days.”

    The longer-than-usual time lag is disappointing, but I am encouraged by the improvement in actively keeping me informed of the status of my order.

    I’m glad to hear that the company is doing so well, and at the same time I hope that these essential efforts to improve delivery efficiency are imminent and successful.

  73. mb Says:

    I just ordered exchanges this week and was told 7 – 10 days before shipping as well.

    However, I was told at the start that you should place your exchange orders when you begin using your last canister. That way you always have CO2. It was suggested that you start with two canisters, beyond the one that came with your unit, then swap them out as you begin the last canister.

    Someone posted about putting a bit of ice in the bottle to aid in the carbonation. It works, you don’t need as much CO2 to get the desired amount of carbonation.

    We are certainly loving our SodaStream – wish I had gotten one a long time ago. I haven’t purchased soft drinks from the store for a long time – and when I do drink a canned soda, it doesn’t taste as good.

    I do wish my dogs wouldn’t bark when I make soda – it alerts the entire house that I have just made a refreshing drink, that I had hoped to enjoy alone :o )

  74. Kristin (SodaStream) Says:

    Hi fmw, hi mb -
    Thanks for posting, and thanks for your support! Very exciting times here at SodaStream. All-new website to support our rapidly growing business, and it has come with its share of quirky challenges for our tech team. Rest assured, we are working agressively to get all of these orders out the door, so you have them within the next 7-10 days (…or 6-9 days, as the case may be…)

    MB – are you sure you don’t work for the company?? :) Great tips! Have you considered ear muffs for the dogs? Might work to stop the barking, and would surely be an excellent photo op.

  75. Morris Faitelewicz Says:

    What size did you order and were having difficulty with. I recently got two of the larger bottles (not available in stores)in a reasonable time.

  76. Julie Says:

    I had a Soda Stream when I was in Germany.
    Now I live on Hawaii and I would love to have on again.

    Any luck yet w/ a distributer here on Oahu?
    Why does Whole Foods not carry it????
    I think that would be a great idea…


  77. Paula Says:

    I gave my husband a Penguin for Christmas and we all love it! However, I placed an order July 28th and still have not received it. I’ve called a few times and this week the guy said we would receive our order Friday. Friday came and went and no delivery. We’re pretty disappointed.

  78. Ana Says:


    My husband and I are big time seltzer drinkers. I have wanted us to stop wasting all of these plastic seltzer bottles (we get them from Publix for $.79 each) and invest in a home seltzer maker.

    After doing a couple days of research I happened upon this very helpful thread. I would love some advice on what exactly to purchase because when I went to the website, there was some confusion with the value pack. In the advertisement (the link is: (prior to adding it to the cart) it says:

    Fountain Jet Value Kit

    1 x Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker
    (Includes Soda Maker, 110 Liter Carbonator & Two Carbonating Bottles)

    1 x 110-Liter Carbonators (Licensed)
    1 x Twin Pack Carbonating Bottles

    This makes TWO carbonators and FOUR carbonating bottles, if I count correctly and am interpreting the word “plus” correctly.

    Once you add it to the cart, the $129 stays the same but now it says:

    Fountain Jet Value Kit
    1 x Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker
    (Includes Soda Maker, 110 Liter Carbonator & Two Carbonating Bottles)

    1 x 110-Liter Carbonators (Licensed)

    Suddenly, I am TWO bottles short!

    Lastly, it has these last minute deals:

    1 Ltr. Bottle with Stainless Steel Accents


    2 x 60-Ltr. Carbonators (Spare)


    Tonic Soda Mix


    Well, from reading the comments here, I would need 2 x 110-Ltr. Carbonators extra, not 60-Ltr. for my family’s use (we drink a lot and don’t want to bother always sending carbonators back once a month)! As well, why are the 60-Ltr. ones so expensive…I thought it was like $21 per carbonator…or is that just to refill them, and they are only pricy to purchase? How do I purchase an extra THIRD 110-Ltr. carbonator? Can that only be done when I am ready to exchange the two? I cannot find a single one for purchase, just for exchange.

    As well, how much (INCLUDING SHIPPING AND TAXES to Tampa, FL- being a major metro area) will it cost to exchange two carbonators? I would like to be clear on my investment before I jump in.

    Thank you very much! We are very excited about this.

    Hopefully hydrated,

  79. Kristin (SodaStream) Says:

    Hi Ana -
    Thanks for your interest, and your comments! I will try to explain everything as best I can on the thread here, but you might want to call our toll-free support line 1-800-763-2258 for clarification…

    If you’re a dedicated seltzer drinker, you are going to save a ton of $$$ (not to mention a ton of empty bottles…) by using SodaStream. On an ongoing basis, SodaStream seltzer works out to less than 25 cents per liter including shipping and taxes.

    The Fountain Jet seltzer value kit offered on our site right now includes:
    - Fountain Jet soda maker
    - 2 x 110L carbonators
    - 4 x carbonating bottles
    - sample flavors (sodamix and MyWater essences)
    We’re currently experiencing a bug in our website as you described (the extra carbonating bottles disappear from the cart for some reason.) We’re working it out, but in the meanwhile, the packages are in fact SHIPPING with the extra two bottles, even though it doesn’t appear in the cart contents.

    The 2 x 60L carbonator package ($49.99) is for SPARE carbonators (i.e. includes one-time user license fee, like a propane tank you might use for your grill) On an ongoing basis you would buy EXCHANGE carbonators. These currently cost $12.99 for the 60L size ($25.99 for a 2-pack) and $21.99 for the 110L size. You can buy a SPARE 110 by going to the ‘gas refills’ tab and then clicking ‘spare carbonators.’ Scroll down, and you should see a single SPARE 110 carbonator for $34.99 (includes the license fee.) You can use promo code CHEAPGAS to save $15 off the price of the spare carbonator!

