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May 1, 2008

Tropicana Products, Inc., has introduced Tropicana Pure Valencia 100 percent orange juice — the most premium juice Tropicana has ever offered. It’s crafted from the top 3 percent of Tropicana’s Florida orange harvest and contains only the juice from select Valencia oranges.

Valencia oranges are known for their deep, rich color; exceptional juiciness; and succulent taste. Unlike other oranges, Valencia oranges spend more than a year ripening on the tree, making them one of the sweetest.

Each month 1 lucky winner will be chosen at random to win 12 free coupons for Tropicana orange juice. Suggested retail value of $60. Only available in the US.

24 Comments on “Win Tropicana Pure Valencia Juice”

  1. hank hardisty Says:

    Valencia orange The best orange juice on the market
    I live in the fort worth,dallas area and it is getting hard to find but will still continue to find your product

  2. Marie Haught Says:

    Have you stopped making this wonderful product? I won’t drink any other orange juice, except fresh squeezed. I just tried my local Walmart and Smith’s and could not find any of the Tropicana Pure.

  3. Darien Hoffman Says:

    I was walking by the juices, when a couple, one of which worked for Tropicana. Gave us a coupon and told us about Valencia. Lets just say I am hooked on the fresh sweet taste, Thank you!

  4. Judy Herrington Says:

    I love, love your orange juice but can no longer find it here in Clovis New Mexico.I need to know where to buy it.I no longer want any other orange juice.Please help! Judy Herrington

  5. Brad Says:

    I called Tropicana customer service because I LOVE the pure valencia w pulp and they have DISCONTINUED THE ENTIRE LINE!!!

    This is horrible news — I hope others care…I wrote to them and called their 800 number and told them please to reconsider.

    I am so upset!!

  6. Alice Says:

    This is the best OJ ever created, bar none!!! I will not drink any other unless I squeeze it myself. Please do something and bring it back!

  7. chris Says:

    Just when I had found this fantastic orange juice–especally with lots of pulp and a close second to thr juice stands in Florida, I am finding it is “discontinued” at all my surrounding Jewel stores. Let’s contact Tropicana and ask them to reinstate it–please!. Best I’ve tasted in a long time!

  8. Alice Says:

    I was told by 2 grocers that Valencia OJ was discontinued, but I found it at Fiesta. It truly is the best!

  9. Irma Jamieon Says:

    I am totally upset that our Kroger and H.E.B. stores stop carring your PURE line of juices.I am in Houston, TX I am hoping Randall’s still carries it. Any suggestions as to why they stop carring it? My thoughts is that not too many customers were willing to pay the price, but, Simply orange prices are just the same,the only other product I will buy second to yours is Florida’s Natural, I was buy it before I tasted Pure juice. I agree with some of the others comments, your juice is GREAT!!Just like off the tree, the best!! Please if you can let me know where to fine it!? Thanks, your loyal customer

  10. Tropicana Says:

    We discontinued the Tropicana PURE line as of late 2009; however, it is still on-shelf at a handful of retailers as the supply dwindles down. We appreciate your loyalty as you, our consumer, are at the heart of everything we do and we’re always working to meet changing needs with our product portfolio. We’re looking forward to continuing our rich history of bringing innovation to the chilled juice aisle. In fact, we just launched Tropicana Juicy Rewards – an exciting new initiative that gives consumers more from their juice by offering 20,000 ways to save on fun, healthy activities. More detail is available at

  11. Liz Davis Says:

    We are really sorry Tropicana Pure Valencia Juice has been discontinued. It was some of the best and purest we have ever found. Hope you bring it back. It was the best tasting, bar none.

  12. Alton Accola Says:

    Kowalski’s Market used to stock Tropicana Pure Valencia, but it is no longer there. Please, Please bring it back.

    Alton Accola

    1646 Diffley Road, St Paul, MN‎ – (651) 328-8300‎

  13. shirley smith Says:

    my husband and I are woundering if you have discontinued the valencia oj we leave in south portland maine and purchased it at a shaws supermarket which they know longer carrie it was the best oj we have ever had thank you so much

  14. Jane Steed Says:

    Why won’t Tropicana state the real reason why they discontinued the pure valencia orange juice? Was it not profitable? Was it too expensive to make? It was the very best orange juice I’ve ever tasted besides fresh squeezed. It is beyond me why they would stop making such a great product unless Tropicana wasn’t making the profit they wanted to see.

