Otarian is a new chain of vegetarian, low-carbon footprint fast-casual restaurants, two of which recently opened in New York City. The restaurant is based vegetarian and sustainable principles and will list the carbon footprint all of its menu items to help diners better understand the environmental impact of their food choices.

I was pleasantly surprised — when I attended the Bleecker Street opening early this year — how delicious the offerings are. You won’t miss meat by having a meaty Portobello Mushroom Burger with pesto, mayo, cheese and salad $7.95 — their menus lists that with .98KG C02 savings.

I also liked their Tandorri Mushroom Paneer Wrap with Cucumber Yogurt Dip (a .91 KG C02 saving) $7.25, the Spinach Potato Tart $7.45 (.24KG C02 saving) and the Vegetable Biryani with Cucumber Yogurt Dip (a 2.07 KG C02 saving) $9.95. Otarian offers many other main dishes ($7.45 – $9.95) to enjoy while helping to save the planet.

For more information visit www.Otarian.com

154 Bleecker Street
New York
NY 10012
212 614 6834

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Also at :
947 Eighth Ave
New York
NY 10019
212 489 3270