    With three carbonators in the rotation, you’ll be able to exchange two at a time (free shipping!!) while the third is in your machine. This will definitely be your most economical option in the long run. So if you’re exchanging 2 110L carbonators at a time, you’ll pay approx $44 and get free shipping, plus whatever state sales tax (I think in FL it’s 7%?) Your area is served by a local courier service…when you order new carbonators, you’ll put your empties out on your doorstep and the courier will pick up the empties when he delivers the new ones.

    Anyway – I hope this answers your questions!

    Happy fizzing,
    Kristin Harp
    Marketing Manager
    SodaStream USA
    kristinh (at) sodastream (dot) com

  80. Ana Says:


    Thank you for the helpful reply. This is already the best customer service I’ve seen in a long time!

    We are definitely purchasing the black and stainless Fountain Jet along with the spare carbonator.

    Thanks again,

  81. Genevieve Says:

    My husband purchased me a soda stream value pack for our anniversary in August. Yes, it took forever to arrive, but the big surprise was that we were charged a foreign transaction fee on our purchase! Nowhere on the website was he warned of this, and the fact that he purchased from Sodaclub USA, with it’s offices in the US, did nothing to lead him to believe that he was purchasing overseas. Our bank told us that the charge came directly from Soda Club.

    Of course, my e-mails to the company have gone completely unanswered. Sigh.

  82. Kristin (SodaStream) Says:

    Hi Genevieve -
    Thanks for your purchase, and your patience…We just launched a new website, and a new credit card processing system along with it. They are based overseas, and as such some customers have been erroneously charged this foreign transaction fee. SodaStream is of course refunding those fees.

    I am sorry to hear that you have not received a response to your emails. Meanwhile, I encourage you to contact Shellie in our accounting department – she will be happy to assist you with the refund. 856-755-3438 or email shelliec (at) sodastream (dot) com

    Happy fizzing!
    Kristin Harp
    Marketing Manager, SodaStream USA

  83. Joanne Says:

    THis is the old soda maker, there are much better ones out in the market now, I am an avid soda drinker and bought a Penguin maker and drink endless supply of soda.
    Thanks to this site for introducing it to me. I love the bubbles and the savings!

  84. Bonnie Tandy Leblang Says:

    Joanne, You are correct that the photo is of the older Soda Club (now Soda Stream) soda maker, as that was the machine offered when we originally posted in 2007.

    The machine at is the from the same company. Thanks for sharing.

  85. Jessica Says:

    I’ve had this product for a couple weeks now and we just love it.
    For us, the convenience is incredible. No more driving down to the store to buy soda.

    We got it thru and saved $10 using a discount coupon code

  86. Gail Rubinsky Says:

    We have been enjoying our old Soda Club machine for about 2yrs. It recently started giving us trouble and just didn’t carbonate even when we changed cylinders. Called the company and they sent us a new one!! Can’t beat that kind of customer service!!

  87. Soda King Says:

    Definitely the best soda seltzer product around, you have to try it and will be instantly hooked, its so simple and easy to use including a fun factor. I love making my own soda!!!

  88. Joey B Says:

    I usually just use old water bottles with my soda syphon I got over at Their recipe on that site for Ol’ Fashion Cola is perfect for me seeing as how I always have plenty of coffee and tea. Just filling it via a funnel into old 20 oz bottles works just fine for me. But I can see how having it fresh upon first opening would be appealing. I guess I just prefer the hobby side a little more and mix my own ingredients.

  89. Kristin (SodaStream) Says:

    Hi Joey B -
    I bet your homemade cola is fantastic! That recipe sounds really interesting…

    You might consider an upgrade to SodaStream, as it has several advantages over the old-fashioned soda siphons:
    1. instead of the tiny chargers you use with the siphon, SodaStream uses large carbonators that will make 50-110 liters of fizzy water before the need to be replaced.
    2. on a per-liter basis, the fizzy water made with SodaStream comes out to about 22 cents. I have seen a box of chargers on Amazon for $7.99 per 10-pack, which comes out to about 80 cents per liter. SodaStream is MUCH cheaper.
    3. with SodaStream, you can make the water as fizzy as you like it (as opposed to the siphon, with its one-fizz-fits-all carbonation level.)
    4. when SodaStream carbonators are empty, we take them back, clean them, inspect them and refill them so we can send them out to other customers. It has much less environmental impact than the small chargers.

    If you’re interested in an upgrade…call our 24-hour customer service hotline at 1-800-763-2258. We have a program where you can trade-in your old soda siphon and receive a $40 SodaStream credit!

    Kristin Harp
    Marketing Manager, SodaStream USA

  90. Anita Says:

    Hello from Hawaii! I would love to try your product! Would it be possible to get your product over here by boat? I understand that you are not able to fly the carbonators, because it is against regulations.
    So far, I have only found one shop who carries something like the Soda Club carbonator, but it doesn’t get as many liters per cartridge. It is the Isi carbonator. I would prefer to join your soda club, and get your product. Please let me know if your product will be available in Hawaii!

  91. Sam Says:

    This is such an amazing product!

    The shame is that probably only 1% of Americans have heard of it.

    I also got mine through

  92. Jannus Says:

    Sam, thanks for the tip.

    I just ordered mine from

  93. Marisa Says:


    Does anyone know how long it typically takes to get new cartridges? I placed an order on Sept 29 for a new one and a refill for our exisiting cartridge. It’s been sitting by our front door since then, and I’m a little worried about it getting taken or something – just seems a long time to have to leave it sitting outside.