  15. Alton Accola Says:

    WOuld someone put together a campaign to send to Tropicana to bring back the Valencia oj!!

    I love it!!


  16. shirley smith Says:

    Just bring the oj back can,t you see many people enjoyed it can,t even find anything close. shirley smith maine

  17. Emma Fine Says:

    I searched to see if your Valencia orange juice was still being produced. HEB frequently stops carrying items so I thought perhaps that is what happened. I will miss Valencia. It is probably hard to supply the oranges for that line. My husband spoke highly of Valencia oranges as he had had a small grove of citrus and avocados in Florida at one time. He is deceased but I wished he could have tried your juice. He as I would have loved it.

  18. John r Says:

    Bring it back!!! Please!!!

  19. Manuel Marrufo Says:

    Dear Tropicana,

    I am writing to ask you to PLEASE resume production of the Pure Valencia juice line!! It is by far the best orange juice I have ever purchased, and like me, there are many out there that are willing to pay its relatively higher price tag in order to enjoy this product. The Pure Valencia Orange Juice was of a taste and quality that FAR surpassed the rest.

    I realize that we are living in a time in which “new” and “innovative” are the benchmarks by which all companies measure themselves, but there are times when it is equally as important to preserve a good thing when you have one! Based on what I have seen on just this one message board alone, this product line has a large, committed following, that is willing to buy this product, and I am sure, quite sure, that a company as large as yourself can afford to reimplement the production of this line. Call it your commitment to your valued customers; your “vision” of remaining at the forefront of product innovation, while remaining committed to tried and true, customer favorites; call it your way of giving back to the community by opening a small production plant somewhere that offers new job opportunities to a community hit by so many others by the strife of unemployment and plant closures…..The options for the right “spin,” leading to an advertising goldmine are endless!! Just BRING THIS PRODUCT LINE BACK!!! Please. Please make my breakfasts, my mornings, the start of my day as satisfying and pleasurable as it used to be. There are more out there like me! And I promise you, “if you produce it, they will come…..and they will buy!”

    Lastly, I’d like to remind you what you stated in a reply to another concerned, disappointed, yet faithful consumer of the Pure Valencia line, when you assured that customer that you “appreciate your loyalty as you, our consumer, are at the heart of everything we do.” I sincerely hope so, and hope that you will reconsider the Pure Valencia Orange Juice product line.

    Thank you for your time.

    Manuel Marrufo
    Albany, NY

  20. Priscilla Vail Says:

    I LOVE this OJ as it is the only one that does not completely destroy my stomach every time I enjoy a glass. Unfortunately, my favorite juice is no longer carried in the area where I live so I am back to no OJ!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! BRING IT BACK!!! HEB used to have it but now its not there anymore!!

  21. Alice Says:

    I dearly loved Tropicana Valencia OJ, but apparently they have not ‘heard’ us to bring it back. Well, I found one to share with you. I purchased it at Tom Thumb (Highland Park, TX) & the label reads: With Pulp
    Florida’s Natural
    Squeezed From Our Fresh
    Florida Oranges
    Not From Concentrate

    For Comments: 1-888-6576600

  22. Paxrail Says:

    For those of you who live in states with Trader Joe’s stores, (mainly in CA), this store has a pure and fresh squeezed unpasteurised orange juice with lots of pulp that is very good. I turned to this when I could no longer find the Valencia juice. Not being pasteurised makes a positive difference in the flavor.

  23. Judi Hauck Says:

    I’m not a lover of bottled orange juice and actually prefer frozen until Valencia Orange juice. It truly taste like fresh squeezed. We found it in CT and then moved so whenever I go back to CT, I would buy out the Valencia Orange juice. Unfortunately, the last 3 months, it hasn’t been carried. I really miss it and am trying to find somewhere else to buy. Saw the article that it’s being discontinued. I really wish they would reconsider. I’m back to frozen orange juice.

  24. John McCarthy Says:

    Please bring back Valencia Orange Juice . We all loved it .

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