This second outpost of Jack’s Wife Freda doesn’t have the long lines found at the first one in Soho on Lafayette
We headed there after seeing the way-too-long Rancho Vieja at Playwrights Horizon. If ever a play needed editing this 3-hour, 2-intermission one was it. Great acting, though.

Not being too hungry, we opted to try a few of the menu “shares.”  I was only disappointed in the thick zucchini slices ($9) that came with a smoked paprika aioli as I had sampled incredibly paper thin ones  at Avra.  I felt the same about the large chunks of salt and pepper eggplant ($10) although I liked the tzatziki accompaniment.

What’s really good is the roasted cauliflower that didn’t really need the creamy garlic dressing & capers ($12). Also tasty are the peri-peri chicken wings ($10) that one of my friends recalled being served with a spicy green sauce with the chicken for lunch.  We requested that — which was delicious — and worth the trip alone.
– bonnie


Jack’s Wife Freda
West Village
50 Carmine Street
NY, NY 10014
(646) 669-9888
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