  94. Kristin (SodaStream) Says:

    Hi Marisa -
    Your new carbonators will generally arrive within 5-7 business days. We had a physical inventory Oct. 1-5, so I believe the orders were allowed 7-10 business days for arrival during the inventory period (it really doesn’t usually take that long…)

    Your new carbonators will hopefully be there today or tomorrow!

    We advise setting out your empties on the second business day after you place your order. While we allow ourselves 5-7 days, deliveries are often made even sooner that that. If you are concerned about the safety of your empties, consider having them delivered to a business address, or contact customer service at to advise special instructions (e.g. ‘empties on back porch’ or with doorman or whatever.)

    And a little insider tip…The delivery driver will still leave the new ones even if your empties are not waiting on the doorstep. You can always have the empties picked up with your next order if necessary!

    Happy fizzing,
    Kristin Harp
    Marketing Manager, SodaStream USA

  95. Marisa Says:

    Thanks, Kristin, we got ours on Saturday and are now happily fizzing away!

  96. Kenneth Gray Says:

    I am truly conflicted about this product. The carbonator gadget itself is great–unique design, produces refreshing sparkling water. But in order to use the product you must purchase CO2 cartridges. On the face of it, this scheme seems great. You order replacement cartridges from SodaStream USA and in 5-7 days you swap out your used cartridges for new via home delivery. IT NEVER WORKS THIS WAY. SodaStream USA charges your charge card at the time that you place your order but delivery is never timely. There is always an excuse for why they hold your money for 2 to 3 weeks before delivering your replacements. One time is was “we are upgrading our computer system” but they were able to charge my card. Another time they charged my card 2 weeks prior to shipping the product because their warehouses were closed for inventory–a claim their local delivery driver stated was patently false when the cartridges finally showed up. It would be a terrific product and value if the service side of the company could perform up to any sort of reasonable standard.

  97. Marisa Says:

    To be honest, I think their best course would be to admit that it typically takes 10-15 business days. If I had been told that when I placed my order I would have had more appropriate expectations about the speed of delivery. If they also added a system for updating clients about their expected date of delivery no one would be confused or disappointed.

    Think about the way online purchases typically work: you place your order; sometime later, you get a notification that your order is shipping, and your credit card gets charged. At that time, you get a tracking number or an expected date of delivery (generally, you get both). Your order arrives; you are happy and got the expected level of service from the company.

    As a side note, the comments on this blog are the only forum for addressing these concerns, which seems ridiculous. Perhaps sodaclub could add a forum to their site?

  98. Kristin (SodaStream) Says:

    Hi Kenneth -
    Thanks for your comments. I apologize for your experience with SodaStream service, and I want to respond to your payment concerns. – like all ecommerce sites – ‘authorizes’ your card at time of purchase. This means that we check with your credit/debit card bank to make sure you have an account in good standing, available funds, etc. At that point we put the funds on hold – a sort of escrow, if you will. We don’t actually ‘settle’ – i.e. transfer funds from your account to ours – until our warehouse confirms shipment of your product. Sometimes this is as soon as the next day, and sometimes it takes longer…possibly as long as the 2 weeks described above, if your order was placed while we were conducting a physical inventory. (FWIW – we just had an inventory Oct. 1-5. While the warehouses are not actually CLOSED – they are unable to process our orders until we open the system for transactions. This usually happens 2-4 times a year, generally the first week of a new calendar quarter.)

    SodaStream processes hundreds of orders a day through our network of delivery services and UPS. According to the service reports we use for evaluating our 3rd party couriers, about 98% of all orders are delivered before the 7 business day window (and many are even delivered before the 5-day window.) If you are routinely experiencing delays with your orders – as it sounds like you are – I encourage you to take the time to contact and describe your experiences. The president of the US office reads every single customer email that comes through our support email box. Your comments will certainly be heard and addressed.

    Happy fizzing,
    Kristin Harp
    Marketing Manager, SodaStream USA

  99. fmw Says:

    I’d like to echo Marisa’s observation regarding the use of this forum as a means of communicating with Customer Service. I give kudos to Kristin for monitoring this channel so closely and for being responsive to inquiries and complaints. That said, it does not exactly inspire confidence that Sodaclub relies on this highly indirect means of communicating with its customers. Why won’t Sodaclub “own” this dialog on its own domain, where customers can more easily find and participate? It’s really odd and somewhat discomforting that they have taken this approach to customer communications.

  100. Kristin (SodaStream) Says:

    Hi Marisa -
    Thanks for your note above. Our general shipping timing is as follows, and as I noted to Kenneth above, we fulfill this promise about 98% of the time:
    7-10 business days for machine orders
    5-7 days for consumables (mixes, gas refills, etc.)

    I appreciate your suggestion, and we frequently adjust our order timing communications when we know to do so ahead of time. In fact, we had a period earlier this month where we gave a 10-14 business day window (due to inventory), but that is now completed.

    If your orders are delivered by UPS, we do send a shipment notification email with tracking ID. However, the courier services we employ in major US metro areas are generally not integrated into an automated shipment notification system…Therefore, we are generally not able to provide systematized tracking for these shipments (although, customer service representatives will *always* call the courier and personally inquire about the order status if you email or call with your order ID.)

    We offer several ways of contacting the company, by phone and by email, on our site and on our parent company site. You will find these contacts on the ‘Contact Us’ page at and


  101. Kenneth Gray Says:

    Kristin, there must be a real miscommunication between you and the way the company actually works. SodaStream USA is charging the credit card used to make purchases at the time of order placement, not just authorizing the card as you repeated state in the blog chain above. I will happily share my most recent credit card statement with you and SodaStream USA management to prove that your impression of the process is incorrect. My most recent order was placed on-line on 9/30/09. I received my credit card statement on 10/06/09 and, sure enough, there is a charge for the order I have yet to receive. VISA does not normally post authorized-only transactions to my (or anyone else’s) bill. Perhaps, Kristen, if SodaStream USA management could find a sales and customer service manager half as proactive as you are there would not be a blog chain here dating back over two years lamenting the same issues. Giles, Lucy and Chantelle in customer service all give the impression that they are completely helpless (unwilling) to do anything to assist unhappy customers other than to say the order shows shipped–but not able to say when or even hazard a guess when the consumer may actually receive what they paid for weeks ago.

