David’s Chinese Restaurant is a hole in the wall, mom and pop restaurant, worth the visit. You’ll get freshly made, really inexpensive and plentiful food, not smothered in unrecognizable sauce!

The woman owner who serves, wants you fed and happy. One of my group didn’t want the hot and sour soup – but she insisted, and brought it out anyway. She’s a bit hard to understand with her thick Chinese accent, but she means well. She had a difficult time believing I really wanted something spicy resulting in my dish being tasty but screaming for spice. She obliged by bringing me hot chili peppers to mix in.

My plentiful combination ($8.99) came with soup, a crisp spring roll, pork chow mein and hot & spicy chicken.  A worthy visit that won’t break the bank.

– bonnie

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David’s Chinese Restaurant
828 Adams ST
McMinnville, OR 97128
(503) 434-6788
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