For me, there’s no meal more relaxing than Sunday brunch. My family in San Luis Obispo agreed. On Sunday,  we walked into town to the Big Sky Cafe.  With seven of us — we knew to get there early enough so we had no wait. It worked.

Basket of freshly baked goodies

I was looking forward to brunch as I had read that Big Sky focused on fresh and local ingredients. I wasn’t disappointed. Once they poured steaming hot coffee, we were presented with a basket filled with jalapeno corn muffins and coffee cake replete with ginger and apple pieces. I restrained myself, having only one of each.

Spanish Frittata

I tried the day’s special Spanish Chorizo Frittata filled with pimientón rice and sauteed onions and peppers. With each bite, I spooned over some of the accompanying spicy black bean chili. ($8.95).

Others had the Mediterranean Scramble with garlic, dried tomatoes, fresh spinach, scallions, fresh rosemary and Parmesan cheese ($8.95). 

I’d recommend this to anyone visiting San Luis Obispo.

– bonnie

Big Sky Cafe
1121 Broad Street
San Luis Obsipo

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