    Marisa–as I did today, you can contact Williams-Sonoma customer service management (or wherever you purchased you carbonator) and advise them that they are selling a product that the downstream vendor is not supporting very well and suggest they suspend sales of the product until SodaStream USA decides real customer service is a priority. Further, the Better Business Bureau of Cherry Hill, NJ will be my next contact.

    Kristen, keep up the good work. You are obviously the hardest working employee at SodaStream USA.

  102. Marisa Says:

    @Kenneth – I’m not so unhappy with the product that I don’t think local retailers should be selling it, I just think SodaClub/SodaStream would be well served to accurately describe what will happen when you order a refill. It’s unfortunate that SodaStream doesn’t perform to expectations, but I did get my refills eventually.

    @Kristin – Unfortunately, Kenneth’s experience matches my own – I was charged within a day of my order (Sept 29), but I did not receive my order until October 10. I have no idea when my order shipped, because I didn’t get a shipment notification from SodaStream. (I understand the lack of tracking information when using couriers, but I don’t see why you can’t generate an email when items leave your warehouse or are sent to the courier.)

  103. Jen C Says:

    Not many posts here for a while – is Kristin still monitoring this blog? I really really want a Penguin as we drink Club soda almost every night buy my fiance is determined that returning the cartridges for refills is going to be a nightmare. Has it gotten any better? Is there anything that anyone can tell me to help encourage him?

    And if so – anyone know of a coupon code to get a better deal :)

  104. Kristin Harp Says:

    Hi Jen -
    It’s been pretty quite here for a while, but I still check in when there’s a new post! Thanks for your interest in the Penguin. If you drink club soda every night – this machine is going to change your life. No more schlepping cases from the store, no more finding room for it in the pantry, no more empties piling up in the recycle bin…plus it’s going to save you quite a bit of money over store-bought club soda.

    I’m not going to lie to you – we definitely hit a rough patch with the refills over the summer. Exponential growth in demand, combined with a new ecommerce platform and very tight inventory, made for the ‘perfect storm’ with regard to carbonator delivery.

    Since then, we have stabilized and improved our ecommerce systems, added carbonator capacity with a new gas filling station, contracted local courier service now covering 80% of the continental US geography, and opened hundreds of new retail locations. I can tell you with complete confidence that if you order exchanges from our website, you will have them within 5-7 business days. If you can’t wait that long – take your empties to any Williams-Sonoma or Sur la Table store and they will sell you a full one for about $15. Plus you can always check out our dealer locator to see if there’s a store close to you where you can exchange your carbonators.

    If I’ve convinced you to go for it…you can use promo code BUZZSHIP (expires today! 12/17/09) for free shipping on any machine order at

    Happy holidays!

  105. Jen C Says:

    Kristin, is it still “$40 to qualify for free shipping on your supplies shipments”?

    Besides the glass bottles, form factor, and inability to use the 110 L cartridges, how else does the Penguin differ from the lower end models?

  106. Kristin Harp Says:

    Hi Jen -
    I think you pretty much nailed the major differences between the Penguin and the other models:
    - design aesthetic
    - Penguin uses glass bottles 620ml (others use 1L PET bottles)
    - Penguin takes 60L carbonators only (Fountain Jet is the only model currently available with the 110L carbonator capacity.)

    Other than that – all of the models do exactly the same thing: turn your tap/filtered water into fizzy water.

    As a fellow fizzy water lover, my personal advice would be to go with whatever design you like best, since you will keep it on your counter and use it a couple of times a day. I have the Fountain Jet in my own kitchen and we use it at least twice a day (more than the coffee maker!) I like the larger carbonator because I’m not changing it out as frequently. I also prefer the plastic bottle because I have a 3-year old running around…glass bottles + ceramic floors + small child = recipe for disaster :)

    Moreover – on a per liter basis – it’s more economical to use the larger carbonator and the larger bottles…about 23 cents/liter with 110L, compared to 25 cents/liter with 60L. Making sparkling water with the penguin will cost about 40 cents/liter because of the smaller bottle size (I could go into a very long technical explanation here – basically there’s a minimum about of CO2 required to pressurize the container, no matter what size it is.)

    The downside of the 110L carbonator is that you have to order it online; it’s not in retail stores, so you’ll always be paying shipping charges.

    Sadly we no longer offer the free shipping as outlined in the post above. You can find details of the new shipping paradigm here:

    Hope this helps with the decision!

  107. Neil Berman Says:

    Great i found this post. just bought a couple as xmas gifts thru

  108. Kristin Harp Says:

    Hi Neil -
    A very *tasteful* and *refreshing* gift! Your gift-ees are going to love them.

    Happy holidays!!

  109. Jen C Says:

    ok, still debating over here. I like the idea of using the 110L carbonators but the Fountain jet comes with 1 60L. If we bought extra 110 carbonators so that we had 2 110 and 1 60L carbonator, I don’t see an easy way to refill a combination of those on your website. There’s not a single exchange of the 60L carbonator nor is there a 1 110L, 1 60L exchange.
    Ideas on how we could work an exchange with three carbonators of 2 different sizes?

