Coffee 2.0

Coffee 2.0

Is an espresso just too much liquid for you? Seems the five-hour energy craze has taken over from the 8-minute ab craze and coffee is being left in the dust. That is, until a new hero emerged, taking on the convenience of weird vitamin-infused superliquids and giving coffee another chance. Welcome to Coffee 2.0

Java Juice is a 100% liquid, organic, gluten, coffee concentrate. Oh yes, we’ve gone through the looking glass. Single-serve, no mess, no cleanup, no machines. No chemicals or additives, zero fat and sugar-free. Java Juice is made in the USA from organic Arabica beans. And they’re even ‘greeny’; Java Juice contains no chemicals or preservatives and is fairly traded, working directly with farmers to encourage biodiversity and sustainability.Java Juice

So, what exactly is Java Juice? Java Juice is 100% liquid organic coffee extract contained in ‘nitrogen flush’ packaging that won’t crush in luggage, backpacks or under the foot of an elephant (do not try at home, may not be true). Java Juice is an alternative to brewing, but is not limited to ‘traditional’ coffee usage either. Use it as a cooking ingredient or for mixed drinks, drizzle it on ice cream or over french toast.

Not into that? Just want some freaking coffee. Ok, Ok.. Just add a packet of Java Juice to hot or cold water for a cup of quality coffee. when you don’t have time to brew. It’s that easy. You can add Java Juice to milk for an easy latte. 10 to 12 oz of water to one packet of java Juice is what’s suggested, but find your own flavor and strength. It’s another kind of coffee on the go, but simpler. We really enjoyed Via (by Starbucks) for similar reasons, but Java Juice goes further, with a product that provides a number of additional uses.

Try this one on for size:

1 packet of Java Juice, mixed with 8 oz. of chilled water
1 tsp organic cacao
1 banana cut into chunks
1/2 c of milk

Blend the milk, coffee and bananas into a smoothie texture, then add the chocolate syrup and blend until your desired flavor is achieved.


Java Juice was developed in Venice, California by master coffee roaster Richard Karno. Originally, the extract was created as an efficient way to produce iced-blended mocha drinks. The liquid extract makes a faster, more flavorful drink, and soon became the standard at Karno’s popular Los Angeles coffee houses. Over time, the extract won a devoted following among surfers, snowboarders, hikers, body builders, cyclists, bartenders, chefs and weekend warriors. Merging green with convenience, Java Juice is regarded as the benchmark in organic coffee extracts. For people who can’t carry cumbersome equipment required to brew coffee, there is Java Juice.

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