  110. Kristin Harp Says:

    Hi Jen -
    Will let you and BOTB in on a little secret…As long as you return an equal number of empties when we deliver full exchanges – it doesn’t really matter what size. Once you pay the license fee for the carbonator (included with your kit purchase) it allows you to use any carbonator, any size.

    If you’re sold on the idea of the product and certain you’re going to use it…my advice would be to buy the Fountain Jet seltzer value kit. It comes with 3 carbonators for $139 (but you’re actually getting $179 worth of stuff! You will appreciate having the extra plastic bottles, too…)

    Then when you have two empty 60′s – order 2 EXCHANGE 110L carbonators and we’ll take back the 2 empty 60′s. The next time you would do the same thing, order 2 exchange 110′s and we’d pick up two empties (1 x 60 and 1 x 110) and you’d still have a 110 in your machine. Make sense?

    As long as we get back an equal # of empties (whatever size) as we deliver full – we’re happy!!

    Best, Kristin

  111. Jen C Says:

    Eek!!!! I took Kristin’s advice and ordered the Fountain Jet seltzer value kit.
    On Friday.
    I got home from work today (Monday) and it was already waiting for me on my door stop!!!! Within 5 minutes I’d busted it open and am currently enjoying the most bubbly glass of Club Soda ever!!!! I’m so excited and cannot believe that even over the busy holiday season it managed to make it here in 1 business day! I figured we wouldn’t see it until after we got back in town after new years.
    Now that it’s made it here before we left though I kind of want to take my new toy home for the holidays to show off. Are there any safety issues with having the open C02 canister on a 5 hour car ride?

  112. Kristin Harp Says:

    Hi Jen -
    Yay!! I’m so glad you ordered, and even more glad you are so satisfied with your new soda maker. (Not to mention totally thrilled at how fast it reached you! Super!!)

    Soda makers don’t go on planes, but you can definitely take it in the car with you. One quick tip is to take the carbonator out of the soda maker while you travel…just in case something shifts while you’re driving and presses down on the carbonating button – you want to make sure you’re fully fizzed when you arrive.

    Have a safe trip, and enjoy!!

  113. Jane Says:

    Kristin, I’m a very satisfied customer with a Penguin. I plan to move to Hawaii in April. Any news on getting the carbonators in Hawaii? I do understand the prohibition with air freight.

  114. Kristin Harp Says:

    Hi Jane -
    No news yet!! We are close to a deal with a major national retailer that would give us availability in Hawaii, possibly as soon as Mother’s Day/Father’s Day. Watch this space…


  115. Er. Amit Kumar Says:

    Please let me know the capacities and rate of ur machines for making soda

  116. Kristin Harp Says:

    Hi Er. Amit -
    Thanks for your interest! SodaStream offers several different sizes of carbonating bottle:
    - 1 liter PET bottle (BPA-free)
    - 1/2 liter PET bottles
    - 620ml glass bottle (only compatible for carbonting with Penguin model)

    The machine makes one bottle at a time. You may carbonate many bottles in succession.

    Does that answer your question? Let me know…

  117. PatZ Says:

    This review is about the Soda Club Sparkling Water Maker. My family and I just love it. It’s easy to use and has many different flavor add-ins. My personal favorite is Lemon/Lime but my husband prefers plain. I would recommend this product.

  118. Kristin Harp Says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, PatZ! Glad to hear you’re enjoying your sparkling water maker.

    Happy fizzing,
    Kristin (SodaStream AKA Soda-Club)

  119. Beth & Moe Says:


    There was confusion when my wife finished ordering on my behalf (had emergency volunteer call to go on)because we had a code for a discount and she basically then was told no discounts and price same on web as phone. I believe it was a simple miscommunication but what is really sad is the person taking my call when I got back, and almost needed emergency volunteers for myself when I saw the bill breakdown, could not correct problems themselves and would have to give to Manager the next day to take care of? Of course the final blow was that the charge for 2 exchange 110 carbonators went from 48 on my last order to 63.42! I have been recommending the product to everybody but I really have to reconsider this because I am afraid to see what comes next since we are captive and not only have you raised the price (which we understand) but have hit us with a shipping charge – my G-d you added a surcharge(??????)on top of that also – insult to injury in my mind. We were hit a little while back when you stopped distributing the larger bottles to stores around us but told us don’t worry when you have 2 carbonator bottles (so we bought another so we would have three) the amount when you exchange is the same because of no shipping charge – so much for that understanding/committment. I get less then the number of bottles you advertise because I use more gas because I like more fizz but with these increases the difference between the commercial very high fizz seltzer and your per bottle price is rapidly decreasing. I was quite happy with your product and service but don’t know what else to expect based on what I have written above. Order # 743028

  120. Beth & Moe Says:

    No response yet to our posting and we used to be happy with Sodastream about that too. Kristin H always came through…..

  121. Kristin Harp Says:

    Hi Beth and Moe -
    Many apologies for the delayed response…it’s been a busier than usual week here at SodaStream, and I’m a little behind on my correspondence!

    I am sorry to hear about your recent experience at Due to rising costs throughout our supply chain, we have had to adjust our product prices and our shipping rates to remain profitable. These changes in costs precipitated a necessity to charge shipping in areas where we had previously been able to offer free shipping, and adding a small hazmat surcharge on all carbonator orders. While certainly unpopular, these adjustments ensure that SodaStream is going to be a stronger, more profitable company and stay around for a long, long time.

    That said, we tried to maintain overall prices that continue to represent a good value compared to storebought seltzer and sparkling water. At $49.99 for two refills (220L) you are paying just 23 cents/liter (less than 27 cents/liter with shipping factored in.)

    If you wish to avoid shipping charges altogether, you should check out our online dealer locator to find a retailer near you who supplies CO2 refills. They only stock the 60L size, however. You may exchange these for your 110L carbonators at the store on a one-to-one basis. The 60L refills have a suggested refill price of $14.95 (25 cents/liter – and no shipping!)

    On another note – if you had a promo code and it didn’t work for some reason, I encourage you to contact our customer support center for compensation:

    Best regards,
    Kristin Harp
    Marketing Manager, SodaStream USA

  122. Beth & Moe Says:

    You touched on and missed the whole point. When you stopped sending the stores the large bottles we were told don’t worry that you will have free shipping and we bought another large bottle as Sodastream suggested so we would have a full one to use and replace the two empty ones. We never would have bought the third one otherwise. We believed your co-workers but regretfully just like the person we spoke to Sunday (check order number we gave you) who promised to give discount code over to his Manager to correct we have not recieved any satisfaction as of yet. Honor and keeping our word is important to us as it should be to you. What can we expect next another change in bottle type. I ask all owners of the large Carbonators to stand up and be counted. Get those large Carbonators back to the stores!

  123. Kristin Harp Says:

    Hi Beth and Moe -
    Once again I apologize for the service you’re experiencing. I believe you’ve already been in contact with Chrissy in our service center; I have briefed her on your situation and she is going to email you with some information and instructions that I hope will make good with you on the promotion code mix-up, as well as some additional compensation for your troubles. Expect to hear from her very shortly…

    There is actually a business reason why stores don’t carry the 110L carbonators. The 110L carbonators cannot be used in all SodaStream models, while the 60L carbonators are common to all SodaStream soda makers. Retail stores – and especially smaller independent retailers – are reluctant to take on 2 carbonator SKUs, particularly when the whole circular logistics process is a new behavior (both for consumers and for retailers.) To avoid confusion in the marketplace, and to ensure maximum compatibility with all SodaStream soda makers on the market, we decided to offer only the 60L carbonators in stores. The 110L size will continue to be offered exclusively on, and soon in some warehouse/club locations, as well.

    As previously explained, SodaStream (like manufacturers and service providers everywhere) periodically makes changes to our pricing and shipping logic. I am sorry we are no longer able to offer the free shipping deal we once had. Nonetheless, having three carbonators still allows you to exchange 2 at a time while you have one in your soda maker. This is still a money-saver for you, as you can amortize your shipping charges over more liters. e.g. 1 x 110L refill + shipping = $32.98 (30 cents/liter.) 2 x 110L refills + shipping = $58.98 (27 cents/liter.)

    I hope this helps to explain SodaStream’s situation in a little more detail.


  124. Tammy Says:

    Hello, I am currently living in WA state and LOVE my Soda Stream. I am moving to Germany soon (military) and I will have an APO address. I know UPS will deliver to an APO address, but I think once UPS makes their delivery, the items are then loaded onto a military aircraft and then flown overseas. Do you know if I will I be able to order replacement carbonators? Or should I just order them from the German side of the Soda Stream website?
    Thanks so much for your guidance!

  125. Kristin Harp Says:

    Hi Tammy -
    I’m thrilled to hear you are enjoying your soda maker!! We will miss having you as a US customer, though… The US operating subsidiary of SodaStream cannot ship to APO addresses.

    The great news for you is that Germany is one of the top soda maker markets in the world! They have a great website at, and you can order online there using your German street address when you arrive. And better yet – you can find SodaStream replacement carbonators and syrups in almost any retail shop (They go by brand name Soda-Club there, but all of the supplies are compatible.) Should you need any assistance, you can contact customer service – they have many English-speaking representatives who can help you:

    Tel.: 0800-183-1066

    Good luck with your move – what an exciting adventure!!

    Happy fizzing,

  126. Tammy Says:


    Thank you for the FAST reply! While I am disappointed that you cannot ship to my APO, I certainly understand why – and I’m glad I checked!

    Great to hear about all of the availability in Germany; that is really good news! Unfortunately, with the flat American dollar and the strong Euro, the carbonators will cost about twice as much (ouch), but I think it is still worth it! I like to sparkle frozen juices, koolaid, and pretty much anything I can add water to. The syrups are great, but I also enjoy that variety is only limited by my imagination. :-)

  127. Jane Says:

    We love our penquin, but are moving to Hawaii in April. There is a Costco in Kona, will they be a retailer in the near future?

  128. Nathan Says:

    I receive my soda stream for christmas, it is the best gadget in my kitchen. I love it!
    My question is, i have looked at some of the other country websites and they have some very interesting sounding flavors of syrup, that are not available in the US.
    Do you know if it is possible to get them shipped to the US, or any places in the states that import these exotic flavors?

  129. Kristin Harp Says:

    @Jane – Still no retailer in Hawaii. We are working on Costco as well as some other major retailers…Will keep you posted!

    @Nathan – Unfortunately we can’t import the syrups from other countries due to FDA regulations on some of the ingredients used elsewhere in the world. The good news is that you should see some *very* interesting flavors here soon! We are bringing 3 new flavors lines into the US market this summer, including clear fruit syrups (kiwi-pear, passion-mango and others), flavored green teas (pomegranate-peach, citrus, kiwi-strawberry), and a line of all-natural flavors (blackcurrant-pear, apple-mango and others). Until then – have you tried Orange-Mango? It’s delicious! I also recommend Lemonade…like an Italian limonata, very nice and tart.


  130. Food and Product Reviews – HINT Water – Food Blog | Bite of the Best Says:

    [...] of choice is sparkling water (aka seltzer or carbonated water made using my can’t-live-without Soda Club sparkling-water maker). Second, I’d choose that bubbly water with an added splash of juice — a [...]

  131. Jess Says:


    Please work harder on Costco! I live in Southeast Alaska and would dearly love to have a SodaStream seltzer maker….

  132. Kristin Harp Says:

    Hi Jess -
    From your mouth to Costco’s ears (Are you listening, Costco??) Definitely working on it and will keep you posted!!

    Thanks for your interest,

  133. Marie Chokura Says:

    These soda machines are great. I have the penguin machine and its awsome. I hear they are haveing a discount going on at

  134. Kenny Urakawa Says:

    If you want to control the amount of syrup that goes into your soda this is a great way to do it. I personally like the orange the best. I got mine through

  135. Alex Reagan Says:

    I must reiterate what was said by earlier posters, I love SodaStream’s soda makers and the flavors they offer. Also, I found a discount code here – – and got myself a fountain jet at a cheaper price.

  136. Barb Harris Says:

    just ordered my first SodaStream (Jet). thanks for all the great information on this site…it made the purchase decision so much easier.

  137. Barb Harris Says:

    question….just got the sodastream and we’re waiting to hear the “loud buzz” they talk about in the instructions. we’ve hit 3 times….just doesn’t give many bubbles. hit up to 6 times now and still no buzz. tastes right, but not many bubbles….

  138. Kristin Harp Says:

    Hi Barb -
    It should definitely be very fizzy…A few tips:
    1. make sure you start with very cold water (from the fridge.) It holds carbonation better than room temp. water.
    2. when you press the button, make sure you’re pressing all the way to the bottom (past the initial resistance) and press in firm short bursts (one mississippi, two mississippi…) rather than holding the button down.
    3. At first you will hear sort of a ‘splooshing’ or ‘hissing’ noise. You will probably go through 5-6 of these ‘hisses’ to pressurize the bottle before you get to your first loud ‘buzz’ (Believe me – you will know the BUZZ when you hear it!)

    3 of the loud buzzes will be average carbonation. You should expect it to be as fizzy an average store-bought seltzer or soda. Once you get the hang of it, you can experiment with more or less carbonation as you like.

    Try out these tips and let me know how it goes…if you’re still having problems, call 1-800-763-2258 and they will do a live, over-the-phone troubleshooting session with you!

    Good luck,

  139. woodridge Says:

    I’m I the only one NOT in love with my penguin? I’ve used soda club now soda stream for years. When we moved overseas 2 yrs ago my hubby bought me the Penguin. Glass bottles are great! However, every time I “fizzy” my water the penguin leaks leaves a puddle on my counter top and has water inside the chamber. Which means I have to tip it upside down over the sink to drain it. Or wipe it out every time. I fill the bottles to the line as required. Tried under filling and over filling, but the result is the same. The only time it doesn’t happen, is when there is almost no CO2 left. So I put up with my wet bottomed little penguin because I love the glass bottles and my fizzy water. But, now I’ve been to three retailers here in Germany and they are all out of cylinders. Some for more than 3 weeks. Customer service doesn’t answer and the website is functioning completely. You can no longer search for retailers. Guess I’m a little disgruntled without my fizzy water!

  140. Kristin Harp Says:

    Hi Woodridge -
    Sorry it took a bit to get back to you but wanted to get some advice from our head trouble-shooter! She suggests that sometimes this will happen if you’re holding the Penguin’s beak down during carbonation, or if you’re not allowing a sufficient ‘break’ between the presses. She also mentioned that the leakage can happen if you over- or underfill the carafe, but I gather you’ve already ruled that out…

    There’s a good demo video at (go to the main page, search for ‘penguin’ – the video is on the main product page.) If you’re doing everything just like the video, and you’re still having trouble, shoot me an email directly at kristinh (at) sodastream (dot) com and I will loop you in with my German counterpart to help get this solved for you.


  141. Margaret Says:

    Do you sell this product in the Middle East? If not and I buy in the US can I ship to Middle East and will machine work on 110 electricity?

  142. Bonnie from Says:

    Margaret – you’ll be happy to know the sparkling water maker does not need electricity!

  143. Kristin Says:

    Hi Margaret -
    Thanks for your interest in SodaStream! I’m not sure where you are in the Middle East, but you can find a list of SodaStream countries here: with links to the local offices to find out if SodaStream is distributed near you. I’d advise against buying one in the US and trying to ship it… The electricity won’t be a problem (as Bonnie correctly pointed out – they don’t use electricity!) However, the compressed gas carbonators that operate our soda makers are considered hazmat by the US Department of Transportation and cannot be shipped by air.

    Here’s hoping you can find SodaStream in your country!!

    Kristin from SodaStream

  144. Will Says:

    I recently saw an informercial for the SodaStream. I Tivo’d it with the idea of emailing it to friends, but the file is very large.

    If there were a small file version available for download somewhere, a file small enough to be emaiable, I would send it to dozens of my friends. I think many of us would.

    A smart thing for SodasStream to do for your customers would be to make a file small enough to be emailable, both by editing out some of the repetition and compressing, preferably something widely playable like an iTunes mpeg4_264 or .avi, and notify your customers where this file can be downloaded so we can download it and email it.

    Or, alternatively, put such a small file up somewhere where we can put a link into emails so we can send emails to friends including the link.

    As I think on it, from a marketing perspective, the best plan would be to provide us enthusiastic customers with a very short “teaser” video file which we could email, with an imbedded link by which our friends could choose to see a more complete version.

  145. Daniel Says:

    I just bought a soda fountain from with the 10% discount on all products. I am so excited after reading all these feedbacks!

  146. Mango Says:

    Mysore Fruit Products Ltd.(MFPL) is manufacturers & exporters of a various fruits products like Mango pulp, Fruit pulp, Guava pulp and Mango concentrates in India.for more details visit

  147. Mr. Fizz Says:

    Well, I’m still working on my savings toward a $250 Penguin unit. In the meanwhile, I use a $30 Fizz Giz. The small hand held portable Fizz Giz soda maker and their special Fizz Giz caps lets consumers make their own delicious carbonated drinks in the same bottles you buy soft drinks in now – so the bottles are free.

    You can buy name brand soda syrups of your choosing just by dropping in at beverage distribution warehouses. Yep, Sunkist Orange, Coca Cola Classic, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, A&W Root Beer, Mtn Dew – all of them are available. You can even buy them at places like Sam’s Club. Your 12oz home made name brand drinks will cost you about 19-cents each. That’s not much more than a buck-a-six-pak. Compare that to $3.50 in grocery stores. If you like that, it means you’re in to saving money. So why spend $250 on a carbonator when you can get one for $30 that does the same thing and doesn’t take up counter space?

  148. Justin Says:

    Hi Kristin,

    Any word on a retailer in Hawaii yet? I have quite a few friends who would be very interested in purchasing your product — sparkling water is such a hassle out here! Please advise at your leisure.



  149. Morris Faitelewicz Says:

    Once again aggravation, prices continue to shoot up and my poor elderly neighbor is almost given a heart attack by the courier who can’t tell the difference between the clearly stated and written on box of Apt 3A/3B and my neighbors apartment 2G (Kushner)which of course did not have the two large carbonators to be picked up (see order 886237). I probably will get a bill too for not returning the carbonators that are sitting on my doorknob as I put in the order. I spoke to Lynn who very courteous (and nothing more to compensate for this aggravation and having to calm the woman down and go down to get the new bottles) at Sodastream and asked that an official complaint be put in for this aggravation. It’s time to really look at all these raises including adding shipping and not having many options for the large carbonators except for delivery. What do you all think? I have been a good customer but can anyone tell me if they have seen any other options. Thank you.

  150. Morris Faitelewicz Says:

    Used to hear back from Soda stream and so far…..

  151. Kristin Harp Says:

    Hi Morris -
    Sorry for the delay – will have to check in with customer service re. the delivery issue above. Meanwhile, despite recent price increases, SodaStream remains an excellent value compared to buying seltzer or sparkling water in the store. On average about $0.25/liter for SodaStream, compared to Vintage (in my grocery store at 79 cents/bottle) or Pellegrino ($1.99/bottle.) Even the store brand is 50 cents/bottle here in New Jersey.

    And now, with over 4000 retail locations, including Bed Bath and Beyond and several other large national retail chains, you should be able to find a local store and save on shipping, too! I encourage you to enter your zip code on our store locator page to find a store near you that has the carbonator exchange program. Bring in your empty, and they will exchange it for a full one on the spot – usually around $15 for the 60L size, and about $30 for the 130L size (available at some of our independent stores.)

    Best, Kristin

  152. Jane Says:

    Any news on availability in HI via shipping by Matson or other ocean freight companies? We miss our penguin which we gave to a good friend before leaving CA and would love to purchase a new one.

  153. Sam Bill Says:

    Water is the taste of life. It is the best and most healthy to drink natural water. Why adding gas for God sake?

  154. Amy Says:

    Found Sodastream on Macy’s website when looking for a wedding gift and was instantly intrigued. My common sense told me to check about the shipping of the CO2 canisters to Hawaii where I live (Kona- on the Big Island) and my search led me to this blog. I can see there is plenty of interest which leads me to believe that sometime these replacement canisters will be made available. However, I’m holding off until I hear that there is a place that will carry these canisters. Spread the word when this does become available here in Hawaii please! Mahalo~

  155. Kristin Harp Says:

    Hi Amy -
    No news yet on a distribution point for Hawaii… Judging by the interest on this forum, and the fact that we are already sold by several large national retailers with locations in the islands, I am hopeful we will get there someday soon! Stay tuned – for sure I will post to this board as soon as there are any developments to report!!

    Best, Kristin

  156. Amy Says:

    What exactly is involved with shipping the replacement CO2 cannisters to a Hawaii location? Please be specific and include as much detail as you can.

  157. Kristin Harp Says:

    Hi Amy -
    The economics of shipping the pressurized carbonators to Hawaii (and retrieving the empties…) makes the proposition hard to swallow, as it were. If you’d like to message me directly at kristinh (at) sodastream (dot) com — I’d be happy to go into more detail. We’d love to find a solution, as I know there are many thirsty and eco-minded Hawaiians who would love to start using SodaStream!!

  158. chris boyd Says:

    Was thinking about buying this product but was concerned that it is built in an illegal west bank settlement. I was also concerned about the returnable canisters and their cost (one I buy the product I don’t have ANY option other than to pay the price they set). Then I saw that possible lower cost after market refill company was sued and individuals that resold the canisters were also sued!

    The near domination of web space and near total black out on web searches for any other products (there must be others!) and the number of sites that just seem to be ads for sodastream posing as review sites was surprising.

  159. Tom Says:

    I can’t live without my soda club seltzer maker and love that I can now buy canisters at Bed Bath and Beyond…but why only the small size?
    How can I get the larger ones again? Are there places that exchanges those? Do you still deliver and if so is there a minimum ?
    love love love your product

  160. Kristin Harp Says:

    Hi Tom -
    So far, our national retail partners are carrying only the smaller sized CO2. Since that size is compatible with every machine, it reduces the possibility that someone will buy and bring home a carbonator that won’t work in their soda maker. We are hopeful that soon more retailers will begin carrying the large size CO2.

    Meanwhile, we do have some local independent retailers carrying the larger size now, and I encourage you to check out our store locator and check the ‘notes’ section to see if they carry the 130L carbonators:

    You can also get them at – no minimum!

    Happy fizzing, Kristin from SodaStream

  161. How to Get Slim and Healthy: Read What You Eat! | Slimming News Says:

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